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ASTRO’S True Debut

After talking with @sanhatation​ and @moon-hyuks​ for.. a couple of hours(?), we cracked the code.

Hide & Seek: So the girl and ASTRO are in two separate realities.  This is marked by the change of saturation between the two.  Anywhere ASTRO is, it’s overly saturated.  Anywhere the girl is, it’s rather dull in comparison.  The girl can’t directly interact with ASTRO and vice versa.  She only can interact with ASTRO through mirrors and shadows.  At the end of the music video, the girl wakes up.  She was only dreaming about ASTRO.  ASTRO were part of her dream.

Breathless: ASTRO are soda bottles.  They’re with the girl and they’re influenced by her.  If the cooler tips over, ASTRO falls.  If the cooler is shaken, ASTRO is also.  However, ASTRO still cannot directly interact with the girl.  At the end of the music video, ASTRO wakes up.  ASTRO were dreaming of the girl that once dreamed of them.

Confession: ASTRO and the girl are now together.  Both of them have direct influence on each other.  ASTRO makes the girl happy and keeps her company, the girl can put ASTRO in situations (like making them holding tennis rackets and then take them away, for example).  At the end, it appears that the girl is leaving ASTRO.  ASTRO were never real to her anyway.  They were drawings, hopes and dreams of a perfect boy projected into a drawing.

The more ASTRO and the girl could communicate, the more real ASTRO became.  Or did they?

To Be Continued:  The name doesn’t make sense.  What does “to be continued” have to do with what happened in the show?

If you think about it, it really doesn’t have anything to do with it.  What’s being continued?  Nothing.  This is where the drama ends, leading off to ASTRO’s debut.

The girl woke up in Hide&Seek.  ASTRO weren’t actually with her.  ASTRO were a figment of her imagination, and she wasn’t actually with them.  In Breathless, ASTRO were the one to wake up.  The girl was a figment of ASTRO’s imagination, and there wasn’t actually a girl.  Nobody really seemed to wake up in Confession, but ASTRO were just dreams to the girl anyway.  ASTRO has never been an object in reality.

But what about the new song, the new concept, which is a direct continuation of Confession?

For the teaser photos of 붙잡았아여해 (Should’ve Held On), you might have noticed the mattress in the bathroom.

What do you do on a mattress?  You sleep.  ASTRO is saying that they “should’ve held on” to this dream, because once they wake up (once they become famous and wake up from this perfect dream their careers have been so far), things might change.

ASTRO being with the girl has never been real from the beginning.  In Hide&Seek, they were in the imagination of the girl.  In Breathless, the girl was in their imagination.  In Confession, they were the hopes and dreams of someone.  ASTRO have been dreaming of these girls, of their fans, of their first loves, but none of it is real.  Not until now, until Should’ve Held On.

ASTRO are waking up.  For the last year, over a year, since To Be Continued, ASTRO have been asleep.  They’ve been dreaming about AROHA, wanting to meet AROHA, their fans, wanting to experience that first love with AROHA.  They haven’t been able to, though.  They’ve been dreaming about the experience.

This wasn’t ASTRO’s true debut.  It was a dream.  (It was a debut, but hold on, don’t get lost yet.)

In To Be Continued, ASTRO goes to the past, back to when they were high school students.  In Hide&Seek and Confession, they wear school uniforms.  Up until this point, every comeback has been in the past.

At the end of To Be Continued, what happens?  ASTRO debuts, but it’s with a concept quite different from Hide&Seek.  Surely when this was filmed, ASTRO knew they were going to debut.  They might not have known when, but Fantagio must have.  Agencies do tend to plan very far in advance.  Even ASTRO was surprised by their debut concept being Hide&Seek.  It was so different from what they did up until that point.

