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Platonic! Shadamy headcanon:
Whenever Shadow is irritated and/or frustrated he goes over to Amy’s house to vent . Amy doesn’t mind , this is partly due because every time shadow vents he has the tendency to clean her house or wash her dishes as he rants on about his day.

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I'd like to request the boy's s/o giving them a copy of their apartment key! I always find that to be a cute, this-relationship-is-getting-serious-now type thing! Thank you!

I’m gonna just do HCs for this one. Hope that’s okay!


- Is honestly floored you’d give him a key to your place. It’s probably one of the first adult things that’s ever happened to him that isn’t tied to being groomed to being King.

- Because of this, he LOVES that key. He keeps it in his pocket all the time, reaches in occasionally just to make sure it’s still there and that the morning after you let him sleep over and presented the key to him was actually real. It’s one of the most touching things anybody has ever given to him.

- He lets himself into your place whenever he likes – which is usually at night  when he wants to cuddle with you or when he’s been out with you in the first place, but doesn’t bring the guys along with him. This is your home, and he’s not about to drag people or stuff from his place and invade your space. Besides, Noct likes knowing you’ve got a place all to yourself where he can um…have you all to himself.


- You offer the key to him over breakfast one morning when you’re staying at his apartment. The two of you take turns sleeping in his apartment or yours, or whichever happens to be closest.

- You had a few of your things in his apartment already – spare clothes, a couple books, a plant you bought that got better sunlight at his place than yours. He does the same at your place.

- When you place the key in his hands, Ignis flashes one of those rarely seen smiles that makes your heart melt. It’s such a domestic thing and he adores it, but he’s careful with when he drops by. Iggy usually calls ahead or texts to ask if it’s okay, which is baffling to you.

- “Just let yourself in, sweetheart. I gave you the key for a reason.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “Absolutely sure?” “Yes, Iggy!”


- Sunshine tears up. This is one of the sweetest things in the world to him and he can’t handle it.

- Prompto’s stronger than he looks. The hug he gives you is so tight, and if his voice could go any higher he’d be squealing.

- He drops by unannounced ALL THE TIME. Even when you aren’t home, but he texts you right after he leaves.

- Whenever he drops by, he leaves a gift somewhere. One day it’s flowers, next day it’s a cheesy love letter, next it’s a little stuffed chocobo on the couch. Just little things. It’s unbelievably sweet.


- He’s gonna try to play this absolutely cool when you give him a key to your place. Inside there’s a billion butterflies in his stomach. This is something really heartwarming for him.

- Like Prompto, he’ll sneak in when he knows you aren’t home and drop by gifts – flowers and chocolates mostly. A copy of the book he’s been reading so the two of you can talk about it.

- Apart from that, he doesn’t drop by unless you’ve given him permission or he’s just with you and the two of you decide to head back to your place.

- Closet neat freak. Picked it up from Iggy. Once when he dropped by just to leave some roses for you, he noticed you left some dirty dishes in the sink. You walk in to him cleaning your kitchen and he’s wearing your apron. It’s comical.

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s & m boys keep their children healthy because they are ill?

I decided to treat you guys since my last day of finals is tomorrow. Wish me luck! I’ll be off of hiatus soon.


Shu: Sickness in vampires were uncommon, but Shu figured that his child’s human genetics were the reason behind the illness. Shu would stay at his child’s bedside and change their towels frequently to keep their forehead’s temperature down. To put his child to sleep, he would tell them stories about his life or crazy moments with his brothers. Shu is more of a comforter in this situation, and he leaves the cooking and medicine duties to his wife.

Reiji: Responsible as always, Reiji would make sure that his child is well taken care of. He provides them with chicken noodle soup, medicine, and tons of water and orange juice to make them feel better quickly. Reiji would also collect his child’s missing classwork and homework, and he makes sure that his child catches up on everything from school. He would also be constantly in touch with his child’s pediatrician and take them to their scheduled appointments.

Ayato: Ayato is a little flustered with a sick child, and maybe a little clueless too. He refuses to leave his child’s side though, and would tell them to drink Gatorade because the electrolytes are good for their human side. If his child is bedridden, he would play games with them to cheer them up. And when his spouse isn’t around to scold them, Ayato would sneak out and splurge his child with fast food if they desired for some. He gets yelled at later for doing that though.

