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If they’re gonna make another film adaptation of Dracula that plays into that “Mina Harker is his wife reincarnated” shit can we make it so that Dracula’s wife actually never really loved him and their marriage was arranged or something but was never something she actually enjoyed and then when she’s reincarnated as Mina and is happy with this new guy that she actually chooses to love and be with DRACULA COMES IN LIKE A DAMN TEMPEST AND RUINS SHIT ALL OVER AGAIN BECAUSE THAT’S LITERALLY WHAT HE DOES?????? RUINS SHIT???? ALL THE TIME???? VIA IMPALEMENT AND NECK CHOMPING AND RAPE ALLEGORIES? 

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If they were vampires like Twilight (plz don't hit me!) which "gifts" do you think the diaboys would have? Like, powers.

Haha it’s okay! This is actually pretty interesting! I wrote this in a very dark way so… Careful ┗(・o・)┛


♥Shu: This guy probably would be able to control his surroundings. I mean, being with a lot of noisy, annoying people around him, with just a flip of his fingers everyone would suddenly calm down. Or, I extreme cases, they’d be put right to sleep. He wouldn’t have the power to wake them up, though.

♥Reiji: He would have the power to bend someone else’s will. They would obey every order that comes from his lips. A willing, obedient servant, but on the inside a conscious human who’s struggling to free their body, their pained limbs, from such enchantment.

♥Ayato: He’d be capable to make a human feel absolutely devoted to him. They wouldn’t need anyone else, just him. On their eyes, he’s great, splendorous, powerful, the best. They’d be loyal and humble, just to serve their king… Or their god.

♥Kanato: Simply touching with his hand, he could rip off your soul from your body and save it for later (maybe for times when he wants you to be responsive), leaving your body as an empty shell. Thanks to his power your body wouldn’t rotten, making you an excellent doll with blood still running through her veins.

♥Laito: He for sure would be able to make a specific women near him feel a sudden burst of lust, just by looking at her. That way, everything would be consensual, right? Not even the purest angel would get away from his hypnotic gaze… Ruining something that once was so beautiful would be so fucking easy for him.

♥Subaru: I think his physical strength would significantly increase. He could kill you just by laying a finger on you, because he wouldn’t know how to control himself. For example, if the thirst is too unbearable, he’d literally chomp your neck, killing you instantly. Oh well… More blood for him to drink.


♥Ruki: You should ask yourself where did those hot chains hugging your body came from. Did they came from the ground or just… Well, you wouldn’t be able to think straight, as you feel your head weigh even more, and your skin going suddenly pale… Is he absorbing your blood from the distance? Of course. The Master wouldn’t bother to dirty his clothes. Seems he turned you into a livestock.

♥Kou: Mind invasion. He would read your thoughts, dig into the deepest parts of your psyche, knowing who you truly are, your most horrid and embarrassing secrets being exposed… And the worst part is that you would feel that he’s inside you head, excavating every corner of your brain until there’s nothing left for him to know about you. You can’t just get him out… He came to stay.

♥Yuma: Yuma basically would have the gift to make things grow. It’d come very handy to his garden… Harvesting a fresh tomato when he just planted the seeds minutes ago. Flowers too, making them bloom and then whither in just seconds. But he should be extra careful with you because, who knows… Maybe he could turn you into dust and bones in a few seconds too.

♥Azusa: Just by looking at you, he’d make you feel the worst physical pain ever. It’d be so unexpected, so shocking. You were standing there in front of him, and you suddenly find yourself on the floor curling up like a ball, trying to breathe and to keep your sanity. Your voice goes hoarse from screaming, pain eventually reaching your bones, into your core, into your very own existence… And he seemed to be so cute.


♥Carla: His power would make anyone see what he wants them to see. Ilusion. Sometimes he could show them very beautiful landscapes, warm memories… But if someone manages to piss him off (and it doesn’t take much) they will find themselves surrounded by hell itself. Horrible sights, monsters, butchered bodies… Without knowing what’s real and what’s not anymore.

♥Shin: He already turns into a wolf, right? Well, this time, he would turn into a wild beast, hardly to be called a simple mutt. More powerful, more savage. He wouldn’t remember what happened to him when he returned to his human form… Or what happened to the poor souls that unluckily were near him.