The following is an excerpt from XP Star Shot’s article “ Debuting with a Bright Concept? We Couldn’t Have Imagined It”

Let’s now speak truthfully. Did you think that you were gonna be debuting this zesty?
Before debuting, I couldn’t imagine that we’d be coming out with this kind of image. Big Bang, BTS, etc., we covered a lot songs with a strong concept when we were trainees. We never really tried soft and cute so at the beginning when they played the song for us at the company saying, “You guys will be debuting with this kind of song,” I was really shocked. Since it was of a completely different feel. I remember how hard conveying ourselves and making (the right) facial expressions was.

That’s because they’ve been practicing and finding themselves for the last year and a half.  They haven’t made their true debut, the debut that comes at the end of To Be Continued.

ASTRO have debuted.  They had Hide&Seek with Spring Up, Breathless with Summer Vibes, etc., but none of it was real.  ASTRO’s true concept, their true “debut” concept, is still to come.  But they’ve already done their debut. The debut that happens at the end of To Be Continued is still in the future from right now.  

ASTRO have been practicing.  When they debut with their true concept, their next album (after Winter Dreams), then they will be awake from the dream they’ve been in the last 4 albums.

If the “debut” in To Be Continued is in the future from now…

Eunwoo would be right.  They have  done it before.  They have debuted already, but they’re still nervous because this would be a true debut.

In To Be Continued, MJ even talks about reality being cruel.  ASTRO’s reality up until this point hasn’t been cruel.  They have a very successful career as rookies.  MJ knows reality is cruel.

But Saeron has comforting words to offer.

If you look at ASTRO where they are right now, in 2017, they are prepared for the future.  They might not be the most well known group out there, but they are prepared.  They know how music shows work, they know how to promote their album, they know how to treat each other and how to treat fans.  They have been preparing ever since Hide&Seek.

TL;DR: ASTRO have been preparing, dreaming, up until this point.  Nothing has been real.  Their dreams (Spring Up, Summer Vibes, and Autumn Story) have been easy.  Now they’re waking up from those dreams (Winter Dream).  They’re been prepared since the beginning, and once they’re awake, they can truly live with their fans and first loves and experience reality.

To Be Continued - Episode 12 screenshots - source

Article translation excerpt - source

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My store uses coupons, and sometimes it makes a fuckton of them avaliable online. Not everyone uses them, but if the line’s slow and I see that someone’s paying full price when they don’t need to, I’ll usually help them out by telling them they can load coupons on their smartphone while i scan their items.

So, this lady comes through my line and immediately starts complaining that she doesn’t have more discounts on her purchase (which was about $11 total btw). I tell her is against our policy to keep physical copies of coupons at the register, but there may be other ways she could get some.

Going by my usual script, I ask her if she has a smartphone, and this is my big mistake. She sneered viciously, as if I’d asked if she’d like to stop at the puppy-kicking booth on her way out of the store. “I don’t have a smartphone!,” she spat. “Neither does anybody in my family. I don’t want Obama listening in on me, finding out what I eat and drink and shit!”

Mind you, this was approximately a week ago, in April, nearly three months since Obama’s been retired. Seeing her get agitated about it, i forced a smile and a “sorry, nevermind”. She continued ranting until i finished ringing her up.

The funniest part was that she was clearly directing some of that paranoia and defiance towards me, and I’m quite sure she thought I was part of Obama’s secret team of spies, disguised as minimum wage employees, tempting unsuspecting citizens into getting bugged smartphones with the promise of sweet 20% off coupons… how else can we discover the no doubt fascinating and important secrets of this woman’s thrilling life… sorry Barack, she’s too smart for us… anyway…

Finally i told her her total. She stuck her card in and followed the prompts until it asked her to sign for her purchase and she started yelling at me. “OH NO. That is NOT how my card works! I don’t have to sign for a purchase under $25!” I explained that actually, that’s how our card readers work now. The old slide cards don’t need a signature under $25, but the new chip cards need either a PIN or a signature for any amount. “Well maybe that’s some fancy [store name] rule, but I know MY card doesn’t work like that! I just used it another place and it didn’t make me sign!” Again, I explained that that’s how our credit card machines work and that sometimes other companies may have different machines, but there’s no way of getting around how they work. She was yelling and i expected to need to involve a manager, but then suddenly she signed it while still yelling about how she refused to sign it. Overall, a strange and angry interaction.

