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do you have any tips for writing good fanfiction? and making sure people don't act ooc?your writing is always so so incredible, its wonderful. im just v unsure w/characterization and i suppose i just do what feels right for the character, but i worry its all horribly ooc especially when i can't even describe the characters personality to myself idk? this is kinda long winded sorry, feel free to ignore it ! have a lovely day x

know your characters. think less in terms of personality (like the authentic Personhood is such a nebulous and frankly ridiculous concept and it’s hard for us to even quantify the Personalities of real people, so for fake people it’s even harder) and more in terms of “how does this character behave and interact?”

  • what do they want? what have they learned, what do you want them to learn?
  • what have they lost?
  • what do they struggle with?
  • what are they good at?
  • what would they never say, how do they most commonly speak (ie writing a character in all caps and lots of exclamation points will make them sound childish).
  • who are the most important people in their life?
  • why do they want what they want?
  • if they’re non-neurotypical or disabled, what are their symptoms and how does that affect them?
  • what are they proud of?
  • what are they ashamed of?
  • how do they feel about themselves?
  • how do they feel about the people around them?
  • what do you like about the character, what do you dislike?
  • what are their flaws?
  • what might other characters dislike about them, why?
  • go beyond likes and dislikes. that’s a very flat, two-dimensional view of a character, and it will show if all you know about a character is that she really likes architecture.
  • in fic, when you answer these questions, you gotta determine what your reasons are for thinking that and where it is in canon, and that’s how you know if it’s ooc (for instance: how often does this character really say this catchphrase or use this nickname, how often does this character really do this).
  • stop periodically when you’re writing and think about why the character is behaving the way they’re behaving, and question whether you’ve ever seen them act this way in canon. if the answer is no, then they’re ooc.
  • some oocness is allowed because in aus the situations change and so they will lose some of what makes them who they are (crushing guilt over watching their loved ones die, etc)

So I really like the Galra Keith theory but way more than the high angst/drama reveal part (it has its appeal, don’t get me wrong) I also really like the idea of… time passes and it becomes kind of a normal (?) thing and exploring the idea that way.

Because, as I’ve kinda talked about, I feel like this isn’t something out of left field as much as a piece of nebulous context that really explains a lot of things to Keith and the people who know him all at once, and like. It’s a whole physiology thing, it’d probably have a lot of interesting implications.

Like, someone in the tag (I can’t for the life of me find the post again) proposed the idea that Keith may have been malnourished or under-nourished his entire life because the Galra might have a more carnivorous-leaning diet and metabolism as suggested by, y’know, their general dental structure, and this would lead to the idea that since Hunk is pretty much designated chef at this point this could lead to conversations and character building and interesting ideas.

But there’s just plain so much you can play with in this scenario. “Lance discovers Keith can hear dog whistles, briefly messes with him, everybody forgets about it and moves on until this proves to be a valid piece of information to help them get through a stealth mission.”

Team stays on an arctic planet for a while, Keith is pleasantly surprised with the information that he’s capable of growing a winter coat, things go swimmingly until the team leaves the planet and Keith discovers the fresh hell of shedding. 

Infiltration/stealth missions that require operating in an environment of almost total darkness? Oh well guess where Keith is going. 

Because the plot of the show is interesting, don’t get me wrong, but I think the biggest thing that’s really warmed these characters to me is how they’re both individually, and as a group, explored; in danger and drama but also out of it, in quieter situations. 


I’m a sinner, and I’ve realized that there is a layer of contamination to you as well. There is a divine nebulous about you that I don’t think I want to understand. At times I question if there is even a difference between me and those who admire that about you. In most cases I just blend in, because living outside of that norm seems too unfamiliar to actually live long enough to just exist. My generation of men, and when I say generation I mean fathers and sons that predate the creation of the word sucker, or simp, chastise us for even attempting to being different and admiring a woman of your caliber. I’ve seen many, even admired them enough to speak words that match the psalms of gods, but your existence causes fear in me, for you challenge the method of my sin. Without even needed to step within the realm of war. I am not perfect and act on sin and instinct, but in brief realizations, women like you, show heaven and hope and that makes it worth it. @diosa-flower

It’s embarrassing but these are my thoughts, toward someone I admire.

That asthma feel when your nebulizer came with a sheet of stickers. 😎

I may be 26 and this may have been targeted at kids but this is important. If more medical devices came with things to decorate it/came in actual designs, it would be much easier to deal with chronic illnesses.