Mosquito [Doukyuusei]

A/N:  Doukyuusei (Sajou/Kusakabe) -  29. “Is that my name written on your ____?” - This fic is based on my own mosquito disaster life. I thought, let’s turn it into something fluffy but actually it’s no fun at all. Mosquitoes are ruining my sleep, my body, my life. And nothing helps, nothing :))). *insert drama tune* 

Btw Missy you didn’t fill in a word so don’t mind me making something dumb out of this.! ;D also credit goes to @ticklygiggles for inspiring me for the 2nd half of the fic. You’re an angel cupcake!

Summary: Hot summer nights, mosquitoes and two sticky sweaty boyfriends sticking together in bed and trying to sleep. One fun ride.

tw: hella annoying mosquitoes + mosquito murders.

Word Count: 1959

DAMMIT!” Kusakabe jolted when he felt his boyfriend next to him sit upright again and the sound of hysterical clapping filled the hot room. He groaned tiredly and dropped his head back onto his pillow. He was almost asleep just now. Almost!

“Sajou, let it go,” he growled when Sajou scurried around the room with his mobile phone as a flashlight, looking after the mosquito that had been pestering them since they tried to go to sleep. Like, three hours ago. 

Kusakabe sighed and grabbed his own phone. It was one of those typical summer nights: heat, sweat, restlessness, a mosquito keeping them awake until three in the morning with buzzes and bites. 

Well, actually it was Sajou who was keeping them awake. Kusakabe could deal with it, the bug wasn’t after him in the first place, but Sajou was freaking out everytime the buzzing mosquito sound would near them again.

“I can’t find it! Why can’t I find it?!” Kusakabe had honestly never experienced Sajou so… agitated before. All because of a mosquito.

“Just come on and sleep. You’ve been going on for hours,” Kusakabe complained, patting the warm spot next to him where Sajou had been. 

“Urgh but I can’t sleep if I hear it. And I’m itching everywhere, I’m sure it’ll feast on my blood once I sleep too,” Sajou whined, but he did crawl back into bed again after another few flashlight-rounds around the room. The room was pitch black again, and Kusakabe blindly felt around until he found Sajou’s arm, and he dragged him closer against him.

“It’s too hot to cuddle. And I need to scratch, because you see that mosquito –” 

“Scratch? Where, did it bite you a lot?” Kusakabe let his hands slide down Sajou’s chest until he felt something what felt like a mosquito bite. He scratched, causing Sajou to yelp and kick him suddenly.

“Ouch! Hey,” Kusakabe said, and he felt the bed move a little as Sajou shifted away from him.

“I - can - scratch - by - myself!” Sajou wheezed. He really sounded like a sleep deprived stressed out mosquito-fearing young man. Poor thing. Kusakabe then went over that little yelp again, and he could swear it sounded a bit giggly. Heh, knowing Sajou’s adorable sensitivity too, he sure as hell tickled him just now.

“Come on, let me scratch the bites for you,” he teased, now suddenly with a whole other objective besides getting some sleep. It was already late anyway.

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Not Bad Grimes

Request Prompt: Can I request a smut. Where there is a new girl in the community and she is 18 and Carl finds her attractive but she doesn’t like him until he saves her from a walker. Then smut happens. Sorry that was super specific. 

A/N- Can’t remember who requested this or if it was an anon but here you go.

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Smut

Helping out around Alexandria was something forced onto me. Usually I’d be in my room reading comic books but no. Carl had done everything to get me to help. I think he likes me but I just can’t focus on relationships right now. Everyone you love is gonna die before you know it. Then you won’t have time to enjoy that happiness.

“Y/N! Stop spacing out there.”, I heard Carl laugh.

I swallowed my irritated sigh and gave a small smile.

“Sorry. It happens.”, I said and he stood there smiling at me.

“What?”, I asked getting a little annoyed.

“My dad is sending us out to get some things.”, he told me and my muscles tensed.

“I really just want to go back inside and read my comics.”, I said getting a little upset.

“Going on a run with me can’t be that bad.”, he chuckled.

“You have no idea.”, I mumbled not expecting him to hear me.

He stared at me with sad eyes before grabbing his gun.

“Let’s just hurry then.”, he said walking away.

“Wait Carl I didn’t mean that. Damn.”, I mentally kicked myself for hurting his feelings like that.

