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Cobblestone Walls

Summary: Dan just wants to finish this essay, not get stuck in a library thanks to a snow storm.

Genre: fluff?  humour??? who knows it’s something

Warning: swearing and brief mention of pants

Words: 4k

A/N: this is the first piece of fiction i’ve wrote since i was 13 please don’t hate me i’m so BAD AT WRITING.  I’m dyslexic so if suttin don’t sound right im sOSORRY

Asnowstorm in the middle of January. How typical. Forget a whiteChristmas, that isn’t going to happen, but don’t be upset, you can always have a white Martin Luther King Day, how ironic. 

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Under the Tree

Title: Under the Tree

Pairing: Ten x Rose AU

Summary: James Smith is just your average post doc student obsessed with studying, but one bike crash may have changed his life for the better.

This was written for timepetalsprompts promotion, and my assigned reader was gimmeadoctor ! I really hope you like it, and I’m sorry the summary is so bad. It is a bit over 3k, but that’s not really a bad thing is it!  Enjoy!

It was a bit ridiculous, really. The fall term had just started, and already James had found himself curled up in a corner of the school’s library. His professors weren’t joking when they said they would hit the ground running.

He pushed his heavy textbook away from him as he leaned backwards in the chair. He raised his arms above his head, stretching, while displaying a sliver of his freckled torso. James ruffled his already chaotic hair, stifling a yawn. All he wanted to do right now was to go home and have nice cup of tea with jam on toast. The campus clock chimed five, and the last class of the day had let out.

“I’m never gonna get this done here,” he muttered to himself, as students began to find their way into the library. It was always hard to get any studying done when the first few weeks of classes rolled around. Students would come in and try to organize the study groups, all while joking and talking of the fun they had during the summer months. Being in his second year of his doctorate degree, James knew the ins and outs when it came to studying in the library.

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