You guys suggested some combinations for Arlymone’s emoji challenge. Lesson learned: It’s quite hard to make these actually, with a more realistic style XD. But it was fun and good practice… I might have do a few more :P. I still have some suggestions left.

I think that Inez’s expression is one that she would actually make haha. Cheves though… maaaan I think he needs to stop taking drugs or something  XD.

Long story short - once I promised dA that I’d draw Neb wearing speedo’s. I don’t remember why exactly (I’m sure there’s a story there). I was sketching while watching Meh of Steel and turned it into an anatomy practice (without ref, so don’t shoot me if I messed things up) before going into detailing… and then I was already so close to that thing I promised, I couldn’t resist. So ehm. Enjoy?