Thanos is sitting in his cottage/hut/thing, happy with his success. He looks down when he senses movement and sees an adorable eight-foot long snake. He picks it up with his right hand, ‘cause he knows snakes don’t like cold metal. He laughs as it happily slithers around his arm. Slowly, the snake makes it way up his arm and to his neck. When it starts to go down his other arm, Thanos starts to suspect, but it shies away from the cold metal like a normal snake would and he relaxes. Suddenly, there is a flash of green. It reveals not only that the snake is, in fact, Loki, but that he stole Thor’s new axe as well. Loki is smiling and as he brings the axe down he says, “It’s Me!” Thanos doesn’t have time to react as the axe cuts through his arm and severs the infinity gauntlet from him. Loki quickly reaches out with one hand, grabbing it just before Thanos does, and disappears in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, Thor is searching for where he could have put his axe when Loki pops up in front of him. Thor immediately grabs him by the neck and is ready to punch him for tricking him again when Loki yells, “Wait!” and brings out the infinity gauntlet. “See? Good Reason this time!”

Thor laughs, takes the gauntlet, and chucks Loki out the window. As Loki falls he shouts, “Good luck finding your axe now!”