I also use the pediatric face mask that came with my nebulizer because it fits my face and hand tremors and numbness makes holding the neb cup and mouthpiece for an entire treatment really difficult.

on being a Marginally Responsible Capitalist Sellout.

the Professional Conversation i’m interested in having at the end of the day is how to do web advertising in a collaborative–not manipulative–way.

trust me, i have a shit ton of self-consciousness about the hypocrisy of both working in marketing and also being a person who will complain to strangers at parties about how capitalism is bad for science. 

but i also understand 1) that money is a thing that currently exists and that we currently depend on it to live, and 2) that Companies™ are not just weird nebulous life forms piloted by one greedy cartoon billionaire like “let’s infect the children’s brains with MORE ADS!!!”

the social site we’re currently building at work is going to have to have ads. and i can promise you it’s not because we see our potential future userbase as a resource we have to psychologically stripmine. we want to be able to pay to host it on a good server and pay employees decent money to maintain it and also continue to buy food and live indoors. 

so we’ve been talking a lot about how we’re going to implement ads so it’s not deceptive but also not obnoxious or superfluous. not how can we box people into clicking the button we want them to click, but how can we improve the chances of advertising connecting people to things or services that might be genuinely useful to them?

and i’m not saying that’s at all universal, or even necessarily that common. but it is possible. 

my issues with the runaway train of tumblr advertising are that, every time they add something new, they go farther down the “put users in box and irritate them into clicking the button” path. which i find both dehumanizing and lazy. 

but it’s straight-up unrealistic to demand that popular websites you use just somehow conjure up money magically and keep providing you the same level of service and attention. and it does really irritate me when i see the userbase of any social site yell “sellouts!” at advertising and paid-member-tier accounts and literally any visible sign that a website is trying to profit off its existence. 

i’d love to see more open-source, crowdfunded, member-operated social platforms. i really really enjoy the wordpress community for this reason. like 90% of the people involved with wordpress dev work will offer either free “lite” versions of their tools, release them under creative commons and ask for optional donations, or at the very least give you some free troubleshooting advice when you run into issues. 

but at the end of the day, until you all manage to Overthrow Capitalism™, this is the world we live in, and ordinary employees of ordinary web companies are still gonna have to go home and pay rent and get groceries. i dunno. maybe just think about that.

you know what really needs to be made and advertised more? kid friendly medical equipment

pill cases with steven universe and fluttershy and perry the platypus plastered on the cover, canes that come in bright sparkly colors and have stickers and fun ways to customize them, wheel chair wheel covers that light up and come in the colors of people’s hogwarts houses, nebulizer masks that make you look like your favorite cartoon character, leg braces and molds that are painted a kid’s favorite color, IV poles that look like flowers and giraffes, MIC-KEY* tubes with mickey mouse on them, cannula tubes made to make like funny moustaches or epipens that look like magic wands

there are disabled and chronically ill kids and babies, and even teens and young adults, who would feel a lot better about all the shit they have to do for their health if their supplies was more customized to them and their interests, the same way waterbottles and lunchboxes are 

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Ok, not really. Hope you feel better!

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Come and get me @sambethe I’m not scared :P (PS I love you)

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Not so much the shakes that accompany it though.

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Oooh. Asthma? Gotta love that loopy feeling after you’ve done a nebulizer treatment.

It’s not asthma, is just a bronchitis gone wrong basically… from what I understood last night. 

This is literally the fist time in my life that I’ve had to nebulize myself… it’s a whole new experience… and the shaking OMG… 


While Neptune is a planet that encourages creativity, Neptune can also be a planet that can create confusion.

Neptune in the 1st: You and others could feel confusion in your ego and identity. First impressions are usually inaccurate.

Neptune in the 2nd: You could struggle finding boundaries with your spending habits. You could struggle knowing your self-worth.

Neptune in the 3rd: You could struggle communicating to others what you want. Your mind can feel like a nebulous fog when you try to concentrate.

Neptune in the 4th: You could be idealistic of your family, creating an illusion that could be harmful. You could find yourself sacrificing for your family.

Neptune in the 5th: You can be quite the artistic individual, but establishing healthy boundaries while dating could be a struggle.

Neptune in the 6th: You could be confused with your work ethic. You either work with unique creativity, or you can slump into a confused laziness.

Neptune in the 7th: Your idea of marriage could be very foggy, and you could give up a lot for your partners. You may not know who your enemies are.

Neptune in the 8th: People could take advantage of your finances, and you can be idealistic of sex. You often want to act out sexual fantasies.

