necalli ocelotl


Today, I finished up one of my sketchbooks. The first drawing was in February 23nd, 2012, and the last was in January 22nd, 2013. I looked back and- there were quite a lot of drawings that I didn’t upload just because they’re not very good, but here’s some of the less terrible ones so I can see how I progressed.

Part I | PART II | RP OCs

Well, what’s special about this batch is that you can see my design process for Nelli, Saito and Sofia, and you can even see my train of thought for Saito, haha… Sofia was actually supposed to be a trap for the longest time, and she was also based off of a transgender character I have - You might notice that Dmitri isn’t here, though; and that’s because I basically nailed his design right off the bat.

The top image is the final spread in this sketchbook. Hello Josie.
oops dr black jack where’d you come from

*+*filler villain*+*: OMFG HE’S SO CUTE
*+*filler villain*+*: AND THOSE BRIGHT COLORS
*+*filler villain*+*:  /laffs because necalli is forever muted
HAZZEVER: ritan shall dress necalli
HAZZEVER: +_+ in obnoxiously bright ragnelia clothes
HAZZEVER: also what is this belly dancing outfit everyone else has on like
HAZZEVER: robes n shit
*+*filler villain*+*: because they looked up middle eastern wear LOl
*+*filler villain*+*: LOL