nearly a month with the boy


Request: “Hello. I know you have a lot of requests at the moment so this can totally wait. But could you write something we’re the reader asks Isaac or Scott to baby sit their younger sister and they are really nervous at first bc they don’t know what to do with kids. But when the reader comes home she finds them having a tea party with her sister and it’s really cute and fluffy. Thanks.” 

Ship: fem!reader x Isaac x Scott (friendship), Stiles x reader (romantic)~barely talked about but still there. 

Warnings: fluff, so much fluff, swearing, embarrassment, tea-parties, etc.

Notes: none of these gifs are mine, credit to owners. 

Third P.O.V [a few months ago]

“You boys owe me big time.” (Y/n) said as she nearly kicked Scott and Isaac back to the car. Lying to the police was not something she wanted to do especially when she was trying to get with his son. But it was necessary. Drastic times call for drastic measures. (Y/n) was an impeccable con-artist when it came to getting what she wanted. She could make any dead man look like an angel. If it weren’t for her Scott and Isaac would have been toast. “Thank you, (Y/n)!!” They repeated, much like a mantra. She merely huffed, flicking her wrist. “Shut up and get in the car.” When she sat down, the boys didn’t have to be supernatural beings to know that she was fuming. “Ya know, you’re really fucking up my chances with Stilinksi.”  Scott dared to speak, his voice uneven. “(Y/n). We will make this up to you. I promise. We owe you big time.” 


(Y/n) stood before the boys with a glint of mischief in her iris’s. The day of reckoning has come. She cleared her throat, smiling wickedly at the boys. “Remember when I saved both your asses and you told me you owed me a huge favor? Today is that day, boys. Time to pay the piper. Follow me.” Glancing at one another with uncertainty, they trailed along. Halfway through the drive, they noticed how nicely (Y/n) was dressed. They’ve never seen her dress up before. After pulling into her driveway, they hopped out and listened warily to (Y/n)’s words. “Tonight is a very special night for me. I’m going on a date with Stiles but my mom told me last minute that I had to babysit my sister. So, as your payment for saving your asses-” She opened the front door to be greeted by a tiny girl. “You boys will be watching over my sister for the evening.” 

Wide eyed and scared, Isaac and Scott glanced at one another in fear. Neither of the two boys had ever babysat a kid before. They were practically children themselves. Gwen, (Y/n)’s sister, tilted her head to the side, examining her prey. Or at least that’s what the boys thought. “Alright, you be good for them, alright? I’ll be home around ten. I love you, sweet-pea.” (Y/n) hugged her little sister goodbye, wishing the boys a good luck before leaving. Isaac and Scott turned over their shoulders, eyeing the little girl suspiciously. “Scott?” Isaac asked, his voice somewhat shaky. “Yeah, Isaac?” The other boy responded. “I’ve never babysat before.” Scott grimaced in fear. “That makes two of us.” Sharing another glance, they gulped in fear. 

[a few hours later]

(Y/n) was grinning from ear to ear. The date had gone really well, better than she had predicted. Hell, she even got to kiss him. She was beaming so much her cheeks hurt. Pulling into her driveway, she had only hoped the house wasn’t a mess. “Hello?” (Y/n) called out. Nobody responded which only made her more anxious. Tossing her heels to the side, she ran up the stairs to Gwen’s room. Popping the door open a little, she couldn’t help but laugh at the sight that laid before her. Scott and Isaac were dressed in pink scarves and crowns, uncomfortably sitting across Gwen who poured them tea which was actually apple juice. “Cheers, princess Gwen.” Scott said with a small smile. From where (Y/n) was standing, she thought the boys actually enjoyed themselves. They brought their cups together and made a ‘clink’ sound. The sight made (Y/n) grin. 

“Is there enough room for one more, lady Gwen?” She asked playfully, opening the door so she could be seen. The boys blushed but grinned, happy for her to be home. “(Y/n)!!” Gwen said happily. Getting up to hug her sister. The eldest sibling lifted her up with ease. “Hey there, seat-pea. Let’s get you to bed, okay?” She nodded, not realizing how exhausted she was until now. Putting her to bed was easier than ever. Kissing her forehead, she made way into the kitchen where the boys resided. “Thank you for watching over my sister. It means a lot.” They both nodded and smiled. “It was actually really fun. I never knew there were so many logistics when it came to tea parties.” They all laughed together. (Y/n) would definitely keep those words in mind for future references. 

(I hope you guys liked it!!) 

