neatly packaged


“…and cease being human.”

im just gotta neatly package everything ive got on the chalupa theory right now

in summary its gently implied that lup could be one of the twins, the name chalupa works, someone with a name like that could only be related to taako, and taako’s backstory tracks with it

let me know if i forgot anything!

Werewolf Boyfriend (Harun)

I was commissioned by @liala-lavellan for a werewolf story with an established couple. This story takes place in the same town as Adam and my other werewolves. Adam also makes a cameo.

   Several years ago you had moved to a new town in order to help take care of your grandmother. Not long after you started noticing strange things about the peaceful little community. It wasn’t exactly something that you could put your finger on at first. In fact, it wasn’t until dead animals started appearing on your neighbor’s lawn that you had any evidence to your claims.

   Your grandmother reassured you that what was going on at the neighbor’s house was normal. It was nothing to get flustered about. But when a giant dead, bear was slumped over right outside your bathroom window, it didn’t feel normal at all.

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🌛Moon Signs ~ Feeling Through the Elements🌜

There is this misconception that water moons are the most emotional, while earth and air moons are much less emotional. But this isn’t true! Everyone has feelings. Everyone has the moon in their chart. It’s not the quantity of emotion that differs but the quality. In other words, it’s the method of processing feeling that is different.

Water moons process emotion by allowing it to flow, moving with the feeling until it stills or passes. It’s hard for them to detach from their feelings because they are so sensitive to external influences, just like how water can’t help but be stirred when you throw a stone into it. Water moons struggle to keep their emotions hidden inside. Water is always searching for a crack to seep out of, and it requires enormous energy to withhold the force of flowing feeling. Scorpio is the most stoic of the water moons but also the most dramatic. I think of moon in Scorpio as like a deep still pool, perfectly self contained until moved by something external. Then the ripples reverberate through the depths, disturbing what has lain hidden beneath the surface.

Earth moons process emotion through physical action. They are known for being stoic, but their lack of communication shouldn’t be taken for a lack of feeling. Earth moons have a practical attitude to emotions and typically won’t express their inner state unless they can see some benefit from doing so. They seek stability and dependability and dislike dramatic displays of emotion. They are the types to resist being influenced by external stimulae by engaging in compulsive behaviour such as comfort eating (Taurus moon) or obsessive cleaning and organising (Virgo and Capricorn). It is important for earth moons to externalise their feelings in some way by making them part of material reality. Activities like exercising, cleaning, and artistic creation can be far more soothing to the troubled earth moon than endless talking about the problem.

Air moons process emotion through rational thought and communication. They have an innate drive to understand and explicate their feelings, and tend to feel unsettled if they do not succeed. Gemini and Libra moons especially need people to talk through their emotional troubles. Gemini talks to find a way to laugh, to soothe their frazzled nerves by seeing their problem through another’s perspective and realising it’s not so big and scary after all. Libra needs to talk about their feelings to feel balanced. It can be very comforting for them to know that other people have felt like this before and can show them ways to cope with it. All air moons have the quality of observing rather than participating in their feelings. They like their emotions neatly packaged in language, which is frequently inadequate for expressing deep, complex feelings. This can leave air moons with a sense of alienation from their feeling nature which can manifest as self-doubt and neuroses about expressing emotion. Aquarius suffers from this the most, since they are simultaneously the most defensive (fixed sign) and have the most inhibited and erratic feeling function (ruled by Saturn/Uranus).

Fire moons process emotion through dramatising or mythologising how they feel. I think the fiery way of feeling is the hardest to explain. More than any other element, fire moons need to feel that they can learn and grow from emotional expression. Not in a productive sense, like earth moons, or an analytical sense, like air moons, but in such a way that feeling is a form of self-development. By experiencing and reacting to various stimulae, fire moons uncover their deepest selves. Think of how fire burns differently depending on what fuel you use. Fire moons are like that; you never know what reaction they will have to a new influence until you try it. Their expressions tend to be larger than life, external, consuming, and illuminating. Like the mythic hero, a despondent fire moon finds their inner light in their darkest hours. It is important for them to feel like their difficult feelings have a purpose, that there is something to learn about themselves from each emotional reaction, and that by expressing this fully they will illuminate their darker aspects and bring them into the light of understanding. The process of mythologising feeling draws on ancient archetypes, and many fire moons may appear or feel like certain archetypal personalities. There is the eternal child (Aries moon) who loves but cannot control himself; the radiant queen (Leo moon) who is the centre of her own world, which shines and darkens with her every moon; and there is the soul wanderer (Sagittarius moon) who picks up emotions like trinkets and treasures along their journey then drops them when they have outlived their use.

Sweetness of You (Saeyoung x MC)

A/N: I needed some fluff before I write some angst. So here’s something for your sweet tooth. Inspired by something from this set of prompts: “Give me more humming in the kitchen, making brownies at 3 AM for no reason at all.” Hope you guys enjoy!

Saeyoung drifted in the realm of consciousness when the comfortable warmth around his legs became unbearable heat. Groggily, he cracked open his eyes and adjusted his glasses. He rubbed the sore spot on his face where the edge of them had indented his skin.

He looked down at his legs. His brother was sleeping on the opposite side of him on the couch, and a blanket had somehow made it’s way over the both of them. Only…the twins had a tendency to become living heaters when they fell asleep…thus the overwhelming heat.

Saeyoung disentangled his limbs from Saeran’s before taking in his surroundings. Right…he was at your apartment along with the rest of the RFA. You all had gathered to prepare for a fundraising event tomorrow afternoon. How and when the group had fallen asleep was unknown to him.

Jaehee was knocked out on the office chair–of course she could sleep like that. And Yoosung…he was on the floor next to the couch, mouth wide open and a few snores buzzing from his throat. Jumin and Zen were nowhere to be found, but most likely, they both went home before they crashed like the rest of them.