Voltron Theory Time

If anyone remembers that iconic leak of Matt & Shiro some months back, I think that new leak of Pidge finding Matt gives us enough information to finally debunk what’s happening in it.

This was posted as an instagram story by ohlittleasianone aka Kimiko Glenn, who now we know as of season 3, is the voice of Ezor, from Lotor’s gang!

Now, here begs the question: why would Kimiko be there, taking pictures in the recording booth, literally saying that she is “Doin Stuff” (voice acting!) if this wasn’t a scene where Matt and Shiro were fighting Ezor/the other generals? Lotor’s crew are the main villains for now so it’s definitely likely. At the very very least Ezor appears in the same episode. 

Alright, Matt & Shiro are likely fighting Lotor’s general(s). Making the episode of this leak most likely to be in season 4 or 5.

It can be argued that this occurs in an even later season (these girls look like they’ll be hanging around for a while), however something I haven’t seen a lot of people mention is that the art of Matt & Shiro looks completed– and that this is post production work! Hyperbolic Audio does post production recording, there’s a fantastic post about how that all works >here.< Basically: Kimiko probably just had to re-record a line for Ezor, she isn’t dubbing over her, but instead fixing her voice post-production. “Locked update 2017-04-18″ - the episode itself was finished/very nearly finished by mid April. It’s season 4 or 5.

What I’m guessing either is that this leaked scene either happens right at the end of season 4 or around the beginning/middle episodes of season 5. Lotor’s crew are like mini boss battles, they’re important enough to be part of the last big fight of season 4. However it could also be from a fight in season 5. 

Keep in mind season 4 is technically episodes 8-13 of season 3 and so far it has been on the ball about keeping up the pace of the show, having no filler episodes and deepening the plot. ~Theoretically~ it has a fast enough pace to get to a point where Shiro & Matt would be fighting the galra generals in the final episode. However, there’s one big setback to this theory.


is how Pidge seems to find Matt. She’s alone. We can literally see her lion go to the planet where Matt is, alone. 

This has been hinted at right from season 1 and considering how team voltron is a bit of a mess right now I’m not surprised. I’m thinking that an episode may be dedicated just to her finding her brother, and end with Matt becoming another ally to team Voltron by the end. Pidge and/or Matt still have to reunite with the team though, probably resulting in various amounts of team dialogue with Pidge stating her reasons for leaving alone/introducing Matt/his reunion with Shiro. It looks like Pidge & Matt both run into some trouble on the planet too.

What I’m saying is, finding Matt and whatever his role with Voltron will be will take up some time. In a season with only 6 episodes, maybe a bit too much time to get to a point of fighting the galra generals by the end. Still, this is season 3 part 2 we’re talking about, so maybe I’m wrong, it just depends how fast the pace is and how early on Pidge finds Matt.

At least we know for sure that whenever this leak happens, it’s not in the episode where Pidge finds Matt. He has a cool cape and the leaked Matt doesn’t woo

But that’s interesting, because before this pidgey video, people expected Shiro to find Matt as per the leak. But he is nowhere to be seen in this newest leaked video (unless they were leaving it for a surprise but I doubt it, this is Pidge’s climatic goal, not time for real!Shiro to crash the party even though we want it to be) Therefore will the real Shiro show up when Pidge finds Matt? Doubt it. 

So… is the Shiro in this leak the real one? We know that clone!Shiro has the replacement black paladin armour, so yeah, no. 

Clone!Shiro’s the one in the leak.

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when would you say that you really found your art style? tell us the timeline of your art!

