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Because They’re There.

Maybe the weirdness of humans isn’t in our squishiness or our resilience or our strange cultural quirks. Maybe the overriding ‘alienness’ of humans when compared to other species is our undying curiosity and drive to go further when we don’t need to. Other aliens explore and expand when it is required. There is no more space here so we must find more there. But humans will go out and explore an ocean just to see what’s there.

Zing (not their real name, but they were adapting to it as the only one the majority of their crewmates were able to pronounce) trudged into the communal area of the hive. Sub-Hive 9hXGsse was unimaginatively named and unimaginatively staffed and unimaginatively run. Often referred to as the loneliest system in space it was mainly manned and suited for outcasts of various species.

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briwhosaysni  asked:

Any chance we could see Juno and Peter pulling that heist together in the new au? (It's quickly become one of my favorites. <3)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

You know, for someone that watched as much Burn Notice and White Collar as I did, I’m not good at the super flashy heist stuff– especially since it seems to me that the most effective heists are the ones where the mark doesn’t even know they’ve been robbed.

For the record, the concept of every town having a foundation festival comes from Germany.

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Strength of Spirit, Strength of Heart

The Princess is strong, but there are certain things that, quite simply, scare her.

Rating: General Audiences

Notes: i’ve officially set up an ao3 account!! so here’s my second shallura story~ 

{read here on ao3}

It isn’t a bad burn. Shiro has had worse just trying to cook, and he won’t even get started on injuries he dealt with thanks to being a curious child. But really, it isn’t a bad burn.

Occasionally, the training bots malfunction. It’s a given; the castle and its technology are centuries old now, and as well as Coran and Allura know the place, and even with Pidge and Hunk learning their way around the insides to update things, shit happens.

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All In For You

Summary: The story, written in third-person, follows main character Shin Hoseok during a difficult time in his life. Struggling to stay alive, Hoseok lives his life from day-to-day, an outcast with a broken past and juvenile record. Basically living on the streets, his only true comfort comes from his friends who treat him as their leader. When his past comes back to haunt him in ways he can’t fully comprehend, only his closest friend has the capability to pull him back into reality. 

Fandom: Monsta X

Pairing: Wonho/Minhyuk (Wonhyuk, Leatherpaws), M/M

Rating: Mature (Explicit content may be added later)

Genre: Realistic Fiction, Drama, Romance 

Characters: Wonho, Minhyuk, Shownu, Kihyun, Jooheon, Hyungwon, Changkyun

Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, eventual explicit content 

Exclaimer: Any writing submitted by myself does not reflect the real members of Monsta X or Starship Entertainment. Any dialog or actions written in this piece is based solely on fiction and does not infer that the members would act this way. This was created purposely for fan entertainment and is not factual. 

I would like to personally thank @wonholypeach for being my beta reader for this fic and for designing the header image. She was basically my co-author in many ways, for not only helping me edit but for taking the time out of her day to create the header and for letting me go over ideas with her. We both spent several days working on this to make sure that everything was perfect, so speaking for the both of us, we hope that you enjoy it.

Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six

Chapter One | continue to read

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And be silent for the most part, or else make only the most necessary remarks, and express these in few words. But rarely, and when occasion requires you to talk, talk, indeed, but about no ordinary topics. Do not talk about gladiators, or horse races, or athletes, or things to eat or drink–topics that arise on all occasions; but above all, do not talk about people, either blaming, or praising, or comparing them.
—  Epictetus, The Enchiridion

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Hi! Just wondering if you could do a Cobert drabble with Cora having to wear a set of Robert's pyjamas due to some unfortunate/unexpected situation. It's weird, but I can't get it out of my head, LOL. I leave everything to your creative hands :)

Not sure where this one went, but all the same! Cheers! Some under the cut for length.


Slowly, gradually, bit by bit, he felt the duvet slide away. The soft rustling sound of her movement, her slender arms cocooning herself inside the stuffed silk, echoed in the room.

“Cora.” He tugged at the cover. “Cora you’re…you’re pulling them all away from me.”

Her answer was only another small turn of her body, allowing the covers to roll with her.

Robert groaned.

If they weren’t at Duneagle, he’d go on his own to fetch another blanket. But as it was, he’d have to brave the cold.

Oh, and how it was cold. The whole bloody trip had been cold. Terrible weather, a lack of drinks, and half of his family’s remarks - Susan, Marmaduke, even Papa - threatened insults from his lips. How they’d seemed to ruin all the peace he was meant to find here. The peace he and Cora were meant to find.

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I just want to take a moment to appreciate our lovely Arrow trio of actors David not only takes the time to get into his character's head but actually studied PSD in order to truly get the authenticity of a solider and Oliver's condition. Then there's Emily, oh sweet Emily who pesters the writers constantly, unfailingly to know every thing she can about her character and knows her character's heart and feelings more than anyone and Stephen? No explanation necessary. All three are remarkable!

I have nothing to add to this. It’s perfect. 

The fact that David Ramsey studied up on PTSD in order to prepare for his role is singular proof of why that man is awesome and why his character is so beloved. 

