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I was really anxious and being pulled into my depression last night, and aside from the few minutes of Sanvers that we got, the episode kind of made it worse? But then, I stayed up later than usual and read your fix it fics, and I actually felt a little bit better. So, I want to say thank you, J. Your fics help in so many ways, and I feel like saying thank you isn’t nearly enough. Especially when you’re always so busy and doing so many things, and even staying up until 3am just to write fics for us. I really appreciate that I came across your blog, because nights like last night (and even days like today) I don’t know what I’d do without that little bit of happiness to make me feel a little better, and I’m thankful that I know you. I hope you’re taking it as easy as possible today, and taking care of yourself.

  • Me: Animation is such a unique medium that can do so many things no other medium can, but not nearly enough series take advantage of that! Animated series can't be truly great unless they can meaningfully convey their narrative and core themes through their animation!!!
  • Also me: My favorite anime this season is a CG show with terrible-looking models, stiff animation, and constant clipping issues.

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anyone who goes out of their way to trash or undermine the importance of the godzilla sequels for no reason other than "it doesn't fit in with the biased narrative of my boring pretentious video editorial" can go fuck off

I feel like it comes from a place of cowardice - so many people are still ashamed to say they like Godzilla movies for what they are.

Though I do think the video editorial made some good points about camera angles in Godzilla (2014).  I haven’t seen people talk about the cinematography of that movie nearly enough because it did a whole lot of new shit with the sense of scale in film that I’ve never seen done before.

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Ok, so you wanna know who truly has helped shape my views on so many things, including LGBT+ issues and the struggles of black people? It’s Leo. You all may know him as Leo the Giant from Vine. I’ve known him way before Vine, and this man… this wonderful man… helped bring attention to so many of the struggles and injustices that still exist in this day and age. I may not have been so wary of world issues so early on in my life if it wasn’t for him. He really helped to open my eyes, and for that, I will always be grateful. I just wanted to make sure you all knew to give credit where credit was due. It’s Leo who first showed me how much we have yet to accomplish. I am blessed to have Leo in my life. I love Leo. ❤️

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#there is nothing in this scene that isn’t amazing #from root in the background wondering how the hell shaw got out the cuffs #like she’s literally trying to fit her hand through the cuff seeing if she can figure it out for herself #to harold swearing he just seen shaw cuffed to the bench like five seconds ago and yet now she’s in his face #and then shaw casually eating like its nothing and ‘yea i’m really standing here..’ #like pls i’m dying #this scene is hilarious

RebelCaptain AU // World War II

The year is 1940, and Europe is at war. Jyn Erso keeps her head down, apart from the occasional brushes with the law. She doesn’t care about flags or countries or sides or allegiances. She’s been on her own for a good, long time, and she won’t fight for anyone except herself.

So when she gets into trouble in German-occupied France, she doesn’t expect anyone’s help – least of all a so-called rescue party spearheaded by the Resistance, who break her out in order to make an offer that promises to change her life forever.

Her father is a scientist working for Germany, and with his help, they have the potential and capacity to inflict untold damage using a new weapon. He needs to be found, and Captain Cassian Andor thinks she’s the one to do it.

Featuring: Explosions, espionage, gunfights and disguises. K2-SO as a British intelligence officer who keeps his sarcasm, Chirrut and Baze as an unconventional guerilla fighter duo, and Bodhi as a German pilot who makes a courageous choice to change the course of the war. A renegade American smuggler called Han Solo might even make a special appearance.

Resistance Is Built on Hope

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Okay. I think we can all agree that JBM are all massive trolls especially when it comes to people who are idiots about their relationship…

So Chetta has a huuuge family and they’re big on family events so she’s constantly invited to these super dull parties and all her older relatives always ask her whether she’s found a nice boy… Anyways just when she was getting tired of always disappointing … suddenly she’d found two!

It starts out kind of by accident… She fully intended to take both of them and come out but.. There was an ‘incident’ and Bossuet couldn’t make it so she just takes Joly and by God her family LOVES him because why wouldn’t they he’s adorable and sunshine and most importantly he’s going to be a Doctor!!!

Anyway next event Joly is working so she takes Bossuet with the full intention of coming clean… Except her family is like immediately super rude and won’t give Boss a chance no matter how polite and lovely he is all evening and they keep taking her to one side to ask what ever happened to 'that nice Doctor boy’.

So they decide to mess with them. Each new event she’ll take one of them. Never any pattern and never giving any explanation as to why. So they either come to the conclusion that she keeps breaking up with one and getting back with the other OR she’s seeing them both behind the others back.

Anyway. This goes on for ages and then Bossuet proposes to them both and suddenly it’s like whelp should probably come clean now…

Except rather than tell them straight away she takes Boss to the next event and has him re-propose to her… And THEN Joly comes bursting in like 'Stop!’ and like her whole family is like =O and he just marches directly up to Boss (who is still on one knee) and they probably think he’s going to punch him except he doesn’t he says 'You can’t marry her! I love you!’ and fucking pulls out a ring like 'Bossuet Marry Me!’ and Chetta just gasps and is like 'Joly no! Please don’t do this. I love you! Marry ME!’ and SHE pulls out a ring.

Meanwhile Boss is just like 'Chetta my love please!’ And they’re all just there on the ground with three engagement rings facing each other doing this whole soap opera dialogue and then finally one of them is like 'Okay Wait. So. He loves you and I love you and you love me and her?’ like this is some big revelation they JUST came to. And the other two nod. 'Sooo how about we all just get married?’ and the other two are like - shrug- 'yeah okay’ and they all exchange rings in totally the opposite order to how they proposed, hold hands, stand up, take a bow, and leave. Meanwhile Chetta’s family are all still staring at the spot where they all were, a couple have fainted and her parents who obviously have known the whole time are just chilling out at the back with wine laughing to themselves and preparing for the onslaught of questions.

Needless to say it’s a while before Chetta has to go to a family event again but when she does its with both her boys on her arm.