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LIsten i had the most painful idea for a markjin fic??? ok so its like 7 years in the future or smth and got7 amicably disbanded and jinyoung went more into acting and became so busy with work that he never rlly got invested in a relationship but his life had been slowing down and he was ready to become a father so he adopted a lil boy who became his whole world and his lil boy has been going to kindergarten for a few months when he gets a phonecall from the school that something had happened to his son so he practically speeds there in his car and runs in and sees the teacher comforting his son who was crying his heart out and jinyoung runs to him and hugs him and asks what’s happened and the teacher explains how apparently for the past few months a group of kids in the class have been bullying jinyoung’s son and it came to a head that day when one of the boys pushed jinyoung’s son off the swing and the teacher only noticed when one of the other kids came to jinyoung’s son’s rescue and jinyoung is like “oh my gosh well can i please meet this lil boy who stuck up for my son and protected him?” and the teacher brings him in with his father and iT’S MARK AND THE BOTH OF THEM FREEZE WHEN THEY SEE EACH OTHER BC IT HADNT BEEN THAT LONG MAYBE 2/3 YEARS?? SINCE THEIR LAST GROUP REUNION BUT THEY HADNT SPOKEN SINCE THEN BC MAYBE THE 2 OF THEM GOT A BIT TOO DRUNK AND MAYBE JINYOUNG KIND OF SUGGESTED THAT HE LOVED MARK AND KISSED HIM AND WAS SO EMBARASSED THAT THEY HADN’T SPOKEN SINCE and mark’s son runs over to jinyoung’s son and gives him the tightest hug and turns to jinyoung and says “i won’t let those meanies hurt him ever ever again! he’s my best friend!” and jinyoung tears up and looks at mark and mark is tearing up as well bc of course the universe brought their kids together and made them best friends of course their kids just clicked like they did all those years ago it was like their families were intertwined by fate and they all leave together and go for lunch and mark explains how out of a failed relationship where everything went wrong the only right thing he got was his son who he cherished more than anything and they bond over being single dads and reminisce on good times and mark asks why jinyoung stopped contacting him and jinyoung says “losing got7 was excruciating but telling you how i felt and losing you would’ve completely broken my heart” and mark is silent for a while before placing his hand over jinyoung’s and saying “well you don’t ever have to worry abt that bc ur never gonna lose me if i have anything to say abt it” and they smile at each other whilst listening to their kids screech with laughter in the background

eene-fangirl  asked:

What is your favorite Edd trait?

I love how sensitive this boy is, and how impossible it is for him to hide how he is feeling in nearly all situations. He does have a very logical, rational mind, but instead of being a robotic, emotionally closed-off character, he experiences emotions very intensely and in most situations, chooses to prioritize emotional wellbeing. Such a delicate boy.

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Zenyatta 

[Requests by @morethanlittlesinister , as well as several anons] 


Finally, there are robots robot boyfriends who wear each other’s clothes. (Clothes? Pieces?) 

I’m sorry this one too so long, since most of you know I’ve been dealing with chained concussions on and off for over a year. Still, this was such a joy to do, because Zenyatta is my sweet boy - and now looks like General Grievous’ jedi cousin. 

Genji looks a bit odd to me still, and don’t even get me started on how Zenyatta taught him to float… But I took a fair amount of artistic liberties with their designs since neither of them have full reference for the parts of their bodies that aren’t covered? It’s like they planned this. 


Thank you all for the submissions! 

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THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTANDING THIS COMIC: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago. I’d only been on hormones for 5 months.

July 3rd, 2016. Hoo boy, nearly skipped this one for fear of backlash. I was feeling impatient, still had intense dysphoria and self-hatred. Honestly, I was further along in my transition at the time than I realized. I wrongly viewed my stronger features as mannish. Using makeup to soften my features eased my mind, but became a crutch. I hid from my face as much as possible. I had such intense fears that others would wrongly interpret my gender-expression.

If you enjoy my work, you can directly support me and my transition via Patreon. Thank you!

i got curious and wanted to see how my full body drawings have changed over the months…! i don’t nearly practice as much as i should be, but i’m happy to see some progress either way ^o^/

i hadn’t intended it to end up this way, but putting these pictures together kind of makes it look like trans boy tsuk transition art too. not that i mind. it’s my hc too, after all ✨

First Impression*

Anonymous: can u make more modeling imagines?? like how harry meets y/n and he feels like she is familiar but cant remember. and when they are like hanging in tour bus or backstage etc (1d does exist) one of the boys finds her cover of like it being revealing. and so on

I’ve changed this up a bit so it fits in with the series!


