Bubbles and Baubles: Part 1

Obiyuki Week Day 6: Little Mermaid
Heh, better late than never right? It’s been nearly
a year, but I’m determined to finish this Obiyuki
week before the next one arrives! So…Day 6!

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The ocean breeze sent Shirayuki’s dress dancing around her knees as she wound her way down the worn path to the beach. The roar of the waves was distant, but the light tickle of sea spray still dusted her cheeks. The herbalist would have smiled were she not so focused, double checking the contents in her bag as the rocky pathway gave way to sand.

It was near midsummer, and Zen had invited her to accompany him, Mistuhide, and Kiki to the coast and attend the soon to be held festival there. And of course there was no way she could say no! The ocean was always so vibrant and beautiful, and the culture of the townsfolk charmed her to no end; from the myths and tales of the sea, to the jewelry and chimes made from glistening shells, to the clear air sharp with salt. Side by side with her dearest friends, she loved every moment of it.

Up until she tasted the ocean’s salt in a much more personal way.

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Conrad Jon Godly (Switzerland)

An inner knowledge of the essence of mountains grows in us when we look at Godly’s paintings. And it is precisely such internalized knowledge of the mountains that the Swiss artist has continually brought on to the canvas. Godly paints such works exclusively, basically always the same - pictures of mountains in all kinds of weather, sometimes only of rocks formations, big, small, very big and very small paintings - and nothing else really. (cf. What is a mountain? by Philipp Meier)

© All images courtesy the artist

[more Conrad Jon Godly | artist found at nearlya]

3000... Long overdue thanks!

About a year ago i made my 3000th post, but then i got some DRM take down notices from Tumblr for Mp3′s i posted so i went through and deleted them all, apparently there were a lot b/c it took me a long time to get back to 3000, and “Night Dance” was it.  Pixandum will be 5 years old this month and in that time I have met so many wonderful people, and many I am fortunate enough to call dear friends, wonderful souls and incredibly talented and inspirational people.  Also along this path i was fortunate enough to have the support of some top notch curators and editors whom are also dear friends. A heart felt thank you to:

@yama-bato, @darksilenceinsuburbia @ponderation @drxgonfly @theebrokenpath @lensblr-network @luxlit @theoriginalplant @imiging @thephotographerssociety @photosworthseeing @archatlas @da-da-sk @biutifulpics @gray-card @rikaorlanda @yeswearemagazine @nearlya and many more….

And editors: @wbsloan @deshaunicus @firsttimeuser @nosealviewing @the-gasoline-station @thedailydoodles

Apologies to those I have missed, this was by no means a comprehensive list.

Countless thanks to all of you whom I have met and have helped make this a truly special 5 years of trials and learning and inspiration. Your friendship and support are immeasurable to me. 

Best to you all… always!


A tribute to Harry Styles and Niall Horan's man love: The best Narry moments of all time

They’re the two best friends that anyone could have

I love Harry Styles and I love Niall Horan, so the two of them together are nearly too perfect to handle. In fact, I sometimes think I’d rather look at pictures and vids of them doing things than eat another chocolate button ever again. Maybe.

In fact, my Narry love is so real that I don’t quite know how they’ve not got their own telly show already. Probs because the powers that be know my telly box would break under such perfection, along with my heart.

ANYWAY. The point of all this is that I’ve put together a definitive collection of classic Narry gems for you to enjoy/die a little bit over.



A celebration of when they’re so proud of each other the only thing left to do is fist-bump like real men.


What I would do to get involved in one of these giant man snugs. Think I’d probs sell my grandmas, and I’m not even sorry for saying that.


They might be boys bein boys playing sport, but they still love each other deeply and must congratulate one another when they score, otherwise what’s the point? Bros must bromance.


One Direction aren’t exactly well known for shakin’ it like Queen Bey, but put these two together and it’s like Dirty Dancing. Ain’t nobody putting Nialler in the corner.


