Galaxies For the Signs.(get it bc galaxies are in space and astrology lol)

Aries- The Rosette Nebula

Taurus-Sorry i don’t know what this is called . 

Gemini-Andromeda Galaxy

Cancer- The Orion Nebula

Leo- Carina Nebula

I would like to say that the leo and cancer one work for both due to research.

Virgo- The Starburst Galaxy (its so beautiful)

Libra- I believe it is called the Blob Nebula but I’m not 100%

Scorpio- Lucky Butt you get the Crab Nebula

Sagittarius- the description of this one wasn’t clear on what its called but its gorg.

Capricorn- Cassiopeia “The Heart and Soul Nebulae”

Aquarius- The HorseHead  Nebulae

Pisces- The Keyhole Nebulae

I hope you all liked these. I did research to make sure its accurate.



The Medusa Nebula

I’m not sure Medusa is a fair name for this gorgeous nebular region. Astronomers using ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile have captured the most detailed image ever taken of this planetary nebula. As the star at the heart of the nebula dies over tens of thousands of years, it ejects mass from its outer layers and forms this surrounding colorful cloud. Our own Sun will eventually become an object of this kind. The Medusa Nebula spans approximately four light-years and lies at a distance of about 1500 light-years.

(Image credit and copyright: ESO)