Kanato: His child is sick with the flu? Disgusting. Kanato won’t even be near his child during this dire time. He would make his spouse take care and nurse their child back to health because he hates the awful smell of throw up. A closet neat-freak, Kanato would wait it out to see his child again. However, with the presence of his cheerful child gone, Kanato might start to miss them. He’d order a maid to deliver sweets to his child as soon as they were getting better.

Laito: Laito frequently pops in and out of his child’s room, leaving most of the care to his spouse and the maids. Sometimes he will sit down on his child’s bed and tell them about his day or if he notices that his child seems lonely, he will bring stacks of crossword puzzles and do it together with his child. If asked, he’s willing to pick up medicine from the pharmacy or fetch extra blankets for his child. He would also promise to spoil them later once they get better.

Subaru: Subaru is at a loss when his vampire child is sick, but he tries his best to make them comfortable. He’s there when they’re throwing up in the toilet or asking for a backrub to fall asleep faster, and even though there are little to no words exchanged between him and his child, they are undeniably bonding. Subaru likes to pat his child’s head when they’re sleeping and quietly urges them to get better soon so that they can go outside and play again.


Ruki: The moment he hears that his child is ill, Ruki whips out his outstanding cooking skills and creates the best soups for his child to drink. He is strict with his child’s diet and medicine intake and like Reiji, he will also collect any missed work from his child’s school. Ruki likes giving his child herbal tea too and he will read them some books or novels of their choice. His child is quick to heal thanks to his care.

Kou: Kou cannot afford to get sick because of his work as an idol, so he basically works behind the scenes for his sick child. He will grab their medicine from the pharmacy or go shopping for applesauce or canned soup; anything to make his child feel better soon. He greets them good morning and goodnight every day though, and often tells his spouse to send his love to their child as often as his spouse can. He really misses his child’s lovely singing voice too.

Yuma: Yuma goes into a full work mode 24/7 when his kid is sick, and he forces them to take their nasty medicinal drinks too. He’s a little rough and not as patient as his brothers, but he’s willing to do anything to make them feel better. He cooks for them with fresh vegetables from his garden, and he cleans their room too. He’s at his child’s beck and call, much to the amusement of his lovely spouse. Overall, Yuma is a great caretaker and his child never forgets it.

Azusa: Azusa is very concerned when he sees his child in pain, so he makes sure he can do all that he can to help alleviate the situation. He runs bubble baths for his sick child every evening, and he also cuddles with them when they go to bed. It’s not surprising for his spouse to find him and their child asleep together too. Though his spouse would have to keep an eye on him to make sure his masochistic side doesn’t come out and is implemented on their ill child.

-Admin Yuuzuki

I wanna draw what I think the neighbors rooms look, but I can’t draw scenery for shit so i’m just gonna type ‘em down

Eduardo’s room: The walls are painted dark green.  His beds pretty much never made and the sheets are also green with small embroidered flowers on them. The bedside table has a case of oil paints and a broken alarm clock on it. The walls have pictures of family and friends hanging on them, there’s an old picture of Him, Mark, and Jon all hanging out, Eduardo’s quite fond of that photo (but he won’t admit it tho lol).

The closet is a disaster filled with clothes and shoe piles, empty paint tubes, dirty old paint brushes, and a box of photos with people he’s cut out of his life. There’s a alot of canvases of finished pretty pictures in the corners of his room. The paintings are usually of animals or scenery but there are a couple that of his friends, he hasn’t showed them to anybody.  Paint stains scatter the floor. His rooms looks like an art hoe’s room basically….

Jon’s Room: The walls are a light blue. There’s lil polka dot patterns and doodles Jon drew on the walls with sharpie.  There’s also a doodle by Eduardo (it took Jon awhile to convince him to draw it ha) The doodles of a mermaid.  Jon’s acoustic guitar Suzy is just laying out on the floor…out in the open…how he not accidentally stepped on her by now.  His closet it always open showing his three tops for the world to see

His bed is pretty small and old.  He only sleeps with one white sheet, he gets hot very easily.  The cover is always on his floor when he wakes up and he doesn’t bother to pick it up until he goes to bed again that night. There’s a night light in his room that Eduardo relentlessly teases him ab (he just can’t shake his fear of the dark).  His bedside table 2 empty red bulls on it and the drawers are filled crumbled up reciepts and even more empty red bulls lol. He’s also got his polaroid camera along with old polaroids of him, Mark, and Eduardo in there!

