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MY03 GT1 by Cullen

Today’s special election is about more than Georgia’s 6th congressional district

  • Election day has finally come for Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel in the most expensive U.S. House race in history, with more than $50 million in spending in the district. 
  • For Ossoff, a 30-year-old who originally ran to “make Trump furious” but has focused locally for months, a win would flip this longtime Republican seat blue
  • A loss would leave Democrats wondering how they missed their best opportunity yet to win a GOP House seat in the Trump era. 
  • Handel, a former Georgia secretary of state, aims to prevent a groundswell of Democratic grassroots groups from “flipping the 6th.”
  • The implications of today’s election are clear: With Ossoff’s campaign bolstered by small, anti-Trump grassroots efforts, a win would be a boon for the resistance and speak volumes about its ability to influence electoral politics heading into the 2018 midterms and beyond. 
  • Likewise for the resistance, a loss would be a devastating reality check.
  • The latest polling shows the race is neck and neck going into election day. Both campaigns have spent the last several days focused on get-out-the-vote efforts. Read more (6/20/17)

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Could you write another photographer!Jughead fic please


“I take pictures okay? I don’t wait around for actors and actresses to finish whatever dull business they’re tending too. I’m a professional, not some disney channel videographer.” Photographer, Jughead Jones, growled from his space in the corner of the large white room, this was supposed to be easy, snap a few pictures for up coming promos and get out of there. It wasn’t the most glamorous set up but it paid well enough and he was tired of shooting the same new money models for clothing campaigns.

“I’m so sorry Mr.Jones, our two leads were held up shooting a very important scene, they should be walking through the doors any minute now.” A curly haired woman named Ethel Muggs sighed apologetically, she was the shows producer and she had arranged the whole shoot. He assumed she was also to blame for his models being almost 30 minutes late.

“They’re here! They’re here!” A flurry of hair and makeup artists rushed the studio doors, immediately leaping on the cast and pulling them away.

Jughead eyes quickly scanned the young actors.

One girl had flaming red hair that was far too long and lips that had seen far too many needles, she was scowling bitterly as someone attempted to apply makeup on her eyes.

A dark skinned boy was chatting up one of Jugheads assistant photographers as his tie was adjusted, wearing the cockiest smile Jughead had ever seen.

A boisterous boy was typing furiously at his phone as he occasionally glanced up at the lighting guy Joaquin. Whoever this boy was, his hair was perfect.

A redhead was kicking the vending machine as he mumbled in confusion. He wore a letterman jacket and an all American smile, it was clear he was the lead male.

Finally, Jughead eyes landed on an absolute perfect specimen of a woman. Long blonde hair curled perfectly past her shoulders, light tan skin and perfect pink lips, her body held all of the natural curves a woman should have but still remained toned and graceful. He scanned her long legs and finally caught her eyes, meadow green with hints of gold. He only realized how close she was when she spoke from directly in front of him.

“I’m so sorry we’re so late. We had to film a death scene and those always run long! I know how important time is and I really am sorry to keep you waiting.”
Her voice was sincere and warm, Jughead nodded harshly, these young Hollywood actors knew how to lay it on, he knew acting and it took more than an apology to gain his trust.

The blonde took a heavy step back, her face falling slightly
“Never the less I’m Betty Cooper. I play Delilah.” She flashed him a grin, expertly applied fake fangs poked from her mouth, Jughead jumped back, they were terrifying.

Betty giggled
“I take it you don’t watch the show?” She smirked, a perfectly manicured eyebrow raising mischievously.

He had heard of “Bloody Falls.” It was the most watched television show by teens. Betty Cooper was apparently every boys wet dream. The show was all about vampires and werewolves in highschool and saving the world. Not quite Jugheads aesthetic. He shook his head and Betty smiled understandingly.

“I get it, not really my thing either but hey you don’t win oscars over night.” She shrugged her dainty shoulders and Jughead couldn’t help but smile at the fiercely determined beautiful girl in front of him.

The red head joined them
“Ethel says it’s time to take pictures. Hey dude I’m Archie Andrews. You’re Jughead Jones right? It’s awesome to meet you, I saw your work in ESPN. Super sick shots.”

Jughead smiled, that was one of his proudest accomplishments

“Thanks man, let’s get to shooting then huh?” His eyes landed on Betty’s and she smiled, a faint pink blush painting her cheeks.

