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juicemat  asked:

where did you buy individual copies of the new cipher cards? (potion boy ricken is so cute! what the heck!!!!)

I got mine at TCG republic. It’s a neat site.


My entry to the Simblr Slack Meatspace Challenge Week 3!

This weeks challenge was to decorate the inside of a room without changing the layout, wallpaper, floors, windows, doors, or lighting!

I went for a bedroom, probably a teen or young adults room to be specific! I had a lot of fun with this one I haven’t decorated in a while so it really helped get me into it again! The only thing I had a struggle with is not changing the lighting! So. Dark.

Slack is a really neat messaging site/ap and us simblrs are using it as a fun and easy way to talk to each other! If you guys want in on this send a message to either funboysims or chromasims for an invite! ♥


PLEDIS’ monster rookies SEVENTEEN teases “17 CARAT” debut with jacket photo and mini album track list!

These talented boys write all their own songs, choreograph their own dances and work together to continuously self-improve

If you are still new to them, check out their MBC show “Seventeen Debut Project” as well as their 3 year long online series

More info can also be found on this super neat tumblr fan site of their’s!

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This clip hits like 4-5 really neat sites along the Australian coast.

Helpful tips on how to delete your copyrighted audio posts:

So if you’re like me and have had the same blog for four years and is panicking about the audio post termination talk going around tumblr, then you’ll definitely be wanting to read up on these tips on how to make the process a little less painful with going through pages and pages of your blog to delete.

xkit extensions - There are some pretty helpful extensions from xkit that can make this process A LOT faster and cleaner. By having the mass-post editor extension enabled, you’ll be able to select just audio posts by the mass and delete them that way. ( This is if you’re wanting to just purge all of your audio posts at once, like I did ) It also helps to pick which ones you know were posted by you and delete them all at once. - This neat little site will also help locate ALL of the audio posts you have reblogged or posted over the years. Just type in your URL into the search bar ( or type in this url: ) it will  have the hotlink to the actual post itself, so deletion is easy.

This can also work by just typing in this URL into tumblr: ( your-url/ )

I hope this helps!