You and Harry had been dating for a few months now and this was the first time you were going to meet the boys. Harry invited you on a couple of tour dates and to say you were nervous was an understatement.

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More of my shit RvB Headcanons

• Nobody in the group (Blood Gulch and Wash) has ever heard Carolina swear (she does ONCE in season 10 but nobody hears it). One day she’s helping in the armory and stubs her toe and a single sharp “fuck!” Bursts from her mouth. The entire room freezes. Donut starts to have a panic attack. Simmons definitely didn’t pee a little. Grif is dazed. Wash is stricken but has to help Caboose stop crying.
• When Caboose was a lil baby boy he wore overalls every day. He loved those things. His mother tried to put him in a nice outfit for their family portraits but he refused and wore the overalls.
• Caboose’s Grandma was his best friend growing up. They’d make cookies together and watch old movies and cool shows with dinosaurs and she made him sweaters and mittens and little beanies. He didn’t speak for nearly three months after she passed away.
• Tucker joined up after his fiancée was killed by a Covenant bombing run.
• Simmons is amazing at math and science and spelling but when asked to analyze literature in school he flopped.
• Grif used to do open mic poetry.
• Grif used to have a lot of piercings but had to ditch them when he joined the army. He was your classic 2007 emo.
• Donut sings Sinatra songs when he’s in the shower because “who doesn’t love classical music?”
• Carolina was a dancer throughout her childhood. She did ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, lyrical, you name it. She felt it helped her fight more smoothly.
• She was giving York lessons in secret. His favorite was Lindy Hop swing and they’d spend hours just wheeling and whirling in the training room and in the red room.
• Sarge didn’t run out on Boomstick and his mom. He got drafted and redeployed but couldn’t bear to put his wife through it, so he just left. “Don’t say goodbye.”
• Caboose has nightmares a lot. They’re a little cartoonish when he explains them, but when Church is inside his head for one for the first time, he is terrified by the 50-foot-tall Tex that threatens to crush him.
• Carolina does, too. About everything. Project Freelancer, the Meta, Tex, even Chorus. She sits up in bed, sweating, and immediately pulls on her sneakers and goes for a run around the camp. Wash had Kimball give the watch guards orders not to disturb her.
• Wash doesn’t sleep more than 5 hours a night. Once he slept for 20 hours straight and was throwing up. Sleeping too much makes him physically ill.
• Wash drank a 5 Hour Energy for a bet and ended up in the hospital. Dr. Grey had to sedate him to slow his heart rate.
• Simmons’ cyborg parts shorted out when the EMP went off. It took Sarge a week to get him back to 100%.
• Doyle lost his daughter and wife to the war. That’s why he hates fighting and never wanted to be a general. He just wanted closure.
• Kimball lost her husband. She was pregnant, but lost the baby.
• Felix was almost always flirting with the volleyball player on Simmons’ squad.
• Simmons does not like being called Dick. He’s always afraid Donut will hear.
• Grif took Kai to her senior Prom after her boyfriend dumped her the day of. He also beat the crap out of him.
• Wash keeps a photo of the Reds and Blues and Carolina inside his armor.
• Carolina has a photo with York. In it, she’s in a simple white bathing suit and he’s in deep red shorts, a lifeguard tube under his arm. They are laughing, and her face is nestled under his. That was their third real date. He kissed her shortly after.
• After Church deconstructs himself, Carolina was depressed. She wouldn’t eat or sleep or drink. She’d just sit in her quarters in a stupor. All of the Reds and Blues and Wash and the Chorus squad tried to help but she’d just lock the door. One day Caboose came by to drop off a piece of a PFL tech for her and asked her why she was sad. She told him. He patted her hand and said “it’s ok to be sad. I am sad, too. But it’s not so bad. Tucker and Washington and the Reds are sad with me. Sometimes when you share the sad it gets lighter. We are all sad. But if we are sad together then we can make the sad less heavy. I don’t think church would want us to be sad. He would want us to think about his good stuff. Like his leading and being best fiends with me. You can be sad with us, if you want. You don’t have to be sad alone.”

A few days later, she took him up on that offer.

Poker Face

Reid x Reader

You parked your car as close to Rossi’s front door as you could and exited, getting ready to collect your boyfriend of ten months from his boys night in. He’d text you thirty minutes ago, a text that you’d struggled to decipher but had decided it meant you needed to collect him.

