weloveassbutt asked:

dear lord, I cry every time I see your blog ;_; (LOVE the Supernatural art >.<) But can you make a tutorial on how to draw the outline of the face correctly? I mean, I get the features right, and can get them looking in different directions (up, down, right/left, etc.) BUT IT'S THE FRIGGIN FACE OUTLINE THAT THROWS ME OFF, you know, the curve of the cheek (ESPECIALLY connecting the corner of the lips to the forehead), chin, neck and all that stuff. Pleeeeese help!!

Thanks very much!! I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking but I hope this helps ;;

So our faces are shaped the way they are because it’s skin and muscle draped over an underlying structure aka our skull. Spooky!

This looks eerily similar to the typical ball/crosshair/etc face frame… because it is lol. If you’re having trouble with the cheek you can mark in the area where the cheekbones are as a reference point when setting up your face.

If you don’t want all your people to look like Benedict Cumberbatch all you have to do is draw a curve from the edge of the cheekbone down to the chin.

UMM for necks I think the basic thing you should know is that there are 2 strips of muscle that come out from behind the ear and wrap around to attach to your sternum. Usually people simplify it to 2 lines on the neck like in your favorite animu but now you know what it really means!

Please let me know if this was completely off the mark from what you were asking lol ;;; BUT UM YES