OKAY. THERE WE GO. SO I really don’t know what your basic canon incarnation of this lovely babe is since you have so many different ones in the tag? But I really loved the body paint and the six arms *u* so I went with that as well as OMG COLOOORRR???

So YEAH. nebulahart I hope you like it, if you want the files lemme know and I’ll e-mail them your way u3u I can also edit the arms out or something if you want! Lemme know weh weh ;3;


(Right top) this is the chicken curry and then here’s the recipe!

(Left top) I made the hamburger and loco moco. I made the patties (the ground beef, chopped onions, mixed eggs, ground black pepper, and garlic salt are combined together) I also made the loco moco, the patty is with the white rice and an egg.