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Your blog: Neat and tidy, only has information relevant to your blog theme, side-blogs for anything that doesn’t belong.

My blog: A garbage heap. Possibly important stuff buried under memes. Text posts that even I don’t like. No side-blogs, all trash goes into a giant pile.

Star and Marco check out a real guidebook!

Star and Marco show “Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension” is available now. Star, Marco, and Pony Head have written on a journal guide with they and other characters in the show and their secrets in the hobbies and relationships. Lot’s of neat information and whatnot that helps to further expand on the already fantastic world of ‘Star vs. The Forces of Evil’.


A Tale of Long Suffering by one Leonard H. McCoy

During the Five Year Mission Bones had to put up with a lot of shit. But I’m pretty sure the mutual pining that permeated the air whenever his captain and his favourite frenemy were even in the same quadrant of the galaxy is among his personal top three.

Witnessing Jim’s desperation when Spock is in danger is something that happens actually quite frequently, all things considered. And it probably cost Bones a few years of his life whenever the Vulcan considered himself expandable and put himself in harm’s way. But it was to be expected. Jim always liked Spock, however one wishes to interpret this, the “affection” was definitely there. 

BUT to witness Spock going bat-shit crazy when Jim is in peril is something else altogether. Bones probably enjoyed it the first time it happened, just to see Spock showing an emotion at all. And this, too, happened more than once over the course of the mission.

So yeah, Bones was DEFINITELY in the known on this one! While his best friends were still pining for each other from afar. HE KNEW. And he had to listen to them for the the entirety of the mission. (And the second mission, too, if we count TAS here.) 

But there is one thing that always puzzles me. It’s the well known scene from “Requiem for Methuselah”. 

MCCOY: Well, I guess that’s all. I can tell Jim later or you can. Considering his opponent’s longevity, truly an eternal triangle. You wouldn’t understand that, would you, Spock? You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him because you’ll never know the things that love can drive a man to. The ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, the glorious victories. All of these things you’ll never know simply because the word love isn’t written into your book. Goodnight, Spock.
SPOCK: Goodnight, Doctor.
MCCOY: I do wish he could forget her.
(McCoy leaves. Spock goes over to Kirk and initiates a mind meld)
SPOCK: Forget.

Sometimes I am almost convinced that Bones was trying to needle Spock into admitting something, ANYTHING at this point. Maybe because the mission was almost ending and no one knew where they would be stationed next. Or maybe because Jim’s loneliness drove him slowly but surely mad. I don’t know. I have no explanation for this scene other than calling it “the one scene where McCoy’s observation skills failed him”. 

I also keep thinking about the permanent raincloud over his head during the Motion Picture Movie. He seems really pissed at the beginning. And I don’t think it’s because Jim “drafted” him just as he sat down with a mint julep on his porch in Georgia or beamed him right out of his work on Fabrini medicine. 

I think it’s at least partly because he had a front row seat for the big “whatever-happened-between-Jim-and-Spock” at the end of the five year mission. He had to watch everything fall apart. No matter what he tried, the crew still drifted apart without their center. And he didn’t forgive Spock for running away to Vulcan. And he certainly didn’t forgive Jim for just accepting the promotion and letting Spock go.

One of the BEST PARTS of the TMP Novel may just be the bit where we, the audience, witness the confrontation scene (the one before the Sickbay SceneTM) between Kirk and Spock from Bones’ point of view. He watches Jim despair over Spock’s apparent lack of emotion. And his not-so-lowkey frustration about this entire situation shows it’s ugly head in the most entertaining way possible: biting sarcasm. (It’s peppered throughout the book, and a few scenes are shown in the movie as well.)

And the neat little tidbits of information we get by courtesy of Bones’ medical knowledge are fucking priceless! Because even IF Roddenberry didn’t tell us how madly in love those two idiots were, you can bet your last cookie that Leonard McCoy had to suffer through it all and he will shout it from the rooftops.

how does exo study?


