Galaxies For the Signs.(get it bc galaxies are in space and astrology lol)

Aries- The Rosette Nebula

Taurus-Sorry i don’t know what this is called . 

Gemini-Andromeda Galaxy

Cancer- The Orion Nebula

Leo- Carina Nebula

I would like to say that the leo and cancer one work for both due to research.

Virgo- The Starburst Galaxy (its so beautiful)

Libra- I believe it is called the Blob Nebula but I’m not 100%

Scorpio- Lucky Butt you get the Crab Nebula

Sagittarius- the description of this one wasn’t clear on what its called but its gorg.

Capricorn- Cassiopeia “The Heart and Soul Nebulae”

Aquarius- The HorseHead  Nebulae

Pisces- The Keyhole Nebulae

I hope you all liked these. I did research to make sure its accurate.