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Lapis... Lance?

Hey all, this is an au where Lance is a gem-specifically a lapis gem-that’s stuck in/on a mirror in the castle of Lions! 


Everyone froze, staring at the mirror, then the gem that had skidded a fair bit away from it. There was a moment of silence before a bright, blue light burst from the gem. It glowed, floating high up into the air above the paladins and Alteans, becoming brighter and brighter before the light seemed to snap together. A humanoid form shifted quickly into different features, faster than they could really count, before it seemed to settle on a certain form.

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Was Dylan lazy ?

Sure, he could be. He could be lazy and sloppy when something disinterested or bored him of which he had little or no desire to do and it didn’t seem to serve enough of a point of importance in the grand scheme of things in his mind.  For example, he slacked up until the last minute on school work or was late turning assignments or was reading some other book in class which caused his grade to dip way down.  Math class would be an example of this. Or something he dreaded and hated like gym class - so he’d show up late and get into trouble for it.  Conversely, when it was something that sparked his interest such as playing baseball, he was competitive and passionately played wanting very much to win and also with the Fantasy Baseball league team he managed, he was very diligent and excelled at both the organizational functioning combined with the sure-fire intuitive plays that he tended to make with his gut instinct.  His friend Chris Hooker stated: “he was so awesome we thought he should’ve managed a team in real life.”    Dylan thrived in video production class and also managing the technical sound for the school’s plays.  These forms of education were more fun and less boring and rigid like math.  Such things engaged his expression of individuality and allowed his natural talents and interests shined.  He was able to make executive decisions on how the sound should come in on a certain scene or to develop a screenplay and figure out how to shoot neat angles to his production rather than just solving math problems that relied on the same pat complex formulas that anyone could solve.  But who cares?  Mrs Caruthers, the theater class teacher called Dylan “efficient” at sound design.   Dylan wasn’t lazy when he was younger but he became more that way over time as he became more depressed and apathetic about what seemed like limitations that this life could only seem to offer him. As a brilliant gifted kid, he was not at all stimulated enough in with a creative approach that engaged him enough to want to care and make more an effort.   Being a high achiever in school meant that he was just jumping through all the correct hoops that society wanted their obedient zombies to do.  But what is the real meaning to life besides falling in line with what is deemed ‘successful’ here on planet Earth?  It seemed more important to resist perfect obedience to The Society but slacking off. 

I’ve had this box of adorable Yuri!!! on Ice charms for a while, but I didn’t get a chance to review it until now.  Oops. Anyway, here is the Chara Forme Acrylic Strap Collection Vol.3, made by empty (yes, the company is called “empty”).  These charms have a kiss and cry theme, showing some of the skaters with plushies and flower bouquets as they receive their scores.  For example, check out Coach Victor with his Makkachin tissue case, and Yuri with food-themed plushies he received from his fans:

They’re sooooooo cute!  Also, as you can see above, the edges of the charms almost seem to glow if light shines on them at the right angle.  Pretty neat!  Keep reading for more info, plus a few more pictures!

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What burns me is this has potential to be a neat marketing angle. It's engaging. Interactive. Gets fans gooey thinking of the best JC moments then makes it personal. For once Starz has an okay idea. Too bad it's tainted w/ BTS bull. I also sorta feel bad for SC in this instance bc they're gonna get a lot of hate. I get it. Yes. They said it with their grown up lips but if was so obv a set up. Too bad a contrived neg comment is going to outshine any good SC fan moments for the time being anyway.

I agree. Had they laid decent ground work this could be uber successful. I would have loved to even hear a little snippet of a lost love story from all the main S3 players. It would have levelled the field a little.

Wouldn’t that have been lovely?

Fade transitions from Tobias to Sophie to Richard to John to Cesar to Lauren to Sam, ending with Cait. Each saying something

I was 7….
She was my best friend….
We had an argument….
My first kiss…..

Then the plea for us to send in our stories…..

Sappy, sentimental, endearing GOLD.

What they did wasn’t. IMO.


So the Summer Sylvari Cosplay adventure for Luna, Elah, Anther, and I wrapped up with the end of Otakon this weekend. We had an absolute blast at both AnimeNext and Otakon 2014 this summer, meeting a lot of Guild Wars 2 fans from multiple servers and areas and getting tons of pictures, excited squeeing, and plenty of stares. We’ve learned a lot of craftwork from this summer, and though it’s seemingly impossible to not sweat profusely in those suits no matter where we were, it was all so totally worth it. :)

Ran into a group of swampbenders and the Commando from Guild Wars 1 who we’ve been seeing since last year, which was nice. Never ran into the one other GW2 cosplayer at Otakon that we heard about, unfortunately, but it happens.

It’s been great cosplaying such a beautiful race from such a wonderful game, and I appreciate everything we’ve done for each other, both in and out of game. Many thanks to ANET and the Guild Wars 2 team for the cosplay opportunity, it’s been a wild ride.

Of course this little house was Malfoy’s, now that Harry thought about it. All the precise neat little right angles, like Malfoy used to chop Flobberworms. Definitely Malfoy’s house.

Harry reached the front gate, and with a final glance back down the street, opened the front gate to step through.

Of course this was—

The ground disappeared beneath him and Harry could do little but sigh as he fell through the magical barrier and ended up sprawled on the cool marble floor of a posh grand entry hall. A painting of a white peacock hung on one wall.

Of course this was Malfoy’s house.

Aerogel is an extremely light porous material formed when the liquid inside a gel is replaced with gas. When combined with water, aerogel powders can have some wild superhydrophobic effects. Here water condensed on a liquid nitrogen cooler has dripped onto a floor scattered with aerogel powder from the nitrogen’s shipping container. The result is that the water gets partially coated in aerogel powder and takes on some neat properties. Its contact angle with the surface increases - in other words, it beads up - which is typical of superhydrophobicity. When disturbed, the water breaks easily into droplets which do not immediately recombine upon contact. With sufficient distortion, they can rejoin. You can see some other neat examples of aerogel-coated water behaviors in this second video as well. (Video credit: ophilcial; submitted by Jason I.)