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Here’s my March spread in my bullet journal!! This month’s colours are yellow and light green with many plant doodles and little yellow flowers.

This month is gonna be crazy for me!! Term one is going to be over soon and before I know it, it’ll be April…

neat beat: Slowtown by twenty one pilots

Easy ways to bring magic into your life

Just few things I like to do in everyday life (well almost every day) 

  • Talking to your plants (if you have any). It’s good way to strengthen the bond between you and make your plants grow stronger
  • Making little charms for myself and for others to give as gifts. You can charge them with intent or scribble a sigil on them
  • Drawing sigils
  • Sending positive energy to people close to me
  • Drawing how you’re feeling (this will bring the energy you’re feeling onto the paper/screen)
  • Wishing people good luck or just generally being here for others (I believe magic is mostly about energies so just by supporting someone you’re sharing your energy)
  • Picking up neat rocks/plants/leafs you find to use later

Feel free to add more stuff :3

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Lake witch + Death witch. I dont have sea's I just have a lot of lakes. I love them. <3

💀 lake water as offerings to spirits

💀 nighttime swims

💀 neat rocks and plants left by graves

💀 always collecting lake water for spells

💀 trying to scry in the water’s surface


Cuscuta aka Dodder

A yellow ‘spot’ appeared in my backyard and I had no idea what it was. I took some pictures to my botanist coworker and it turns out this mass of spaghetti like plant is Cuscuta, a parasitic plant. My backyard is a floodplain for the creek that runs through it and apparently the perfect place for this plant to grow.

I have never seen this plant before and while some people think it’s ugly, I think it’s fascinating!

Also it totally pays to work with a botanist :)

Breathe Me

A/n : I was asked to write a fic based on the song Breathe me by Sia. It being mental health month I thought I would right a piece on depression . I tried to do something a bit experimental and I really hope you all like it. 

Beat read by @lostdreamsanddeadroses also if ya like cute edits go to her page she has a 100 follower celebration <3

Disclaimer : A lot of sad depressing thoughts, Mentions of self harm


Security breach. The Enemy has taken over.

Status updated: Camera’s have been snowed, line of vision lost.

Cannot make out incoming objects, sense of direction hazy.

They’ve taken the control panels.

Sensory receptors have been numbed we cannot detect signals.

We are sinking captain.

Wait.. we’re getting a signal .


Facial recognition.

Fair skin, hawk eyes, furrowed brows and worry lines.

At ease, it’s a friendly.

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