neater than this tho


Commissions are currently Open ( But I am picky with requests currently ). Feel free to note me here on tumblr or send a email to terrterriri[@]


Pricing ( All in USD ) and are to be paid via PayPal


20$ Waist and up, 30$ full body cell shaded. normal style. More detailed coloring ( Like the first example with a proper BG ) is Extra $8~12 depending on details.

$15 flat colored chibi (like the au ra example ), $20 for detailed, fully colored ( like tha lalafell chibi trio examples )

Colored sketches will be $15 a pop if anyone wants those too. Flatish colors with neater lineart than usual tho ( like those cheapy ones I did a year ago for fun)

BG prices will vary depending on type of coloring/whatever and details in it. We’ll negotiate that based on what commissioners want tho

Note- If you request a super detailed armor/outfit, the price (all types of commissions ) may rise depending on the design.

I am fine with drawing most subjects, although I will not draw straight up freaky fetish sex scenes lol.

BL/GL pairings is ok as well.