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Summary: Jughead is dating a half french reader, he goes back to her house and sees her speaking French to her mum and basically fangirls 

Warnings: Harcore Fluff 

It had happened by accident. I hadn’t meant for Jughead to meet my mother just yet, we had been together for a couple of months now but had already discussed that he would meet my family at one of my cousins birthday parties. It was going to be a big event so he could meet everyone all at once to get it ‘over and done with’ in his own words. 

But the day my mum managed to walk in on us kissing in the kitchen was a surprise to us all. Mum wasn’t supposed to be home until later tonight, so I brought Jughead back with me for the day, so we could study and chill out. 

“Do you want something to eat baby?” I ask Jughead sitting on my couch watching the Rick and Morty show. “Uh, Yeah sure, shall we go cook something?” I smile and nod uncrossing my legs, getting up from my place and taking Jugs hands in mine. 

We go into the kitchen and I start pulling ingredients out of a cabinet to make a pasta bake. Jughead comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist as I lean up to get the pasta off the top shelf. I turn around and place the pasta on the side and face him, slinging my arms around his shoulders. 

“What kind of pasta are we making?” Jughead asks leaning his forehead down on mine. “Hmm, carbonara” I sigh and lean into him. His lips lean down to meet mine, hands holding onto my waist pulling me closer. His lisps moved in sync with mine, his tongue occasionally brushes against my bottom lip. Jughead pushes me further into the counter his body pressing against mine. I dragged my fingers through his hair and a soft moan fell from his lips. Jughead’s hand slipped under my shirt holding my waist closer. 

“ salut bébé” my mother calls entering the kitchen. “ Oh mon Dieu” she gasps and we pull apart instantly, shocked looks on our faces, I lightly pushed Jughead off of me so I could speak to my mother. He stood there frozen in his place looking very awkward. My mum stands across the room from us with her arms crossed in front of her with a large smirk on her face. 

“ Mère je voudrais que tu rencontres mon petit ami Jughead” I ramble to my mum, Jughead looks at me in amazement. 

“Jughead?” my mother asks in her thick French accent in confusion. 

“Oui Jughead’s son nom” I explain that Jughead was his name to settle her confusion and she comes towards us, a warm smile on her face. “It is my pleasure to meet you Jughead” my mum speaks, her accent thick making the words disjointed. She reaches her hand out to Jugs and he takes it graciously shaking it. 

“It’s nice to meet you too Ms Y/L/N” Jughead replies “Y/m/N” she replies with a warm smile. She turns to me and returns to her more comfortable native tongue. 

“  Je vais vous laisser deux seuls, donc vous pouvez monter dans votre chambre, mais pas drôle d'affaires. d'accord?” she says sternly directing us to go up to my room, but for no ‘funny business’ to take place. 

“ Mère, vous n'avez pas à vous soucier de cela, pas sous votre toit, je me souviens”  I sigh I look over at Jughead to see his face still in shock.

“je t'aime, mon ange” she gives me a kiss on the cheek and sends us on our way. 

We head up the stairs to my bedroom and I have to practically drag Jughead to my room as he is still in shock from the episode that just took place. We reach my room and I shut and lock the door behind me. He slumps down on the bed and looks up at me in amazement. 

“Alright Hannah Montana, What the hell was that?” he says sarcastically obviously. 

“What are you talking about?” I laugh my words out, shaking my head going to sit down next to him on the bed. 

“I’m talking about my girlfriend, who I’ve been with for months, living a double life” he says looking at me with wide joking eyes. 

“Shut up Jughead, you knew I was half french”

“Yeah but I didn’t know you were fluent in the french language” he retorts shaking his head. I just let out a soft chuckle. “It kinda did something to me, If you know what I mean” I said nervously, stretching with neck. His adams apple bounced with anticipation. 

“ Mon Jughead comme ça quand je parlais français” I lean over and whisper into his ear asking if he enjoyed me speaking french. Goosebumps raised on his arms as I did so. He nodded slowly and turned his head to face mine. We were only inches apart from one another. 