She was by far the most interesting person Jughead had ever shot. Betty Cooper was born to be in front of a camera, her body shifted perfectly with each frame and her eyes always seemed to be holding back a secret. Her character was mysterious yet lovable and it definitely showed in his photographs.

Cheryl Blossom however was nearly impossible to shoot. She moved in between every take and she was stiff as a board in the ones he did get, her eyes were dead, the only compliment he could give her was that she portrayed the bitchy bully perfectly.

“Okay!” Ethel called from the sides “we need Delilah and Ethan to take a few couple pictures okay? Betty, Archie, I want to feel the sexual tension.”

The pair walked forward and instantly went in. Archie gripped Betty’s upper thigh and tugged her body towards his as his hands which were covered in faux werewolf fur gripped under the tiny cheerleading skirt she wore, Betty stared directly at the camera as she placed her fangs over Archie’s neck.

Jughead felt his pulse race and his neck get hot. Was he angry that Archie was touching Betty like that? No of course not, they’re acting. So what was it? The voice in the back of his head that sounded suspiciously like his good friend Veronica “you’re jealous! You like her!” But Jughead simply shook his head and continued snapping pictures. His eyes meeting Betty’s under his lense.

“Okay, you can change now for the group photos.” Jughead announced, rolling his eyes playfully when Archie ran for crafts services , his manager close behind him.

“How am i doing?” A soft, familiar voice spoke from behind him, Jughead nearly dropped his camera as he whipped around.betty giggled

“Sorry, 2 years of playing a vampire has made me very stealthy. So how am I doing? You’re pretty much a camera god, does your camera like me?” Betty asked teasingly.

Jughead laughed out loud and smiled
“Yeah she likes you, your frames look great. You were made for the camera. you really are beautiful.”

Betty laughed, an almost melodic sound
“Thankyou! I’ve been on the screen since before I can remember, But as for the beauty thing? It’s all smoke and mirrors. I have a really great team!”

“Betty! ” the makeup artist called from the trailer.

“I better go!” She smiled and dropped a hand to Jugheads arm “if you like my cheerleading uniform wait until you see what i wear for the group photo.” With a subtle wink and swing of her hips Betty was being whisked away to wardrobe.

Oh god.

He was in trouble.

The Game Plan

Pairing: Jungkook x reader (female specificed - IM SORRY I FORGOT TO MAKE IT GENDER NEUTRAL)

Genre: flufffff

Prompt: “You’ve betrayed me”

A/N: Helloooooo everyone! I’m back at it again with another scenario!! Sorry if they don’t seem like they’re realistic enough – I’m still new to this haha. BTW this lowkey sucks but maybe you’ll enjoy it?? At least, I hope you do!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IF YOU HAVE A REQUEST, ASK ME. I desperately need things to write about, so if you like my writing style, please leave me a request. I’ll write basically anything other than smut bc I honestly have no idea how to write that lol

      Your phone screen lit up, and his name appeared in bold letters right above the new text message he’d sent you. You discretely looked around the lecture hall and then hid your phone under the table to reply, stealing glances around the room, trying not to get caught with your phone out during class.

     “Yo, you still coming over tonight for game night with the boys?”

      You smiled, having almost forgotten that today was Friday, the one day where you could get together with your boyfriend and some of your friends to kick back and relax. After such a taxing and stressful week at college, you were definitely excited to go someplace other than your dorm room and do something other than homework. Sure, essays were tremendously fun and exhilarating, but hanging out with some of the people you cared about most had to be even better.

      “Yep, I’ll be there with pizza at 7. See you then, Kookie! Love ya J “, you replied, grinning widely to yourself. You almost didn’t notice the dead silence in the classroom until you suddenly felt very hot. Looking up, you felt everyone’s gaze on you, and you made direct eye contact with your professor, realizing you’d been caught red handed.

      “Ms. Y/L/N, care to rejoin the conversation?” your professor asked sarcastically, gaining a few chuckles from your classmates and causing your cheeks to blossom into a light shade of pink as she then continued on with her lecture. Sliding your phone into your bag, you tried to refocus your attention on the symbolism behind whatever object your professor was ranting on about, but your excitement caused your thoughts to shift to your plans for that night.

      You juggled the pizza boxes in your hand as you reached for the doorbell, struggling to press the button. Before you could, though, the door swung open and the pizza was swiftly taken from your arms as you were ushered inside. Jin had grabbed the boxes and set them down at the kitchen counter, opening one, taking a slice, and putting it on a paper plate. The boys greeted you enthusiastically, and you smiled at their child-like mannerisms.

