neck chomp

Attack of the Plot Bunny

One rainy Sunday afternoon, I was attacked by a Plot Bunny. It hopped right up and bit my neck, and as it chomped, it growled, “Write a Modern Day AU! Write a Murder Mystery!!” 

And I said, “YYYYYEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWWCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHH wait these are not my usual genres whuuuut”

Turns out it was a rabid Plot Bunny. For the following three days I wrote in a maniacal furor, and by the time I returned to my senses, I had 40 pages of Who Dun It. 

So… who is ready for some Detective Yoon?

He’s not a Holmes, more of a Watson, ‘cause he’s a nurse in this AU. Yes, he’s still a teen, but he has a full time job as a nurse. This is totally rational for something that started as a comedic idea but then turned serious. And no, I couldn’t actually bring myself to murder anybody for this, someone has a close call instead. 

Anyway, editing is about done, and then there will be daily installments queued up. ^^ 

Keep them laughing, that was the number one rule. Even with a collar around his neck and death chomping at his heels, Lance had to keep the Galra laughing. It was the only hope for the humans, for his friends, and for his family. Be funny, funny enough that they like you too much to kill at once, but not so funny that they wanted to show you off like a prize. 

Lance cracked another joke and one of the guards barked with laughter, pausing in keying open the door. Five more seconds bought, five more precious seconds. His mind reeled, searching for anything that would help him get out alive. He kept grinning, and babbled cheerfully as they pulled him into the room. 

One of the guards half turned, and his gun came just within reach. Lance acted at once, jumping for it, pulling it, and dispatching the guards in a matter of moments. He trembled as he scrambled for the key to his cuffs, breathing short and fast. He couldn’t panic, he couldn’t panic, he could not panic. 

“Don’t move.” Lance froze, and someone walked in front of him. He could see their boots, and despite the warning, he looked up slowly. He got the shock of his life for his troubles - A half galra, half human glared back at him, holding on tightly to a sword. “Who the hell are you?”

Lance gulped, and for the life of him, couldn’t think up a joke.