A typographic tower of tenses (1759).

Page from an 18th century Greek grammar entitled A new method of learning with facility the Greek tongue: containing rules for the declensions, conjugations, resolution of verbs, syntax, quantity, accents, dialects, and poetic licence. Digested in the clearest and concisest order. With variety of solid remarks, necessary for the attaining a complete knowledge of this language, and for understanding the Greek writers. Translated from the French of the Messieurs de Port Royal, by Mr. Nugent. The second edition, carefully revised and corrected (London: Printed for J. Nourse and G. Hawkins, 1759).

The book is attributed to Port Royal grammarians Claude Lancelot (1615-1695), Antoine Arnauld (1612-1694) Pierre Nicole (1625-1695) and translated from the French by Thomas Nugent (1700-1777).

5 reasons why Klarosex is perfect!

When emotions ran high and inhibitions ran low the expectations reach the sky. But when we’re talking about Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes you maybe need an extra bag of oxygen.

I heard and read both complains and general opinions about the Hot Hybrid Sex in episode 100th. Personally I don’t share any of them. You can think I’m living inside of a bubble but I have at least five reasons to approve our little Klaroline’s first time. 

1. The Built-Up: Enough is enough and we had two years of fights, eye-sex, dances and sacrifices on Klaus’s side. Their relationship evolved in a way all of us already know. Starting with a slightly seduction on Caroline’s deathbed, Klaus began to catch Caroline’s attention with gifts and beautiful words. How many of you want to be the first choice of a man? And being promised with the eternity, with centuries and centuries of travelling, of admiring the best the world has to offer with an immortal guy who do anything for you?

2. Performances: Don’t forgetting the chemistry between Joseph Morgan and Candice Accola, it’s necessary to remark those little details between Klaus and Caroline. When he pushed her against the tree with his hands in her waist in a waving move? Her hands moving across his hair? She helping him while he was ripping her shirt? You know, that movement that she does with her hands downward, before the buttons shoot out of her blouse? And what about how he lifting her slightly almost at the end, to feel her?

3. Background music: In terms of music, Klaroline Fandom is one of the luckiest! We didn’t have a song for the sex scene but we have something better: instrumental. Listen carefully across the chords guys, you can feel everything. Her hesitation and her fear, how she surrender and fall directly in his arms. His realization of finally getting what he wanted. He is convinced that the girl he loved for two years have strong feelings for him too. Their passion, their desperation… glass case of emotions. Like the beautiful The Original Family theme we used it for the first time, which means that was composed for us.

Sweet sweet music, now I have a big smile in my face when they use it in other scene.

Listen Here

4. More love than sex: You can compare the other two sex scenes we have from Klaus. The bastard has thousand years old and is not a celibate at all. But the only other girl he truly loved (Tatia) when he was still a human, died maybe even before choose between him and Elijah. So probably the Klarosex was the first time Klaus make love to someone. You can say it for how he’s always biting the neck of his other one-night stands but with Caroline… did you notice how he refuse to let her lips more than a moment? Surprised and pleased when she first kissed him, he spends all the scene with his mouth over his love’s, no matter what his instincts are telling him to do.

5. Right time, right place, right equipment: In both ways, my dears. We know the Hybrid finally close the cycle he started in season four but sex here, with the spin-off running open up tons and tons of possibilites, even if Julie refuses to see them. If they spend the day together or not can send them to an epic journey from here. Let behind the path the Anti Klaroliners, the actors and the writers think we want to follow (if we wanted the easy way we had jumped to another ship many months ago) we don’t want magical rainbows and a domesticated Klaus drinking mint tea in a sofa while cuddling with Caroline. In her arrive to NOLA, I can see their relationship in a new level. She’s here but not entirely for him, he doesn’t want to take risks with her, so he push her away. Maybe telling her she was one more of his womans? Maybe she not giving a damn about him and staying in the city for other issues, trying to build her own life, getting a new love interest while he’s jealous but determined to not let people find out about how much she meant to him? And what about the political options? She’s strong and can keep a fight with fists and words against everyone. Even the King.

It would be hard to reach this point but we know their feelings are real.

I think it’s all I have to say for now.

Happy Klaroline Wednesday!

+sherlolly: The Admirer: Part 18

This chapter update will probably slip under the radar what with all the Ben/Loo excitement happening at Hay…not that I’m complaining, of course :D Anyway, here is the latest chapter, long overdue. All I can say is, I love Mycroft <3

All previous chapters of The Admirer can be found here or on


The Admirer: Part 18

It was another late morning for the detective after another late night out with Evelyn. Since he had walked out on their last evening together, he had had a lot of making up to do. The detective had spent about a week doing just that, persistently pursuing Evelyn. Oddly enough, the impending absence of Molly had given him some sense of security. Knowing that she would most likely be out of harm’s way allowed him to focus a little more. He chose to ignore the little stings that would occur from time to time. Feelings were faulty, always, he maintained. He was not going to let himself be emotionally compromised again. Not when they were this close.

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