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hi seo! i was wondering how do you take notes for math? do you take class notes and rewrite them in your notebook (they look so neat girl~!)? idk if you already have your finals yet, but i hope you did/do well <3

i take notes in-class based on the teacher’s lecture for the day. i rarely re-write my notes (if ever) because it’s not as helpful for me. otherwise, i just copy down what the teacher has on the whiteboard. it’s not anything particularly fancy haha ;u; 

i haven’t had my finals yet since they’re around the end of june, but i do have 2 math finals coming up ;; thanks though!


I’m so impressed at how people can do the thing where they write actual notes in immaculate handwriting because like my notes are neat-ish but GIRL I’m busy trying to keep up with the lecture and not daydream or panic and oh wait I’m hot nope I’m cold now aw shit I dropped my pen oh no wait what did he just say ahhh I still haven’t made that phone call ew that islamophobic asshole opened his mouth #cashmeoutsidehowbowdah wait wait wait what did the professor just say bc I’m pretty sure my notes are off and nooooo he erased it before I could copy it down ok ok focus it’s fine we good and ur notes still good hey u know what’s not good? Ur bank account HAHAHAHA shut up oh hello depression my old friend can I help u? also u know what’s cute *starts writing Newtina fanfic in my head*

So like basically I’m so impressed by people who take pretty notes

That same thought process happens most of the time and once I write my notes once bing bam boom we done until I do my index cards

So round of applause for all y'all

sometimes i think i might be a lesbian but who tf knows

A funny conversation between Swap Mable and an obvious jealous Swap Connie 

My partner says I look like a Pokémon trainer in my harness vests ♥

Remember getting a happy meal and always having to ask your mom if you can have a “boys toy” even though you’re a girl because more often than not they were at least 20× better