Nearly one hundred neatly packaged favors lay piled up on the coffee table, ready for guests and donors. Saeyoung scrunched his nose at them, his fingers aching at the memory of all the folding he did last night to make those boxes. Whose idea was it to make hand-made favors for the event anyway?

Oh, yeah…you.

The thought brought his attention to the light coming from the kitchen. At his angle, he couldn’t see much but the edge of your sweater. Careful not to step on Yoosung, Saeyoung pushed himself off the couch and dragged his feet towards you.

A tiny smile unwound on his lips as you remained unaware of his presence. Your hair was held back by a headband with a huge bow on top, and your sweater was just a tad too big on you, resulting in scrunched sleeves and a slightly exposed shoulder.

As if he couldn’t find you any cuter, your tongue stuck out ever so slightly as you fixated your full attention on the back of some box. He tiptoed behind you, checking there was nothing in your hands, before grabbing your waist and attacking your bare shoulder with raspberries.

You let out a shrill cry in response, but Saeyoung quickly covered your mouth. “Shh,” he whispered in your ear, causing you to squirm even more. “You’ll wake everyone up.”

You said something, probably not so nice to him, but it was muffled against his hand. He removed it from your mouth and instead wrapped both arms around your middle and rocked you back and forth. He chuckled at your disgruntled sigh.

“I thought you were asleep,” you said before returning to the counter despite him still hanging on your torso.

“I was,” Saeyoung replied. The reminder elicited a yawn, and he squeezed you tighter when he was done. “Impromptu sleepover, I guess. And what are you doing instead of sleeping?”

He watched you as you opened the box you were reading earlier and dumped some white flour into a bowl. “I’m making brownies,” you explained. “Want to help?”  

He raised an eyebrow and looked at you from the corner of his eye. “At three in the morning?”

“Why not?” you shrugged.

That was good enough for him. He released you from his grip and spun you around dramatically before pulling himself onto the counter. “What can your personal sous-chef help you with today?”

You placed the bowl in his hands and handed him a whisk. He obediently stirred while you were the one who added most of the ingredients. You took the bowl from him eventually and poured it into a larger pan before slipping it into the oven. Saeyoung took the opportunity to devour the remains of the raw batter while you busied yourself with cleaning the counter.

There was something incredibly soothing about the moment. You two hadn’t uttered a word, but somehow Saeyoung felt an intense contentment in the silence.

It was only broken when he caught you staring, your pink lips wearing a soft smile. His chest caved in at the sight. He wasn’t sure he would ever get used to the fact that you actually liked him.

“See something you like?” he said rather roguishly.

“Yeah,” you replied, your eyes fixated on his face, occasionally dipping to his lips. “He’s really cute, even with brownie batter smeared on his forehead. How did you even manage to do that?”

He stuck his face in the bowl to get a last lick of the chocolatey goodness. “Like this, probably,” he replied.

He placed the bowl to the side and slid off the counter. Your gaze still hadn’t left him. Undeterred by the warmth radiating off his cheeks, Saeyoung leaned both palms against the counter on either side of you, blocking your escape. Though…you didn’t seem to have any intentions to escape.

You gave him a wry smile. “You have a little something right here,” you said, gesturing to the edge of your mouth.

A smirk made its way to his lips. He lurched forward so your foreheads touched. You grimaced slightly at the batter that squished against your skin, but you didn’t move away. “Can you get it for me, sweetie?” he sung.

Your gaze once again flitted to his lips, and he prepared himself for something sweeter than chocolate. You lifted a hand to cup his cheek, and you whispered his name in the limited space between you. His breathing grew shallower as you inched closer…and closer…and finally…

Your thumb swept briskly across his bottom lip before you ducked under his arms and retreated to the other side of the kitchen. Dazedly, he turned and stared at you. Your eyes sparkled with mischief, and despite the disappointment of not receiving a kiss, his heart still swelled with affection. 

“You’re such a tease,” he snorted.

You laughed faintly, sticking your thumb in your mouth to wipe off the batter. Your lips parted, no doubt in preparation of another flirtatious comment, but soft music drifted into the kitchen, interrupting your conversation.

Both of you looked up at the source. You groaned and threw your head back with an annoyed huff. “My upstairs neighbors are always playing music at such odd hours.”

Saeyoung pursed his lips. The music wasn’t loud or obnoxious. The angelic strain of a violin became more prominent as the two settled into silence. Soon, the steady rhythm of “one, two, three” flowed into the atmosphere.

“They have a good idea, actually,” Saeyoung said. You tilted your head in confusion, and he grabbed your hand and yanked you into him. Resting both hands on your waist, he hummed along under his breath and swayed back and forth. Finally getting his idea, you wrapped your arms around his neck and looked down at your feet.

It was sloppy, he knew. You two were out of sync, and there was more laughter than music, but gosh, if he didn’t love the fact that he got to hold you so close. It was the middle of the night, and the entire world faded away as the two of you fumbled around the tiny little kitchen. Together you both surged into outer space, and it seemed as if nothing could penetrate the universe that exclusively belonged to you and him.

He looked up at you while your attention was still focused on trying to keep rhythm. Your eyes were crinkled in a smile. Your cheeks were flushed pink. Your breaths were uneven, getting lost in melodic giggles. The bittersweet fragrance of chocolate hung in the air, but Saeyoung was more intoxicated by your nearness.

Your head suddenly snapped up, and he realized his entire body had stilled.

“You stopped dancing,” you pouted.

Saeyoung took a deep breath to stop the dizzying sensation in his head. His hands slid from your waist to the small of your back, pulling you closer until your faces were barely centimeters apart. “I am so in love with you,” he whispered, every word dripping with deep conviction.