Mark’s Room: Huge contrast to Matt’s room, it’s pretty empty…blank..Mark do you own things?? The walls are a dusty lavender color, at the bottoms there’s some sort of fancy pattern.  His floors are always clean and soft because he vaccums them once a week.  His closets very neat and his clothes are always hanged and ordered in a certain pattern.  He has 4000 turtlenecks and a single black coat…There’s an old broken stereo in the corner of the closet along with a box of old nick knacks he used to collect.

He’s got a bookcase thats half way filled with classic novels (and a few comics he won’t admit he has) all the books are order by height.  His bed is always made and tucked as neatly as possible.  The sheets are big and puffy to go with his big bed, the sheets are a deep purple color with light purple stripes on them. His bedside table has his glasses and a glass of water on it. On top of his drawers are individual framed photos of Him, Jon, and Eduardo.

Bonus: Mark hates how messy Jon  and Eduardo’s rooms are. He secretly hates the fact that Jon draws on the walls.  He can’t stand the paint stains all over Eduardo’s floor.  Jon please pick up Suzy and put here somewhere safe! AND DON’T EVEN GET HIM STARTED ON EDUARDO’S CLOSTET, THOSE PILES!!! He’s offered to clean there rooms for them but Jon’s like “..but I like my room the way it is” and Eduardo’s like “GO INTO MY ROOM AGAIN AND U DIE”

Still Be Here in the Morning

Written for a prompt by @runtosleepdreamer!

Summary:  Dean’s been more affected by the repeated deaths of his loved ones than he’d care to admit.  After he has a panic attack on a hunt, Cas consoles him with emotional support and a night of rough sex.  Lots of fluff, lots of smut, and hopefully, lots of feels.

Death was rarely a permanent staple in Dean Winchester’s life, but it still affected him.  

He’d be lying if he said he didn’t still have nightmares about the ones he lost, even if he did end up getting them back again, of people he loved dying in front of him and the indescribable hollowness he felt afterwards.

Nothing could compare to watching someone you love die and being powerless to stop it, and this was something all the Winchesters had experienced on multiple occasions.  It seemed to run in the family. 

Moreover, the danger of hunts was affecting him more than it used to.

Take today, for example.

They’d been on the trail of a wendigo – a very large specimen, but a rudimentary kill by their standards.  They’d cornered it in the back woods, Sam and Dean flanking it with their guns while Cas attacked from behind.

That was the first moment his heart sunk:  seeing that determined, angelic strut, angel blade in hand, that he’d done right before he’d been offed the last time.

Dean tried to shake off the growing feelings of panic, to focus on the hunt, but when the wendigo turned on Cas they overtook him:  he could feel his heart thudding in his chest, lungs heaving, the rush of blood deafening in his ears.

He fell to his knees, peripherally aware of Sam and Cas fighting the wendigo without him, while he sat there, useless, unable to help.  

It wasn’t until he felt their hands on his shoulders that he began to drift back down to earth, pit of dread in his stomach slowly subsiding.

“Dean, are you alright?”  someone said, but he couldn’t be sure who.

He looked up to see Sam and Cas looking down at him with the same worried eyes, and then over to where the wendigo lay.  They’d had to kill it without him, because he was being a panicky little bitch for no good reason.  It was humiliating.

“Are you alright, Dean?”  someone asked again, and this time he could be sure it was Cas. 

“M’fine,” Dean muttered, getting to his feet.  “Just didn’t get enough sleep last night, is all.”  Their looks of concern remained undaunted, and Dean huffed, “Look, can we please just go home?  We’ll all feel a lot better once I’m back in bed.”  

“Dean, you can’t just -”  Sam started to say, but Dean was already storming back towards the car, head down and not casting them a second glance.

If anyone ever mentioned this again, it would be too soon.


“Dean, we need to talk about earlier.”

When Cas says this, their back in their bedroom, Dean sitting on the bed and folding his socks.  He really is a closet neat freak, though he’d go to his grave before he’ll admit it.  

“Huh?  What about?”  he asks casually, though Cas senses he knows exactly what he means.  

“Dean, to better understand your issues, I read 94 books on the human psyche centralizing predominantly around post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety,” Cas explains, in that no-nonsense tone of voice that leaves no room for debate.  “What you had today was a panic attack.” 

“What?  No I didn’t,” Dean scoffs, not convincing in the slightest.  “Sammy used to get panic attacks.  They’re for little kids, man.”

