NECA: 2001 Atomic Blast Godzilla

A repaint of NECA’s previous 2001 Godzilla GMK release in darker black/gray skin with blue/white spines and highlights on the front of him to imitate the lighting effect from his atomic breath. He looks cool from any angle except the front, which looks like a giant splatter of blue paint. :/

His breath effect also kind of sucks. The effect could’ve been made larger and made to have one end lay flat on the ground. My Godzilla can’t really stand up straight to target the blast at anything but the ground he’s staring down at, sooo it would’ve made sense. My blast accessory is also crap because it won’t stay in his mouth. So their first foray into Godzilla blast effects is not that great, but I’m a sucker for GMK Godzilla. And, I had a 15% off Toys r’ Us coupon. :P

I think I shall call him Raspberry ICEE Godzilla.


Some horror collectibles that I saw at ToyCon NJ 2017 this afternoon!

“A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors” NECA retro Mego style “Tuxedo Freddy Krueger” packaging by Nathan Thomas Milliner