     “Y/N!! You brought food!!” Tae exclaimed as he engulfed you in a quick hug before heading straight for the kitchen.

     “I’m happy you could make it!! Let’s play Mario Kart!” Hoseok said, greeting you quickly before disappearing to finish setting the game up.

     “Hey, I just got here! Slow down, save some for me Tae, and I swear, if I lose one more video game to you guys, I’m leaving,” you said, chuckling. Yoongi, Namjoon, and Jimin were grabbing snacks before trekking back to the living room to set up camp in front of the TV. Jin was getting drinks from the refrigerator, and Tae was stacking yet ANOTHER piece of pizza onto his plate. Surprisingly, you hadn’t seen your boyfriend yet. Usually, he was the first one to greet you when you walked in the door. Before you could go look for him, though, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist and he plled you close to him, lightly breathing into your ear, and sending shivers down your spine.

    “You ready to lose at Mario Kart? This champion can’t be stopped,” Jungkook teased, nudging your head with his own, obviously waiting for a heated reaction.

    “We’ll see. The king just may be dethroned tonight,” You replied, slipping from his grasp and looking back at him with a wicked smile on your face.

     He has no idea what’s coming! You thought to yourself, pleased. You, Jimin, and Hoseok had planned for tonight, and you guys were determined to wipe the smug look off of Jungkook’s face after he beat you all in every round played.

      You glanced over at Jimin, who subtly nodded and handed you a remote, before quickly grabbing Jungkook’s favored one and replacing the batteries. The plan was simple, really – remove the full batteries from the remote and replace them with halfway charged ones, so that the remote would die and FINALLY, someone else besides Jungkook would have the honor of being the victor.

      After grabbing a slice of pizza, you all kicked back on the couch, and the games began. Hoseok signaled at you to overtake him and Jimin on the track, and it wasn’t difficult since they were practically giving you second place. It was about then that Jungkook’s remote started to lose steam, so to speak, and he threw worried glances at the track on the screen upon realizing that you were gaining on him. You sat forward in your seat, licking your lips, anticipation building as you and Jungkook reached the final lap of the final race, neck and neck, heading for what could be a photo-finish.

      It was then that his remote battery died.

      He let out a wail as his remote disconnected, and you zoomed past him to finish in first, elevating your overall rank to second, and dropping him to third. You had finally beat the master competitor, the king among racers, Jeon Jungkook.

      Hoseok and Jimin jumped up, grabbed your hands, and celebrated as Jungkook looked on, suspicious and slightly irritated. Your celebrations slowly died out as you all avoided eye contact, his glare freezing you to your places.

      “What did you do?” He asked coldly, holding up his remote and gesturing at it. Jin and Namjoon excused themselves to the kitchen, knowing how seriously their maknae took competitions, and wanting to avoid any possible fallout over this sudden loss.

      “Well…” Jimin said, eyes darting between you and Hoseok, desperately thinking of a way around it. He knew that Jungkook wouldn’t be satisfied until he had beaten you guys at at least ten more games, and none of you could think of a way out of that situation. If it were up to Jungkook, you’d be up all night continuously losing just so he could prove who the real champion is.

     “C’mon, Kookie! It’s just one loss. You beat everyone else every other time!” You said cheerfully as you poked him in the arm playfully. His gaze turned to you, hurt.

    “My own girlfriend’s in on this? You’ve betrayed me, Y/N!” He said as he grabbed at his chest, his hand resting over his heart, and you rolled your eyes at his dramatics.

     “Jungkook, we know you’re the champion. You’re the best Mario Kart player, like ever. We just wanted to teach you a lesson, because you were getting too cocky,” You said, pinching his cheek as he swatted you away, slowly losing his grip on his act. He couldn’t help but grin at how cute you looked as you cooed over him, babying him to try and ease the effect of his loss on his ego.

     “That’s it! No more kisses for you until I win a game,” Jungkook threatened. He watched as your eyes widened with shock. You quickly turned to Hoseok and Jimin with an outstretched palm, wiggling your fingers expectantly. Jimin grumbled but begrudgingly obliged to your silent request and grabbed the remote you had used, took out the batteries, and placed them in the palm of your hand. You swiftly turned back to Jungkook who was biting his lip in an attempt to suppress his laughter at your sudden urgency as you pressed the batteries into his hand with two words.

      “Win. Now.”

       He grinned at you, then fixed Jimin and Hoseok with a challenge in his eyes. “You heard her. Sorry, hyungs, but I have to cream you now.”

