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Klangst Week - Day 1

Unrequited Pining/Unrequited Love

Stars shined brightly in the night sky, aimlessly scattered throughout the whole galaxy, and considered one of the most common aesthetics in society. They accompanied the crescent shaped moon that radiated luminously among them. The night was warm and calm from the summer approaching, and Keith was stuck helping a slightly drunk Lance make his way to the car. Neither of them owned one, though Shiro was nice enough to let them borrow his. “No one is to drink, eat, or barf in it, though. I mean it.” Lance was quick to make sure that nothing of the sort would happen as long as he was there; clearly he hadn’t counted that the Lance that was going to be intoxicated.

Keith was slightly on edge and very pissed off.

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“You say some really funny things. Solitude? Are you sure that only applies to me? Who isn’t alone in this society? The time when our connection to others was the basis of our selves is long gone. In this world where everyone is watched over by the system and lives within the system’s standards, a community isn’t necessary. Everyone just lives in their own little cell and the system tames them by giving them each their own personal serenity.”

The Princess of the Birdcage Kingdom and FUN THEMES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY


As with pretty much anything there are quite a number of themes running through the Birdcage Kindgom and quite a few fun things you could latch onto, but the one that stands out to me the most right now is the idea of SACRIFICE.


And when I say “sacrifice” in this context I mean it as shorthand for “being forced to part permanently with something extremely important to who you are as a person for the good of everyone”. This will lead to a “better” outcome than the one that would have happened otherwise, but not necessarily a completely good outcome. So like, better than oh god everything is terrible why is everything on fire but still not something you would have wanted to happen otherwise. Ever.

Because Tsubasa.

[Spoilers for The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom within, just in case you wanted to go watch that]

[Spoilers for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle NOT within, but guesses are made]

[But also like, do not confirm or deny said guesses]

[Okay cool]

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❝I trust you.  You  know  I trust you.❞  Michonne sighed softly,
one hand on her hip and the other against the wall next to them.  
❝I just think that you need to be careful.  There are lots of people
  here that don’t like you.  Or me.  Or anyone in the group.❞ 

Unfortunately,  some of the people in Alexandria didn’t care for
them very much,  especially after Rick killed someone at their
meeting  —  even if it was completely necessary.  She under-
stood the necessity.  Not everyone there did.  They had been
living as if the end of the world wasn’t behind those walls.  A
luxury she and Rick,  nor anyone else in their group had.

oceanic-wanderlust  asked:

Have aquatic hybrids been addressed? Because I picture little watering stations all around the world for water hybrids to rehydrate. And gills under the jaw for some (similar to the position on the animals) and axolotl hybrids with the crazy gills. Or octopi hybrids with tentacles in their hair, shark hybrids who have to be very careful with PDA and Electric eel hybrids that shock when startled... (Marine biology major so I could go on for a while)

They have! And that’s pretty much how it is! Aquatic hybrids generally live near bodies of water, sometimes even on floating cities off shore

but for those that don’t have that luxury there’d probably be some inland cities that cater to aquatic hybrids. The only real downside to living inland is that they’d need constant hydration, and being able to afford livable natural water ‘pools’ in homes and apartments probably wouldn’t be super common. Like this is just kind of my personal headcanon but because aquatic hybrids aren’t as common, I don’t see it being that easy to live inland because it’s not something that everyone would feel is necessary accommodation. Not living around a natural body of water would be a bit of a luxury for those that can afford it. 

but agh yea there’d be so many unique sea/lake dwelling hybrids around. I can just picture places like Hawaii, California, Greece etc having tons of cool aquatic hybrids of all kinds. People who travel to those places would see this whole new way of life in a sense and it’d be an overall really neat experience! *v*

Also aquatic hybrids being able to partially survive underwater to the point where there were some habitats for them down there, of course not encroaching on natural habitats that exist. But there could be like cool little underwater biome stations mostly for recreation, or even educational ones to help others learn about ocean life. It’d be far from a whole Atlantis type empire for sure, but that’s not to say that it’d inspire them to have cool underwater facilities and stuff @v@

Government is a necessary evil. In its best form it is meant to protect the individual life, liberty and property of its citizens. In this form there is true freedom for the individual. In its worst form it is controlling of all of the lives of its citizens in the way that it controls their lives, liberty and property. In its worst form there is no freedom.

It is not supposed to be our caretaker. It is supposed to be our protector from outside and inside influences that would hinder our freedoms and rights.

A true Republic is the closest you could ever get to a Utopia. Individuals in a Republic are held at fault for their own wins or losses. Your own hard work can strengthen you, and your own laziness can hinder you. In a true Republic you are not guaranteed success, only the best possible chance for success.

A true Republic does not have so many laws that its citizens cannot comprehend them in layman’s terms. The laws are to protect individual rights such as those of life, liberty, and property.

Those are your most basic rights. Your life, your freedom of will, and the possessions you acquire through your own hard work and trade with other free individuals.

It is by no means perfect, but when government involvement in individual lives are kept to a necessary but absolute minimum, everyone is better off.

When government weaves itself into every part of the lives of its citizens freedom is diminished and delivered to the hands of the government. Everyone is worse off when this occurs.

I stand by this belief, and I always will.