Supernatural at SDCC: Co-EP is 'aware' of season 11 criticism
At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, new Supernatural co-showrunner Andrew Dabb explains why he doesn't want Twitter to dictate his storytelling.

“Saving the world looks great on paper, but sometimes can be a little nebulous in telling the story. It’s important to us to keep the stakes [raised], but in a little bit more of a contained way,” says Dabb of his and Singer’s approach to season 12.

Going back to the season 11 send-off, Dabb explains, “the idea was always that the season finale [was] gonna be a much smaller, emotional story. And I get that people may not have been as into that as a viewer, and that’s certainly fair, but I do believe that it’s something that… you know, sometimes you try things, and you hope they work. And that one, you know… it didn’t necessarily work for everyone, and I’m certainly aware of that.”

“But at the same time,” he adds, “if you start doing things you only know people are gonna like, and people are gonna be like, ‘Oh my god I love it,’ then that limits you, storytelling-wise. At this point in the show, those stories are easy to do. It’s easy to tick three boxes and know that the fans on Twitter are gonna go crazy for them. It just is. And I think we all know what those three boxes are, or we all have different three boxes, but I think the question is: If those are the only types of stories you’re telling, then are you really allowing the show to grow, creatively? Because really, then it becomes a nostalgia cycle.”

Although Dabb clearly wants to keep the show fresh in season 12, we can still expect plenty of callbacks. “We have our share of nostalgia, and we certainly go to that well,” says Dabb, adding, “but if that’s all you’re going for – if all you’re doing is repeating – then it becomes a real problem. And it puts a clock on things.”

After literally sending God on vacation in the season 11 finale, we can expect Supernatural season 12 to continue telling smaller-scale stories about the Winchesters and their familiar relationships. Says Dabb, “with the guys and these relationships, we have places to go that are really interesting. And I don’t wanna ever get to a point where I’m like, 'You know what, we’re not gonna do this because I know Twitter’s not gonna like it.’ I just don’t think that’s ever a good way to run a story, or to run a show.”

“And I also think that the truth of the matter is, the thing people like the most is the thing they wanted that they didn’t know they wanted,” he says. “And our hope is this season, some of the stuff we’re doing – again, not so much the big mythology but the characters – we’re hoping there’s some stuff there that people are really gonna grab onto.”

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Can I ask a deeper question? What was your first real relationship like and why did it end?

it was very passionate and full of puppy love and he honestly was my best friend but in retrospect we were both teenagers and made a lot of silly clumsy mistakes as you do in a serious relationship at that age. like it was a solid mix of absolutely exhilarating and I haven’t felt that deeply about anyone since (but I think that was still just a result of first love and infatuation, like I know I will feel something more meaningful for someone else eventually) but growing up made me realize a lot of it was also fucking god awful and unhealthy - but the bad didn’t necessarily overshadow the good. and then he broke my trust repeatedly and it made me very insecure and miserable and then he ended up falling for someone else so I broke it off. but we kept kind of going back to each other for like the next 4-6 years which I think its just an inevitable danger when you try to stay friends with your ex, particularly your first love.  

happy birthday ali krieger!

my #1, my homegirl…. my inspiration. yes. you know it. here’s my sappy ali krieger birthday post. 

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people say a lot that you don’t pick your favorite player, you just see them play or encounter them for the first time and think that one. that’s the one. that’s what happened for me with the Kriegs. i don’t really know how it happened…. but she’s been my fave since day 1 and i’ve never looked back. i saw TWLOHA and Jamie posting about Ali and Ash and Whit and Christen and Alex during the WWC, and somehow, I got drawn in. but it’s always been Ali. at first, i didn’t necessarily find her to be the most beautiful of that group, but now…. that girl is the most beautiful girl in the world, in my eyes. 

