nebraska jones


Been in a real big pokemon mood recently so I drew the characters from my most recent playthroughs of X and Alpha Sapphire, Soma and Nebraska (though I think I might edit the colours of Nebraska’s outfit, there’s something about it that isn’t quite working for me).

I haven’t been posting enough of my rough sketches that I do so I’m gonna try and get back into the swing of doing that!


Also this is the best idea for an AU! For anyone who doesn’t follow some of my other blogs, I’ve been freaking out slightly over my love for Pacific Rim!

Got some Bisharp inspiration thrown in there too!

Augh who would even be her pilot though :’D like Timbo or John maybe??

I can’t see her easily opening for another pilot but I love this idea too much!! :’D I had to!


(Rory/Mathis are getting giant robot noogies watch out)


New music from her unreleased album… 

Nebraska interacting with different people! Her friend Timbo, Anna who she shares a sense of style with, and Mika who professes to dislike her which makes Brassy want to bug her more (look at their faces - can’t you see they like each other?!).

Also her pawniard Stil and Hobbie’s skorupi Vodka, because while Brassy and Hobbie get along very well, I can’t imagine these two would.


Kimbra, Settle Down

It seemed to me that there was a space to be filled for “practitioner of illegal goods” and I felt Nebraska could step into the black market scene nicely. :D

As much fun as it would be to stick with her being a jaeger pilot this seems to fit perfectly for her! Between Tabitha in PDL and now this I will be drawing a lot of smirking ladies!

Also while I was looking for Hannibal Chau’s theme for inspiration - which I’ll put here - I also found this gem!

I am having so much fun with this! :’D now all I want to do is dress her in snazzy suits!

First drawing on my new tablet, and it’s lil’ Nebraska! Before a harsh cruel world destroyed her innocence.


And the guy at the bottom would be her older brother. His look will probably change (and he’d be 20 years older for End Run), but I think I’m going to name him Zebulon. Because then he’d be Zebulon Jones. And that is almost as cool a name as Nebraska Jones.