That’s a good question! I’ve been drawing since I was little, so I’ve gone through a lot of different stylistic ‘phases’ (some of them very dumb), but I feel like I’ve only really started to get a grasp on my style since I graduated school back at the end of April. Nearly all the art you see here was done between then and now. School was a little stifling for me, since I spent a ton of time honing technical skills but wasn’t creating much work that I was interested in (i.e. I loved drawing animals, but most of my courses dealt primarily with human anatomy and characters, and those classes gave me boatloads of homework, so with the exception of a few godsend animal design projects, if I wanted to draw critters it had to be during my down-time. I also worked as a designer/magazine illustrator my entire time at university and that + class + homework meant constant creative burn-out, so as weird as it sounds I did almost no personal work during university and preferred to spend all my free time performing stand-up instead, haha)

Once I graduated and left my design job, I realized I could finally start making the kind of art I had always wanted to without any restriction, and I totally fell back in love with drawing. So I’ve only really been developing a style that feels natural for me in the last few months, and I’m excited to see where it goes!

Bibia Be Ye Ye

A/N: someone asked for another Sebastian x reader but I lost it in my inbox but this one is for you babeee!!! xxxxxx

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

You watched from backstage as Sebastian sat talking to the interviewer about various projects he had been working on. 

A grin stretched across your face as he mentioned you, talking about how much he adores you. “How long?” The interviewer asked, and you still hadn’t gotten use to the general public knowing about you. 

“Oh gosh, nearly 2 years this April.” He smiled, his eyes brightening with every word. “Well let me know if it doesn’t work out, kay?” the interviewer joked, sending Sebastian a wink. 

The audience laughed and you couldn’t help but feel a hole in the pit of your stomach as she said that. Of course, she was a comedian and you knew that it was irrational to think that it was anything more than a joke, but it still stung. 

“I don’t think she’s going anywhere.” Sebastian said, chuckling under his breath. You crossed your arms, Sebastian’s dressing room suddenly seeming a lot smaller than it was a few moments ago. 

The interview continued and you still thought about that one comment. One single comment, and you felt jealously course through your veins. 

It ended and you watched as the cameras switched to a wide angel and the interviewer pressed a small kiss to Sebastian’s cheek. 

“Jesus fucking christ.” You groaned, closing your eyes and sighing as the television went black. 

Of course the interviewer was gorgeous, her long black hair and ivory skin filling you to the brim with envy. You rubbed your temples and attempted to ignore the headache coming on. 

Sebastian was quick to rush into the room, high off of adrenaline and sweaty from the stage lights. 

“Hello baby.” He pressed a kiss to your cheek, which you welcomed but felt a bit of nausea accompany it. “Hi.” you cooed back, swallowing your pride and deciding to ignore your jealousy. 

“What’d ya think?” He asked, sitting next to you. “Great, as usual babe.” You smiled, kissing his lips and standing up. “You gonna shower?” 

He nodded, following his usual routine and undressing before hopping into the shower. You heard him humming softly as you looked into the mirror, picking apart your image for what seemed like that thousandth time, wondering if you were good enough. 

You couldn’t understand why he was with you. He said he loved you, he stayed by you with everything and he was excited when he saw you. But, your brain wouldn’t let you believe it. 

You never spoke about your insecurities in front of him because once you thought about saying it outloud, it all just sounded a bit silly. 

Despite how silly it may seem, it still bothered you. A lot. 

“Hey darlin’,” Sebastian poked his head out of the curtain, “why don’t you join me today?” 

You met his eyes, swallowing back more nausea and lifting your shirt over your head. He smiled, watching you climb into the shower and holding your hand so you don’t fall. 

He moved you underneath the water, the warmth enveloping your body as he looked down at you with a grin. 

Your bottom lip trembled as you had a weak smile stretch across your face. 

Concern washed over Sebastian’s face, his hair dripping as you felt a quiet sob fall from your lips. 

Sometimes you just felt like you weren’t enough, and seeing Sebastian standing in front of you with so much admiration, you couldn’t help but feel like you didn’t deserve it. 

He wrapped his arms around your shoulder, skin to skin contact nearly calming you but you still felt anxiety bubble up. 

“What’s the matter?” He murmured, rubbing the lower half of your back soothingly. 

A tear slipped down your face and quickly mixed in with the water that fell from the shower head. “I’m just- you could do so much better.” you whispered, your head on his chest. 