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Zenyatta 

[Requests by @morethanlittlesinister , as well as several anons] 


Finally, there are robots robot boyfriends who wear each other’s clothes. (Clothes? Pieces?) 

I’m sorry this one too so long, since most of you know I’ve been dealing with chained concussions on and off for over a year. Still, this was such a joy to do, because Zenyatta is my sweet boy - and now looks like General Grievous’ jedi cousin. 

Genji looks a bit odd to me still, and don’t even get me started on how Zenyatta taught him to float… But I took a fair amount of artistic liberties with their designs since neither of them have full reference for the parts of their bodies that aren’t covered? It’s like they planned this. 


Thank you all for the submissions! 

[Requests for Overwatch Outfit Swaps are CLOSED]

PJO Headcannon

Fuck it one more tonight. Singing.

Will can’t. He sounds like a dying whale when he tries he can play the lyre as every child of Apollo can but that is the extent of his musical talent.

Annabeth isn’t great. She can carry a tune, but she normally doesn’t care to.

Piper beat boxes. And she does it well. She can sing but after discovering the hard way that charm speaking as powerful as hers carries over she chooses not to.

Leo wails. There’s really no other way to describe it. And he does it whenever he’s working on something. The Hephaestus cabin has invested in earplugs.

Frank is shy about it but has a decent voice. He’s a baritone which surprised pretty much everyone but Hazel loves listening to him sing though most of the time he doesn’t know she’s there or he’d get too embarrassed to do it.

Hazel is a beautiful singer but much like Frank is very shy about it.

Jason caterwauls, and he doesn’t do it well.

Percy sounds like a freaking siren, most likely because he’s related to them. Unlike Pipers charm singing he can’t make people do things but he can make everyone within hearing distance stop whatever they are doing and listen and crowd around him while they are at it. He’s pretty much been banned from singing at the campfire because an Ares boy nearly walked through it to be closer to him when he sang. He’s ok with this because Annabeth doesn’t sing either.

Nico literally has the voice of an angel though it took months to discover this. The only people who know are Will and Lou Ellen who were doing cabin inspections and didn’t knock on the door of the Hades cabin. Nico was wearing Wills iPod singing along to the song Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. Neither of them interrupted him until the song was over at which point Lou Ellen started applauding and Will burst into tears. Nico thought Will was upset because he could sing better than his boyfriend and started frantically apologizing but Will explained through sobs that that song always made him cry and he’d never heard a more beautiful version of it. Lou Ellen never stopped teasing them about it. Nico never told Will that that song made him think of what could have been with Percy.

Ok I’ll stop torturing y'all now.

Billboard: Niall Horan Braces for Stardom Outside One Direction, With Advice From Justin Bieber & The Eagles

When Niall Horan decided to move from London to Los Angeles in early 2016, it’s no surprise that he chose a house in Laurel Canyon, the epicenter of ’60s folk-rock culture. Horan was the one ­toting a guitar in One Direction, the British boy-band juggernaut that was just then going on a hiatus, and he’s got the soul of a singer-songwriter: He’s charismatic, witty and sensitive, but also easygoing and no-nonsense. Viewed alongside his bandmates – born rock star Harry Styles, “sensible one” Liam Payne, “funny one” Louis Tomlinson, moody R&B prince Zayn Malik – Horan, 23, is sort of like the middle brother: the most ­approachably handsome, the second-most popular across social media (29 million Twitter followers; 19 million on Instagram) and the most likely to lust after a gig at the historic Los Angeles rock club The Troubadour. “Playing for, like, 500 people. What more do you want?” says Horan. “I’ve had some good moments with screaming ­teenagers, but I like when the room is completely dead. It’s a ­different kind of respect. People are actually listening.”

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Make Out (Tom Holland x Reader)

Originally posted by parkery

Summary: When Tom and Harrison buy their new apartment… they end up moving into the Reader’s building. The Reader is ecstatic, being a huge fan of the duo, particularly Tom. They’re desperate to catch a glimpse of Tom, desperate to get his attention. And they sure do… although a series of unfortunate and embarrassing accidents isn’t the way they wanted to do so. 

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader (romantic), Tom Holland x Harrison Osterfield (platonic), Harrison Osterfield x Reader (platonic) 

Warning(s): Vaguely described sexy dancing, swearing, embarrassment

Inspiration: Make Out by Rixton 

Word count: 865

A/N: I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I AM DOING THIS, TERROR IS COURSING THROUGH MY VEINS. Okay, now that that’s outta the way… I adore this song and Tom… so thought why not put the two together? Anyways, this is my first imagine in… awhile. The second one I’ve ever written, and the first one I’ve written on this blog. Please leave me some feedback! 