Cas scowls.  “Dean, you are well aware that is most emphatically not true.  Now, would you care to tell me what happened, or will I have to drag you to a psychiatrist myself?”

Dean seems to give in a little, his shoulders slumping in capitulation.  He still tries to keep his tone casual, however, as he shrugs, “I just…don’t like feelin’ like I’ve lost you, is all.”

Cas sighs, softening a little.  He moves forward to sit on the bed, memory foam shifting under his weight.  Dean is clearly upset, looking down at the bed and not meeting his eyes.

“Dean,” he murmurs, putting a hand on Dean’s knee.  “I promise that you will never truly lose me.  I may have to leave, and I may, occasionally, die.  But I have always come back before, and I will always come back in the future.  Do you understand?”

Without context, the sentence ‘I may, occasionally, die’ could come off as a nihilistic joke, but the subject was too sore for Dean to spend all that much time laughing.

“I love you, Dean,” Cas continues.  “And I’m here.  I’ll always be here.”

Dean swallows, trying not to tear up.  He’s always hated how emotional he is, John’s grunt of ‘quit cryin’ like a damn girl’ still echoing in his mind.   

“Yeah, I know, buddy.”  Then, awkwardly,  “I love you, too.”  

There’s a long moment of silence before Dean can’t take it any longer, and subconsciously diverts to other matters entirely.  

Cas’s brows furrow as Dean shifts into a more seductive, reclined position, legs spreading suggestively out.  

“You know, uh, on second thought, I’m not one hundred percent sure how ‘here’ you are,” he offers, eyebrows waggling.  “Do you wanna, maybe, prove it to me somehow…?”

Cas sighs inwardly.  Dean has always done this, used his body, his sexuality, as a distraction from unpleasant feelings.  He doubts whether it’s healthy, but if Dean really wants a distraction, he’s damn well going to give him one.  

With a growl, Cas grabs his ankles and flips him over on his stomach in one smooth motion, well aware that the show of strength turns Dean on.

With a flick of his wrist, Dean’s clothes are off, body a country road of soft freckled flesh and curves of muscle, his ass a pair of pert, supple mounds.

Cas wastes no time in shimmying up the bed to straddle him, growling in his ear,  “I’ll show you exactly how ‘here’ I am.”

And goddamn if Dean couldn’t suppress a whimper at that. 

Thirty minutes later, and Cas is coming for the second time that night, supernaturally hot semen spilling into Dean’s ass.  They’ve by now changed positions, of course, Dean’s legs hooked over Cas’s shoulders, his back pressed to the headboard. 

Feeling Cas’s release inside him, Dean comes as well, dick pulsing and ropes of come splattering his chest before they both collapse on the bed, sated and panting.  

“You good?”  Dean asks, voice still breathy as he looks down at Cas, now collapsed against chest. 

“I’m good,” Cas grumbles.  Looking up at him, blue eyes heavy lidded, he adds, “Are you?”

“Much better,” Dean smiles, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.  “Now, anyway:  that was just what the doctor ordered, I’ll tell you.”

“I’m glad.  But I hope you realize, Dean, we still need to talk about what happened.  Anxiety and panic attacks can be serious problems.”

“Pffft.  Serious problems,” Dean scoffs.  “You’re the one who keeps dyin’ on me, and I’m the one with problems.”

Dean realizes what he’s said only after it’s out of his mouth, and is about to stammer an apology.  Cas, however, doesn’t appear offended.  

“You’ve died quite a few times as well, if memory serves,” he points out, smiling softly.  “But we always find a way to get back to each other again, don’t we, Dean?” 

Dean slowly nods, swallowing wetly.  “Yeah.  Yeah, I guess we do.”

“And we always will.”  He presses a kiss to Dean’s lips, soft and sweet, in pleasant conjecture with the rough sex they’d been having just moments prior.  

Moments like this are all Dean ever needs. 

 “Go to sleep, Dean.  I’ll still be here in the morning.” 

l’homme de radio (M) | [2/2]


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SUMMARY: All she wanted to do was pass her classes, run the morning radio station, and get herself together. She never expected to fall for - not one- but two very different boys; the shy, sweetheart Park Jimin and the flirty, pain-in-the-ass Min Yoongi.

GENRE/WARNINGS: College!AU; Filled with a Yoonmin love triangle and a shit ton of smut, angst, and fluff.

WORDS: 14.2k.

