nearlya Only the most exceptional people become aware of the Matrix :P I took the red pill years ago myself, so you’re not waiting for me! 

 Metaphysics and philosophy, hey? Theorists would tell you that science fiction is just us catching up with metaphysics and philosophical paradigms like The Cave. Most people would say metaphysics is science fiction! But…. at the end of science fiction the era of hyperreality begins. The materialization by the machine and the system of production becomes a Promethean premise. All simulation is reality and all reality is simulation? ….to an artificial mind all reality is virtual… (…now I’m watching the Animatrix like the total nerd I am, dammit!). 

Have you read Baudrillard’s work on simulation? 

“Simulacra of simulation, founded on information, the model, the cybernetic game - total operationally, hyperreality, aim of total control.” 

“When there is no longer any virgin territory, and thus one available to the imaginary, when the map covers the whole territory, something like the principle of reality disappears. In this way, the conquest of space constitutes an irreversible crossing toward the loss of the terrestrial referential. There is a hemorrhaging of reality as an internal coherence of a space that follows that of the planet is equal to derailing (dematerializing) human space, or to transferring it into a hyperreal simulation.” 

(All Baudrillard - Simulacra and Science Fiction) 

Fun fun fun!! 


Tumblr Monday 96

Rene Almanza (b.1979, Mexico)

Perdida de la inocencia del inconciente colectivo. Oleo sobre tela, 1,20x1,80 m
M1-17. Tinta china sobre papel, 76x106 cm

Originally from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Rene Almanza graduated from the School of Visual Arts of the UAN. He began working during his adolescence as a visual artist; first in graphic novels, underground fanzines, the newspapers of Monterey, and later in printed media mainly designing signs. In 2000 he joined the editorial/political cartoon department of the group Reforma, illustrating various articles. After Reforma, he joined the Shinseken Editorial group of Tokyo, working in a illustrated project which collected folk tales from around the world. Currently he is working with the publishing house Sirpus (Barcelona, Spain), illustrating a series of bilingual books on the history of the Zapotec communities of Oaxaca. Almanza has received several international recognitions for his beautifully frantic line work that exudes urgency, passion, and agitation. Many thanks to nearlya for this Tumblr Monday to introduce us Rene Almanza!

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I get where you’re going with this and I appreciate your ideas - because this is a great example of some ideas I’ve been having.. but don’t quite know how to work into words yet. But I’m not sure it helps me measure the social exchange of art online or the presence of art in large digital consumer driven environments. Artsy having no interest in Tumblr isn’t so much a overarching reflection of the art community on Tumblr, but instead their decision not to use a particular social media site for PR. They are on Twitter and Facebook… no one generally has any money on those platforms either. If anything, I would say that their interest in using social media is low because their engagement factor is low and thus less effective - which means less time is spent on it.