I’ve already seen some man snuggling, but these two know exactly how to take it to the next level. *WARNING* inappropriate touching involved.

And when this happened:

“Who is the best kisser in the band?”

“How would we know who’s the best kisser in the group?”

“yeah, we don’t know…”


Harry, Niall and a bin, obvs.

Some cute little fetus feels.

When Niall nearly drowned Hazkaban (oh the panic).

Niall teaching Harry how to play guitar and then instantly regretting it 1) We would very much like a lesson 2) Looking forward to being serenaded by Harry, cos it will happen - obvs.

And Harry just being well cute and making sure his best friend’s alright.


Here are the some videos of aaaaall the best interviews of the two of them. I KNOW. I'm nearlyas fabulous as them.

If this lot doesn’t satisfy your Narry needs, then there’s something wrong. So whaddya reck? Let me know @RebeccaStaines.
Tumblr artists discovery - July 2014

Artists discovered thanks to curators:
Bryan Holland | on Tumblr - painting  [via actegratuit]
Connie Lim | on Tumblr - drawing [via artforadults]
Vittorio Ciccarelli | on Tumblr (Italy) - photo / mixed media [via arpeggia]
Marek Chorzepa (UK) - photo [via arpeggia] *
Liza Lacroix | on Tumblr - painting [via atavus]
Mark Posey | on Tumblr - painting [via blue-voids]
Matthieu Bourel | on Tumblr - collage / gif [via boumbang]
Larice Barbosac | on Tumblr (Brasil) - mixed media (gif) [via cross-connect]
Windrides - photo [via emcn] *
Richard Russell | on Tumblr - collage [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Parker Fitzgerald | on Tumblr - photo [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
David de la Mano | on Tumblr - photo [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Niels Kalk | on Tumblr - collage [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Christophe Gilland - drawing [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Marc Aspinall | on Tumblr - illustration [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Edward Cao | on Tumblr - painting [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Lisa Adams - painting [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Angela Deane | on Tumblr - mixed media [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Zeitguised by Henrik Mauler & Jamie Raap | on Tumblr (USA/Germany) - animation [via designaemporter]
Damien elroy Vignaux | Tumblr (France/Allemagne) - motion design [via designaemporter]
Kjerstin Asak | on Tumblr - illustration [via designaemporter]
Yuichi Ikehata | on Tumblr (Japan) - photo/sculpture [via devidsketchbook]
Ben Hopper | on Tumblr - photo [via devidsketchbook]
Kim Byungkwan | on Tumblr - painting [via devidsketchbook]
Mike Larremore | on Tumblr - photo [via devidsketchbook]
Abbey Lossing | on Tumblr - illustration [via eatsleepdraw] *
Lou Lubie | on Tumblr - illustration [via equipe] *
Max Kauffman | on Tumblr - painting [via exhibition-ism] *
John Vochatzer - collage & mixed media [via exhibition-ism] *
Michael Marsicano | on Tumblr (USA) - illustration [via fer1972] *
Sonia Rentsch | on Tumblr - mixed media [via from89]
Julien T. Hamon | on Tumblr (Canada) - photo [via hifas]
Christian Hetzel | on Tumblr - abstract painting [via iamjapanese] *
Travis Bedel - collage [via itscolossal] *
Isabelle de Kleine | on Tumblr - painting (watercolor) [via just-art]
Alexandre Korobov | on Tumblr - illustration [via just-art]
Russell Tomlin | on Tumblr - photo [via lensblr-network] *
Adam Rabinowitz | on Tumblr - photo [via lensblr-network] *
Maciek Jasik | on Tumblr - photo [via leslieseuffert] *
Audrey Kawasaki | on Tumblr - illustration [via leslieseuffert] *
Georg Haberler - painting [via likeafieldmouse]
Alice Lin | on Tumblr - drawing [via lustik] *
Héctor Francesch | on Tumblr - illustration/installation [via lustik]
Enrico Ferrarini | on Tumblr - sculpture [via myampgoesto11]
Vilde J. Rolfsen | on Tumblr - photo [via myampgoesto11]
Michelle Blade | on Tumblr - painting [via mydarkenedeyes]
Hom Nguyen | on Tumblr - painting [via mydarkenedeyes] *
Rowena Hughes | on Tumlbr - mixed media [via nearlya]
Matt Taylor | on Tumblr - illustration [via nevver]
Masashi Wakui | on Tumblr - photo [via red-lipstick]
Gualtiero Bertoldi | on Tumblr - photo & gif [via red-lipstick] *
Morgan Phillips | on Tumblr - photo [via rerylikes] *
Flora Borsi | on Tumblr - photo [via rerylikes]
Patrizia Beretta - drawing [via rerylikes]
Andy Wang aka Noonmoon | on Tumblr - illustration [via rerylikes]
Caroline Augusta | on Tumblr - collage [via rerylikes]
Mandy Rosen | on Tumblr - photos [via rerylikes]
Chiba Love | on Tumblr - illustration [via rerylikes]
David Delruelle - collage [via septagonstudios]
Floyd Grey | on Tumblr - illustration [via septagonstudios]
Jenny Yu aka charleskinbote - drawing [via showslow]
Monika Wyloga | on Tumblr - painting [via showslow] *
Virginie Morgand | on Tumblr - illustration [via slowartday]
Laura Gee | on Tumblr - drawing [via sosuperawesome]
Rebecca Artemisa | on Tumblr - drawing [via sosuperawesome] *
Sam Wolfe Connelly | on Tumblr - illustration [via supersonicelectronic] *
Adam Tan | on Tumblr - illustration [via supersonicelectronic] *
Kaspian Shore | on Tumblr - painting [via supersonicelectronic] *
Tobias Kwan | on Tumblr - illustration [via theonlymagicleftisart]
Anna Dittmann | on Tumblr - illustration [via theonlymagicleftisart] *
Antonio Soares - drawing [via tumblropenarts]
Aleksandra Popis | on Tumblr - photo [via tumblropenarts]
Daniel Jamie Williams | on Tumblr - drawing [via tumblropenarts] *
Trynidada | on Tumblr (Poland) - photo [via yama-bato] *
Falcao Lucas | on Tumblr - illustration & gif [via 2headedsnake] *
Silvia Grav | on Tumblr - photo [via 2headedsnake]