Though you didn’t say it in return, you smiled against his lips, and any breath in his lungs fled from his body.

A startled cry broke the moment and created a distance between you. Saeyoung turned to the source of the sound and found a horrified Yoosung covering his eyes. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to interrupt anything,” he stammered. “I just smelled brownies, and I–”

An unbothered Saeran appeared from behind the blond and pushed past him into the kitchen. He didn’t spare you or Saeyoung a glance, and instead grabbed the oven mitts from the counter. “You get used to it,” he told Yoosung. “I find if you act like they’re not there with their faces smushed together, the awkwardness eventually goes away.”

You and Saeyoung shared a good-natured eye roll at the twin’s comment. But neither of you could deny the statement.

“O-oh,” Yoosung said with a nervous chuckle. “Are the brownies for us?”

You grinned and nodded. “There’s ice cream in the freezer if you want.”

You left his side to go help the two boys before they burned their fingers in hastiness. And, just like that, you two descended from your secluded universe and returned to earth.

Somehow in the chaos of the next few moments, a bowl with a brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream found its way into Saeyoung’s hands. As he took a bite and the warm sweetness spread across his tongue, his eyes drifted to you where he found you staring right back. No matter how much the rich taste of chocolate filled him with calm joy, he couldn’t help but feel spoiled after your small moment.

Even now, something hung at the edge of your lips…a secret…a promise…he wasn’t sure, but he knew it was reserved for him. He would find out eventually. Your saccharine smiles and tender touches were waiting for him in outer space, and he couldn’t wait for the next time you would travel there together.   

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what do you mean about an 'actually appropriate' use of the song 'hallelujah'?

Friend, you are the greatest because I have goddamn citations.

So I would be entirely remiss in not stating the obvious, that being that “Hallelujah” was written by Leonard Cohen, a Jewish man. And that Superman was also created by Jewish men and that Kryptonians in general are basically space-Jewish.

Okay? Okay.

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Winter 16/17 Classiest Picks

Top 3 series of Winter season that goes down great with any glass of wine or a hot cup of tea. If you’re looking for something classy to relax to, try these out~!

Fune wo Amu - The Great Passage

A rarity just by its topic alone, an 11-episode series dedicated to…amazingly, compiling a reference dictionary—! While not being totally dry as it sounds.  There’s also a live movie adaptation of the same name.
Probably the more under-the-radar of the three I’ll be writing about, but Fune is a light-hearted, calming series best enjoyed for its atmosphere, humorous exchanges between characters, and some occasionally elegant visuals. Recommended to those who also enjoy and appreciate the delicate nature of words or the process of publication.
Although the scope and impact of Fune is overall moderate at best, it is charming and entertaining enough to place above mediocrity; if not, attractive simply for its obscurity. 

ACCA - 13 Territory Inspection Dept

Hands down, the catchiest opening theme of the season. Best appreciated for its simplicity and overall tidiness. A drama-free, slow-unravelling mystery of a country-wide conspiracy. ACCA is neatly packaged with few loose ends, boasts a long A-list voice cast, and has a penchant for baked goods like no other series. Seriously, I yearned for brick toast throughout the whole show.
Although the series had potential to be far more complicated, there’s a refreshing charm to this sort of tightly-wrapped, fairy-tale-like adventure. ACCA may not be a groundbreaking show, but it definitely leaves you feeling satiated.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 1 & 2

For all its obsession over a practically forgotten art form, Rakugo Shinjuu is one of the strongest title to breathe chills down my spine in a very long time. Beautiful, fresh, thematically sound… There’s nothing this show doesn’t have. The graceful artistry, good drama build-up, complicated characterizations, and gorgeously fitting soundtrack are sure to reel you in…if not also, some of the finest voice acting in anime history. I’ve always loved his voice, but this is by far Ishida Akira’s best role. Tomokazu Seki also deserves a ton of praise, as well. Pick it up, you won’t regret it. If you’re looking for something different and excellent, Rakugo Shinjuu is soul-shaking.

Panicking And Flirting.

Jughead x Reader 


Summary: Reader has a panic attack but Jug comes and saves the day but not forgetting to make sure he sees his damsel in distress later on for dinner. 

Words: 1407

Warnings: It could be triggering but it’s really not anything too intense.

Originally posted by mallverine

I didn’t really tell people about my anxiety because no one actually payed enough attention to notice or to care so I would just live life as normal and hope I could avoid situations that I knew made me anxious and panicky. This was hard because even though I had anxiety I still tried to be as out going and confident which made it hard to try balance the two.

But today was different, so many things were going horribly and I was actually surprised that I had held it together this long. I walked in the student lounge and set my bag on a table to try find something to eat because I felt like I was going to be sick. I wasn’t alone for long because soon after the school jock, Reggie, walked in with his little minions and a few other people like Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper walked in and sat on the couches.

Not finding anything in my bag I took money from my pocket and went to the vending machine in hopes they would have a energy bar. I just got to the vending machine when Reggie stepped in front of me, I tried to ignore it and move to the side but he kept following me and all his friends were laughing or passing around snarky remarks.

“What’s wrong (Y/N/N) am I in your way?” He slurred meanly as he stood over, getting too close in general.

“Please Reggie.” I whispered and tried stepping to one side to get past but he mimicked my move.

“Sorry princess, I didn’t hear you.” He smirked, I turned around and started walking away when he pulled me by me jacket sleeve. I got pulled back and was now leaned against the cold vending machine while Reggie snatched my money away from me, “What would you like?” He purred, I know this was just playful boy flirting but it was too much. My anxiety was over the roof and I couldn’t stop it now, I was pushed too far and there was no turning back.