• using a mini whiteboard he drew a study timetable that he follows everyday. He allocates equal time for each subject and has breaks in between 

• brews a fresh hot cup of coffee before sitting to study

• prefers writing his notes in notebooks rather than typing. His notes are very neat, short but informative and organised

• likes using study cards too, he creates several revision questions for each subject on cards and keeps them organised in their own envelope

• during his breaks, he goes for a brisk walk or jog to clear his mind. He also makes power snacks and another fresh cup of coffee before sitting back down to study

• he doesn’t really like cramming late or pulling all nighters…he tried it once and fell asleep which then gave him a cold


• printed out a timtetable he made on Excel and placed it on his study room wall

• likes typing his notes rather than hand writing them

• records himself saying his notes on his phone and he listens to them during the day anytime he gets the chance eg. on the train, on his walk to the supermarket, bus back home etc…

• listens to classical music as he studies

• snacks on fruit as he studies

• decided that he will only study up to dinner time, after that is his relaxing time. He is also one that rarely crams or stays up late.


• he doesn’t really have a timetable, he just studies when he has time between attending school, working and composing. 

• brews a hot cup of tea before he studies. Also brings heaps of snacks to his study desk to munch on

• hand writes all his notes, however it’s all over the place because he’ll forget to add this and that and sometimes he accidentally rewrites the sentence again by mistake so he uses heaps of whiteout 

• accidentally spills his tea on his notebook from time to time

• spends quite some time re reading his notes and textbook because he doesn’t get what he’s supposed to be studying

• can stay up until 3am studying, sometimes forgets to have breaks to shower and eat so that’s why the other members have to barge in and drag him to do so


• starts studying when he remembers he has exams coming up

• types his notes and prints them out to highlight the important parts

• listens to trap remixes of his favourite songs

• gets bored really easily, always finds a reason to justify himself when he does something that’s not studying eg. “I need to go to the shops to buy more undies because it’s a basic human need”

• can only sit for an hour tops before he gets up again to do something to avoid studying

• ends up cramming 


• doesn’t study until the feeling of panic sets in

• procrastinates by doing chores and eating

• he studies by reading and copying the paragraphs from his textbook to his notebook without actually reading and soaking in the information

• also gets bored really easily and gets distracted easily. He’ll go deep diving on youtube once he gets to that stage. For example he’ll end up going a 3 hour binge from watching music videos to watching how to grow pumpkins at home from seeds

• likes studying with friends and groups but he gets nothing done because he’ll just talk and joke around

• ends up pulling all nighters and crams up to the start of the exam


• starts studying 1 month before exams starts

• he draws mind maps and diagrams to aid him in memorizing his notes

• likes studying in groups so he can ask questions and get them to test him

• he sticks a page of quick notes around the house so he can revise anytime he has a chance eg. one is placed on the back of the toilet door so he can read it as he does his business whilst some others is on the fridge and bedroom walls

• plays games during his breaks to unwind

• even when he’s about to go to sleep he’ll read his textbook like a storybook


• has a reasonable study timetable printed and stuck on his wall

• highlights his textbook and proceeds to summarize the information into dot points in his notebook

• has cute little illustrations with speech bubbles with quick facts in his notes

• uses cute post it notes, he has a wall covered with sticky notes

• he stops studying to prepare and eat meals so that he’s full and fully concentrating when he sits to study again

• he stops studying at 9pm each time so he has time to unwind and sleep before getting up to study in the morning feeling refreshed


• his puppies keep him company when he’s studying. One sits on his lap, one sits on his desk and the other sleeps by his feet

• he places jelly gummies in various places on his textbook page so that once he reads up to that part he can eat it as a treat

• he takes many micro naps in between studying (which then turns out to be 1 hour naps)

• eats fried chicken as a snack while studying

• his notebook pages have drops of grease on them

• he sleeps more than he studies


• he studies when people remind him that he actually has exams coming up since he forgets

• he “studies” by just highlighting chunks of his textbooks and written notes 

• gets bored and so he’ll enter the rooms of his friends and bother them when they’re studying instead

• he’ll have spurts of when he actually studies hard but once it fades it’s hard to get it back

• has moments where he’ll give up, starts thinking of alternative jobs he’ll do if he fails and feels impending doom coming

• tries to pull all nighters but falls asleep once it’s 11pm

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to let you know that Always Human was included in a(n informal) scholarly conversation in a graduate literature department regarding the future of comics. Your inclusion of music generated a lot of excitement about "pushing the medium's boundaries". Thank you for all of your hard work!

