nearly forgot to tag him d:

klaine-run-the-world  asked:

I need to add that darren fan~ news accs & known M1arren stans purposely don't tag Ben in group pics but tag all the nobodies nonfamous (M's friends) in it even tho Ben IS FAMOUS HE'S A CELEBRITY (Mrs "viva reality in all its forms" I SEE YOU). Those ppl KNOW theres something fishy, they just pretend not to see bc idk? They don't want to admit they are wrong & keep playing dumb? They want D to be str8 so bad? Don't worry Muriel, he can be the str8est man, but u will never have a chance with him

(2/2) I will never forget that time DDN didn’t post that Ben/Darren/Etai(?) video until me & some friends spammed them on twitter on purpose telling them they “forgot” to post it even tho they were posting other stuff. After hours they ended up reblogging the video from someone else even tho they always posted stuff by themselves. Trust me, fandom, those people KNOW.  they just pretend not to see the shadyness.


Absolutely agree, he is rarely tagged and I have noticed on more than one occasion that videos and pics with him are not posted. Plus he has lived there for nearly 3 years,  Why was he never there with D in the past? Only M and her friends. 

Only since D dropped the roommate bomb have the shown us some glimpses of the 2 of them in the house. Because previously they tried to hide him.  But as she is an egotistical fool, she played a very dangerous game and dangled him in the face of her fans for years.  It was only when they got caught at iHeart that it got toned down and tried to beard him starting with ALLI.  Now if you aren’t questioning this, you are just being ignorant.