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Part 4 あめりか50州全部描いたよ The fifty states of America drawn

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i wanted ketchup for the fries i was eating, and i nearly put my sister’s sriracha sauce on my fries instead. I don’t like spicy things, at all.

Also tell me if i messed something up XD

EDIT: i put 51 degrees Celsius instead of -51 degrees celsius, ON THE  STATE OF MINNESOTA, IT SHOULD SAY -51

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Also this is the best idea for an AU! For anyone who doesn’t follow some of my other blogs, I’ve been freaking out slightly over my love for Pacific Rim!

Got some Bisharp inspiration thrown in there too!

Augh who would even be her pilot though :’D like Timbo or John maybe??

I can’t see her easily opening for another pilot but I love this idea too much!! :’D I had to!


(Rory/Mathis are getting giant robot noogies watch out)


So addicted to this recently. It’s perfection. 

It seemed to me that there was a space to be filled for “practitioner of illegal goods” and I felt Nebraska could step into the black market scene nicely. :D

As much fun as it would be to stick with her being a jaeger pilot this seems to fit perfectly for her! Between Tabitha in PDL and now this I will be drawing a lot of smirking ladies!

Also while I was looking for Hannibal Chau’s theme for inspiration - which I’ll put here - I also found this gem!

I am having so much fun with this! :’D now all I want to do is dress her in snazzy suits!


“Looming over everything was his absent father, a chronic alcoholic who left when Bob was 12. He died of bone cancer in 1986. ‘My dad was a dick,’ says Odenkirk.” —Chicago Magazine, What About Bob? (February 2015)

“The Replacements are everything I felt between the ages of 12, and… 53. Everything… deep inside. …it’s very funny, and pissed off… I can listen to a Replacements album now and make a direct connection to who I was when… I really had a lot of angst and frustration about life. … I like the fact that it’s a direct connection to a younger me that is still very much alive inside me.” —The Guestlist with Sean Cannon, Replacements Tribute (April 18, 2016)

Random musings on Bob, fatherhood, and the impact of childhood experiences.

I’m still thinking over what her last pokemon will be, but it’s been SO LONG since I updated her app! So I’m posting this here for now until I get everything finished up.

New outfit, new accessory for Stil, new style for Apollo, Vix AND Stil have evolved, and there’s a new pokemon! I think Cut is the only one who hasn’t changed much..

If you see anything critique worthy go ahead and hit me with it.


been falling in love with kimbra recently.

i put my earphones in to listen to this song on the way home today. only after realizing that i didn’t plug my earphones in, did i notice everyone staring at the girl blasting foreign music in the subway. 

7. Has your relationship with your pokemon changed at all?

“Not really! I think Mona likes me more now, though. She lets me sit on her shoulders!" 

52. Describe your new team addition.  Are they getting along with your current monsters? 

"Magnemite’s getting along okay! I think Mona’s stilla little suspicious though, what with all the floating. Magnemite likes to play with Whips, though! I think everyone gets along great.”

39. Describe a pair of best friends before the battle.  

40. After the battle?

Nebraska Jones

As you’d probably guess, Nebraska got a lot of guff for her name when we were kids. Nebraska isn’t the kind of name you usually come across. She had just started college, and came from out of town to the big city for school. She wasn’t exactly the most popular of girls. Most gals with one quirky thing about them typically made up for it with a nice smile, or stunning charisma. Nebraska had neither.

We had a couple classes together, enough for us to feel some sort of camaraderie due to our ‘quirkiness’.

Because of Bucky, I wound up going to some parties. Not many, but some. Nebraska Jones had found her way to one of those parties. I was feeling a little more confident than usual, so I asked her if she’d dance with me. I figured we had some sort of spark because of the friendship we’d formed. 

She still said no.