“Hey Y/N, come on in. We’re all in the kitchen,” Derek Morgan answered the front door, a wide grin on his face. You followed behind him into the brightly lit kitchen. Spencer was sat at the table, an empty tumbler. His eyes lit up when he saw you, a huge goofy grin spreading over his face. He bounded over to you, nearly kicking his chair over in the process and threw his arms around you.

“Y/N! Look everybody, it’s Y/N,” he proceeded to sloppily kiss your cheek, his hands running up and down your sides.  Gently you stopped his roaming hands and pulled away.

“Alrighty, someone’s a little drunk.”

“A little…..” Alvez scoffed in the corner, taking a sip of his beer.

“I’m not drunk!” Spencer tried to kiss you again, hiccupping into your face and giving you a beautiful second hand whiff of whiskey.

“Derek,” you turned to his best friend. “Why is he wasted and you guys aren’t?”

Morgan shrugged his shoulders, not prepared to take any responsibility for this at all. It was Rossi who turned from his spot at his coffee maker.

“I believe the theory was that if he was drunk, he couldn’t keep kicking their butts at poker,” he took a long sip of his coffee.

“You guys played poker against Spencer?”

Derek nodded as you put your hand on Spencer’s chest, trying to push him back slightly. He was currently trying to nibble on your neck, seemingly forgetting he had an audience.

“Luke didn’t believe that he was as good a player as he claimed to be.”

Luke had a rather sheepish look on his face.

“Aaaand,” you probed, looking pointedly at Alvez.

“Alright so I was wrong. Even after six whiskies he kicked my ass.”

“Dude, I told you there was a reason he’s band from pretty much every casino in Vegas,” Morgan laughed.

You turned to your boyfriend who was still grinning from ear to ear.

“Wanna see my winnings?” he asked you, not waiting for your answer. He thrust his hands into his pockets and came out with a huge bundle of cash, a Rolex watch which you recognised to be Rossi’s, an extremely expensive sports watch that you presumed was Luke’s and a folded piece of paper.

“That’s an IOU for two weeks at my beach house down in Florida,” the teams newest recruit Walker spoke up.

You took the wad of cash and flicked through it. There was close to a thousand dollars there you estimated.

“Well, guess I’ll be buying myself a new outfit tomorrow then,” you grinned before taking the two watches and handing them back to their owners, ignoring the protests from Spencer. You halved the cash as well and set it back on the table.

“The IOU, we’re keeping if that’s cool. You have a beach house?”

“Keep it Y/N, the Kid deserves it. I swear he’d have had the shirt of my back if he could have,” Stephen replied.

“But…. but, that’s my winnings!”

“Sssshhh baby. You know it’s not fair to play against these guys.”

“Yeah but…. ” Spencer pouted, his bottom lip sticking so far out you wanted to laugh.

“No, yeah buts. Now let’s go home," you pushed him gently in the direction of the door.

"Next time boys, tequila is the way to go. Whisky has very little affect on his poker skills for some reason. After three tequila shots though, even I’ve beat him.”

You neglected to tell them that you’d been playing strip poker at the time and he’d been distracted by other things…

The whole ride home was spent pushing Spencer’s hand off your thigh. He’d start of sweetly stroking your leg and then would inch higher and higher up. Normally you wouldn’t mind but you hated driving so late at night and Rossi lived a little way out of town so you needed to concentrate.

“Wait until we’re home!” you lightly smacked his hand away, trying to stifle a giggle.

“But…. I don’t wanna… You’re so pretty and your skin is so lovely and I just wanna…. Let’s pull over! Let’s do that thing we both like in the car.”

There were lots of things you both liked, none of which were happening in the this car.

“I don’t really fancy being arrested for indecent exposure, so nah. Have patience,” you told him, knowing exactly what would happen as soon as you got home.

“But I’m an FBI Agent. I know alllll the cops. They won’t arrest me.”

Not true, they would. And then Emily would have to pull some strings whilst teasing you both incessantly.

“Spencer chill out. We’ll be home in ten minutes and the you can do whatever you want to me.”

“Okay… Okay good. Cos I wanna do sooo many things to you,” he started to list the numerous sexual things he was promising to do to you and you just nodded along. If he was sober you’d find it sexy, but he was wasted so it just ended up being amusingly cute. When you finally reached your apartment you parked up and waited for him to stagger out of the car. He wobbled only slightly, tripping up a few times on the way up the three flights of stairs to your home.

His hands made their way around your waist again as you unlocked the door, his lips attacking your neck. Which again would have been sexy except the alcohol was making him drool slightly and his lips were a lot wetter than normal.