“ Tu es si beau… Je t'aime Jughead” I whisper looking into his eyes. He looks back, his hands coming up to stroke my face “I love you” he whispers back and leans to press a single kiss on my lips. 

“And you speaking french just makes me love you more to be perfectly honest”   

“Kooooooookie” you groan in annoyance. You glare at your best friends sleeping figure on the bed shaking him slightly. “Hey you. Wake up” you budge him with your foot gently. “Shhhh y/n” He grumbles sleepily. You lean forward and whispers “breakfast time” into his ear causing him to shoot up. “What? WHAT IS IT!?” He shouts looking around the room. You slap your forehead and roll your eyes. What the heck man you think to yourself. He sees nothing of importance and wraps his arms around your waist pulling you down next to him. “DO I have to get up? Why can’t I lay in bed with you all day” You push away your best friends sleepy advances too embarrassed to allow this to continue. You look around looking for any excuse to get up and start to shuffle your legs around when you feel more of his skin then you would if he was wearing shorts or pants to sleep. “Uhhh. Jungkook you aren’t sleeping in your boxers are tou?!” You begin to raise your voice slightly “mmhmm” you hear him hum. Your heart begins to race when you feel a slight buldge begin to form. “Kookie I get that it’s the morning and your a boy and all but this is a bit much were friends and friends don’t get boners over friends.” You state trying to knock some sense into the sleeping boy gripping onto you tightly. “Jungkook pulls you in tighter slipping one of his legs in between yours unknowingly rubbing against your womenhood.“y/n you smell good” he slurs in a gruff voice. He puts his face in your shoulder and begins to softly plant kisses along the skin there. “Kookie. Stop it. Wake up.” You begin to shuffle around nerves taking over. He nips softly at the skin causing moan to escape your mouth right next to his ear. His eyes shoot open “Y/N???!! What are you doing here!!” You shove your way out of his bed fixing your clothes. He shoves the blanket off his body to expose a buldge coming from his white boxers you find the nearest pair of shorts and throw them at him. “Just get dressed weirdo we had plans to go see a movie today remember?” You turn around your cheeks flaming. You walk out and slam the door behind you. You walk over to your best friends bathroom and splash your face with cold water to try and extinguish the flames on your cheeks. Jungkook walks in behind you and passes you a towel “are you hot y/n? You’re kinda sweaty.” He chuckles. You pat your face dry and throw the towel at his face. “What?!” He exclaims as you Storm away still embarrassed by the events that just unfolded. “Sorry y/n” he says walking out towards you pulling a white shirt over his head his soft toned muscles flexing, you trail your eyes over his body his lean toned body taking it all in ‘Since when did that boy… stop being a boy’ you think to yourself. You lean towards him crossing your arms “You think I’ll forgive you so easily. You’ll be buying me an ice cream later just for that” you tease him. “Fine fine fine” he chuckles as he pulls a black cardigan over his shirt. The movie not catching your attention, you begin to doze off slightly causing you to lean into Jungkooks shoulder. He looks over at you surprised and looks down to see your tank top being pulled down showing off the top of your black laced bra. Jungkook swallows a lump that begins to form in this throat and softly shrugs of his cardigan and lays it over the top of you. He takes a deep breath and begins to think ‘how do I casually tell y/n that I can see her bra? How do I tell her her chest is hanging out? How do I tell her she has nice soft skin?’ He sighs and continues to watch the movie. After the movie you awake to hear Jungkooks voice whispering your name. “Let’s go get that ice cream” You rub your eyes as Jungkooks cardigan slides off your shoulders you notice your bra showing and looks over to see Jungkooks cheeks turning a slight shade of pink “please keep that with you” he coughs out. You tie it around your waist and walk out of the theater. You guys arrive at a small ice cream parlor and both order a cone. You walk outside to sit in the sun while you eat your ice cream in an awkward silence. “So how was the movie? Also your ice cream looks really good” you say to break the silence as you lean forward and take a small lick of his ice cream. His eyes widen and he turns his head “it was boring not worth the money spent” he says looking at a bird walking in front of the table. You cock your head to the side in confusion because