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Little detail I just noticed from Heathers the Musical

Kurt and Ram are the only two people to notice/react to musical numbers/monologing.

Ram apparently hears Veronica’s introduction of him since he definitely picked up on being called “a huge dick” in her monolgue, meanwhile Kurt spends his last moments of life being very confused while JD sings part of “Our Love is God” while he’s about to shoot him.

Photoshop’s Eyedropper Tool Tip

SO I just learned a neat little thing that BLEW MY MIND - basically Photoshop is the gift that keeps on giving!

According to this twitter thread (and I’ve tried it and it worked for me), you can use the eyedropper tool to pick a colour outside of Photoshop like, say, a reference you have in your browser!

To do this, simply select the eyedropper tool when you’re working, then click (and hold) and drag it outside of your Photoshop window to wherever you like and it’ll pick the colours it finds!

This saves you the trouble of having to copy a reference image from your browser into Photoshop so you can simply grab a colour - this way you just have to drag the eyedropper!

(Be warned that some people experienced lag and/or crashes when they did this. I’m also not sure if it works for Mac users.)

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hey, i'm sorry for bothering you, but what is a fidget spinner? thank you !!

ahh you’re not a bother ^-^

they look like this. it’s a stress reliever/adhd type toy where you basically just like spin it around and it’s something to release pent up energy like you know some ppl will feel the need to constantly move their hands or fidget and this is supposed to help with that. now it’s more just a toy that everyone seems to be getting but that’s what the original design for it was! 

Chapter Fifteen

The next few days passed in agonizing slowness. Firepaw was only allowed out into the woods to make dirt or briefly train with Bluestar before being sent back to care for ThunderClan’s new prisoner. Even though she really only wanted food, peace and quiet, Firepaw was to watch her every movement and make sure she didn’t sneak off. To do what, Bluestar never specified.

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“Director talks about the Justice League Dark movie”


I was feeling nostalgic the other day and decided to re-watch some Mailbag videos, and came across this little moment (24:05) that is still like a really cool moment in my life. Like, it blows my mind that was nearly 3 years ago when I was solo running this blog and got 3000 followers, and decided to piece together this neat little letter thing.  Mailbag was just such a nice time where we banded as a community and sent metric tons worth of stuff to these 4 guys just cause they bring up our days even just a little bit for an hour or more a day. And like even though my life’s flown through like 8 chapters from then I’m still here still watching and still blogging. Idk, it’s just a really nice nostalgia thing. Kind of a ramble but, you guys catch my drift right?

- Zai

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CAN I JUST SAY THAT I SPENT THREE HOURS GOING THROUGH YOUR ASKS AND ART AND YOU SEEM LIKE THE NICEST PERSON EVER and then i met this one person in rl and she was following you and we bonded and it was very nice ily and your art so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This is honestly surreal for me oh my g o d - I’m glad I could??? help you make a new friend??? Holy shit I don’t know how to answer this uHHHHH!!!!!!!! thank you??? yes, tHANK YOU!!!! that’s definitely the most important part, I’m super happy you like my stuff!!!! <3<3<3

Anon said: i would like to say that I really really love your art and it inspires me so sooo much and yeah, thanks for sharing your art with the world

Gosh!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! And I don’t kind what kind of inspired you mean but whichever it is I’m happy I can make you feel like that!!! Oh boy!!!!!

Anon said: Is it okay to use your art as a phone background? I’m asking bc i saw your no reposting post and I was wondering if using it for phone bgs etc is allowed?

Sure!! As long as it’s for private use I don’t mind at all!!!!

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Hey will you update previous chapters on Hiveworks as well? I'm kinda attached to the "origins" of the comic and my heart would break otherwise. Ps. Of course I will follow you on your own website and I'll always support you guys! Sending love.

Yes, the entire comic with all of its chapter extras (like Ask the Cast and character poll) will be found on the page! The comic can be read in its entirety, and there’ll also be neat little things like a PROPER CAST PAGE and when we have the time and energy to do it, extras page for worldbuilding notes, illustrations, etc, and we can e.g. share fanart/other content made by readers as well!
And there will be Disqus, so you can comment on any page!