I just stared at him in shock and helplessness, "Helllooo earth to (Y/N).” He mocked, all his friends started laughing and I couldn’t help it any longer, the tears just fell and there was no point in stopping them now. A confused expression came over Reggie’s face  before he started laughing hysterically. I was now shaking, with tears running down my face, sobs and breaths choking in my throat and had a group of teenage boys laughing at me.

“Hey assholes! What the fuck are you doing.” I heard someone say from the end of the room, the laughter grew from the boys.

“We did nothing, she just started freaking out.” Reggie said between his laughs.

“Get out, all of you.” The voice said, I could see him in the corner of my eye, dark hair and a smallish frame. “Before I call Weatherbee.”

“Okay, calm done Mr. detective.” Reggie laughed, “Come boys, lets go.” He called and walked out the room with his friends.

I felt two hands wrap around my shoulder, they felt softer than the voice’s, I didn’t open my eyes as they lead me to one of the couches and sat me down. I opened my eyes, they burned and I was still shaking, battling to breath, my stomach doing flips, and my hair matted to my wet cheeks.

“(Y/N) it’s Betty, and Archie and Veronica and, you know what it’s the whole gang here actually,” she chuckled slightly, “Just relax, breath in… and out.” She carried on for a while until I calmed down a little. I sat there for a good thirty seconds after she got me to stop crying, the all watched me, which wasn’t making things better. I looked around the room, Veronica and Archie giving me emphatic smiles but when my eyes fell on Jughead he looked panicked himself. I looked over at Betty, she saw my shy expression and chased Veronica and Archie off to get us all food. Betty told me to stay where I was while she got me a new shirt from her gym locker because I had used mine to wipe away my tears.

As she walked out the room Jug turned to me, “Are you okay (Y/N/N)?” He got up and sat next to me carefully and handed me his jacket.

“Yes, thank you Jug.” I said and gave him a teary smile as I draped the jacket over my shoulders.

“You’re still shaking.” He pointed out, I sighed when he continued “What’s wrong, because I feel like that there.” He pointed in the direction of the vending machine, “Was the tipping point of something much worse.“ He talked with a soft tone as his gaze raked over me.

"It’s been a long day.” I said, he was clearly unsatisfied with my answer because he sighed and looked at me like I needed to explain further but when I remained silent he didn’t give up.

“Have you eaten?” He interrogated me further. I shamefully shook my head, his eyes widened slightly and he began to rummage through his backpack only to pull out a bag of chips and handed them to me. I held them as we spoke not wanting to eat his food. “You’ll be fine now right, just a sugar low? Do you need water?”

“It’s just my anxiety, Juggie.” I said quickly with a soft voice. “Relax, I’m fine now.”

He looked up, his brows furrowed together in confusion, “I never knew…”

“Because I’ve never told anyone.” I cut him off while shaking my head.

“But Betty knew, when I got up to make them stop, she knew what to do.” He stared at the ground with his elbows on his knees.

"Betty has dealt with it before…” I replied back monotonously.

“Oh.” He frowned and fiddled with his dark hair for a moment, “But you’ll be okay right?” He said taking my hand for reassurance.

“Yeah,” I said taking his hand and smiling at him, “Thanks for helping Jug.” I squeezed his hand and settled back into the couch.

“Anytime.” He said with a grin. We sat in silence for a few seconds, my heart went from racing because of fear to excitement. “Do you want to come to Pop’s tonight with me? We could talk more about this?” He motioned to in between us with a giddy smile on his face.

“And what would this be?” I smirked playfully.

“So you don’t want a this?” He acted sad but then squeezed my hand making sure I knew he was joking. “So, Pop’s tonight?” His eagerness evident in his tone.

I could feel the blood rush to my face, he arched an eyebrow waiting for an answer. Just when I was going to say yes Archie and Veronica walked in and I mentally groaned, why couldn’t they’ve waited two more seconds?

“Turkey sandwich madam?” Veronica placed the neatly packaged sandwich on my lap and Archie handed me a bottle of water.

“Thanks guys.” I said immediately unwrapping the food and taking a huge bite, I could feel my stomach settle almost instantly. Jughead had pulled his hand away from mine when they entered the room but that didn’t stop him from giving me sweet glances, every time he looked over at me I couldn’t help but get butterflies.

I looked over at Jughead because he was staring at me, he mouth Pop’s  and shrugged his shoulders I then gave him a quick nod and we turned back to the conversation. I watched the grin grow on his face as he pretended to listen to Veronica. The bell went and Archie shot up saying something about forgetting his math homework and left the three of us alone.

Jughead stood up stretching and then held a hand out for me, “I’ve sorta got AP English now.” He said as I took his hand and pulled myself up next to him, “but I’ll see you later.” He smirked and fixed his hair before heading off to class. I grinned and felt the blush burn on my cheeks.

“Was that what I think it was?” Veronica squealed, I bit back a smile and nodded causing her to erupt in a fit of giggles and squeals, “Come on we have to find Betty!” she exclaimed and took my hand dragging me down the corridor.

Permanent Ink

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Soulmate AU; Sixth Year Hogwarts

1,420 words

Draco is sixteen when it happens.

The inescapable, the invariable, the inevitable.

A strange, searing, effervescent kind of pain spikes through the tangled nerve ending of his wrist halfway through a potions lesson. Ink bleeding through veins into skin.

And he knows, is the thing. Understands that he’s been given a clue to decipher and a puzzle to solve and a loose-threaded soul that will somehow match the stitches in his chest.

He spares a glance across the room. At the girl seated beside the pearlescent, seething cauldrons of Amortentia that he had failed to smell any scent from just a month earlier. Before a mark, a soulmate blossomed across his wrist and -

Her fingers are knotted together as she stares up at Snape. He can see the shadow of her profile - all parted lips and sloping cheeks, a sharp nose and delicate eyebrows - thrown against the floor in a swath of dust cluttered sunlight.