Neptune in the 9th: You could have trouble controlling your beliefs, although you’ll be very spiritual. You struggle with little details required for traveling.

Neptune in the 10th: People could be confused with your public persona. In your career, people could take the credit for your work.

Neptune in the 11th: Who your true friends are will be a struggle for you. You may have friends or organizations taking advantage of your talents.

Neptune in the 12th: You are very spiritual and compassionate, but those characteristics can be hard to reach. You can feel guilt for not helping others.

pisces floats through a collage of clouds. their auric fields are leaky and communicate openly with invisible worlds and nuance. but pisces is not just so whispy and nebulous. there are only so many times a piscean will allow other people to crack them before they become so damaged they build heavenly gates around themselves out of necessary self protection. venus exalts in pisces, and the twelfth house is somewhat tear stained, so in order for pisces to receive the divine love they are susceptible to, they are also vulnerable to attraction from darker types


Outside Susan Holmes’ house in southeastern Oklahoma, visitors are welcomed by an entryway lined with oxygen bottles and a machine that collects and concentrates oxygen from the air.

“I take two inhalers twice a day,” Holmes says. “And I have a nebulizer that I use four times a day, and I use oxygen at night.”

She says her asthma returned when she moved to Bokoshe, a decaying town of about 500 people that is flanked by old coal mines. The huge pits have now been filled with hundreds of thousands of tons of coal ash.

About 130 million tons of coal ash are produced every year. Power companies used to keep it in big, open holes called coal ash ponds. No lining was required to stop leakage, and no monitoring, to even know if it was leaking.

Then, in 2008, a ruptured dike spilled more than a billion gallons of coal ash slurry from a pond operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considered classifying coal ash as “hazardous waste.”

The utility industry lobbied hard — and successfully — to avoid the hazardous waste designation. So in 2014, EPA’s new rules said coal ash was not hazardous.

Now, power companies must recycle the ash, store it more securely on site, or send the ash to landfills.

But in the towns where that ash is ending up, nobody is quite happy with those options.

Communities Uneasy As Utilities Look For Places To Store Coal Ash

Photos: Joe Wertz/Stateimpact Oklahoma and Molly Samuel/WABE

The Conscience of Time (Blake/Weiss)

Notes: Patreon request for @b-nashi, who requested some RWBY pairing fluff. Set at a nebulous point in the future.

There was a single white jacket in Weiss’ closet that didn’t belong to her.

It wasn’t the oldest but the most worn, leather scuffed around the elbows and patched in the back where a White Fang bullet had once made its mark. The stitches were clean, especially for a fireside repair, and somehow managed to hold up over the years until Blake retired the coat. Yet the Faunus couldn’t bear to throw it away, and quietly Weiss was glad. Her bolero hung one notch over, the white Schnee logo emblazoned on its back so faded as to be mistaken for a trick of the eye.

Now the symbol stood for something better, principles that could be borne with pride.

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PSA to asthmatics who are going off to college

If you have a nebulizer, bring it. Even if you haven’t used it in years. Even if you don’t have any in-date meds to put in it. Bring it. Prescriptions for Albuterol and whatnot can be gotten and filled quickly, an expensive medical device in a collage town? Not as much.

I’ve had to give 2 of my friends treatments with my own neb several times because they left theirs in their home state and suddenly experienced symptoms again. You can get sick and trigger years dormant asthma. Allergies can flare up, or new ones can develope, especially in new places. You never know. Bring it. And clean it!

This goes for everyone with a medical device they haven’t used in a while but could potentially need again. Bring it to college with you. You never know when your symptoms can return.

When I was transitioning I thought of different genders as these soft, nebulous concepts that you couldn’t quite define, you just sort of FELT and, I thought, because I couldn’t quite define them, wasn’t actively using my language to build walls to box people in, that that wasn’t sexist. But the thing was that those nebulous concepts didn’t come from nowhere. The way I FELT about the concept of womynhood vs. manhood vs. anything else was still a product of all of the toxic messages I’d been given about men and womyn.

Elimination of misogyny necessitates elimination of these concepts and of these feelings altogether: of gender.

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Hi, can you write a meta analysis about kazuma's flower earring form? Like the significance of it to his life or something? Because I think there's something important there (obv), but I'm not fluent enough to analyse this, so please help me m(_ _)m thanks (╥﹏╥)

This is actually a really interesting ask and I’m glad that someone asked this! Unfortunately, I feel like to do this topic justice I would need a lot more time to research, but as for a cursory response right now…

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