“Come on baby, let’s get you to bed,” you kicked the door shut behind you and led him to your bedroom. You pushed him down onto your bed, laughing as he pulled you on the top of him, his hands searching for the hem of your vest.

“Can we do those things now?” he asked excitedly.

“Sure baby, let me just slip into the bathroom first okay. Why don’t you take your clothes off and get ready and I’ll be right back.”

You clambered off him and made your way to your bathroom, wincing as you heard the thud of his converse hitting your floor as he tugged them off. You brushed your teeth and changed into your fluffy warm pajamas then stopped by the kitchen, grabbing two bottles of water and a can of coke.

When you re entered your bedroom Spencer was passed out on his back, loud snores leaving his throat. He’d managed to strip down to his boxers and climb under the covers himself. Chuckling to yourself you placed one of the waters and the coke on the bedside cabinet next to him and climbed in the other side, searching your drawer for your ear plugs.

That boy could not handle his drink.

But no doubt he’d make up for it in the morning.


some of my personal favorite Yoonmin fics i gathered from the past few months.I might be doing a few more of these,depends ;D,but warning that nearly all of these have smut in them so please read at your own risk~ these either:

A) Really killed me
B) Made me start squealing and emotional 
C) Both of the above

You Spin Me Like A Record,Baby by yah94 (Rated M)
This fanfiction isn’t very well known yet,it also isn’t completed (it has only one chapter so far,and unfortunately is on Hiatus.But i swear this chapter made me feel so,so happy!  I really recommend~!!)

who ever said i gave a shit about you by namalumicent (Rated M)
I love,love this fiction so much i can’t even express it! the chapters had me jumping from this one,(3/?)

Say Hi,Yoongi by  i_ship_us
It isn’t well known once again,but this author deserves much more!beautiful and cute story.(Completed 1/1)

The world,as viewed from a park bench by  takakoyaki 
Holy hell this story is literally one of the best i’ve read in a long,long time,,it really made me feel the Yoonmin TT 

Drying Tears by  keopi (Rated M)
This was such a feels trip it was so amazing,one of my personal favs because it’s so long and takes it’s time to build up the relationship between Jimin and Yoongi..

maybe when we say love, we mean a safe place to fall apart by solstices (Rated Explict)

ten things i love about you by  jonghyunslisterine (Rated Teens and Up)
And finally,the cutest,and very fluffy story that i enjoyed so much,still demanding some kid of sequel 

Worth It

Pure fluff. Spideypool x Reader. Family Edition. 

Originally posted by wizard-photographer

You laid on the couch with your 10 month old daughter snuggled against your chest. She was fast asleep, a goofy little smile on her face. You wandered when the boys would be back, it was nearly noon and they had promised to bring lunch. You rubbed Amelia’s back gently, smiling as she stirred in her seat.

Just then, the front door opened, “Sweet buns, we’re back!”

Wade’s voice roared through the apartment and Peter was quick to shush him, “Amelia might be napping.”

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NHL players coming out to Georgia “Will affirm all sexual identities” Martin (part 2)

[part 1] [part 3] [Ao3]

It was after a very hard fought win against the Schooners at home that Georgia Martin agreed to go out for drinks with some of the team. It had become less and less of a common occurrence the closer that Luiza got to her due date.  With less than a month to go until baby Silva-Martin was due to arrive, George spent nearly all of her free time at home with her wife getting ready for their first child.  After some pleading from Thirdy, she agreed to go out with the team, but she wouldn’t be drinking.  From the beginning of the pregnancy, George and Lu came to an agreement that anything that Lu couldn’t have, George wouldn’t have either.  She sat at the bar with a lemonade and watched in amusement as her boys slowly drank themselves stupid around her.

There was a rare two day break before the next game, and they took the opportunity to take advantage of the extra hangover recovery time.  The music playing in the bar was loud and upbeat, so after quite a few drinks some of the younger boys on the team made their way onto the dancefloor.  Georgie watched as Tater tried to get Poots to engage in something that she would hesitate to call “dancing.” It was really more like putting a fist in the air and jumping up and down.  Her train of thought was cut off by Thirdy’s boisterous laugh coming from next to her on the bar. She listened for a moment to Marty’s obviously exaggerated story, thinking about the way that his accent got thicker the more that he drank. It made her think of the way that Lu would slip into Portuguese in the middle of a sentence when she had too much to drink.

