neato torpedo

At ID services
  • Me: I need a replacement ID
  • Woman at desk: do you want to re-use your original photo
  • Me: yes please. Can I use a card?
  • Her: nah you don't get the $10 charge if it's last distributed over a year ago
  • Me: I don't have to pay? Neato torpedo
  • Her: neato torpedo? I like that. I wish more people used that.
  • Me: I do too. I really do

So it’s 2:35AM on November 19th. At 2:35AM on September 19th, we had just gotten home from a party and you sent me a message on Facebook asking for my number. Since that party on the night of September 18th, we have told each other a lot of shit. After exactly a month, we were dating. I would say that it was sudden but it feels like I’ve known you for almost my whole life. It’s weird and I can’t explain it but I am so incredibly comfortable with you. I am not well known for my ability to trust people and certainly not my ability to let people know how I’m feeling but with you I find myself lying less when I answer that question “How are you.”
You make me a better person. You are my rock and you absolutely keep me sane. I love being with you and talking to you and honestly just seeing your angry first-thing-in-the-morning face lights up my whole day. You are constantly supportive but you’re never afraid to call me out on my bullshit. You mean the world and more to me and I’m glad you chose to love me back, and I’m glad that one month ago you asked me to be your girlfriend in the gayest way possible.
I love you.


so I’m kind of nocturnal and bummed out because I’m off my meds (the alternative is serotonin syndrome and I would Super Rather Not so yeah) but I’m generally having a good time making jokes and having dreams about ballet. Maybe I’ll buy a violin because I’ve been dreaming about that too. It’s not a completely ridiculous purchase because I know how to play. I’m anxious about spending money because I’m supposed to like, live off of it in the near future but I don’t think that’s going to happen and I don’t think I’ll get accepted into college this year, which I’m kind of okay with because I’ve been dreaming about it a lot, but My Whole Thing is wanting to be a doctor and I’m like “I’m not meant for academia” which is like…bitch…choose another career option then, maybe…