GUNK #1 "Image of beauty torn apart" issue

I am almost done with my zine “GUNK”, which is a tongue in cheek take on art/beauty/fashion world and with bit of AD CULTure slamming … I have a few more pages left and it should be ready to be published. Ill be mailing out free copies if you guys are interested just hit me up, or We can Trade Zines/ Patches/ Pins/ etc. Will also might have a digital copy available on my site I should be done by end of this week… Hopefully lol

GUNK X September 2011

I am finally Done with GUNK Issue #2. Artist’s who Submitted their work send me you address so I can mail you out your copy. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work.

Artist’s Featured in GUNK Issue# 2:

Exclusive interview and artwork Los Angeles queer street artist HOMO RIOT

Artwork by Maxwell Lee

Article/tutorial by (acidbath/Sam)

MLTC clothing

Artwork by Cassy

Photo By Avelardo/Claudia Ibarra

Artwork by Jorge

VOW clothing

and Last but not least Photos and Art work by Me(NearlyCivilized/ Chris)

GUNK #2 featuring LA Street Artist HOMORIOT

Hey Guys,

I am excited to announce that GUNK #2 will be Featuring 4 page spread and exclusive interview with The Site Unscene’s LA Street Artist HOMORIOT. This Issue will be a 22 page 100% d.i.y xeroxed zine and also will be featuring 8 different Artists who are contributing there work.  I am aiming to release GUNK #2  the 2nd week of September.

to reserve your Copy contact me @ // if you are interested in submitting you work for the next issue contact me here or email



Ectoplasm -

A strange, mystical material that flows out of any orifice and opening of a mediums body during a seance. This paranormal substance would sometimes take the shapes of faces, limbs, or even an entire figure but could not materialize until it had come out of the body of the medium. The typical color of ectoplasm is a creamy off-white. Quite often this substance was warm and life like but has also been known to be cold. This paranormal material could be doughy, sticky, airy, smoky, or thick and syrupy. This ghostly substance was also known to smell like ozone. Ectoplasm often seemed to form around believers of the paranormal and open minded, and not so much in the presence of the skeptical. Ectoplasm would form most of the time in the dark or in dim lighting. In bright light it would vanish completely or snap back violently.