you guys always share foods and he never reacts like this. “You fell asleep about halfway through and looked cold so I gave you my shirt.” He says smiling at you trying to act as if he didn’t just blush. You lean back into the warm metal seat and lick at your ice cream until a part of it melts down off the cone and down your hand dripping onto your chest. “AH fuck.” You groan as you lick the ice cream off your arm leaning forward to grab a napkin causing the Ice Cream to melt farther down your tanktop. “Kookie a little help here please man?” you say looking at him. He looks at the small mess and licks his lips “uh yea sure no problem y/n” he gets up and throws away a half finished cone. He grabs a napkin and softly whipes up the mess on your chest. “Umm y/n I think thats enough ice cream for today” he chuckles nervously. You guys walk back to his house and he opens the door for you letting you in first. As soon as you step through the doorway you feel him rush in quickly behind you. He throws you over his shoulder and walks over to his room. He throws you onto the bed and walks over to his closet throwing you one of his shirts “Put this on please y/n. This is torture just put it on I’m begging you.” He looks at you pleadingly “uhhh ok?” You say making a face you throw his shirt on over your tank top taking in his smell. ‘He smells nice’ you think to yourself. You slip off the tank top and drop it onto his floor. “Happy?” You ask him. He takes a deep breath and walks over to you “noo. I’m not. This is weird. When I saw your bra I just felt all weird. When you had me clean up the ice cream like I usually would i just got really nervous. I can’t stop staring at you today.” He leans forward and pushes you back onto his bed laying on top of you pressing his knee between your legs. “Kookie what the fuck dude-” You begin to shout as he interrupts you by kissing you. He takes a large warm hand and slides it up your borrowed shirt and grabs at the soft tummy skin pulling your lower body closer to his. You begin to protest but quickly decide against it loving the way his lips mold perfectly against yours. You slide his white shirt up off his body leaving him gloriously pull away from the kiss breathless “ok so what does this mean for us now” you say in a shaky breathless voice. He quickly replies with “obviously we see eachother as man and women now instead of friends. If you’d have me I’d like to try being your boyfriend seeing as how we practically already were” he says in between planting kisses down your neck. You lean your head back and bite your lip ,nervous since you know for a fact this is both of your first times doing something like this. *** pg 13 and R rated stuff so back off if you a kid mk?***** You wrap your legs around his waist causing his hard member to press against your dampening womenhood. He begins to grind into you between the clothes in between you. His clothed tip gentally pushing itself unknowingly into you cause you to let out a slight hiss. He stops and begins to fumble with his pants as your hurry to take yours off in pursuit. He throws his blanet over you and presses his tented member against you feeling the dampness against him. He lets out a deep moan at this feeling. His head leans back in a delightful manor. He slides one hand down your lacy panties as you slide one into his now painfully member. You smear precum over his head as you begin to pump his hard hot member. He inserts one finger into your core and pumps at a painfully slow pace. He pulls both pars of underwear down to get a better rhythm. You lean over underneath his bed to grab a condom from where his mom gave them to him just for when he finally chooses to be sexually active. You push it against his chest as you plant kisses and bites all down his neck and adams apple. He unwrap the rubber and slides it down his member and looks at you waiting for a positive sign that you are sure about this. You nibble his earlobe and pur softly “do it.” He begins to insert it as tears fill your eyes at this new painful sensation “FINALLY! WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR THIS” You gasp loudly and quickly pull the cover over your body to see the boys standing in his doorway with big cheeky grins. “GET OUT” Jungkook yells as he throws a pillow at the door making all the boys run out of the way. He gets up and runs to slam the door shut and throws himself on to the bed. “I’m sorry. I got carried away I didnt hear them come in i didnt know they were coming over” You pull him into a sweet kiss and whisper “why let that stop us. Now where were we” You say seductively pulling him back down on you

Did I Ruin Something?

