nebraska cheerleaders

Daddy 5SOS Preference: Baby Break Ups (Jake/Nebraska)

Maybe broken hearts? Like a little split between Kayla/ Isaac and all the kids! 

A/N: Last one! I hope you enjoy it :)

Nebraska sometimes had a pretty hard time remembering that she and Jake were actually dating. That this wasn’t some sort of dream she was in or something she imagined, but that it was real. And to be honest, Nebraska was still a little unsure if this was going to work out. Jake was a whole lot older than her and their personalities were quite different. But Jake was being patient with her, trying his best to get her to realize that yes this was real, yes this was happening, and she had nothing to worry about.

Nebraska enjoyed making her way to the gym after her classes on Tuesday and Thursday, because she could take a seat at the top of the bleachers and work on homework while watching Jake practice with the rest of the basketball team. Thursdays were a bit more distracting because the cheerleaders were also practicing, meaning that Jake and his friends had half the court while the cheerleaders had the other half.

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