Artists submitted/recommended by our followers:
Disordine | on Tumblr - drawing
Macsime Simon | on Tumblr (France) - mixed media
Billy Monday - photo (nude)
Masum121 - drawing
Khiller4m - drawing
Bokor (UK) - drawing
Gordon Bryant - glitch/digital art
Marie Chapuis - drawing (fashion)
Alonso Cisneros - photo & jokes
Zeren Badar - photo & mixed media (Accident Series)
Atsilout | on Tumblr - collages (digital art)
Pablo Orrego | on Tumblr - illustration & gif
K.D. Lett | on Tumblr - photo (ballet photography)
Kim Kheradmandi (UK/Netherlands) - mixed media
Frances Sousa | on Tumblr (Canda) - collage & mixed media
Vanessa Aisling | on Tumblr - photo
Edward Cushenberry (USA) - photo
Dan Bannino | on Tumblr (Italy) - photo
Sarah Edwards - photo
Ira Altschiller - abstract
Miranda Pfeiffer | on Tumblr - drawing (pencil)
Gabriel Folli | on Tumblr (France) - drawing
Dany Reede (Canada) - drawing
Gillies Adamson Semple - collage
Rubyetc | on Tumblr (UK) - drawing
Chris Ozer | on Tumblr - photo
Benjamin Heath | on Tumblr - photo
Bethany Marie | on Tumblr - photo
Andrew Lowther aka e-frame - photo (landscape) *
Minghao Dong | on Tumblr - painting
Véronique Buist | on Tumblr (Canada/France) - mixed media

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