“I’ll be there soon babe.” Tom texted. I smiled down at my phone and felt my stomach fill with butterflies. Tom hardly got to come home and when he did, it was for short periods. We never got to see one another, which hurt us but we got through it together. I watched as an airplane landed and I hoped it was Tom’s. I saw him go down the planes stairs with his hoodie over his head and I felt excited again. I saw him come out from the door and I ran towards him. He dropped his bags and engulfed me in a hug.

“Oomph!” he said, as I jumped into his arms. “Well hello to you, too.“he laughed. As I buried my head in his neck, he lifted me off the ground making me laugh.

"Tom! Put me down!” I instructed. He set me down and looked at me.

“I swear… You get more beautiful everytime I look at you.” he said, searching my face.

“Oh shut up you big goof and give me a kiss.”

He smiled and wrapped an arm around my waist, bringing me closer. He nuzzled my neck for a while and planted a few kisses here and there. I giggled.

“That’s not what I meant Tom.”

“I know. ” He said in my neck, his breath tickling me. He brought my face to face his and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

“Man have I missed this.” he said smiling afterwards. I smiled and leaned in for another kiss. He bit my bottom lip and then grabbed his bags.

“Let’s finish this at home shall we?” he suggested. I nodded and helped him with his bags. I drove us home and as soon as we got home Tom threw me over his shoulder.

“Tom! What about your bags!?” I asked.

“We have tomorrow. Right now I need some you time.” he said. I rolled my eyes and stared at the ground. He plopped me down onto the couch and hovered above me.

“I really missed you.” he said, kissing all over my face. I went into a fit of giggles at the touch.

“What’s so funny?” he said, a slight smirk forming. I just shrugged and he went back to doing it but a bit faster now. I started to laugh again and he ended up leaving a big kiss on my lips as the finale. Tom started to laugh as I wiped my face.

“You’re gross Holland.” I teased.

“Yeah. But you love it.” he said. I smiled and nodded a yes. He leaned back in and gave me another kiss, this one a little more heated than the others. He moved down from my lips to my neck, leaving soft kisses. His mouth found its way to the left side of my neck and started to suck. I closed my eyes, feeling his lips move , making me feel happy that he was finally home.

He brought his lips back to mine, biting them softly. I placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back, so I could climb onto his lap. I gave him small kisses on his jawline and headed down towards his neck. His Adams apple bobbed and I gave it a small kiss, making it bob again. I could feel how hard he was and I smiled. I found his sweet spot between his shoulder and his ear and began to leave a love bite.

“I’ve really, really missed this, Love.” he said, his hands feeling my hips. I bit his sweet spot making him intake a breath of air quickly.

“So have I.” I said lifting his shirt up. My hands roamed his torso, feeling the crevices of his body. He went back towards my neck, leaving a few more love bites than I did as I played with his hair. I lifted up my shirt and Tom gave me a kiss. His hands went up and down the hollows of my hips slowly, making me shiver. I went back to his neck and he continued to roam my body. The touch of his hands made me shiver and he knew what he was doing.

He was being a tease.

This cheeky boy.

I continued to bite his neck, but made sure to grind on him every once in a while. A small moan escaped his lips making me smile. He made me face him and stared me down.

“That is not nice, Love.” he said, his pupils dilating. I bit my lip and smiled like a little kid.

“What’s not?” I asked innocently. He smirked and gave me a kiss. I was fazed slightly but gave in to his lips. His hands continues to roam my hips bit found their way towards my chest, giving it a slight squeeze. I gasped in our kiss and stared at Tom.

“Hey. We had to get even somehow.” he smirked as I glared at him. But before I could take his pants off, someone knocked on the door. We both groaned.

“Who could that be?” he asked. I shrugged, got off of Tom and picked up my shirt.

