Here’s the game I made for TOJam!

It’s called wander, and you’re a hobbling person following a path. It’s a two player game, and the second person is death who is trying to knock you off said path by inverting your keys.

It’s not a super game, but it is a finished one! I made this game and two other half games over the jam! This was the only one that was finished, so it’s pretty simple!

Tried a few new things in this game,

3D stuff! (Success!),
Networking (Utter failure!) (I don’t want to network in unity anymore)
Local Multiplayer (Kind of?)

Also amazing thanks to NebulousFlynn for the track for the game, it was originally supposed to be a racing game, so that turned out kind of funny. His music is super amazing and he’s a great guy, check out his stuff!

Thanks! Nothing is yet decided but I’ll come in for a test run next week, so in the least I’ll get to do something. And I’m happy for that alone. Man I am gonna kick this jobs but and be the best at it. I’ll work as a mail sorter btb, never done it before but I’m sure it is gonna go swell!

Sound Effects list

All sound effects (except for piano pieces) that were used are from here:

Don Piano
  • Don Piano
  • Nebulous Flynn
  • Un-Released

Don Piano

A solo version of an Tom’s Blues that was recorded with One City Girl. Although I could never outdo Andy’s guitar, Chris’s Bass or Ben’s drums, I thought it would be fun to re-record one of my oldest compositions.

If you don’t know the original Don Piano, check him here.

Goes a bit dodge at the end :) Also mixed up the first line of the lyrics and said morning instead of evening… classic. Need to re-record!

~ N F ~

Well it’s in the evening
when we lay down our heads

can’t shake that feeling
a communal kind of dread

cos when we get up in the morning, shake our heads still yawning go out and do the whole thing again

we’re just so tired
of sleepwalking our days

waiting for the man in charge
to show us the way

but don’t forget we’re in their net and ‘fore our sails are set, somehow they’re gonna make us pay

well it’;s a shame
money doesn’t buy a good nights sleep

if we’re so rich
why do we feel so cheap?

well it’s fine to sell your time but you’ve got to draw the line before you’re in too deep

we slept on hard cash
but it doesn’t make a good bed

if we’re all living
why do we feel half dead

well it’s a mystery to me of how we can break free and yet we all stay well fed.