She loved her friends, but she missed Luiza.  There were warning signs during the third trimester that there was a good chance of baby Silva-Martin coming early, and George was terrified of not being there. When she made her way to the door to call Lu, just to make sure that everything at home was fine, she didn’t notice that Tater was no longer in the bar.

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Simon Says - How Many Copycat Attacks Did Columbine Spawn?

On April 20th, 1999 two teenage boys named Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold from Littleton, Colorado attacked their local high school with guns and homemade bombs, killing twelve students and a teacher. The massacre - which had been coolly planned months in advance - was a horrific crowning glory in a series of school shootings that plagued America in the 1990’s, and has inspired more copycat attacks than any other mass murder in the world. Even after nearly two decades since Harris’s and Klebold’s rampage, America continues to suffer from the ‘Columbine Effect’, where disturbed teens are inspired by the Littleton shooting and create plots of their own.

An online publication conducted a survey which compiled plots and actual shootings connected to the Columbine attack. The information gathered represents only the attacks inspired by Columbine:

- There are 74 known copycat cases connected to Columbine; of these, 53 cases are plots thwarted before they could occur, and 21 cases are of actual shootings involving injury or deaths.

- In over a dozen of the cases, the perpetrators hoped to surpass the death toll of Columbine.

- In at least ten cases the perpetrators showed admiration for the Columbine killers and referred to them as idols or heroes.

- Out of the 74 cases connected to Columbine, a total of 14 were planned for the anniversary of the attack.

- The overall death toll attributable to the Columbine Effect is 89 victims. 126 people have been wounded. In 9 of the cases, the perpetrators committed suicide.

- The average age for the perpetrator is 17.

- In 80% of cases the perpetrator was white (when the shooter’s ethnicity was known)

- In 95% of cases the perpetrator was a male

[m] fuck buddy!s.coups (college!au)

warning: hELLA LONG POST. also hella sinful but hELLA LONG POST

// realizes it’s been a month since i started this blog

here have this sinful, sinful post just because

Originally posted by sevixxteen

  • seungcheol is so fuck buddy material don’t even try to fight me on this
  • this boy screams both fluff and fuck at the same time what more do you want
  • with that out of the way, let’s begin ~

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The time of the month while he’s away (Bruce Wayne headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you please write some headcanons with Bruce x Reader where she is on her period and he is away on a trip so the boys try to take care of her because she has the worst cramps?

  • This shit would be a collaborative effort
  • Either Jason or Dick would be the one to find out
  • Because they annoyed you and you nearly tore them a new asshole
  • “Ma, I’m sorry, can we help?”
  • Alfred making the boys take a trip to town to get supplies
  • Like pain meds, sweets and anything else you would want.
  • Tim would be hiding in the cave all the time to avoid conflict
  • Damian would be surprisingly cuddly
  • Ready to cuddle and watch movies
  • even brings you a heating pad
  • The boys would call Bruce to ask questions
  • Bruce tells them what candy you want, What movies you love.
  • He even tells Jason to read your favorite book for you
  • Dick would run you a warm bath
  • puts his personal favorite bath bomb in it 
  • The house is more quiet then it has ever been
  • The boys are pile together for movie night
  • even Tim gets out of the cave to cuddle with everyone
  • Alfred makes y’all hot chocolate
  • Ends up being persuaded to join you
  • only because you were about to cry when he tried to say no
  • Bruce being proud of his family being able to support everyone
  • Patrol also is either canceled or less boys go on them because you don’t want to stitch anyone up
  • When you feel sad, Dick makes ridiculous jokes to make you laugh
  • Damian is Annoyed ™
  • The boy’s are on their best behaviour


With love,

Imagine: You go to one of Harry’s shows and fall asleep backstage

It had been a long week already, and it was only Wednesday. You finally got off from university for spring break today and had immediately got on a three hour flight to fly to the location where One Direction would be performing that night as soon as you had finished your last class. You hadn’t seen Harry in nearly two months and you both had been so excited when you told him you’d join him and the boys on tour for the couple weeks you had off from school. Of course Harry had offered to come back and visit you in between shows, but you couldn’t make him do that. It also would be nice to get away for a little bit and join in the excitement of traveling and watching the boys perform.

And there was definitely not a dull moment from the moment you walked out of the airport and stepped into the car that Harry had come in to pick you up. Of course, he wasn’t driving and you were both joined by a couple security guards, but still, it was Harry. And although you were exhausted from countless hours spent studying for your midterms over the past week or so and the bumpy flight that made it difficult to sleep, the feeling you got as soon as you saw Harry’s face made you forget all of that. And the smiles that lit up both of your faces made you feel as though you weren’t at all sleep-deprived and exhausted. And everything was worth it, and everything was good again. 