Thanks for your support and love! We love you too!


            to analyze music is a beautiful thing

‘ night winds is, to put it simply, a beautiful song that captures the beauty of underappreciated things in nature, like the starry sky during cold nights and the ocean tide against white sand. and it’s perfect for nate. the melody and lyrics seems to resonate with nate’s entire being. melancholy yet beautiful, it captures his essence and his overall aesthetic. there is the occasional crescendo that could symbolize the strength in his heart and mind and body. to keep fighting the incoming tide of depression and live another day smiling and alive takes a certain strength. 

nature aesthetics.

bold the natural aesthetics that appeal to / apply to your muse.  repost, do not reblog. feel free to add any natural features you see fit !

fluffy white nimbus clouds. dark grey cumulonimbus clouds. rainclouds. a hurricane. light spring breeze. a sherbet-colored sky at sunrise. hazy yellow skies. deep blue ponds of fresh water. blankets of sparkling snow. tornado winds. monsoon flooding. rich, orange sunsets. soft, purple clouds at dusk. heavy hail. the rumbling of thunder. icy sleet. gentle snowfall. moss-dusted tree bark. pink sunset clouds. grey winter skies. navy blue skies in the daytime. cool mist in the morning. leaf-bare trees. giant ocean waves. the full moon. a cracked, dry desert. rolling hills of prairie grass. sweeping waves of briny seawater. rocky, steep ravines. rippling canyon walls. spindly, cave stalactites. creeping, green ivy. lush canopies of leafy trees. dense, white fog. a peaceful creek of clear water. flowering cacti dusted with dew, catching light in the morning sun. a bubbling, hot pool of volcanic sulfur. sharp, grey mountainsides. fossils nestled in chunks of rock. a white sand beach. deep imprints of animal tracks in the dirt. soft, squishy moss. uniform rows of birch trees in winter. delicate mushrooms popping up in spring from beneath the decay on the forest floor. tumbleweeds jerking in the faintest wind across the desert landscape. light rain. summer wildfires. a mixing of hot and cool air before a storm. silent lightning in the static of summer heat. a windy blizzard. thick flakes of snow tumbling down from the sky. a tree standing alone in a barren, yellow field. a desert of loose sand and tall, orange dunes. a pure blue sky. a river of molten rock. a grove of flowering trees. twisting, mangled roots sticking up from the muddy ground. bitter, cold winds. tumultuous skies of stormy clouds. branches of lightning ripping across the sky. a foggy swamp. the tree-bare foothills of a mountain range. sandy brown cliffsides. rocky coastlines. the violent shaking of an earthquake. the mysterious sound of ethereal trumpets in the sky. the lights of the auroras borealis and australis. a black sand beach. a lone tropical island in the reef of shallow, aqua waters. underwater volcanic vents. a herd of migrating mammals. tree branches growing heavy with ripe fruit. light streaming down through the clouds. a field of lush grain wading peacefully in the summer breeze. the sound of insects and frogs teeming in the night. natural diamonds nestled in coarse desert sands. a frozen lake.

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Neat little Hamilton staging things (Act I)

Alexander Hamilton

  • there’s a fucking pause for applause when Ham comes out for the first time
  • like, it goes “what’s your name man? Alexander Hamilton………….(*insert continued wild applause here*)………….. my name is Alexander Hamilton”
  • during the “but his mother went quick” line, one of the dancers is lifted and carried away from Ham, like his mother being carried off by death :))))
  • “moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide”: a chair is placed center stage and one of the dancers climbs on and mimes hanging himself. it’s very powerful.
  • everyone is wearing white except for Burr, until Eliza comes and gives Alexander a colorful coat, thus making him stand out from the rest of the company (that fucking symbolism tho)
  • Angelica hands Ham a book, and if I remember correctly, Laurens hands him a rucksack

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Alright so i recently made a post about the neat little thing i made

So you start out with about three shells. they can be any size as long as they are about the same size. Ive actually been considering making a large one with abalone shells!

here are the shells i’ll be using. I just bought these from a craft store

Now you gotta lay down something because sometimes the superglue will roll down the shell and you could end up gluing it to the table, which is no bueno. Then, you arrange it like this:

Then you take some glue and apply it to the center and wherever they touch.

Then you let it dry! just give it a good 5 minutes or however long it takes your glue.

And there you go! one layer of cool shell thing

if you want a stacked thing like i made, then you make as many of these as you want, and in between each one you glue a flat rock or a piece of sea glass or whatever you want!

so like this. and you can just go from there!

So i’ve sorta assumed that it only works if you start from larger shell layer on the bottom and stack up to the smallest one. and thats about it so have fun making crafts with your shells!

EDIT so I mentioned something about using abalone shells but I forgot to say that in some places it is endangered so whenever you use shells and such be sure to do a little quick research to make sure that what you are using is permitted by law or is good for the environment or local ecosystem