“I did not just hear you say that.” Sebastian said, hugging you tightly between his arms. You loosely hung on him, your arms on his waist as you cried softly. 

“You listen to me,” Sebastian pulled away and met eyes with you, watching as your tears mixed with the water from the shower head, “you are the most gorgeous person I have ever met. Ever. I love you more than anything and you know that.” 

In his attempts to brighten your mood, you could only think about how easily he could act and say the words without actually meaning them. “B- but, you have girls lusting after you. You could have anyone you want in the world. Just- why me?” 

Voicing your frustrations has never been easy. 

“I only want you.” 

“Damn it, Sebastian! Why? That interviewer was practically panting through out the whole thing yet you come back to this mess?” you gestured to your face, which now had mascara stricken cheeks and bloodshot eyes. 

“You don’t seem to understand,” Sebastian whispered, wiping away your tears and holding your face between his hands, “I want you. Especially when you have runny make up or messy hair.” 

He took your silence as an opportunity to speak more, “You are the love of my life.” 

You scoffed, ending it in a laugh as you looked up at him, “Why?” 

“Why not?” he pressed a kiss to your cheek, “because your laugh makes me smile. Your hair smells amazing, and you look great in my t-shirts. Hell, even my mom loves you.” 

You smiled softly, “Is that it?” 

“I could keep going, or I could do this.” He was quick to pick you up and press your back against the wall of the shower. You giggled, allowing him to capture your lips with his and run your hands through his hair. 

His hands held your thighs and you felt the water run over both of your bodies. To say your insecurities had diminished completely would be an overstatement, but Sebastian certainly has a way with words that eased your anxiety slightly. It also helped that he had his hands on your body. 

A knock sounded on the door which tore you out of your bliss. 

“Sebastian, you’ve got to get to the Fallon studios soon!” Sebastian’s manager sounded, his voice gruff with annoyance. Sebastian poked his head out of the curtain and nodded, “Will be out in a second.” 

You poked your head out from beneath him, a sly smile on your face as you watched his manager’s face go red, “Maybe two seconds.” 

Without another glance, Sebastian pulled you back into the shower and pressed his lips hard against yours. 

You were feeling better, to say the least.

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"No external trauma is present. There is some green discoloration of the lower abdomen due to early decomposition" so that's a part of Dylan's full autopsy and I just..dunno man. When I read that I really had to just get off my phone and realize wow he's actually dead..,not sure why it affected me so much but it did.

Well, the boys were not removed from the library until 23:00 hrs the next day on Wed, April 21st - nearly April 22nd. They were the last to be removed from the library.  It is no wonder there was decomposition but yeah, it really hits home when you understand that Dylan’s (and Eric’s) body was already decomposing and breaking down from the vibrant, healthy, young and intelligent living boys they once were just a mere 48 hours ago. :-/

April 26, 2017


Flimsy cell reception is a poor excuse. Not returning phone calls because one did not know how to answer them is a poor excuse. I thought I would be able to think of something more, to tell the truth without it sounding as if I had abandoned what I had fought for. I failed at that.

Listening to the messages did not help. I had to stop after a few because of the pain I could hear. Sam seemed to have had confidence that I was not answering or responding for a reason, but that reason pales in comparison to a justification anyway. I have learned time and time again that to disappear is to give a physical sign that something is not right, but it did not occur to me that these actions happen subconsciously as well, even when we think they are for the greater good. They are never for the greater good. I should have called.

Timezones; Cell Reception; Voicemails; none of this exists in Heaven. What exists is being, the essence of understanding you are a point in a world that is constantly changing around you. One never thought to worry about how others think one is doing when in heaven. It was never a thought that made sense until ten years ago––until I realized the significance it was to feel like someone was waiting for you.

… there is no excuse.

And now, as I stand here waiting outside the bunker doors I have no basis of how either Winchester will react, especially after I tell them what I have learned.



Yesterday | Tomorrow


Ferb than concocted a plan that involved Ferb telling Buford that Isabella had calmed down and that he was safe. As soon as he left the Flynn-Fletcher residence Isabella was waiting on her front porch and ended up chasing Buford all the way back home. Ferb witnessed all of this and laughed. From this day forward Buford vowed to never pull another April Fools Day Prank on Isabella. Ever. Again. 

hiveswap timeline

“the first half is nearly done” - cohen, april 2017

“the first half is nearly done” - hussie january 2017

“the game is nearly done” - hiveswap team october 2016

“we want to release the game mid-2015″ - april 2015

“we plan to release in 2014″ - original kickstarter, 2012

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The Long Ride Home

Here’s my first attempt at Fanfiction so I apologise if their’s grammar issues.

 I would put this under a line break but it doesn’t seem to work

I takes place after Requiem with the Turtles April and Casey taking there dead Father back to the Lair.

He was dead, Splinter was dead and nothing will bring him back this time. Super Shredder stabbed Splinter in the stomach and threw him off the roof, There was nothing the Turtles could do to save him.

The Turtles carried there Father into the Shellraisor, they didn’t really want to lay him on the floor but they had no other choice, it was the only place they could lay him. April then got 2 blankets from the storage unit and laid one of them on the floor. The Turtles then gently laid their Father  down on the blanket and then April laid the other blanket on top of Splinter, his head uncovered

Donnie nodded to thank April, he then went to sit down in usual position and he stared blankly at the screen remembering another memory of him and Splinter together, he then switched on the power to start the Shellraisor.

Raph went to sit in his usual position, he turned his seat round so he was facing Splinter and his brothers. Raph closed his eyes and  starting  to remember what that evil monster did to their Father and wondered if he should have done more to save Sensei but he couldn’t think of anything and tears started to fall so he covered up his eyes because he didn’t want anyone to see him cry.

Mikey looked at his Father’s dead body,  he was hoping that this was nightmare and will wake up at any minute. Mikey even planned that when he finally wakes up, he will run out of his room, straight to the Dojo and give Splinter a big hug. He even tried pinching himself to wake up quicker,  but he knows that this is no bad dream but real life and that made him start to cry again. He kneeled down by Splinter, sitting just in front of Raph. Mikey held his Father’s hand again, it was still warm, he didn’t want to let go. He wanted to hold his father’s hand forever but he couldn’t, he had to let him go.

April sat down in Mikey’s normal seat, still holding her injured shoulder. luckily it wasn’t bleeding badly but she decided she will get it bandage when they arrive back at the Lair. She wanted to cry but she couldn’t, not yet, she needed to be strong for her friends.

April looked at the clock, it was nearly 11pm. April started wondering about her Dad because he might be worried about her being out this late.  She will have to ring him when they get back to the lair and tell him what’s happened and won’t be coming home yet. April decided she will spend the night at the Lair, there was no way she was going to leave the Turtles on their own tonight.

Leo looked at Splinter and then looked at his brothers, he now knows he’s head of the family and needs to be strong for them. He wants to help them through this sad time but tears started falling down his face and he realises that they have to be strong together and support each other in mourning over their Father.

Leo was about to get in the driver’s seat but froze, he was in no fit state to drive. Casey came over and put his hand on his shoulder, indicating he will drive them home. Leo quietly said thank you and he went to sit by Splinter. Leo kneeled down and he gently lifted his Father’s head onto to his knees and started whispering something in Japanese, while stroking his head.

Casey already in the driving seat, started to drive them home, he wanted to get them home quickly but he had to drive slowly so there wouldn’t be any sudden jolts.

Mikey’s cries were starting to get louder and he started shaking. Raph removed his hands from his eyes when he heard him and saw that his baby brother was becoming distressed. He hates seeing him in this state, he wants to protect him from this nightmare but he can’t because it was real, so all he could do was to comfort him. Raph got down from his seat and sat next to Mikey, he started rubbing his shell to sooth him. Mikey noticed this and he stopped shaking, he gently let go of  Splinter’s hand and hugged Raph, leaning his head  against his brother’s plastron. Raph could feel the wetness of Mikey tears on his chest and he started to gently rock him and placing his other arm round Mikey, while the other was still rubbing his shell.

Leo was still stroking his Father’s head and he started to he cry a lot more now, April noticed this and then she looked over at Donnie, he was just staring blankly at the computer screen. She could see his tears falling, she think it that it was best to take over so he could go sit with Leo.

Donnie still looking blankly at the screen trying to pay attention, to make sure there wasn’t going to be any problems,  but he couldn’t focus because tears were falling freely down his face. He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder, it was April. She whispered something in his ear, Donnie then got up, hugged her and then went over to sit next to Leo. April sat down in his seat, keeping an eye on the screen, she just prayed that there wasn’t going to be any trouble.

Leo suddenly felt a warm arm round his shoulders, it was Donnie. Leo then placed his arm round Donnie’s shoulders and Donnie leaned his head against Leo’s head and they both cried quietly together.

April saw the secret door coming up, she opened it for the Shellraisor to pass through on to the track. She breathed a sigh of relief as they were almost home. She turned round and watched the 4 brothers mourn over Splinter, tears started welling up in her own eyes and tries fought them back.

Casey could see the light from the Lair ahead, it took only 10 minutes but felt like hours. He put on the break slowly and the Shellraisor came to a gentle halt outside the lair.

After a minute the Turtles, April and Casey started to move The Turtles gently picked Splinter’s body up and carried out of the vehicle into the Lair, April and Casey followed them. The Turtles carried him into the dojo and gently laid him down.

The Turtles then hug each other and they collapsed on the floor crying. April then hugs Casey, she couldn’t fought back the tear anymore and breaks down crying.

Leo sobs “come here, your family too”. Casey and April join them, they kneel between Leo and Donnie and they all cried together.

I’ve started working on that timeline...

…and it’s a bigger pain in the bum than I thought it’d be. lol

I’m watching every episode of TMNT ‘12 from the beginning, and taking note of time that passes during the episode, references to a date or season, references to minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years passing, and any reference to main or secondary characters’ ages, whether stated within the show, stated in promotional material, or listed someplace unofficial. 

So far, here are the notes I’ve taken just for April’s age in episode 1:

“April was advertised as 16 before the show aired, and a wiki labels her birth date as 11/28/95. If “Rise of the Turtles,” really does take place on 9/29/12, this would mean she would turn 17 less than two months after the start of the series (probably by episode 9, “The Gauntlet,” in which Leo says, “In the past few months, we’ve taken down giant spiders, plant creatures, alien robots, and an army of ninjas.”).

“This would also make her a HS senior, though one of the youngest in her class. Some internet sources say the cutoff date for school in NY is Dec 1st while other sources say Kindergarten entrance age is decided by local district. Since she lived in a fictitious “North Hampton” in upstate NY until she was 6 years old (not Northampton, MA or even Northampton, NY on Long Island), it is hard to say what year she began kindergarten for sure and therefore what grade she would be in by 9/29/12. Being a nearly-17-year-old HS senior in episode 1 doesn’t make sense though, as she and Casey still need to do homework together in S03E17 (even though Mikey claimed to still be 15 in S03E04, it is most likely not true that less than one year passed between seasons 1 and 3 for reasons that shall later be explored).

“So, it’s possible we can say April was nearly 16 at the start of the series, and a HS junior. That would make her 16 for most of the first season. Her birth date of Nov 28th doesn’t seem to be canon unless it is confirmed elsewhere, but it’s all we have. It’s more likely she was born in 1996 than 1995.”

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So… yup. This is actually kinda fun.

Does anyone know of an official source stating her birth date?

I would’ve had her birthday be in April, but that’s just me… lol

Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Amil and Beanie Sigel, photographed on the set of the music video for the underappreciated Roc-A-Fella Records posse cut “4 Da Fam” by Lenny “KodakLens” Santiago in 2000.

In his stellar verse Hov made reference to his impending fatherhood which would be, until Beyoncé’s pregnancy and the birth of Blue Ivy, one of only two references he made on wax to having a child of his own. After referencing his four nephews, who he has said numerous times he treated like his own children, Hov declared “I’m having a child, which is more frightening.”

Since 1997 Jay had been dating actress Rosario Dawson, and some say that their three-year relationship ended soon after she suffered a miscarriage. This, from a Vibe magazine interview conducted on the set of “I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me)” in November 2000: “Yes, he did have a child on the way as he rapped on Amil’s ‘4 Da Fam,’ but he stops short of giving a reason why that’s no longer the case.” In April 2003, nearly three years later, he would revisit this time in his life in an interview with Playboy magazine, explaining:The girl I was seeing about four years ago had a miscarriage. But I wasn’t sad. I didn’t even grieve. Maybe it happened because I wasn’t ready to be a dad.”

His other early reference to fatherhood was on “This Can’t Be Life,” where he talks about an unnamed girlfriend suffering a miscarriage. As the track was recorded shortly after “4 Da Fam” many assume it was a reference to the same pregnancy. However, in Decoded Jay explained that the miscarriage he was referencing took place in 1994—the year he set his “TCBL” verse. “This refers to something that happened to me around that time, 1994, when my girl of five years got pregnant and lost the baby in a miscarriage. Now, obviously, miscarriages happen everywhere, to anyone, but the point is that on top of the especially acute paranoia and disappointment and exhaustion I’m feeling from the street life, friends getting shot, your family being broke, I have to deal with the everyday tragedies that stalk everyone. And when that hits you, sometimes it becomes clear that you have to get out, that this really can’t be life, it has to be more.” 

The ex-girlfriend referred to is Stephanie, who he met in Virginia when he was in the state drug running. They dated for five years from 1991-1996, with Hov living between her home in Virginia and his apartment at 560 State Street in Brooklyn. Their relationship and the stress his early rap career put on it inspired “Song Cry.”

a crow’s murder, a jay’s party, and a magpie’s parliament.

@guide-to-the-galaxy presenting my late birthday present to you: a harrowing adventure with our three favorite kids set in the amazing AU you gifted to me on my birthday.

please enjoy some ghostly misadventures and somewhat mushy romance, the most important factors to a story. <3

((for those not in the know: this is a Mystery Gang AU featuring capritello and paranormal shenanigans. human AU obviously, minor gore and spooky moments, and the races for each of the kids are as follows: April is black, Donnie is blasian, and Casey is native.))

April doesn’t wear makeup often. It’s expensive and tricky to use. Usually she has no patience for it and all the fuss it takes to wear it; particularly that when she chooses to show her boys some affection, it leaves evidence and people always Talk when two teenage boys have the same color left on their cheeks and there’s only one girl to be seen. 

April is sensible and to the point and doesn’t enjoy nosy, judging assholes making assumptions of her and her two companions. It makes her reach for her bat, and there are unfortunately few situations where that’s the correct response.

But, on the rare occasion, makeup is acceptable. She’s found, as she, Donnie, and Casey have faced stranger and more dangerous creatures on their journey crosscountry- having some battle paint on her face makes the experience less terrifying, more thrilling.

Bloody red on her lips is the go to, and April always applies it with care. It stands pleasantly stark against her dark skin and yellow sweaters, and she enjoys the tacky feeling it leaves on her skin as they go to face whatever monster or ghoul they’ve stumbled across tonight. It feels like a challenge, and April does indeed mean it that way to whoever and whatever they encounter.

Of course. This means she tends to get in over her head, more often than not.

Thank god she’s never flying solo.


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The year is 2019. It is nearly april again. Hussie is gearing up for the 10th anniversary of homestuck. The comic is on hiatus while he works on Epilogue Act 4 Act 1 Act 3′s live action finale. There is a rumor nicolas cage will be making a cameo. WeLoveFine has expanded their bestselling line of smuppets tenfold. A single tear washes some grey paint off my face