nebulous noodles

First of all, Wow. I knew this community was supportive, but Wow. Especially thank you for all the notes and PMs. Y'all are tremendous human beings, it’s that simple.

So today was the latest big interview and organizing Noodle’s first day back at daycare in a week, in combination with the first unsupervised visit/pickup by biomom. Of course it was the complete clusterfuck you are imagining. I’m not even going to break it down for you because you know everything I did for Plan A (as well as Plan B) went to shit.

Minutes before the interview actually started I put my phone on mute and forced my brain to also mute all the absurdity and focus on scoring this job. Nearly three hours later I looked at the phone in order to find out who had my baby and where I could retrieve him.

There was an apologetic text message from the CM and Daycare even agreed to nebulize Noodle for the rest of the week. Amazing how much people suddenly give a fuck when you tell them you’re giving up your child because you don’t have reliable resources.

Whatever–scored the 3rd interview. Of course they wanted to do it in Miami (plane ride) on Tuesday. Got home, sent follow up emails, dealt with post-visit trauma, and sent 37 more emails/texts to find a sitter. <<<my folks offered to be here, but logistics weren’t good.>>>

Here’s where this story gets interesting: I asked Nugget’s Grandma and she said yes. Just let that sink in for a minute.

But seriously, who owes me one more than her?!?!?!

Maybe I should teach the post-reunification, co-parenting section for MAPP. We could call it “Normalcy Is Desperation”.

how dark choco cookie realized they liked whipped cream cookie feat. white choco

“say, mon frère, do you like someone?”

“what kind of question is that even supposed to be?”


“it’s whipped cream right-” “yeah”

(hey,,,consider,,,white choco and dark choco as,,sword siblings,,,)


a few sketches i never got around to finish


i gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific