nebraska huskers football

I am not a Husker fan, but how can you be from NE and not know what is going on

Ok so I am not a Husker fan and yes I grew up in NE and yes I have survived.

Sports… not super important to me.

However, when the NE Football program starts to fall and you are from NE you way attention. Why? It is full of drama, and suspense. 

I suspected yesterday when I went to bed that tonight that Coach Riley would no longer be the NE football coach.

Little surprise when Coach Riley joined the long line of NE coaches that have been fired before him. He knew it was coming each week as NE lost another game.  However, he never showed anything, but professionalism as he continued to coach each game.

Yesterday, I was impressed with his professionalism. Today, I am even more impressed with this character after watching his press conference online.  There has not been a fired a coach, before him at NE to speak so honestly to the media and show such grace after being terminated.  This is a special human being. I hope he finds nothing but success in his future.