P.S I know I use the f-word a lot. Sorry. It’s just… ingrained into my thoughts now.

Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield had moved into the building your flat was in nearly a month ago. Initially, you were flabbergasted, and desperate for a sight of them. You adored both boys, even more so after the release of Spiderman: Homecoming… and just seeing them in person would surely put you on cloud nine. Mostly because you had the world’s biggest crush on Tom. You couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Three days after they had moved in, you had been cleaning around the window near your fire escape and accidentally knocked one of your many potted plants off of the windowsill. It fell several stories to the pavement below… and almost hit Harrison fucking Osterfield. Both boys had looked up, clearly startled. You squeaked and promptly ducked back inside, face tomato red with mortification. You sunk to the floor and buried your face in your hands, heart pounding wildly. You’d almost killed one of your favourite celebrities! God. How could you be that stupid? Had they seen you? It had felt as though Tom was looking right at you…You shivered at the thought.  

Then and there you vowed to never do something like that again and to never say a word about it, were you ever to bump into them. Unfortunately, the Universe had other plans for you, and that was only the first of many embarrassing incidents involving you and Tom Holland. 

The next… escapade occurred roughly two weeks after the “Deadly Potted Plant Incident”, as your best friend had dubbed it through a fit of giggles the very night of the tragedy. You were returning from the library, a mountain of books stacked in your arms. Most were for research purposes, but a few were pleasure reads, and you were quite excited to look at every single book. The lift hadn’t been working the past few days, so you had to take the stairs. Misfortune, it seemed, was following you everywhere these days. 

With a soft sigh, you started to climb, arms awkwardly positioned to keep a grip on the stack of books. You made it up two flights of stairs before disaster struck. You couldn’t see very well with all the books in the way and thought that there was another step when there actually wasn’t… you lurched and tumbled to the ground, books skidding across the landing every which way. 

“Oh, fuck,” you whined, pushing up into a standing position, your bum going out, wincing as you straightened your knees. You gently rubbed at your knees, hissing at the pain, still bent over. There’d be some lovely purple bruises tomorrow. Fantastic. Someone had cleared their throat, startling you into making a rather undignified noise and somehow flailing your way into falling again. This time on to the landing. Smack on your ass. And of course- because the Universe hated you- It was Tom fucking Holland

“Hey… are you alright, love?” He asked gently, squatting down in order to be eye-level with you. Your eyes went wide, cheeks warming significantly. God, he was so pretty up close… You opened and closed your mouth a few times, probably looking like a fish… of fucking course now was the time your voice chose to take a lunch break. After a few painful minutes, you were finally able to speak… and that made things even worse. 

“No!” You squealed, scrambling backwards on all fours, “I almost killed Harrison with a potted plant last week and now-” You cut yourself off, gasping. You’d specifically told yourself never to mention that if you met Tom! God, you were such a mess! You quickly gathered your books and somehow sprinted up the stairs. Once you got into your apartment, you threw yourself on the couch, moaning over your embarrassment. Only you could mess up this bad. 

The third incident happened the next week. You just couldn’t catch a break. You had, by this point, lulled yourself into a false sense of security. You hadn’t seen Tom or Harrison since the “Book Bumble Of Utter Humiliation” (okay, so you’d practically run away whenever either of them spotted you) and everything else in your life had been going pretty well. Your favourite professor had asked to keep one of your essays to use it as a future example. 

You had just returned from grocery shopping, headphones in and two bags in your hand. The lift was finally working again, so you walked in. Your favourite song of the moment came on before the doors closed. Things had been getting better… you hadn’t had any more… eventful encounters with your famous sort-of neighbours. You could just… let go and dance to your favourite song, right? You put your bags on the ground, hips already starting to drop and move with the bass. Seconds later, you were full on dancing as though you were in a club. A bright smile bloomed on your face as you spun around slowly, circling your hips, hands in the air. 

You hadn’t noticed that the lift had stopped… but you did see the doors opening over your shoulder mid hip-roll. And there, in all his lazy Sunday afternoon glory, was Tom Holland, mouth hanging open. Oh shit.

To be continued…

You’re Alive

Request from @ezrasrosewoodliars: Hey!! i’m such a big fan!! please can you do an imagine where Draco sees reader for the first time since the night dumbledore died and he thought she was dead because the reader is friends with the trio and goes hunting for horcruxes etc so he sees her and it’s so cute and stuff!! thank you!!