A/N: The final part! I had so much fun co-writing this with Dannie aka @jiminables. We were both pretty divided when it came to deciding who Y/N was going to end up with (considering the fact that her bias is Jimin and mine is Yoongi lmao) but we’re both really happy with the way this turned out. We hope you guys enjoy it just as much as we do! :) xx.

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TL:DW BTS MV’s Edition

No More Dream: Forehead Hobi hadn’t died. Chubby cheek Jimin had abs and Jin showed us you can look somewhat “gangster” while driving a school bus.

We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2: Rapmon had a toothebrush on his head. Suga didn’t understand the concept of playing one sport at a time and Jungkook let us know that he was famous worldwide.

N.O.: School is hard, be yourself. Three dollar chains and cool violins. Clothes stolen from GD’s closet. Pretty neat dance/fight break.

Boy In Luv: Checking out your friend’s junk in the bathroom while your other friends harass and bully a girl into loving them. Give her a flower cause girls love that crap. Lots of tongue being stuck out action to really woo the stans.

Just One Day: A cutesy love fest featuring low tone Taehyung and flirty Namjoon. The fetuses first attempt at cuteness with overflowing aegyo.

Danger: Bad boy concept level 2000, Rapmon gave himself a tattoo, Suga couldn’t play basketball and Jin was edgy and burned up shopping carts.

War of Hormone: The fabric department failed Jungkook. Taehyung showed us the wonders of a sucker, and Jibooty made it’s glorious appearance.

I Need U: Almost everyone might be dead and your guess is as good as mine because nobody still has any idea what this video was about. 

Dope: Guess that costume party where we rap about how we work harder than you. Introduced a new level of kpop choreography. Loosened ties and cut off shorts to make your heart stop.

For You: When you’re too broke to buy stuff for your honey and the squad comes through because they know you’re getting paid 2 cents an hour to be a giant bear.

Epilogue Young Forever: Taehyung was sad. Jin was creepin. Suga’s shorts were too short and everybody was having way too much fun in an abandoned swimming pool.

Run: *See I need U’s description*

Fire: We’re big and famous now so let’s use the budget to blow up a car, set a dude on fire and iron ourselves in shirts.

Save Me: Umm…so we used the whole budget on “Fire” blowing up a car, setting a dude on fire and ironing our shirts, sooo let’s just dance in a field and hope we have an artsy aesthetic okay?

Fate - Epilogue

Chapter  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

You hurried your steps as your eyes fell once more towards your out-stretched arms trying to look at your watch. You were not going to miss your flight again- this week. You’ve missed your flight twice just this week and honestly, it was getting redundant and a waste of money; despite the fact that you had a lot of money to spare. This was the least productive ways to spend it. You tugged onto your luggage faster and quickly apologised as you bumped into a man whom looked at you with narrowed eyes as your shoulder collided his and as you passed him, you felt your luggage running over his foot but for your self-purpose; you ignored it. You weren’t going to turn around to apologise again and be given the same shady look.

You weren’t about that life.

You quickly lined up behind an old man waiting to check in your bag and you tapped your feet nervously against the floor as you waited for your turn. It wasn’t that you were late but more that you were traumatised at how many times you’ve missed a flight just this week. It made you uneasy and anxious.

You sighed out once you saw the sign of your gate; gate seven.

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Let’s face it, dorm room closets are small and the drawers are even smaller. I’ve found that using slim hangers allows you to fit more in your closet, but I also noticed that it doesn’t help much when you still have 30+ hangers being used for tank tops. I bought some shower curtain rings for a few bucks at Walmart and used them to hang all of my tanks on one hanger. I freed up 31 hangers! Pretty neat, right?


boardwalk empire meme: [3/5] locations
↳schenkel & bro. darners & weavers

We’re honored by your trust, AR. And flattered that you would come below 14th Street to discuss it personally. Aren’t we, Charlie?

i love love love putting spaghetti strap shirts on hangers bc i know there is no chance of them falling off and also they look so nice and neat in my closet

For Lack of a Better Title (Ch. 1)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5Chapter 6 pt. 1


So I wrote this fellcest fic for @0netype because she’s the best, and I was going to wait until I had a second chapter written to post it but I’ve been taking a long time with it and it’s not even that much (or great for that matter, I haven’t written in forever). Note that I haven’t looked over it because wtf I’m so lazy but hopefully I’ll get to that and edit the post later or something. Anyhow, without further ado ~

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Don’t Worry

Summary: Yoongi is always there for you, especially during a thunderstorm.
Member: Yoongi x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,084

Ah, I honestly really love thunderstorms, not being out in it obviously, but listening to it. Extra points to anyone who can name the anime that I based the last scene on in this scenario (the closet part) <3

-Admin Kat

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You knew that you shouldn’t have come over. You told yourself before you left that it was a bad idea. You looked at the warning on your phone. Thunderstorm rolling through in just an hour. You could feel your heart rate increasing and your head starting to ache. Your palms were sweaty, and you knew that Yoongi could tell. He held your hand lightly in his, rubbing his thumb against the back as he watched the movie trailers. 