“You could’ve let him down gently Y/N.”, I heard a voice behind me and saw Daryl.

“I didn’t mean to say it. It just slipped out.”, I defended.

“He really likes you, you know that?”, he asked with a frown and I sighed.

“Relationships make people weak in a world like this. It’s not worth the heartbreak.”, I muttered and he sighed before coming to stand beside me.

“It all depends on how strong the two are. Take Rick and Michonne for example. They together and there’s no way in hell they’re gonna let anything stop them. Now Carl is a strong boy. He may not look like it but he’s been through a lot.”, Daryl explained and I started to feel guilt cloud my conscious.

“We’ve all been through things.”, I mumbled.

“You ever had to kill your mom? Or watch her have her last seconds of life. Telling you she loved you.”, he asked and I froze.

I never saw my parents die nor have to put them down. Now I really feel bad for Carl.

“At this point Carl just really needs somebody.”, he said looking towards Rick talking to his son.

“I just don’t want to hurt him.”, I said as a tear rolled down my cheek.

“You already did sunshine. If you love something you protect it.”, he said before leaving to help Carol.

I quickly wiped the tear away before walking towards the gate.

“Let’s go.”, I mumbled going past Rick and Carl.

We finally made it to the house in the woods and Carl still hasn’t spoken a word to me. I tried not to let it bother me but it was a failed attempt.

“Carl I’m sorry.”, I said and he sat his bag on the counter.

“For what? Being honest?”, he spat and I frowned.

“It just slipped out!”, I spoke louder.

“That just shows what you think of me. Now be quiet or you’ll attract walkers.”, he said sternly.

“I could care less about them just don’t be mad at me.”, I pleaded and he sighed.

“Why?”, he asked and I crossed my arms.

“Because relationships don’t last nowadays. They just get people killed.”, I said and he turned to me.

“Not if the two people are strong. They don’t get weaker only stronger.”, he whispered and I remembered what Daryl told me.

Carl walked past me towards the back room obviously still mad at me.

“Carl I know what I said was messed up but-”, I was cut off when a walker burst through a closet door tackling me to the floor.

I dropped my knife and held the walkers neck to keep it’s chomping jaws away from me. I pushed it back a little before crawling back to my knife. Which was still a little out of reach. It fell back on top of me causing me to scream.

“Get off!”, I groaned before a knife was plunged into its head.

I fell on top of me dead before I rolled it off of my chest. I laid there and looked up Carl who was staring at the walker.

“Are you alright?”, he asked me before helping me up.

“Yeah I’m fine. Thanks.”, I muttered and he nodded.

We made it back to Alexandria still not speaking before he turned to me.

“Look I’m sorry about earlier.”, he said.


“I shouldn’t have got mad at you. Then you wouldn’t have been attacked.”, he stated and I stood there dumbfounded.

“Look just forget about what happened alright. We can try to just be friends at least.”, he said before walking away.

Later that day I tossed my comic onto the floor and let out a sigh. I have to do this. I got up and ran outside towards the Grimes house. I past Daryl who looked at me with mischievous eyes.

“Go get your man Y/N.”, he teased and I went inside before heading to Carl’s room.

Before I could knock the door swung open to reveal Carl putting on his hat.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?”, he asked and I lunged forward before kissing him.

He seemed surprised before kissing me back with passion.

“Y/N?”, he started before is shushed him.

“I have to meet with my dad.”, he tried to say.

“Then we’ll be quick.”, I breathed as I looked him in the eyes.

“But you said-”,

“Forget what I said. It doesn’t make you weaker only stronger remember.”, I said and he smiled before kissing me again.

I kissed him back with my lips parted and he wasted no time darting his tongue in my mouth. I moaned as he crawled over me. I gasped when he dove into my neck leaving bite marks and hickeys. His hands traveled down to my thighs and squeezed indicated his wanted me on top. I sat up and through my leg on the other side of his hips and his hands immediately latched onto my waist. Since I was already in only underwear on I ground my clothes slit onto his partially erect member. Moans escaped his throat along with a few whines.

“Babe no foreplay. Please.”, he begged and I giggled knowing he had to meet with his dad.

He helped me wiggle out if my panties and he slipped off his shorts to let his now fully erect member sit up. I began to pump him slowly and he leaned into the pillow trying not to be so loud. I reached into the dresser for a condom that Glenn had hidden and I slipped in on him before giving him a passionate kiss. He moved behind me while keeping a secure grip on my waist and slowly slid into me from behind. I gasped as he filled me and I had to let myself adjust to his size again.