Thanks, I love PLL! Sorry this has taken a while, I’ve had so many imagines to do. I really enjoyed writing this!! Also, sorry if this is a bit crap, I got so carried away I wrote it all in one take, and it’s also really long because I wanted to make sure I got as much in as I could.

Originally posted by drarryxsexual

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Rocky Road

Rocky Road
Jungkook | Reader
Description: After dumping your all too vanilla ex, you want to go back to your fuck buddy, who added a bit more flavor to your sex life.
Warning: Dom!Kook, Slapping, Spanking, Exhibitionism, Blowjob, Degrading Names, Master Kink, Hair Pulling, Choking, Intercourse
Word Count: 5,378
A/N: It’s 3:31 and I’m going to die. But I’ve been really craving dom!Kook and this idea seemed too good to pass up. Enjoy!

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Sugar and Needles

So bcus I already have so many fics I need to write but my dumbass brain can’t not make aus have yet another dot fic! Cake Decorator!Lucy and Tattoo Artist!Natsu :D

  • Lucy works at the cake decorating bakery called Fairy Tales
    • Levy, Lisanna, and Gray all work there as well
    • Lucy specializes in watercolour/galaxy mirror cakes and intricate chocolate swirls (like keys and such)
    • Lisanna can make any animal out of fondant, rice krispys, and cake
    • Levy only needs to memorize a technique or recipe once and it’s with her forever
    • Gray is magic with frozen things and the small details
  • Natsu works at his cousin’s tattoo place Dragon Tails
    • Natsu works with Gajeel, Erza, and Mira
      • It’s a hot mess
    • Natsu and Erza are the artists while Gajeel and Mira mainly pierce. 
    • Pray you get Gajeel bcus Mira doesn’t give a flying fuck how much it hurts you litle baby, People think she’d be the nice one just by lookin at her but NOPE
  • So one day someone calls Dragon Tails bcus the address number is one off from Fairy Tales and the whole tails/tales thing. 
    • Also customers are stupid I’m sorry but they are
  • Mira sends Natsu over with the order bcus she has been tryign to set up her little sisters BFF with someone for forever and Lisanna is an excellent wingwoman for Natsu.
  • BUT ALAS it is Gray that he meets
  • Does Not Go Well
  • Starts a mini-rivalry with the two stores
    • Erza and Mira instantly defect in thier hearts, Mira ain’t going against her baby sis bcus of some dumb boys and if anyone thinks they can keep Erza from the sweets RIGHT NEXT DOOR they are much dumber than she thinks they look
  • Mira gets Cana and her gf Kagura to call the tattoo place with an order for their wedding cake 
    • (surprise they aren’t even engaged)
      • yet
  • FINALLY Lucy is there and Natsu drops off the order
    • Lisanna is literally holding Gray in a chokehold like ‘listen here dumbass its tRUE LOVE LET MY SISTER DO HER MAGIC’
  • They flirt and shit and Natsu is around a lot more
  • He likes to steal sample cookies and Lucy rolls her eyes and goes with it
    • Gray flatly demands payment
    • he does not receive it
  • Natsu gives Lucy her first tattoo
    • Draco constellation on her left shoulder/collar bone
    • Natsu loves touching it and seeing it and kissing it
  • Lucy always bakes him fresh ginger snaps 
    • He likes that she always smells like honey and sugar
    • Happy loves it too and gives her lots of face kisses bcus she always has icing sugar on her cheek
    • Lucy has DEF broken health and safety by slipping Happy into the pocket of her apron and stealing him for a few hours
      • he likes sleeping there as she bakes and Nastu likes that Happy brings home the scent of Lucy NO HE DOESN’ T HAVE A CR U SH fuck off Gajeel
  • Levy starts leaving ‘how to get a boy to notice you’ type books around the kitchen
    • Lucy asks her why she has so many in retaliation
      • Levy leaves the Karma Sutra book in Lucy’s locker and Gray is both disgusted at it and delighted at mortifying Lucy
  • They start to trade design elements
    • Natsu’s tattoos get a little more flowy and delicate
    • Lucy gets bolder with design choices and colours
  • They start dating after four months and nearly fucking in the back of the tattoo parlor
    • Mira walked in on them and Lucy’s soul left her body for a hot second
    • Natsu lives in fear of the day she tells Gajeel
  • They live happily ever after THE END
orgasms and dildos C.H

Originally posted by bestpicsof5sos

warning: smut

word count: 2000+

summary: y/n can’t orgasm no matter what you and Calum do so after convincing Calum gets you off with a vibrator and dildo.

requested?: yes, sorry if it sucked @lukeasfuck i tried 😊. This is my first request and I enjoyed writing it so feel free to request any smut ideas you might have. I’m pretty open to all suggestions 😉.


