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banna appreciation week
Day 5: Hugs

I honestly can’t take D’Vorah seriously when she does that sassy neck-roll. Still, Divvy’s probably got more sass in her neck than any kombatant alive. #Respect.

(Also, is it me, or does it look like in the second GIF Divvy’s telling Cassie “Settle down, b****h”?)

Who knows how many of these I’ll write tonight, but I just need the D! Enjoy whatever garbage my imagination decides to spew in an effort to make myself feel better.


Dean got up from the bed to find his girlfriend rifling through the dirty laundry basket. “Y/N? What are you doing?”

“Ah, I thought I had washed my good jeans, but here they are at the bottom of the basket. I’ve got to meet Y/F/N in half an hour. What the hell am I supposed to wear?”

Dean looked her over. She’s just finished practicing her morning yoga and was clad in a pair of cropped yoga pants and a tank top that had some cut outs at the back that he found, to his surprise, more attractive than when she just wore a sports bra. “You look damn good to me? Why change?”

Turing to face him, the grin that lit up his face made her melt. How was he able to combine being an absolute sweet guy with being a total horn dog? “I know you do babe, but unfortunately it’s not always the best look to go for when you go out to places that aren’t diners or just running around. Gym? Quick coffee run? Random errand? Yes.” She stopped in front of him and looped her arms around his neck. “But, I appreciate the compliment and will keep that in mind when we’re just hanging around the bunker.” Stretching up she pecked his lips before returning to her task of finding an outfit.

Laying back on the bed, Dean chimed in one more time. “You know what looks even better on you than that?” He waited until she turned to him. “Nothing.”

“Oh shut up.” She laughed and threw the shirt in her hand towards his head.

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