Ooooh, thank you, that is really neat!

(It’s also neat that informal academic conversations are happening about webcomics :D)

Thanks for letting me know <3

Persona 4 Character Birthdays and Astrology Signs
  • Yosuke Hanamura: June 22, 1994 (Cancer) 
  • Chie Satonaka: July 30, 1994 (Leo) 
  • Yukiko Amagi: December 8, 1994 (Sagittarius)
  • Kanji Tatsumi: January 19, 1996 (Capricorn) 
  • Rise Kujikawa: June 1, 1995 (Gemini) 
  • Naoto Shirogane: April 27, 1995 (Taurus)
  • Nanako Dojima: October 4, 2004 (Libra)
  • Ryotaro Dojima: May 16, 1969 (Taurus)
The Silent Problem of darkSpyro (I would not recommend joining) A big Skylanders/Spyro the Dragon website that is steadily growing by the day.

While the forum does have some neat information on Skylanders and old Spyro the Dragon games, what members don’t know is that there is more than just fancy walkthrough pages and galleries. There is the communication and the enjoyment fans gain by talking with others about the Skylanders and Spyro games. Or it can be about topics related to silliness and standard real world discussions.  There is also the forum moderation. It can help make your time on the forum fun, or it can make your time there difficult.

Most of you may know me from the forums, and I have been around since 2008. Back then, the darkSpyro forums was just about Spyro games, solely operated by dark52.

Besides posting walkthroughs, managing  and creating news posts on the Spyro games, dark52 was mostly on top of rule-breakers and trolls and would ban them from the forums as soon as they ignore their first few warnings. Sometimes though, trolls would come on when the admin was asleep, and it would take hours later until he would come online to clean up the mess. But other than that, darkSpyro was a pleasant place to talk and chat with other Spyro fans.

Until the time came when dark52 decided to follow Skylanders and made the site a part Spyro part Skylanders division. As time went on, more and more members joined due to the audience of Skylanders, and it became too much for the admin.

Some of us suggested to dark52 that he should appoint moderators so he wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed. But dark refused to accept help and believed that he could handle the forum on his own like he always had.

Big mistake.

At one point, a troll posted inappropriate images on the forum that lasted for 6 hours until dark52 finally woke up and deleted them all. I can’t even imagine how many kids late at night or in the morning were possibly scarred by those pictures all because of dark’s stubbornness. Even after all of that, he was STILL convinced that he didn’t need any moderators. Completely ignorant to the fact that he doesn’t do anything when something obviously bad is happening. Can you believe it??

Sometime after the horrible incident, the admin allowed trolls to get away with harassing users. They broke the forum rules on multiple occassions, drove away older members, and the trolls even had the nerve to start speaking on the admin’s behalf just to belittle others. In short, dark52 basically just sat back and watched the rule breaking scenario all happen. And this lasted about a few years and it could’ve lasted a LOT longer.

I was one of the main victims of the trolling, and I can tell you, it was the worst experience I’ve ever endured on any forum. Imagine being harassed and trolled on for months or longer, being the target of an upcoming war started by a troll who was in the process of tricking an entire forum section of children to be against you. And the admin knowing fully well what’s going on but refused to do anything about it. All just to update forum news and making posts about Skylanders. Like the concerns of his userbase don’t matter to him at all.

It can drive you extremely fustrated, crazy even. Honestly it drove me insane that I wondered WHY I was still on that forum.

After some time during all of the chaos, dark52 FINALLY gave in and went on to appoint moderators after 8 long years of solo moderation. At least he admitted that he neglected his duties. Although he never did apologize to the users, including myself, who were harassed constantly by the trolls thanks to him. But even with mods, dark didn’t do much moderation himself sometime afterwards, besides removing the occasional spambot or inappropriate picture troll.

Nowadays, there is a 10% chance you will get a private message response from dark52, regardless of your question, request or in need of intervention. The other 90% is him updating the forum polls on Skylanders, getting news on Skylanders, and making the site look prettier. He rarely communicates with the forum members and his fellow moderators, keeping most rule changes and decisions to himself until he feels like revealing them at the last minute. You will very likely see him talk about Skylanders, than responding forum issues that aren’t worth his time to talk about.

