Sou complicada mesmo, confesso que realmente sou um quebra cabeça. Mas quem disse que sou impossível de ser compreendida. Para alguns talvez seja um desafio. Para outros apenas um passa tempo. Mas vamos combinar nê, tu nunca entenderá totalmente uma mulher.
—  Necall Lou M

Sometimes I just need to really despise my own characters, you know?

So here’s some young!Erik, bad touch!Isaac, and Necalli being the good guy for once. Ugh, I might finish this later when I don’t feel like punching these assholes in the face.

ignore the grey lines underneath i was gonna do something else but then this happened


He laughs. It’s loud and throaty. As if he hasn’t laughed like that in ages. That’s just the type of chuckle Necalli has. Warm and breezy. Despite everything else. “Not the worst but not the best either.” He responds, ruffling the younger’s hair. “You’ll get over it soon enough. Trust me. Just enjoy the foolery. Take part in it yourself. Have fun, Alexandrina. Like you’re supposed to.”

"But, sir, I still don’t understand. Was it meant to be a joke of some sort because everyone laughed and I was the only exception." There’s a confused expression on her face as she looks up at her teacher but she notes that Mr. Sparrow looks much better and less intimidating when he’s laughing carefree like this.