“God I missed you so much,” Harry murmured as he pulled you into him in the backseat of the black SUV that was now on its way back to the hotel. You buried your head into his t-shirt as you stretched out onto him, arms around his torso, both of his hands on the back of your head and his chin just inches above it. 

“I love you so much,” you mumbled into his shirt, almost inaudible. Harry laughed at how cute you were, just so unbelievably happy to be back with his person. It was the most beautiful sound to yours ears, hearing him laugh again in person, and you smiled as you finally sat up to look at his face.

“Hi baby,” Harry smiled before kissing your lips sweetly, his hands on either side of your face. 

“Hi baby,” you responded in the same tone, making him laugh again. And you both spent the rest of the car ride laughing as you talked, holding each other tightly. 

It was already late afternoon by the time you made it back to the hotel, so everything from that point was a rush to get the boys in the bus and off to the venue to get ready for their show that night. 

“S’great to have you here, Y/N. The twinkle is finally back in Harry’s eyes,” Liam laughed as you all sat on the tour bus on the short ride to the venue. 

Harry laughed, and you smiled up at him. “Oh yeah, that twinkle wasn’t there the last time we skyped,” you commented, jokingly. Harry kissed the top of your head as you laid it back on his chest and wrapped your arms around him, his around you. 

And it wasn’t until you heard movement shortly after that you realized you must have fallen asleep, not surprisingly. You were exhausted. But you had also been looking forward to seeing the boys perform again, because it had been so long, so you had to try to stay awake. Harry smiled at you as he pulled you up and didn’t let go of your hand as you made your way into the venue.

You loved hanging out in the dressing room with Harry and everyone before their shows. Everyone was so goofy and excited and the atmosphere was so fun. And this venue was great, too, because you’d be able to sit up in a box overlooking the whole stadium with a great view of your boyfriend. So you headed up there with some of the other boys’ girlfriends and family after giving Harry a quick kiss and wishing him luck before they hit the stage. 

And you danced and sang out the lyrics with the others, smiling when you’d notice Harry glance up and wave in your direction. 

As you heard the notes of the final song before the encore start to play, you and some of the others started to head backstage so that you could see the boys quickly before they went back onstage to perform the final few songs to the crowd. You timed it perfectly so that they had just finished singing the song right when you got backstage again, and Harry had a grin on his face when he walked over to where you were standing, leaning in to give you a sweaty hug.

“You guys sound amazing, as always. You sound extra sexy, Mr. Styles,” you laughed as he finally pulled back from the hug.

“Oh yeah? S’just for you, lovely,” Harry smiled, kissing your cheek quickly before getting ready to get back onstage. “See you in a bit,” he told you as he started to walk back toward the stage, giving you a wink. 

What a life, you thought. Just your boyfriend telling you he’ll see you in a bit as he walks back onstage to perform in front of tens of thousands of people. Typical. 

You were about to head back up to your seat to watch the boys perform the last few songs, but then you noticed the huge and inviting couch that sat in a small room just off to the side of the one you were standing in. It just looked so comfy, you thought you’d just try it out and see if it was as comfy as it looked. Then you’d go back to watch the show.

But as soon as you sat down on one of the giant cushions, all hope was lost. You found it to definitely be as comfortable as it looked. So comfortable, actually, the idea of getting up seemed just too unpleasant. So maybe you’d just sit here awhile longer…

Almost half an hour later, the boys were saying their final thank you’s to the fans as they ran up the stage. Harry was in such a good mood, even better than usual after finishing a show. They had just performed so well, the crowd was awesome and seemed like they were having a great time, and now he got to go back to being with you. 

As Harry and the rest of One Direction arrived backstage and everyone was hugging and congratulating them on an amazing show, Harry immediately noticed that you weren’t there as you always were after his shows that you’d attended. His brows furrowed as he started to worry about you like he often did.

“Has anyone seen Y/N?” Harry asked to no one in particular, just hoping that someone would know where his girlfriend was.

“Last time I saw her she was walking into the next room over,” Lou told him.

Harry, confused, immediately walked to the room, separated only by a short hallway. And he felt his heart swell as he walked into the room. It consisted only of a couch and a TV that was currently off. And there you were, lying down in the middle of the couch, looking more adorable than he’d ever seen you, fast asleep. Harry smiled hugely as he walked over to sit down next to you. He hated having to wake you up but they were always rushed to leave the venue right away after a show so that they wouldn’t be swarmed by fans and paparazzi. 