“What? That’s it?” he asked, raising his hands up.

“The mood got killed.” I smiled. He ran his hand over his face and sighed. The door got knocked on again.

“Alright alright. I’m coming.” Tom yelled, grabbing his shirt and throwing it over his head. I followed him and he looked through the curtain.

“Bloody hell. That explains the mood being ruined.” he said opening the door.

There stood Harrison. With pizza. And drinks. He stood there smiling and then noticed our necks.

“Did I ruin something?” he asked.

“Oh no Harrison. Not at all.” I said sarcastically. Tom snickered and Harrison pouted.

“It’s all good mate. Come on in then. Let’s eat.” Tom said throwing an arm over Harrison’s shoulder.

We helped him set the food down and I grabbed some movies that I had. We voted on “The Proposal” and sat down in the living room. Harrison took the beanbag while Tom and I took the sofa.

“I’m sorry you guys.” Harrison said, lifting his pizza to his mouth.

“For what?” Tom and I said together.

“For ruining your guys’ make out session.” Harrison said through a mouthful of pizza. Tom and I started to stutter.

“Uh what make out session?”
“What? Nooo….”

“I’m not dumb mates. I can see the bites.” he laughed. Tom and I looked at one another, both of us red.

“Alright. You got us. Now eat your pizza Harrison.” Tom said.

Cat Eyes | Malec fluffy drabble

Another Malec fluffy drabble, because I can!~
Things heat up a bit, but nothing explicit (for now).

The idea for this drabble came from a headcanon that has been stuck in my mind all day: Magnus’ eyes turn into his cat eyes when he is really really aroused (without Magnus’ consent).

So enjoy!! 


The first time Alec notices it, they are cuddling in Magnus’ king-sized bed, the sheets and their limbs a tangled mess, their nude bodies seeking each other’s warmth. The moon is still high in the sky ; they’ve just woken up in the middle of the night after a romantic evening spent in Magnus’ apartment.

Although Alec’s eyelids are still heavy from slumber, he is perfectly awake. His lover, however, still seems to be struggling to go back to sleep. Magnus’ breathing is steady and peaceful. Des pite the dim lighting - the only light in the room being the faint glow of the full moon slipping through the curtains -, the Shadowhunter finds himself tracing the beautiful features of the warlock with his eyes.

“ You’re gorgeous. ” He mutters under his breath. He hesitates for a second whether to let Magnus sleep or not, but he can’t help it; he leans closer, his nose bumping into the magnetic neck of his lover, hot breath eliciting goosebumps onto his golden skin. When Alec rolls them over slightly, so that Magnus is flat on his back, Alec hovering over him, he begins to suckle at the pulse point there, leaving a dark mark, a satisfied smirk appearing on his face when he realizes what he has done.

Magnus sighs heavily, his breath catching in his throat, but doesn’t open his eyes. Alec fully intends to wake him up by worshipping his body. Inspite of his exhausted state, he is sure Magnus won’t mind at all that kind of awakening. He goes back to his ministrations, licking and sucking at the beautifully tanned skin of Magnus’ neck, his Adam apple bobbing as loud moans start to escape the warlock’s mouth.

Alec likes it, when he takes control and Magnus let him. His boyfriend is so sensitive and the way his body responds to Alec’s tender gestures fuels his desire and intention to take care of the man who always takes care of him as well. After treasuring the neck and collarbone of his lover, Alec’s mouth starts working its way down Magnus’ body, at an agonizing pace.

Keep reading

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imagine this: alec sitting on magnus’ lap, slowly rolling his hips, magnus’ hands move down alecs thighs, up his chest, taking his shirt with him, then his fingers tangle into alecs hair pulls him down, open mouths dragging against each other, pushing all that love and adoration into each other’s bodies, alecs hands press against magnus’ chest. until he pulls away and slowly moves down magnus’ neck to his adams apple…..(#imaseriouswriter)

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