ali, or Kriegyboo, if you’re Crystal Dunn, has changed my life over the past year. i was drawn to her work ethic, and how she is known as a workhorse on the team. i was drawn to her leadership, leading the Washington Spirit to their second playoffs in as many years and being a rock. she’s so down to Earth, funny as fuck, adorable, and downright relatable. i found a level of connection to her in her story about her sexuality. i, too, have had a long journey, a tough journey, and it means so much to be able to share that with someone like the Als. i found her sayings about how all you can control is your work ethic and your attitude to inspire me in my own life when things got tough in my sport, or outside of it. 

i didn’t know much about soccer when i first started watching the team. the girls inspired me off of the field and through my little knowledge watching them on the field. i fell so hard for the beautiful game, became a dedicated NWSL fan, a dedicated USWNT fan, and a lover of the sport. so much of that I attribute to Ali. i will love this sport long after she hangs up her cleats (in 100000 years obviously, when i’m old and my hair is white), and i might never have taken this path in life if that bright smile, passion, and work rate hadn’t drawn me in and demanded that i care. 

loving Ali has also given me this family, this woso family. we often disagree, but the people i’ve met have become some of my most beloved friends (people like @kriegs-liebe, who i can always go to), give me laughs constantly (all i need to say is george w right @k-o-5 ), and help me with Adult Stuff like law school apps and job apps (especially you, @kris-letang). 

(tbh i started writing this giant paragraph about all my badass friends on here and then was like. hanaa this is about ali not your friends. get to the point and move on. so that’s why that’s. yeah.) 

on top of my tumblr community, writing fanfiction has helped me rediscover my passion for creative writing. and that makes me a better writer, and a more creative person, not only in this context, but for everything i look to do in life. 

to not ramble on for too long, even tho i already have lets be real, i can’t even explain what ali means to me. today, this birthday, she is on the plane to Rio. she’s going to the Olympics. she’s an Olympian. i’m so goddamn proud of her for always getting back up and coming back better, for not letting anything defeat her. 2011 Ali Krieger was quickly hailed one of, if not the, best right back in the world. 2016 Ali Krieger has only gotten better. 

happy birthday to a superstar right back, a leader, an inspiration, and my #1. 

alexandra blaire krieger, born july 28th. 

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Lipstick Stains, Part 2: Baby, We’re Just a Season

Summary: You always hear stories about the bad boy dragging the innocent girl into a dark but beautiful world, so what if this time, the roles are reversed?

Dean Winchester is the new junior at Lawrence High, a Texan boy with a huge heart and a slight southern drawl.

Y/N Y/L/N is the girl who’s lived in Lawrence and gotten into trouble her whole life.

She leaves prints on his neck and a mark on his heart, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Song: Rudderless - Over Your Shoulder

Word Count: 1k+

Warnings: Smoking (that I don’t encourage), I think there’s language?

Part 1

The next day you slammed your locker shut and when your eyes immediately landed on the familiar face from yesterday, you turned around and started walking in the other direction, not wanting to deal with him at the moment. The crappy coffee maker at home had officially stopped working earlier that morning, so your temper was much shorter than usual. A boy with a pretty face and annoying words wasn’t exactly what you needed at the moment.

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Something involving the doctor occurred to me awhile back, and others have probably thought of this previously, but here goes. The Doctor says everything and everyone is important, right? Well what's River Song's first rule? The Doctor lies. Opinions?

River’s not the only one who thinks this though! The Eleventh Doctor himself even changed his number one rule from time to time: instead of “Don’t wander off” it became “The Doctor lies”.

But I don’t necessarily think that means he’s lying specifically when he says that everyone is important! I think River is referring to when the Doctor lies for the sake of the greater good (or at least, what he perceives the greater good to be), like during the whole “my death is a fixed point in time” thing, and really the entirety of The Wedding of River Song.

So when it comes to River and her experiences with the Doctor: yeah, I don’t really blame her for associating the Doctor with lying.

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Do you think Connie and Steven are each other's first romantic love? Evidence? How do you think their relationship will progress throughout the series?