Harry lightly kissed your cheek before stroking it and whispering your name. When you didn’t respond, he said your name a little more loudly as he heard everyone rushing around in the next room over.

“Mmm?” You mumbled, not completely awake yet.

“Baby we have to go, the show is over. I hate to wake you but it’s time, love. We can sleep as soon as we get on the bus,” Harry told you quietly, as he began attempting to pull you up, unsuccessfully. 

You finally opened your eyes slightly, frowning in disorientation. 

“Oh, Harry, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to miss the end of the show, I don’t know what happened,” you told him sincerely, eyes wide.

“Shh it’s okay, everything’s okay, little one. No worries at all, I know you’re exhausted,” he promised with a reassuring smile. “We really do have to go, though.”

“Yeah okay, sorry,” you responded, but you hadn’t even had a chance to get all the way off the couch before Harry had swooped you up into his arms and started carrying you bridal style to the next room over and out the door to the tour bus that was waiting. 

“Harry!” You laughed, surprised because it was very rare that he would carry you. “I can walk,” you tried to protest, but also happy that you didn’t have to right now.

“Hush now,” Harry said, smiling down at you. You returned the smile as he somehow managed to carry you up onto the tour bus and toward his bunk bed. He laid you down gently before taking off your shoes, and then his own, and hopping in bed with you, pulling the curtain across the side of it so you could have your privacy. 

“Sleep, my love,” Harry whispered into your ear as he wrapped his arms around you, so happy to have you back with him. 

“Okay, I love you,” you told him quietly, already fading back into unconsciousness, your body wrapped around his. 

Harry smiled as he held you, stroking your hair with one of his large hands. He wasn’t tired at all now because of the exhilaration of being onstage, but he wanted nothing more than to lie next to you right now. Even if you weren’t awake.

“I love you most,” Harry whispered to you, already fast asleep. And he lay there, holding you, until he finally drifted to sleep himself, completely content.


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Newt x Reader- Baby Simba

So a reader requested this imagine with two prompts, one about telling Newt about the pregnancy and another involving the child, so to make this work, I’m just going to do the one involving the child! xoxo

Character: Newt x Reader
Prompt: Number 15 “I’m pregnant” and 23 “why are you holding our baby like simba?” for Newt plz??? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Baby Simba

You sat on the couch in your apartment, reading a book. It was nearly two months after you had given birth to your beautiful baby boy, (name). He was the most amazing creature you’d ever seen, and with Newt around, you’d seen some pretty impressive ones.
Speaking of Newt, he was getting the baby dressed in his pyjamas. Newt had bought some new ones as a surprise and you were excited, if not suspicious to see what he chose. Newt was the most amazing dad. As soon as you’d told him you were pregnant, he offered to stay with you at all times. You knew right then and there that he was going to be the perfect father.
You smiled to yourself, thinking about that day, when Newt walked in backwards, shaking you from your thoughts.
“Newt?” You asked, confused, cocking your head. Suddenly he turned, singing the theme song from The Lion King. He was holding your child up above his head. And he was dressed in a lion onesie. Newt looked so proud of himself and you couldn’t help but burst out laughing. You had shown Newt the muggle movie a few months back and he had absolutely adored it.
“Newt, darling, why on earth are you holding our baby like Simba?” You shook our head. Newt lowered (name) and cradled him in his arms.
“I saw the perfect lion pyjamas and I knew that you’d love it!” He grinned widely. His freckles seemed to glow with pride and it was adorable.
“My goodness Newt.” You chuckled and walked over to him.
“This is why I married you.” You gave him a quick peck on the lips and smiled. He was perfect.

Bellamy Blake Imagine - “What the hell happened to you?”

Here’s my second request. please send more in, I love doing these.

WARNINGS: slight abuse (skip to the line if you don’t want to read it)

35. “Hold on. What’s wrong with your leg?” & 33. “What the hell happened to you?”

Set in Season 1

After being on the ground for nearly a month, you’d grown to really hate the place. Not necessarily the actual Earth, but more like the people on it. After you’d come down, you’d made a hell of a lot of enemies, Bellamy Blake being one of them, but it was your stupid ex-boyfriend and his friends that made your life a living hell.

“C’mon, y/n, what are you going to do about it?” Your ex, Nick, said as his group of boys tripped you over, surrounding you. You sighed, you weren’t useless by any means, but your ex was a big guy, with even bigger friends, meaning you stood no chance against them.

“Please, Nick. Leave me alone,” You said trying to stand up, only to get a hard kick to your stomach, sending you back to the ground.