He allows himself a scrape of hope that its her, spelled out across his skin. That he’ll have an irrefutable, undeniable excuse as to any he wants her so desperately.

After all, the magic never lies.

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Breaking of the Bread- Alfie Solomons

*Gif by @bonniebirdsgifcentre. So I’m going to start spreading out my PB posts now that I’ve officially finished the work I fell behind on fo Peaky Week, but don’t worry. There’s still much more to come! For now though, I have a couple Teen Wolf request I need to fill. I will also be moving back into TVD/TO and possibly even shadowhunters, so be on the lookout. Lastly, I’m fastly approaching 1K followers so when that happens, I already have a super cool Derek series planned, but I have to meet my goal first. Stay on the lookout! xoxox*


Bread. The most common and essential food in the daily life of a Londoner. It was one of the only thing the wealthy and poor ate alike. It was toasted for breakfast and served for supper. You liked your meals, but in your opinion, dessert was the best dish. You had grown up with a severe sweet tooth and ardent parents who would indulge in all your desires since you were there only child. The results of being given what you wanted could have been disastrous, but you think it turned out quite well considering you now owned your own bakery.

After being open for three years, business had steadied and you would even consider it to be going well. Well, enough to put food on the table and allow you to move into an apartment of your own. You found your social- and perhaps romantic life- take a turn for the better as you rung up the evening rush, customers taking goods home for their families and special occasions. You continued going through the motions until I burly pair of hands laid themselves down on the counter.

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You don't need to respond I just needed to say a thing. I find it a little childish for so many people to assume that dan will/should come out. As far as I've read into it I feel like he's "come out" as much as he ever will. He's talked about attraction to all genders. I feel that he's made it clear that his sexuality is what it is and he's going to be attracts to someone no matter the gender. People think he needs to make a video about being bi/pan but really he's made clear that he's existing.

the question i receive more than any other on this blog is some variation of “when/how do you think dnp will come out/tell us about their sexualities or their relationship?” and i’ve never answered it. for a number of reasons, but primarily because so many people in this space operate under such a specific definition of what coming out means and what it should entail. i’m wary, always, of subscribing to a uniform standard for what queerness looks like and how it needs to present itself in order to be taken seriously or treated as valid, and i think the discourse and speculation and constant obsession about dnp’s potential future coming out process does exactly that. in my view the culture around coming out as it exists right now is a relic of cultural norms in which queerness was differentiated and encoded into law and language and social thought as explicitly and intrinsically Other. the socialized obligation to not only categorize and label one’s sexual/romantic preferences but then to announce them to the world at large is only cast on queer people specifically because, unless announced otherwise, society’s working assumption of a person is that they are cis/straight. queer people need to tell the world they are queer precisely because it is different, because it is a deviation from a socially enforced “norm,” and the term “coming out” itself denotes that someone was once hiding themselves and now they aren’t.

for some people (many people) labeling and coming out make a lot of sense. we’re not in a post-heteronormative world. the stark reality is that people DO operate with ingrained cis- and heteronormative frames of thought and it can be tiring to deal with people always making assumptions of your preferences that don’t fit who you are and what you like. labeling your preferences and making sure people know them is a way to avoid those mistaken assumptions. it’s also a way to find other people like you, to ally yourself with a community that is still so marginalized and oppressed in myriad ways, and join in the movement and the fight and take pride in an aspect of yourself that many people would try to deride or malign. but an alternate school of thought is that the gender you prefer having sex with or that you fall in love with is no more a part of your identity that merits announcement and discussion than, say, your preference for masturbating three times a week or your preference for only having sex in the missionary position or any other personal detail about what you do w your genitals in the privacy of your bedroom. it doesn’t have to have a bearing on identity in the most nuclear and concentrated sense of the word, it doesn’t HAVE to be labeled and addressed in a way that automatically reduces and categorizes it and neatly packages it as an object for the public to talk about and weigh in on. the notion of labeling your sexuality and then “coming out” is a construct in the most literal sense, and for some people, who perhaps don’t feel the need to correct everyone’s heteronormative assumptions of them, or who don’t feel the need to find other people with non-hetero preferences, or who think the reality of the life they live since they blatantly/openly share it w someone of their same gender is already pretty suggestive of their preferences, coming out widely and publicly isn’t a priority or a necessity (and in some cases can obviously also be a discomforting, stressful, scary, or even dangerous prospect!!!) for literally thousands of possible reasons.

we can guess that dnp align themselves more closely to this latter outlook. in both of the recent times that dan has discussed sexuality explicitly he talks about not wanting to label it for a public audience. in his diss track he directly addresses his own comments about attraction to more than one gender (j law –> evan p), and then says that it’s hard to put him in a box because he keeps “it” (his sexuality) so blurry. he’s bluntly saying that he doesn’t want to be categorized. in an interview with the sunday times in late 2015 promoting tabinof, the interviewer directly asks dan if he’s gay. dan references tom hardy’s answer to the same question and says that he and phil do not believe that their sexual preferences are something the public has any business knowing–he then delineates the purpose of their role as public figures. they are entertainers and what they seek to offer their public audience is the content they make. that’s it. looking to tom hardy’s actual quote sheds even more light: “I’m under no obligation to share anything to do with my family, my children, my sexuality — that’s nobody’s business but my own…It’s important destigmatizing sexuality and gender inequality in the workplace, but to put a man on the spot in a room full of people designed purely for a salacious reaction? To be quite frank, it’s rude. If [someone] had said that to me in the street, I’d have said the same thing back: ‘I’m sorry, who the fuck are you?’”