Does it being my ship count? Didn’t think so.

I mean, I certainly don’t see it necessarily becoming an aspect of the show itself- unless we’re planning on going a good three-four years into the future- but I see it, yes.

They’re destined to fight together, even if there isn’t some big war (Steven the peace-maker may very well stop that idea in it’s tracks, which is cool). She might help protect the corrupted gems, or even the New Crystal Gem(s). Connie is a knight, and deserves to be treated as such.

They form Stevonnie, not on a mission-basis like the gems do, but on an emotional basis. 

The first time was in response to Connie’s first time dancing in front of someone, and they both seemed incredibly affectionate to each other when they did so, just laughing and having a good time like kids their age should be.

The second was on accident, from having fun and dancing to some of Greg’s songs.

The third was in direct relation towards their trauma and anger towards Kevin.

Connie’s gone against her mother’s orders, despite never having done so before in her life, in order to help Steven defend himself about Gem Mutants.

“My Connie!” is pretty self-explanatory, though I’d like to think, for the whole idea of them being equals, that there’s a “My Steven” as well.

I know I’ve already said this but I wanna reiterate; Connie literally decided to learn sword fighting for the express purpose of helping Steven protect the Earth (also ‘cause she likes weapons) AND SHE’S STILL ONLY TWELVE. That is some serious dedication. 

Steven was willing to break off their friendship for the sake of keeping Connie safe. Connie was, at the time, in the same amount of danger as any of his other human friends (she wasn’t even taking lessons at the time; she was just another friend) but Connie specifically set him off.

And so on. 

I see them growing up together, dealing with gem stuff; Connie will become an adult much faster than Steven, which might lead to some awkward times.

It’s one of my favourite aspects of the show, for sure. And it’s actually what drew me to the show originally, is seeing - not only is there one really strong woman fronting our show - Melanie Scrofano is just kickass, badass, I love her so much. Then you’ve got this second character, who’s also a really big part of the show, who’s another version of a super cool, strong woman. So it’s like these two forces that are kind of driving the show - it’s really special, I don’t think you see that very often. And then on top of that, the fact that it’s a sister relationship is really interesting and complex and brings a dynamic that you can’t necessarily find with two - just random people that are friends, right? So I was like “this is special, this is gonna give a flavour that maybe hasn’t been seen for a while.” And then I met Mel, and I don’t know if you know, but I’m kind of in love with her, so no biggie. She’s a very, very, very, special woman, and the minute I met her it was like “oh, well this is gonna be easy!” Because we kind of, you know, hit it off - we hit it off and it was the best thing ever. So I feel very, very fortunate that I have that in the show. It’s amazing.

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Hi! I sent an ask but i think it didnt send (if it did sorry!! Ignore this). I recently found your blog and its so calm :) i got confused at one of your posts tho, it said that positivity is sugar coating, but isnt being positive knowing theres bad in the world but lts better and much more helpfull to focus on the good? Positive self talk doesnt always have to be bad, sometimes self talk can be really helpful! I just wanted to share this & to understand your point of view, thank you 💖

Positivity is absolutely useful. 

However, its logic is not necessarily the meaning behind its usefulness. 

Positivity touches our hearts. It shields us from the contagions of cynicism, insecurity, and joylessness. It keeps us young, open, and enthused. 

But it is important to remember that nature and the universe are not human-hearted. Positivity is merely our own spin on things. It is not ultimately true. 

Too much positivity and you may become blind to what is realistic. You might fall out of touch with reality and bypass your suffering without actually confronting it. Yet not enough positivity and you may never try to push your limits. 

In the end, positivity is a stepping stone. Like many qualities that are part of this illusory world, it is useful. The best use of positivity, in my opinion, is in the transcendence of negative-positive duality entirely. 

You can do it. 

Just my two cents. 