The lights were off in the living room and you were on the couch cuddling. He didn’t say anything though about your hands or your nervousness. Maybe he doesn’t notice. It can all be in your head. You told yourself as you tried to push the thought out of your mind. Plus, weather apps are wrong all the time. There isn’t even a cloud outside. You reassured yourself.

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I forgot all about this, I’m so sorry!

(y/n) sighed as she looked around the house. Through the open door of her bedroom, she could see the still-unmade bed and the night stand that used to hold Dean’s phone when he slept. She hadn’t been in the room for more than to grab new clothes since she woke up alone last week. (y/n) had been sleeping on the couch since, but it didn’t make much difference, there were reminders of him everywhere. The amount of times they had spent snuggled on the couch watching some movie Dean said she just had to see were innumerable. She could still picture the time when they sat on the floor playing scrabble well into the night, and how it had ended up with them throwing letters at each other. 

(y/n) looked out the screen door where the pool was easy to see. Another reminder of Dean. She had never used the pool until he came around, because she didn’t know how to take care of it. She could nearly hear his deep laugh when he dived in and got her soaked. They had spent most of their summer out there, swimming and goofing off, until it was well after midnight and they feared they might fall asleep in the pool. When the two weren’t in the pool they were on the deck, having a beer by the metal fire pit and watching the sunset while Dean told (y/n) about his misadventures and classic rock played from the stereo. 

It had all seemed like some movie, and now it was gone. She had thought it would last forever, but she should have known their relationship would die fast and sudden. Maybe if she hadn’t been so blissfully in love and dreaming about a honeymoon in the Caribbeans and having three kids with freckles just like Dean’s, she’d have seen some type of sign. But instead (y/n) was left with nothing. Just an empty bed and tear streaks running down her cheeks.

She was stupid, really, to think the relationship would last. People like Dean didn’t stay in relationships, they had fun and when they’re done they’re on their way to a new town and a new adventure, but they don’t stick around. Who was she to think that she had any long term chance with him? He was sexy and smart, and kind of bad ass, and (y/n) had had the audacity to think that she could keep him forever. But it was a foolish thing to think, because guys like Dean don’t know what forever means, and (y/n) had been a fool to fall in love with him.

 A sigh fell from Dean’s lips as he drove down the road. He had been driving for days now, stopping only to go on a quick hunt, once or twice. He missed (y/n) so much his chest physically hurt. He didn’t know why he had let it last as long it had. It was only supposed to be a one night stand, but he had fallen in love with her, like the fool that he was. He should have left sooner, to make leaving easier because he knew it was inevitable. The two of them had different lives, (y/n) was a normal girl, who didn’t know anything about the things that went bump in the night until Dean had told her about them, and Dean… well Dean was a hunter, that was all there was to it. 

As he drove with classic rock playing from the stereo he was reminded of the fires he would have with (y/n) on the back porch of her house. He was reminded of her laugh and the attentive look she had on her face when listening to a story he was telling. Everything seemed to remind him of her nowadays, though. He had gotten drunk nearly every time he made a pit stop, in hopes of forgetting her, but it only reminded him of the times when they would have drinks together. It had only been a week, but he missed those times already.

Dean was constantly reminded of small things that he should have forgotten, but just couldn’t. Like how she had a thing about pictures on the wall not being crooked and how she always brushed through her hair five times over to make sure she had gotten out every single knot. He remembered how different she was from him, not only in the sense that she was normal and he wasn’t. He found himself ordering his eggs sunny side up, instead of scrambled like usual, because (y/n) liked sunny side up. He missed waking up with no blankets because (y/n) had stolen them all, he had never minded anyway, he liked it to be cool when he slept, and she didn’t. 