as far back as 2009, both dnp were talking about attraction to men and following it with the refrain that they don’t like labels. and that is VALID. it’s transgressive, even, to take a look at all the heteronormativity out there, all of the assumptions that people make about sex and gender and everything else, all of the demand that straights place on queer people to announce their otherness as loudly as possible and categorize themselves as being different, and then to say no, reject all of that pressure, and turn your back on it. refuse to comply with everyone’s expectations and just be happy in liking what you like and loving who you love. just existing, as anon put it so beautifully.

but if a queer person chooses this outlook, chooses to shirk labels and a formal/public statement of their preferences, the default assumption SHOULD NOT be straight. heterosexuality shouldn’t be an assumed sexuality for anyone, regardless of the statements they may or may not have made, but it especially should not be the assumption for two men who did publicly label at one point as bisexual, and who have repeatedly voiced attraction to men. in an attempt to move towards a society that doesn’t make assumptions at all, a world in which coming out is completely obsolete and unnecessary and people stopped giving so much of a fuck about the genders people have sex with, it’s on all of us to change the way that we think about sexuality and unlearn our own biased thought. the burden shouldn’t fall on dnp to correct our thought or go out of their way to tell us that they fuck or that they’re in love–doesn’t that cheapen everything that they are? doesn’t that demand something of them that they’ve said over and over they do not want to give? and haven’t they done enough to tell us about how they experience attraction? it’s on all of us to take those comments seriously and to validate and acknowledge their experiences as they relay them to us, and to contextualize them in the complex textures and nuances of who they are as people.

who they are and what they’ve already chosen to share with us is pretty damn radical in itself: they’re two boys who have shared and built a life together for nearly eight years and who rely on each other on so many levels. they’re two boys who speak of the love and respect they have for each other in numerous ways, perhaps without stating those words specifically, but making it clear through actions and stories of their time together instead. they’re two boys who don’t know how to be without each other, who don’t merely coexist and work together but who have consciously interwoven their lives to the point that all of their experiences are shaped with and through each other. the argument can be made that they’re “out” in the sense of not hiding who they are from us, in the sense that both of them, and dan especially, have taken conscious measures to talk about how much they like boys. the argument can equally be made that they still hide to some degree–they won’t hold hands or hug, they’ll separate beds if they’re showing us the inside of their hotel room, they’ll not say the words i love you in front of us. but to me none of that even incrementally eclipses the glowing reality and warmth of the life they share–it’s as much info as i think they will ever feel okay giving us and it’s more than enough, for me at least, to look to them as models of deepest mutual love and respect (yes between two men!!) and of the comfort that can arise when you find someone to just exist with, outside world and their asks of you be damned

— windy days.

Genre: Angst + Minor Smut ➝ Sword Art Online AU

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader.

Plot: Windy Days: an interactive game for the one’s who are brave enough to challenge it.tackle the 300 levels, select your difficulties, beat the game. Will you survive?

Warnings: Suggestive sexual content, threesomes, could have ended up as a full on gang-bang but I decided to against it, sexual language and character death.

Notes: Take a shot every time I include a meme in a sentence. Any mistakes will be fixed later!

“You’re seriously going to play this game?”

Jungkook leant over the back of Jimin’s chair, staring with curiosity at the neatly packaged video game sitting on Jimin’s desk. Opposed to Jungkook’s crazed stare and the panic in his eyes, Jimin couldn’t help but let out an excited yelp as his eager hands peeled away the packaging, his eyes soaking up the colours of the front of the box.

“You know people have died from this game, right? Already.” Jungkook reminded, trudging away to sit on the elder boy’s bed, letting his back lean against the plain wall. “And you want to willingly go inside of it?”

“Come on, Kook,” Jimin sighed, holding up the package. He couldn’t quite believe that it was in his hands, at last. “I’ve been saving up for this game since it was rumoured. And now, only a day after the release, I am ready to play. Isn’t that cool?”

No! Did you ignore the part about people dying?” Jungkook hissed. “What does your Mom think about this?”

Jimin shrugged, “She didn’t buy it. So, she can’t do anything about it.”

“What did our school say about this?” Jungkook inquired, and Jimin laughed loudly.

“Do you not know how many kids have brought this game, and are living the life inside of it right now?” Jimin reasoned, and Jungkook could only sigh with agreement. “I’d be surprised if more than half of the school returns next week.”

“Make sure you’re one of them,” Jungkook begged finally, playing with the threads in the blanket placed over the foot of the bed, which he had suddenly occupied his time with. “Mark keeps trying to call me, he’s so weird.”

Jimin wasn’t really listening, but nodded anyway and continued to stare excitedly down at the game.

He bloody well hoped so.

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NIGHTINGALE - Smoky woods, Vanilla tobacco, Soft leather, Green melon, Dark floral

WITCH OF THE WILDS - Black Amber, Raspberry, Honey, Lavender, Licorice, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Oud

00Q: champagne

I said I’d write a tiny ficlet for this, so here it is!

There is a moment, every now and then, when Q-Branch is soft and quiet. It’s a long, pleasantly stretched moment, when the mission du jour is done and over with, the daytime crew has not quite finished leaving and the night crew has not quite started arriving; the lights are dimmed, most of the screens are dark, their computers dozing, and servers hum quietly to each other as the day’s data harvest is being unhurriedly packaged and neatly filed away.

It’s a time to have tea, watch steam curl into the air, and enjoy the quiet after the day’s bustle of activity.

Q enjoys this time just as much as he enjoys the rush of work. He can sit down with his tea in peace and slowly go about something wholly small and unimportant, with no one around, before eventually packing up and heading home.

Tonight he decides to tinker with a prototype or two, and later perhaps to redo that blueprint he wasn’t quite satisfied with last Thursday. He’s halfway through a snag with battery life (and three-quarters through his second mug of tea) when he hears the door slide open nearby, followed by quiet footsteps; a moment later Q looks up to see Bond step into the view he has from his quiet alcove.