“Did I say you could get up?” He spat, kicking you again, harder this time. You felt the tears well up in your eyes at the pain that his actions brought you. You tried to stand but one of his friends knocked you over, making you hit your head on a rock on the ground, your mind going fuzzy.

You tried to back away from them but Nick pulled out a small knife and brought it down into your calf, your scream muffled by one of his friends hands.

“Next time,” he sneered, “You don’t leave until I tell you to.”

His friends laughed as they walked away, Nick following after them. You wiped the tear from your cheek before pulling the knife from you calf in one swift movement, a small whimper of pain escaping your lips.

“C’mon on, y/l/n, can’t you keep up?” Bellamy called from where he stood a few meters away.

“Shut up, Blake. I’m walking at a reasonable pace. It’s not my fault you’re a fucking giant.”

It had been a day since the incident with Nick and your leg still hurt from the stab wound, and your entire midsection had bruised badly from where they had kicked you. Bellamy was going just out side the camp wall, and needed a person to help cart all the stuff into camp. And unfortunately, nearly every single person was busy, leaving you to help, which neither of you were very happy about.

Bellamy let out an impatient sigh, watching you furrow your eyebrows as he focused on not making your calf injury noticeable. Unfortunately, you didn’t do a good enough job.

“Hold on. What’s wrong with your leg?” He said eyes on you left leg were the knife was protruding less than 24 hours ago.

You shook your head, “What? Nothing, I’m fine.”

Bellamy wasn’t convinced and put a hand out in front of you to stop you from moving forwards, but it was just the right height to hit your stomach. You jumped back, pain shooting up your midsection.

Bellamy pulled his hand away before stepping forward and gripping the bottom of your shirt and pulling it up to reveal the deep purple bruises.

You slapped his hands away and went to move past him but he grabbed your wrist. “What the hell happened to you?” He said, his voice angry.

“Nothing, Blake. I said I’m fine.”

“Y/n, I’m serious. What happened to you?”

When you didn’t reply he knew right away that it wasn’t a ‘what’ and more of a ‘who’.

“Y/n,” he said lowly, “Who did this to you?”

You took one look at his angry face and knew much better than to lie about it. “My ex-boyfriend.”

Bellamy let go of your wrist and stormed back to camp, you following quickly behind, demanding to know what the hell he was doing.

Bellamy looked around before spotting Nick, and walking over to him quickly. He shoved him to the ground, causing Nick to look over at him, confusion all over his face.

“What the hell?”

“How dare you,” Bellamy seethed, throwing a punch at Nick’s face, a loud crack signalling he had broken his nose. “Who do you think you are? Laying a hand on a her.”

Nick looked behind him and saw you standing there looking at the scene unfold. “You ratted me out?” He spat, going to move towards you, but Bellamy stopped him with another punch to his face.

Bellamy punched him again and again until Nick’s face was swollen and covered in blood. Bellamy picked him up by the front of his jacket, slamming him against a tree, “If you so much as lay a finger on her again, I’ll kill you.”

Nick nodded, and Bellamy dropped him to the ground. He walked over to you and took your hand, guiding you into the dropship.

He made you sit on the table before pulling up the bottom of your jeans to reveal the stab wound, which was now slightly infected.

“Did he do that to you too?”

You nodded and saw him clench his jaw before wrapping a small bandage around it.

“You didn’t have to do that for me,” you whispered.

He sighed before looking up from where he was kneeling. “How long?” When you didn’t answer, he repeated the question, “How long?”

“About a year,” You replied, thinking back to the times he had hit you back on the Ark.

Bellamy clenched his jaw and looked towards the exit before turning and knocking a bunch of stuff off the counter.

“Bellamy! What the hell!”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” He questioned turning back around to face you.

“It’s my problem.”

“No it isn’t. You should have told someone and I would have made him stop sooner.”

“I don’t see why you care so much-”

“I care because I love you!” He shouted, making the words you were going to say get caught in your throat.

Bellamy ran a hand through his hair and sighed, “I care because I love you,” he repeated quietly, “I always have, ever since you tripped and fell down that hole when we first arrived.”

You were speechless for the first time in your life, and only just realized just how close the two of you were standing. Bellamy looked into your eyes, searching for anything that would give him any indication of what was going through your mind, but your face was blank, much like your mind.

Just as he thought that you weren’t going to say anything, you leaned forward and crashed your lips onto his. He was stunned for a minute before slowly kissing you back.

You finally pulled away and looked him in the eye, “I love you, too.”