They were so different, and he loved her so much. And that’s why he had left, because she needed a nice pleasant life, and he couldn’t give that to her. He was a hunter, and sure, things had been great, but he couldn’t escape his old life forever, it would come back and when it did, Dean couldn’t get her dragged into it as well. As he drove down this quiet dirt road though, with his mind on (y/n)-not that it ever wasn’t- he wondered yet again if he had made the right decision. Should he had given up just like that? Just left, without even trying to live a normal life with her? They could have had kids and a nice cozy house with a dog. Dean had thought about it, and he wanted it, but he had left, and now he was always wondering if he had made a mistake.

Dean clenched his jaw and his hand tightened on the wheel, but his resolve slowly faded. He didn’t give a fuck, he wanted kids with her, he wanted to hear their laughs and to have a life with (y/n). He couldn’t give up that easily, he had been wrong, so utterly wrong. He pulled a U-turn and drove back in the direction of her house. He still wanted to be with her, he loved her, and he didn’t care if he was a fool, he couldn’t be that easily deterred. If the hunting life tried to come after him, it could try. Dean couldn’t resist being with her, he had thought that he could leave her, but he was wrong, and he was going back. He could be there in less than 48 hours, and he wouldn’t leave again.

(y/n) sat down on the cold, metal bench, and wiped away a stray tear. She hoped that Dean might come back, but after a week she couldn’t fool herself any longer. She had hoped that he would change his mind, that he would decide that he did want to settle down and be with her, but as always she was a fool. The train screeched as it came to a stop, the wind it gave off blowing (y/n)’s hair as she stood and grabbed her duffel bag. She took the first seat she could find and looked out the window. She didn’t know when she would come back to this town, but for now she needed to get away, so she could start mending her broken heart, and forget about the high hopes she had had for her future with Dean.

Dean pulled into the driveway around noon. The house looked the same, but it held a different air than he had once known. It didn’t feel welcoming, and happy, and Dean found himself afraid to enter, but it had to be done. He walked up the steps, the cement against his shoes making the same sound as it always did, and he brought his fist up to hammer on the white door. After a minute he knocked again, but there was still no reply. He took a look around the quiet street, before pulling out an old credit card and breaking in.

The interior, was much like the exterior: the same, but holding a different feeling. It felt empty, hollow even. Dean checked the living room, kitchen, even the guest room, but there was nobody there. He stood in front the bedroom door now, and with a deep breath he opened it. He had been fearing one of two things: either something had gotten to (y/n), or she had left, and with a quick look around the neat room, with empty closets and barren night stand, he knew it was the latter.

Dean took a seat on his side of the bed, or rather what used to be his side of the bed. He took his phone out, and looked at (y/n)’s number, but he didn’t try to call, he knew he shouldn’t bother. He had fucked up, he knew it, she was gone, and that meant that he really had hurt her. He didn’t wish he hadn’t fallen for her, but he knew that he was a fool, a fool for leaving and for loving her in the first place. He drew a heavy sigh and some tears fell onto his folded hands. He didn’t mind being a fool, he decided, if meant getting to love her, but it was too late now.

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Alone (Optional Bias) Part 2

request:  Oh my gosh! Please make part 2 of the alone scenario!! It was amazing!! ( happy ending maybe? ) sorry ~~

genre: angst /  fluff

word count: 842

synopsis: sometimes it takes time to realize how much you love what you lost

author’s note: this is a continuation of this scenario. it’s taken me a while to get around to this, but alas, i have become sad and need to write angst to make myself feel better. so here we are. thank you for requesting~ i hope you enjoy ^-^

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izzymorin  asked:

Hey I have a really tinny room and want to make it look bigger and I also have a really small budget can you help? 😁

  • To make your room look bigger make sure all of your furniture is against a wall. When you have furniture (such as your bed) in the middle of your room it makes it look like it takes up more space and therefore makes your room look smaller. Having everything against a wall gives you more space in the middle of the room.

  • Use your walls! Plain shelves usually run pretty cheap and allow you to have more storage in your room without taking up ground space.
  • Get a big mirror on your wall. Mirrors make rooms look bigger, so if you have a big mirror on your vanity or anywhere in your room (on a wall preferably) it will make your room appear wider!
  • Shoe boxed or shoe box style organizational boxes are V I T A L for your room. You can stack them up in neat order in your closet or against a wall. Any box type storage unit is perfect for a small room. You can decorate boring ones by painting them, using wallpaper, or colorful tape.