neat angle

i wonder how it feels for makup coordies to put lip products on Taemin lips if iwas me i’d be like : okay here’s the philthrum !!! i should make neat angles :] *sweats* and then the lower lip after that *takes a deep breath* i’ll start a 5 hours work on that

my darling, my sweetheart, I am in your sway (juno steel/peter nureyev)

FANDOM: The Penumbra Podcast
RELATIONSHIPS: Peter Nureyev/Juno Steel
CHARACTERS: Peter Nureyev, Juno Steel

It’s no surprise that Peter prefers to live his life by blueprints.

In his professional life, it’s a matter of practicality — heists and escape routes reliant on the accuracy of floor plans, the act of memorizing grid patterns and knowing the number of left turns to the nearest exit refined to an art form. He studies black lines drawn in neat perpendicular angles and sketches out notes on a system of color-coded post-its and narrows his bright eyes behind the frames of his glasses, pouring a third cup of coffee as he rolls the kinks out of his shoulders. He keeps contingencies in his mind like loose change at the bottom of a coat pocket, runs through a whispered list of steps with a lowered head like he’s reciting a prayer.

It’s a learned habit that’s saved his life on more than one occasion, as useful for keeping track of his varied identities as knowing the quickest way off Venus while being pursued by two separate law enforcement divisions (as well as one interplanetary office, but who’s counting). In short, Peter survives by his plans as much as he does by his lungs — remove either and watch just how quickly his life flickers out.

And then he meets Juno Steel, and as it turns out, no plan could have ever prepared him for that.


Of course this little house was Malfoy’s, now that Harry thought about it. All the precise neat little right angles, like Malfoy used to chop Flobberworms. Definitely Malfoy’s house.

Harry reached the front gate, and with a final glance back down the street, opened the front gate to step through.

Of course this was—

The ground disappeared beneath him and Harry could do little but sigh as he fell through the magical barrier and ended up sprawled on the cool marble floor of a posh grand entry hall. A painting of a white peacock hung on one wall.

Of course this was Malfoy’s house.