OKAY. THERE WE GO. SO I really don’t know what your basic canon incarnation of this lovely babe is since you have so many different ones in the tag? But I really loved the body paint and the six arms *u* so I went with that as well as OMG COLOOORRR???

So YEAH. nebulahart I hope you like it, if you want the files lemme know and I’ll e-mail them your way u3u I can also edit the arms out or something if you want! Lemme know weh weh ;3;

5th of Inkobter! I am behind on Drawlloween and Inkobter and will catch up and post all drawings I have done! This doodle is a result of me being too excited over a notion of two adorable characters by Pottednai using sign language. 

Another than that, that couple is too adorable to not ink!! 

 Materials: Primascolor pens, Marvy LePen permanent marker, white gelly roll pen, copic markers, and cheap checking red pencil.


(Right top) this is the chicken curry and then here’s the recipe!

(Left top) I made the hamburger and loco moco. I made the patties (the ground beef, chopped onions, mixed eggs, ground black pepper, and garlic salt are combined together) I also made the loco moco, the patty is with the white rice and an egg.