Counting stars with Gaia

This image, based on housekeeping data from ESA’s Gaia satellite, portrays the outline of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, and of its neighbouring Magellanic Clouds. It was obtained by plotting the total number of stars crossing Gaia’s focal plane per second - this is a measure of the density of stars in the region that is being scanned.

An annotated version of the image is available here.

Credit: ESA/Gaia-CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO


Seven Stunning Astronomy Photographs From 2015

From 2,700 entries the Royal Museums Greenwich in London chose a collection of images from their annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition, which showcase stunning images from space. Featuring a variety of celestial bodies, such as the Horsehead Nebula and Barnard’s Loop, the winner will be announced on September 17 and exhibited at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. We highly recommend clicking each image to view the full extent of their beauty.


Highlights from Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con Costume Contest!

Judges Ann Foley, Hannah Kent and Judy Stephens had their work cut out for them as they had an amazing group of cosplayers and costumers enter. After much deliberation, Nebula was awarded Best Female, Starlord was Best Male, Rocket Raccoon with Baby Groot for Best Prop and Best in Show was Black Panther and Shuri. A huge thanks to all those who competed and were able to attend!

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Photos by Nicole Ciaramella.