     “You’re on,” Jimin and Hoseok replied in unison, determination in their eyes, and you all gathered around the TV again, rejoined by Jin and Namjoon, in order to begin a new round.

     You made sure to sit next to Jungkook this time, and stared at him expectantly after he won first place, waiting for your rightfully deserved kiss. He leaned in close and gave you a light peck, earning a groan from his friends, and a small smile from you.

     The rest of the night was spent laughing, throwing food, playing games, and enjoying your youth with no worry of the future. And as you listened to your friends’ laughter and gazed at your boyfriend’s bright and smiling face, you realized that you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Take notes, sweetheart

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#41 from the prompt list that I re-blogged 

Your Pov: 

It was a normal Friday night. Josh and Tyler just got done playing a concert and we were all chilling on the tour bus. The boys were playing video games and Jenna and I were just chit-chatting about random things. Sometimes Jenna and I would stop our conversation and join in with the boy’s cheering. 

Josh and Ty were neck and neck in the one race they were playing and kept interrupting our conversation so Jenna and I decided to cheer along with them. 

“How do you guys do so well?” I asked them as Tyler won crossing the finish line. 

They laughed. 

“Lots and lots of practice.” Josh said while throwing the controller down on the ground in defeat. 

“Do you think you could teach me?” I asked him shyly. 

At my question he lifted his head. 

“Sure I can babe.” He said. “Here come over here. Ty move over for the queen.” He added while pushing him. 

Tyler just rolled his eyes and went over to sit by Jenna. 

I sat up from my spot on the couch and made my way next to Josh. 

“This should be interesting.” Tyler said with a laugh while wrapping his arm around Jenna. 

“Shut up Ty.” I told him while taking the controller that from Josh’s hands. 

“Before I start you better take notes sweetheart. Josh said with a laugh. 

I laughed along with him. “Oh believe me I will be.” 

Josh went on explaining the basics of the controller and what each of the buttons did. It was confusing at first but after Josh explaining it a couple of times I was ready to play. 

“Are you ready to loose baby.” Josh said to me while pressing start on the game. 

“Haha I think the question is “Are you ready to loose?” I fired back at him.

“In your dreams babe.” He said while concentrating on the game. 

It’s been about five minutes into the game and Josh and I were neck and neck. The game that we were playing was a racing game and whoever got to the finish line first won. It was really intense. 

Josh and I were on the last turn before the finish line and we were yelling at the top of our lungs. Jenna and Tyler were also yelling. Tyler cheering for Josh,of course, and Jenna cheering for me. Josh and I turned the corner and were racing towards the finish line. In the end I ended up beating Josh. 

“I can’t believe you beat me.” Josh sighed after all the yelling stopped. 

“Neither can I.” I replied to him as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek lovingly. 

“I can believe it.” Jenna stated while laughing. 

We all laughed at her comment. 

“Yeah Josh, How does it feel to get beat by your own girlfriend?” He asked Josh while laughing. Jenna and I joined in laughing with him. 

“Oh shut up Ty.” Josh snapped back. “At least my girlfriend doesn’t beat me at Mario Kart every time she plays me.” 

A/N: Here it is! So sorry it took so long. Life has been busy. This was going to be up earlier but I didn’t feel that good so that’s why it’s up at a later time. I hope you like it anyway and I hope the anon that requested this likes it as well! The other blurbs will be going up tomorrow. Sorry for the wait on them as well. Have a great day/night wherever you are!   

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Hi! Could I get GoM + Kagami cheering on their girlfriends at a track meet? Thanks!

Kuroko: Though he wasn’t the loudest in the crowd, you can bet that Kuroko was the one cheering for you the most. You try to look for him in the stands at the end of the race, but he’s gone. One moment he’s up there cheering for you, the next he’s — “Congratulations, ____.” — right next to you at the finish line.

Kagami: He didn’t know that watching somebody else run could get him so tense, but as he watched you and your fellow racers getting closer and closer to the finish, Kagami could feel his hands squeezing into fists. He was readying himself to cheer for your eventual victory.

Kise: It had been a good idea for him to come in disguise — or what Kise called a disguise — so he could watch your race without having anyone recognize him. All it managed to do was have your friends questioning why a weird guy who oddly resembled your boyfriend was screaming your name.

Aomine: Not much of a yelling person, Aomine would silently cheer for you from his seat in the stands. That is, he’d be silent until the last moments of the race where you were neck and neck with another person. You’d never heard him yell your name so loudly before in your life.