Bond smiles when he sees him and approaches confidently but with underlying softness; he’s dressed in a midnight blue dinner jacket that appears blacker-than-black and appropriate black tie, not a hair out of place, every single line of him neat and clean and smooth. He’d been sent out on bodyguard duty to a posh embassy party for important politicians and their even more important contacts, and going by the lack of any scratches or bruises it seems he’s managed not to cause an incident. He may have resented the assignment (punishment from Mallory for his latest explosive exploits), but Q takes pleasure in noticing he looks frustratingly irresistible. It’s also then that Q notices he’s carrying something in his hands.

His smile turning into a smug and playful smirk, Bond approaches Q’s table and sets down the champagne bottle - complete with an actual ice bucket.

Q can feel his mouth open in mute astonishment, and there’s nothing he can do about it. The smugness of Bond’s smile increases, as does the playful gleam in his eyes.

“No,” Q finally says. “I don’t believe this.”

“I figured you’d still be working.”

“You nicked this from the party?” Q honestly should be beyond the ability to feel surprise after over a year of having Bond as a partner, yet there it is. Again.

“I felt I deserved a tip,” Bond continues to twinkle. “I thought we might have a drink and head back home.”

“You just fucking picked it up and paraded out of there?”

“And through the front door too. The key is looking like you know exactly what you’re doing,” Bond smirks.

“And I’ll bet the cabbie didn’t even bat an eyelash,” snarks Q. “…James, is this real silver?”

All he gets is a shrug as Bond slips a hand into his trouser pocket and - of course, of course - produces a corkscrew and sets about peeling off the seal with the switchblade function. He pops the champagne with a level of gentlemanly expertise that should be borderline offensive, and then takes two champagne glasses out of the ice bucket. Q watches him pour and thinks he’s never been more in love. Terrible, wonderful man.

Bond hands Q one glass, takes the other, and sits across from him at the table, smiling and evidently pleased. Q allows himself to smile back and taps his glass against Bond’s, producing a ring of a superbly elegant note. He takes a sip; the champagne tastes excellent, and he bites back a laugh as the bubbles tickle his palate. Trust James bloody Bond to go work bodyguard duty at a diplomatic soirée and come back with a brazenly stolen bottle of champagne - ice bucket, glasses and all.

“You know, this will only make Mallory more angry with you,” he remarks after a while of enjoying their drink in companionable silence.

“What Mallory doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Bond says smoothly and charmingly refills Q’s not exactly empty glass.

“True,” Q says and smiles, maybe a little sultry, over the rim of his glass.

Bond smiles back. Q-Branch continues to be soft and quiet around them.


The many burns of Onodera Ritsu… Part 3!

As a testament to how much time I can waste rewatching the same stuff and then creating posts about it, here we have part 3 already neatly packaged for your viewing pleasure.. Once again, our sweet child Onodera gets roasted by Takano and when someone tries to offer help, his colleagues are just like “what are you talking about?” Lol! Even Isaka-san (in a way that only Isaka can do) manages to fry Onodera in front of his colleagues by outing him as a publisher’s son - even though it’s supposed to be a moment where Isaka is lending his support to Onodera! That’s a gift that Isaka has right there… supporting and alienating Onodera with one blow!

Ahh this show never fails to make my day… Anyway, do enjoy! And perhaps I’ll be back with a part 4 at some point? Until then…

Part 1 and Part 2 can be found here (in case you’re interested).

vignettes. || bill skarsgård.(almost-morning.)

description: a series of fun, fluffy (or whatever else your heart desires) one-shots and imagines inspired by reader requests and prompts.

title: almost-morning.

warnings: one swear.

requested by: my bored self. please leave a request so I can remedy someone else’s.


It was the time of the morning that fell between late and early — a bit too far gone to be just a late night, and a bit too dark still to be an early morning.

Bill was creeping through the house, shedding his clothes as he went (he’d pick them up once the sun came up), trying to leave his shitty day behind him before he stepped over the threshold of your bedroom and slipped under the covers.

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Can we just talk about how perfect Community’s 6x04 “Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing” is?

Like there’s so much to it, from Chang’s concern that he was only cast as Miyagi because he’s asian, to Abed (canonically recognized as having ASD) having intense empathy for the baby birds (with the wonderfully tragic subtle parallel of his mother having left him when he was young).

But the best part was the amazing discussion of sexuality and it’s complexities.

Dean Pelton has always been assumed as somewhat queer. He is very attracted to Jeff and he often dresses in drag. But sexuality is so much more complicated than just liking boys or girls. There are more than two genders, more than monogamy, more than monosexuality, more than physical attraction, etc etc. And while any kind of positive LGBTQIA representation is awesome, it’s usually something like what the school board tries to do in the episode. They want the Dean to be a neatly packaged, cardboard cut out of the gay white cis male. But that denies so much of who he is and also reduces him to a symbol of how not homophobic they are rather than a complete person.

I cannot get over how well Frankie sums up how problematic this is

“When a person becomes symbolic, they gain symbolic power at the price of independent power.”

Omg. I am obsessed with how perfect that line is. Frankie Dart is my hero. Plus, she subtly comes out to Jeff and the Dean as queer like it ain’t no thing. New fave characacter. 

But most importantly is the vagueness of the Dean’s metaphor. Personally, I took the never ending handkerchief metaphor to mean his sexuality is complex and constantly evolving, while still having some things in common with being straight up gay. Both handkerchiefs and rabbits can be pulled from a hat. But the rabbit is pulled out once and done so it is much simpler, while the handkerchief progresses over time (hence “never ending” handkerchief). Additionally, the rabbit out of a hat is a magic show trope; it is the example non-magicians use as what a magician does (like how heterosexuals only think of queer people as simply gay). Whereas the handkerchief trick, while there is sometimes of an awareness of it, isn’t really as commonly thought about or represented. There’s even a ton of variety within how the handkerchief trick is performed; it doesn’t even have to be out of a hat but can be from a sleeve, mouth, pocket, or behind an audience member’s ear. I think I’m letting this metaphor run away with me, but you get the idea.