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a chance taken.

pairing: jeon jungkook | reader
genre: childhood friends au / fluff
word count: 7,060
description: confessing has never been easy for a shy boy like jeon jungkook, but sometimes you just got to take a chance in the name of love.    
author’s note:
to my girl @workofteaguk because you told me to write it and honestly i get all my best fluff ideas for our men with you <3 think of this as a parting gift to summer. still, i hope we’ll be free from evil essays and ridiculous websites that tell us we plagiarized our own names this school year~

For the past thirteen years of Jungkook’s life, his only semblance of confidence came in the shape of you. His own desires never had to part his lips when you said them for him. Sometimes you would just know even without him telling you as if you could read his mind in that split second. He can’t say he ever hated it either. It’s silly to say considering most kids like expressing themselves by their lonesome, but being a kid and an unbearably shy one at that, having someone as outspoken as you was an absolute godsend.

At the age of five, his mother and his godmother (your mother) dreamt and hoped that you two would find friendship in one another which ultimately succeeded. He was never quite sure what did it exactly, but from the many neighborhood excursions you dragged him on in your close-knit neighborhood and the many playdates you two were put into, he found solace in all of it and in you. He sure as hell enjoyed spending time with you over Jinho, who only wanted to put him into a headlock until he cried for mercy (or just cried, in general) because at least with you, tears came when he had to part from you.

Without a doubt, this camaraderie became a defining point in his childhood. There was no expectation of him with you, because you already saw him in his home life and him in his school life. It was undoubtedly a relationship that he cherished despite the numerous times you would drag him into trouble from sneaking out to go to the park, to hopping the fence to your house, to pranking Jinho when you stayed over. He did these things with your own coaxing until it became his own conscious will to do stuff like going to your house when he shouldn’t or letting you play his favorite video game, fully aware that you had dance practice. All for his own selfish reasons, he relished in acting this way with and without your influences, because you were his friend—one of very few (though he disliked including Jimin sometimes)—that he had throughout the eight years of school you two shared together.

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consider: gansey, a young trans boy traveling the world entirely by himself in an anxious frenzy to find clues about glendower

  • getting his hair cut short almost immediately and rationalizing that it’s just more convenient, especially when traveling and hiking
    • anyway, he’s never quite liked fussing over his hair - never quite liked how it looked, always envied boring boys and brave girls for their short hair
    • and it doesn’t matter because it’ll be months before he sees his parents again
  • dressing progressively more androgynous, convincing himself it’s just for comfort and practicality, but feeling a definitive zing in his heart when a stranger stumbles over his pronouns and ultimately decides on ‘he’
  • going to places where no one knows him and introducing himself by only his last name
  • spending an overnight layover in a nearly-empty airport and deciding to, just this once, correct the woman at the check-in when she addresses him as “miss”
    • “have a safe flight, miss”
    • gansey’s throat goes slick and he knows there could be no real consequence for this, that he will never again return to this airport, never again see this woman, so he tries “actually, it’s mister”
    • and the woman fumbles and looks back at the passport, to see if she had misread the unmistakable little ‘f’, but she hadn’t, and gansey’s heart is racing
    • but ultimately, she just goes “well, safe flight either way” and hands him his passport and shuffles him along
    • and gansey stays up all night on his flight staring at the emergency exit lights and playing the moment over in his mind
  • and the next place he goes, he tries it again, this time with someone more permanent (although he doesn’t yet know quite how permanent)
    • roger mallory was maybe not the best test subject for this new identity - he’s rather rambly and forgetful, but he gets the hang of it eventually
  • and slowly, gansey stops calling home, stops picking up calls, can’t bear to speak to a family who think they’re talking to their daughter
    • until he goes off the grid altogether, not entirely because of his gender, but when he’s being honest, it’s definitely some part of it
  • and eventually, his quest leads him to henrietta, and something in him just knows that that is where he needs to be, not just for a few months of gathering intel - that is where he needs to be, where he needs to live, where he is going to find answers
  • so he approaches his family with the option of attending aglionby academy, prep school for boys
    • and his parents are confused and they huff and they balk, and they think it’s a joke
    • but by now, gansey has been traveling for long enough as a boy to know that that is where he belongs
    • and helen helps talk his parents into believing it, and it takes them a few months to rationalize it, but when they do, they’re expedient and clinical about it like they are about everything
    • gansey does all the research himself, bringing them a checklist of things they need to do to get his gender legally changed and to get him on hormones, including a list of doctors in the area and their addresses
    • his parents aren’t always happy about it, especially since his mother is a republican running for congress and he’s setting up shop in a very red virginian town, but.. even more the reason to help him pass as much as possible, so gansey takes what he can get
  • and when he goes to henrietta, when he goes to aglionby, he goes as who he is
  • and that’s when he knows henrietta will be his home. it’s the first place he’s ever been where he’s been truly himself, or as close as he can get, and it’s the place that he’s going to find his king