“I hate that our first time is a quickie.”, he sighed and I started to thrust his hips into mine.

I moaned as his hand moved to undo my bra before tossing it to the side. His hand grabbed my bouncing breast as the other holding on tightly to my waist. I feel him began to twitch inside me and I smirked. He flipped us over so he’s hovering over me and began thrusting harder while I tugged on his hair. I not my lip as he moved my thighs further apart.

“Carl I can’t hold out much longer..”, he warned and I nodded.

“ I know. Just hold on for a little bit.”, I said and he shut his eyes tightly.

“Carl!”, we heard Rick call from outside the house.

“Coming dad!”, he shouted back as he began to twitch inside me.

I brought my hand down and quickly rubbed me. He quickly moved my hand and did it for me. I threw my head back as waves of pleasure flowed through me. He leaned down to bite my neck as we rode out our highs. After he pulled out he collapsed beside me while bringing me closer.

“Do you really like me in that way?”, he asked and I sighed.

“You’re not so bad Grimes. Besides if you love something you protect it. And I realize that now.”, I said before his lips softly brushed mine.

“I’ll be back okay.”, he whispered before getting dressed and walking downstairs.

“I’m in love with Carl Grimes.”, I giggled.

CS ff: Fetch (1/1)

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: K-9 (you’ll get that bad joke in a sec… sorry!)

Summary: Emma is meeting Killian on the Jolly Roger to help him settle in and they are interrupted by a guest. 

Notes: This is a little fic for scribblecat27 in honor of her birthday! I could not have been happier to participate—Sarah has become very dear to me this year. Her support of my own brand of fan art has been invaluable to my success, and she’s also a riot. Happy Birthday to you, Sarah! Have some domestic!CS with a little dog shenanigans thrown in for good measure. 

Links: AO3 /

The Jolly Roger had only been safely moored in Storybrooke for a few hours when Killian moved out of Granny’s and back into his quarters aboard ship. He’d already turned away Smee and the remainder of his former crew, telling them his ship was no longer in the pirate business, and to go make something of themselves in this world. This information was less than pleasing to most of them, but he didn’t care. The Jolly Roger was his, and there would be no further discussion about it. Captain’s last order.

Blackbeard may not have had much respect for Killian, but, like any captain worth his salt, he did for his ship. Actual damage was nonexistent, but the lingering stench of the bastard was still clinging to the wood and sails, and he wanted it gone. Killian had spent the last couple of days cleaning and reorganizing, making it his own again, and checking to make sure nothing of value was missing.

Aside from removing all traces another person had captained the Jolly Roger, he wanted to make his home welcoming for Emma and perhaps discuss the possibility of her moving here, with him. Henry could have the crew’s quarters to himself when he wasn’t with Regina, and the three of them could have a place of their own. A happy ending, indeed.

“Ahoy, Captain! Permission to come aboard?” Emma called out.

Killian smiled at her use of ship etiquette, and climbed up the ladder to the freshly swabbed deck. He’d just finished washing up and changing out of his sweaty shirt after a full day of cleaning.

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A Perfect Storm

KC Grey’s Anatomy AU ~ I couldn’t select one couple / moment that I wanted to use so like….i may have used all of them….

He was five years older than her and he was already a legend. She’d heard about the legend of Niklaus Mikaelson since she’d started work at the hospital. He’d revolutionized the way that trauma surgery was performed and he’d saved countless lives. In Seattle and in Iraq where he’d been stationed as a medic for four years. He’d been in Iraq, saving lives, dodging bullets and sticking his fingers into random soldier’s jugulars while she’d been modeling in her underwear to pay off med school.

So it was understandable that when she finally had the chance to scrub in on a surgery with him, she was–for lack of a better phrase–fucking stoked. 

“I want you to get Little Gilbert to monitor all of my post-ops and tell him to pay extra attention to Lucas in 608, if his blood pressure drops at all tell him to page me.” She walked with purpose towards the operating room, her intern almost jogging to keep up as Caroline handed the chart back. “Okay, well, wish me luck.” She jabbed the elevator button a little more forcefully than was necessary and let out a breath.

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