I also like that they don’t say what else the Dean is. Because, as Frankie said, your sexuality “is nobody’s business.” The Dean is simply himself. 

Sexuality and gender is a spectrum that extends in a multitude of directions, not just gay or straight. And when we stop having to label and understand something in order to accept it, then we will have truly made progress.

I need proof that love can last
so I look everywhere. there is
a package lying neatly on my
doorstep but everything is such
a disappointment these days.
in another world, someone
can’t fall asleep without me.
in another world, I swallowed
all my words back, pulling on
them like the string of a balloon.
you didn’t deserve it, not any of it,
and I’m sorry to this day.
—  Fortesa Latifi
side 14 || hannah baker

prompt: Hi can you do a Hannah baker x reader. the reader is Hannah’s little sister by a 2 years and adopted just about Hannah leaving the last tape to her nothing bad just telling her she loves her and that it was not her fault that she died nice sisterly tape is that makes since💚

warnings: character death

a/n: i hope you enjoy !! i also suck at titles but as always requests are open and feedback is appreciated , also this is kinda short bc its like straight to the point. ALSO the 14th tape/side isn’t Bryce’s confession just hannahs message to you

You were devastated when you found out about Hannah. She was your older sister and you looked up to her. You were somewhat aware about all the things that had happened to her, you didn’t think she would act like this. You were angry at yourself, you could’ve done something to prevent this if you had just spoken and told your parents. But after Hannah’s death, you went through your week with looks of sadness from other people and at least 5 people telling you, “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

You get people were trying to be nice but really you knew they didn’t really give a fuck, since they were the ones who had believed all the rumors about Hannah. You had also noticed that Clay had started talking to you more, which you found really weird. Since he was Hannah’s best friend and you were pretty sure she liked him. But you went on with your life trying to ignore the pity looks everyone gave you.

Two weeks had passed since Hannah’s death and you came home to a neatly wrapped package on your doorstep. The box had your name on it but no return address or any clue to whom it came from. You brought the wrapped package to your room, opening it to reveal a damaged shoe box. You opened it examining the contents inside, 7 tapes with numbers on them. You took out a tape player you had in your room and put the first tape it, the number 1 showing upward.

You listened to the tapes and finally you reached side 14. You were pretty sure this was your tape and you were nervous as hell and angry. You pressed play on the walkman, and you heard Hannah’s voice. “Hey, welcome to the last tape. Happy you stayed and made it this far. This last side is dedicated my dear sister Y/N. I know you feel anxious now Y/N, don’t worry. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Hearing those words made your heartbeat slow down.

“Yeah I know. Why put someone who had nothing to do with it on these tapes? This is the same case with helmet. But truly Y/N, I love you. I hope you know I appreciate you helping me but honestly it wasn’t enough. Please know that this wasn’t your fault, I chose to do this and just be happy and move on for me please.“ Tears were streaming down your face at this point, your eyes puffy and your nose stuffed.

“I remember when we adopted you Y/N. I was 6 and you were 4 at the moment. God, I was so excited when I found out that you were gonna be my little sister. That day always brought up my mood. Y/N, you were the best sister I ever had, even though you were my younger sister.” She said laughing a little. “This wasn’t your fault, you deserve to live your life Y/N. I love you Y/N.” The tape stopped, and you sat calmly. You were relieved but also disappointed.

You spent the rest of the day, the tapes back in their shoebox and the box sat in your closet. You thought back on memories of you and Hannah. Her coming back and gushing to you about Justin Foely and her first kiss. Then everything went downhill. You thought that if something had changed you could’ve prevented all of it but you knew nothing would’ve changed. And you were ready to live with it.

Hogwarts Girls aesthetics

Slytherin girls with the highest of high stilettos that could easily stab you, black lace bralettes that are uncomfortable but they wear them anyway, green and silver tartan skirts, countless piercings with outrageous earrings in them, the sharpest winged eyeliner and the darkest berry lips, secretly loving scream queens but they can’t say it, loves neatly untying packages and pretending to be surprised at what it is but actually knew it all along.

Hufflepuff girls with beaten up white converses that closer resemble grey, handmade flower crowns, mini cacti collections, pastel dorm decorations, endless fairy lights, a very large collection of nude lipsticks, beach waves in their hair and sand in between their toes, projectors in their rooms so they can have a cinema-like experience while bingeing the newest Netflix series, having fluffy Pom poms on their book bags, sharing wardrobes with their dorm-mates, helping each other no matter the personal cost

Ravenclaw girls with coloured sticky notes of favourite pages of books, extensive notebook collections all filled to bursting with notes and doodles, coffee makers that never stops making coffee because they charmed it to, long, black raincoats with fluffy hoods, perfectly organised bookshelves with everything from fiction to folders upon folders of notes which they’ve categorised, all of the dorm members curled up on one bed watching a sappy movie and pointing out everything that is unrealistic about them.

Gryffindor girls who slay on the Quidditch pitch but can’t dance to save their lives (this doesn’t stop them tho) with enough colours of nail polish to have a different one everyday, owns a few notebooks but instead of taking notes in them play x’s and o’s with their friends, asking out a person for their friend if they’re shy, sneaking into the kitchen simply to get donuts, putting a silencing charm on the dorm doors so they can have late night singstar battles in their PJ’s, lying on the soft red carpet of the common room sharing their hopes and dreams.