Midorima: You can bet that Midorima was there, standing near the finish line with a cool bottle of water and a clean towel just for you. Even if you didn’t win the race, he was giving you that smile that said he was proud of whatever you accomplished that day.

Murasakibara: Just watching you race would make him tired, but Murasakibara promised he’d be there to support you in your sport like you did for him. He didn’t do much in the ways of cheering, but you could definitely expect a voctory hug from him after you crossed the finish line.

Akashi: There was no doubt in his mind that you would do well in your race, but Akashi still stood off to the side of the course, as close as bystanders were allowed to be, and cheered for you as you ran past. You may have only heard him for a second, but it was that single second that mattered the most.

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Yang and Blake play Mario kart

Sun: *Sitting with Neptune and the bumblebee couple.* Oh what the fuck!? Who Banana peeled me!? That’s my thing!

Neptune: Haha. Revenge is sweet and slippery. *Gets knock off the track by a red shell.* OH COME ON!

Yang: Best pay attention boys. *Yang smirked.*

Blake: Don’t get to cocky love. it still any woman’s race. *Blake said with super focus.*

Neptune: Wow they are taking this really serious.

Sun: Of course. They have abet that the winner is the lead tonight.

Neptune: Ah that makes sense… Bet Yang wins matching there wager?

Sun: You’re on! *Sun and Neptune then watch Blake and Yang play as Bowser and Peach race on the track neck and neck when Peach takes the lead.*

Sun: Nonononono! *Sun pleaded*

Neptune: Hehe, I hope you are ready for a limp tom-* Neptune began to say when Bowser gets a blue shell and hits Peach, passing Peach and taking the lead as they are about to cross the finish line.* NOOOOO!

Sun: *Sun smirks as he places a hand on Yang’s shoulder as Bowser crosses the finish line.* Tough break Yang. Maybe next-

Yang: YES! WHO’S THE BEST!? WHO IS THE BEST!? *Yang cheered throwing her hands up in the air before wrapping them around Blake and smothers her with kisses.*

Blake: That was pure luck. *Blake grumbled between kisses from her girlfriend.*

Sun: … Uh, What’s going on?

Neptune: Yeah. Why are you happy you lost Yang?

Yang: Huh? What do you mean? I won.

Sun: But you were Peach!

Blake: No… I was Peach.

Neptune/Sun: Why?

Blake: … She looks like Yang in the dress I was going to make her wear tonight… *Blake Blushed as Yang kissed her and whispered into her ear while nibbling on it.*

Yang: Now I can’t wait to see your belladonna-booty in it tonight.

Sun: Damn that it hot.

Neptune: Yeah… What size are you again?

Sun: Oh fuck you.

Neptune: I plan on it.~<3

Blake/Yang: *both thinking* I have the biggest lady boner right now.

I made it a double date night.

The Greaser's girl 2 (Shalaska) - Frida and Wick

A/N: Smitten with the blonde socialite, our resident greaser takes her out on a date.

This picks up where the first part left off, if you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here. You’ve quite literally hounded us for a sequel, so here it finally is.

Shalaska 50s AU one-shot, with a bit of Biadore on the side! Frida wrote the outline and Wick edited! We hope you enjoy, feedback is always welcome! xoxo Frida and Wick

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Hey there, friends of VMHQ! Poll results are in for our Smut Challenge Naming Contest, and the outcome is clear. THE SMUTTENING IS HAPPENING!

The race was neck-and-neck for a while between our winner and runner-up Smutathon II: Electric Smut-a-loo, but eventually The Smuttening pulled ahead (possibly because The Bangening was not available). 

So now that we’ve got a title, on to the hows, whens and wheres!

Originally posted by coloursong

The main rule is just…write smut! Create a complete (not WIP) story of any rating (from General Audiences sexy glove-less hand-touching to EEE porn without plot) and post it to the Smutathon II library on A03. Any pairings and fic types are welcome, just remember to tag appropriately.

All authors will show as Anonymous until the challenge closes on July 31st, at which point user names will be revealed. Part of the fun comes from trying to guess which of your favorite fic writers is the dirty mind in question. If authors wish to remain anonymous past the deadline, follow the instructions in the FAQ.

That’s it! We hope many of you will be inspired to smut it up, or enjoy reading, accompanied by a cold cocktail, while reclining in a hammock. Let the Smuttening begin!!

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