In addition, dark52 has shown some severe signs of neglecting his admin duties. Such as:

  • Causing an harassment war to nearly happen
  • Allowing a kid to post his private information more than three times (and we’re talking about family names, home address, email that kind of private information that should be kept your self)
  • Allowing scenarios to escalate out of porportion until he feels like dealing with it. 

He has even shown signs of being incredibly biased towards other users. Such as spoiling one user to the point that that very user became a disruptive egomaniac who is willing to belittle and even dox you just to be superior. This is a direct result of being pampered by the admin.

If you have a logical issue about dark52 and his way of moderation, he will simply disregard your topic subject at hand altogether and will respond to an-off topic comment on popup ads instead. Or he will simply say: “I care about the community and its members” at the hopes that phrase will get users off his back.

As a former longtime member of the forum, I WOULD NOT recommend unless you are used to an admin who doesn’t take his job as site owner very seriously. You might become stressed or unwanted, a victim of trolling caused by returning rule-breakers and egomaniacs. All of this happening to you, with dark52 not doing anything about it. And normally, he would leave the moderators to do most of the work for him.

An admin should learn from his or her mistakes. But dark52 is one admin who apparently WILL NEVER learn from his. And even if dark52 changes his ways now or after this post is released, chances are he will go right back to being a recluse and sit quietly while watching rule-breakers run amok until he FEELS like stepping in.

The admin will also repeatedly claim that he still “cares” about his community, something his white knights want to hear and prove others of how “wrong” they are about the admin. 


And dark52′s actions have shown that he does NOT care: if you are harassed or not, what his moderators think about certain scenarios AND their inputs, unless it’s regarding the very thing that is keeping his forum going: Skylanders.

I’ve been on darkSpyro for ages, and it’s hard to leave a place where I grew up going to after a day’s work. But with the way things are on the forum, and the admin STILL showing no signs of improvement on his moderation AND being biased, I’ve had no choice but to move on.

So I ask you, users. Would you want to join a nice looking forum like, but with a reclusive, extrememly biased and ignorant admin like dark52

I wouldn’t. 

But in the end it’s your choice. You may like the forum just because of how fancy it looks or it’s the only popular place to see new Spyro or Skylanders info. But remember that in the end, it is run by a user - a user whose actions can either make your time on darkSpyro fun or outright miserable and unenjoyable.

The egotistical white knights of dark52 have already posted about this on the forum somewhere, in which dark52 responded with his repeated phrase that he “cares about the community” and all that. But don’t fall for his false claims and lies. As I said before, actions speak louder than words. And dark52 rarely communicates with users anyways.

Something I learned

I’ll write this in a journal later but last night I got curious about something.
I asked my pendulums if they have a preferred gender and this is what I learned.

Amethyst pendulum: doesn’t have a preferred gender, usually uses “it.”

Citrine Pendulum: does have a preferred gender or is gender, prefers female and/is female.

Both have names which I haven’t learned yet and waiting till I further my knowledge in this area before I ask them their names.
They are both very kind , and my amethyst is kind of sassy but citrine isn’t as sassy as amethyst.

But I thought this was pretty neat so I plan on learning more about them both and writing my convos and information they provide me.

Commission done! Indirectly commissioned by one of Charredlore’s dungeons & dragons adventurers/players –> Capedcorsair

This hunky woodelf is called Telorast <3.

“This wood elf barbarian from the Border Forest to the east of the great Anauroch left his home to avenge the Moon Bear, the great spirit that had guarded and guided his people for ages. At his side floats Callisto, his spirit guide, friend and daughter of the Moon Bear. He has made his axe the counterbalance to human folly.”

Thank you Charredlore for the neat background information :3

anonymous asked:

Hi there :) It seems like you are doing well in school based off your posts. I struggled a lot my first year in I was wondering if you had time to share some note taking tips in lectures. Anything would help. Also do you listen to music when you study, do you find it helps? Sorry if this a bother.

Thank you for coming to me, it’s not bothersome at all! 