Namaste :)

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I am curious what you guys think so here goes! What teams for Pokemon Go do you think fits each House? I am a Hufflepuff and I chose Mystic. X3

The internet has kind of divided the teams as Valor = Gryffindor, Mystic = Slytherin/Ravenclaw, and Instinct = Hufflepuff, but it’s definitely like your MBTI or Ilvermorny house; they’re different things that don’t necessarily fit together like that.

I’m Hufflepuff and chose Instinct, but I have at least one Tumblr buddy who is Hufflepuff and chose Mystic. I think another one chose Valor. Jamie and Justin both chose Mystic.

Personally, and I haven’t read or researched that much into it, but I’m more interested in Hufflepuff/Instinct vs Hufflepuff/Valor vs Hufflepuff/Mystic and how the dynamics play out together.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)

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why do you prefer thinner lead mechanical pencils?

its just a preference i suppose, i find them nicer to sketch with since I don’t necessarily draw on big paper most of the time + its easier for details 

One thing that stood out to me was how Pearl treated the topic of corruption, like it were a particularly sensitive subject that was not to be joked about. Twice she snapped at Amethyst to “be sensitive” and “not make fun”, first when she celebrated having a “corrupted roommate” and again when she shapeshifted into a centipeedle in jest.

It was the same tone and tenor one would expect of a conversation about an illness, disability or trauma, or a similarly sensitive subject in real life.

I don’t necessarily have any conclusions to draw from that, I just thought it was an interesting bit of character/world building.

It makes me sad that randl grew up in a place where they couldn’t be very affectionate with eachother because if you did you were probably a “fag”. I just wish they were able to say I love you to eachother and just talk about how special the other one is and how much they matter to eachother without fearing to hear from anyone’s judgement like me and my best friend are able to do


Happy Big Girl Appreciation Day… Took these when I wasn’t necessarily feeling my best, which seems to be everyday in recent weeks. Just trying to get by.

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OK I've been meaning to send this ever since I read ur post abt the best possible fate for the Diamonds and. basically I guess I understand ur reasoning for why u feel abdicating wouldn't necessarily solve anything? but personally I feel that keeping the idea of the Diamond Authority around even in name would like… kind of enforce the idea that Diamonds are Meant To Rule? even if it's less overtly monarchic it still seems to have that sort of implication to me.

This is a really good question and in some ways I don’t really have an answer for it yet! 

I guess roughly what I can put together right on the spot is the idea that what SU seems to be stressing against the idea of the caste system is choice over determination? So embracing or accepting a role just on principle is bad but so is rejecting that just on principle. Because it seems like a lot of where Garnet and Pearl have settled out, healthily, doesn’t necessarily involve throwing away everything they used to do.

Pearl still dances and sings, very performance-related things, but she does so for her own benefit and at her own discretion, not as someone else’s obligated ornamentation/decoration. Garnet is still both a prophet and a fighter, but, again, it’s at her discretion, and in a very different form. 

The Diamonds aren’t meant to rule, and I’m not saying the only place for them is at the top, I guess my perspective is that narratively, I would like it if they had the opportunity to continue to work with their populace and try to personally have a hand in mending some of the damage that they’ve done. This doesn’t necessarily have to be from the top, and I believe someone (it might’ve been you?) pointed out the idea that YD in particular would probably benefit from getting out of the public eye for a while and not having nearly so much riding on her. 

So I could see them stepping down, but I guess I would be very critical of how it’s handled. Because I think that a lot of the root of the blame was in poor communication- both receiving and expressing- and becoming entrenched in destructive systems. It’s not that the Diamonds were just inherently rotten people, but anyone with good intentions who, one way or another, drifts away from their populace and stops listening to them, and stops articulating clearly and honestly to them, is going to do terrifying amounts of damage. And I’d really like a resolution that does not act like the reason why Homeworld’s system failed the way it did- giving rise to the War over Earth- was the Inherent Flaws Of The Diamonds Which Is Why We Fix Everything By Getting Rid Of Them.