This is what I found works for me:

  • First I’ll try to read my lecture notes and textbook chapter ahead of time so I have a basic understanding of the material before lecture and maybe jot a few notes if I have the time. 
  • I keep two notebooks. One is my “rough” notebook where I take notes during the lecture. This includes things the prof puts emphasis on, things discussed that aren’t in the lecture notes, and just other details. Don’t try to make this neat just try getting whatever information you can down. 
  • In my other notebook is where I’ll go back and refer to my notes in class as well as lecture notes and revise them and make detailed and neat notes of the topic. Not only are you reviewing the topic while doing this, you’re also going over what you didn’t fully understand and you can incorporate that into the notes. Try doing this as soon as you can after the lecture while the material is still fresh in your mind. 
  • It might seem like a tedious process but I personally like handwriting my notes, I learn better that way and it makes such a huge difference. I understand the material a lot more this way. However you can still do a similar process if you prefer typing. 

I do sometimes like listening to music when I’m studying, it helps me focus. I listen to just instrumental music while studying though. There’s so many “study” playlists made even just on YouTube.  Classical music, lofi hip hop and movie soundtracks are my favourite lol. 

This is one of my favourite playlists to stream:

I hope this helped. Good luck with school and your future goals! Any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. 


I’ve been roleplaying for about five years now, and I figured I’d give a little advice when it comes to being an admin, based on past experiences as a member, and a mod. This is just a few things I’ve noticed that have a tendency to build or break an RP. These are just some suggestions that I hope enhance your admin experience! Please like, or reblog if you found this helpful!

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Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 224 Short Review

This is an amusing chapter that continues to hype up the end result. This time, we got to see more of Mimashika in his glorious fashion…though I can live without his pose. There is neat information about the use of smoking in cooking, which explains why one of my cooking methods requires covered layer. Yes, I’m no genius at it. I still find joy with these characters and I laugh at how Soma is now the unlucky guy. Hey, he won, dammit.

Mimashika is like a character from Kuroko’s Basketball; now he can mimic his opponent precisely. It’s rather funny yet impressive. I wonder if there will be a chef that forces you to kneel before him/her. I like the fact Kuga didn’t let his pride get the best of him and defeating Tsukasa is all he wants. Good, none of that “I want a good fight” excuse. It does picture that Kuga versus Tsukasa result will be up first. Overall, I enjoyed it with comical moments, Mimashika’s shining points (no more poses…) and Kuga taking a stand for the Rebels over his pride.

i-hate-mondayz  asked:

Hi! I saw in one of your post's tags that stated that Haruki Murakami is Kunikida's grandson. Is that true? Can you give me a brief description of his family tree? I like your blog by the way, It's really neat and informative. ^_^

Thank you for reading my blog! That makes me so happy!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I got that bit of information from this website:
I also remember the YouTube series “Anime Uncovered” by Crunchyroll mentioned it in episode 6. You can find that here:

The “Anime Uncovered” episode points out the only child Kunikida could have had was with his first wife, Sasaki (the character in episodes 6-7 is based on her). The video goes into some more detail, but it was through that child that Haruki Murakami was born.

I hope this helps! And feel free to ask or comment about anything!

Tumblr’s Tagging System + How to Search Tumblr

Here’s information about their search + tagging system: (-Link-)

I just found it today, and found some neat information that’ll probably help you search for things easier + tag things to make your post more findable. 

Here’s the most important bit:

Explanation seems pretty simple, but just in case, to reiterate… 

Game Title: Piano Key

If you search for “piano key”, you’ll find posts that contain “piano” and “key” somewhere in their tags, meaning that tags like “piano piece”, “piano composition”, and “kingdom key”, etc. will appear on your search.

If you search for “#piano key”, WITH the hashtag, only tags with “piano key” will appear. 

If you search for the words “#piano” and “#key”, those work as two separate tags. 

If you want to tag your project, and or tag your fanart so people can see it easily, @pinkuboa has a nice post that advises you how to tag here: (-Link-). 

When you tag your project/fanart/etc., you don’t have to manually input the hashtag (#) as Tumblr adds that in for you. (As stated below!)

But yeah! Please look at Pinky’s post, it’s really helpful! And it’ll help people find your game much easier, to separate your game + development posts from other posts that may include the same words as in your title! Check it out! 

hurrierez  asked:


Deaf Hana is… figuring it out. Also I was thinking on this for a little bit and this happened so I hope it sort of answers your question. 

Someone stop me I’m so mean to Hana goodness.

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