Reader x Stiles Stilinski


Imagine: You are Derek Hale’s daughter and has a passionate relationship with Stiles Stilinski, but he doesn’t know. Once he founds out, he invites Stiles over to dinner and you decide it’s good timing to make him pay for all the teasing.

N/A - It’s nearly three in morning, so forgive me for any mistakes. I’ll fix them later. 

Warnings: sort of smut, but it only has some handjob; also, swearing. that’s all. 

Word Count: 1767

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the last ten months

prompt: the last ten months of your relationship with lin and he shows up at your doorstep

pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader

word count: 2,790 someoNE TAKE THE ALPHABET AWAY FROM ME

warnings: mentions of sex, light swearing probably, lil bit of angst

a/n: i’m actually really proud of this but lemme know what u think xoxoxoxo 


You heard the knock on your door but tried to ignore it. It was 2:03 a.m., and you had a show tomorrow. When the pounding got louder, you groaned. Grumbling, you blindly patted your nightstand looking for your glassed. Pushing them onto your face, you pulled yourself towards the door.

You had barely hiked up your sweats by the time you saw him.


He was soaked to the bone, dripping on your front step. You had to rub your eyes to make sure you were seeing this right, the previous ten months flashing before you as he breathed out:


ten months before.

You had been studying there for no more than an hour when the door chimed. Usually, you were the only one here. The coffee shop was practically off the grid and on the verge of going bankrupt, so the signal of a customer surprised you. Nevertheless, you went back to studying for your chemistry exam.

But when you heard his laugh, your head shot up. He was on the phone. You tried to go back to your work again.

Each time though, it got harder and harder to solve the never ending equations in front of you. Sighing, you threw your pencil down. 

The brunette two tables away turned. Sheepishly, you mumbled an apology. He had his computer out now, probably working on something. He smiled though, something you don’t see often enough in New York.

“Whatcha working on?” he added before you could ignore him.

You looked down at your work before responded, “Chemistry,” you sighed.

“Yikes,” he laughed, “I failed that as a sophomore.”

That made you grin, turning a little so you could see him more clearly.

“What about you?” you pushed. His smiled grew, making your chest swirl,

“This,” he said, patting his computer, “is my current pride and joy.”

Your eyebrows shot up, interested.

“I’m writing a musical.” he said. You instinctively leaned forward, wanting to hear more. “It’s about Alexander Hamilton.”

“First Secretary of Treasury.” 

His eyes lit up, “Yeah!”

He moved his chair closer, “I’m Lin,” he said as he extended his hand.

“Y/N,” you smiled.

nine months before

He saw you again. Every day for a month. He would sit in his seat, maintaining his distance, not wanting to push you. He showed up every day at three and got nervous when you weren’t there. Once, after about three weeks of this, he this slip. You blushed at his concern. However, knowing that you weren’t going to be there today, you left a note for the barista.

He arrived at the cafe, immediately searching for you, ready to share his new ideas with you for the show. When he saw the empty cafe, he panicked. 

“Chill, dude. She left you a note,” the barista said, pointing to your usual table. Sure enough, there was a white piece of paper labeled: Lin

He rushing to read it, he nearly tripped over the chair in front of him. The barista rolled her eyes at him. 

Reaching the paper, his eyes scanned the words quickly.

Lin -

I have an interview today. I’ll see you tomorrow. Finish Helpless - I can’t get it out of my head and I won’t be satisfied until I hear the ending. 



ps: barista is grumpy today. play nice.

Lin smiled at the letter. He read it over and over, and practically had it memorized by the time he ordered his coffee. He was trying, really. He was trying really hard not to fall for you. But every time he saw you, he couldn’t tell if his heart stopped or if it just started beating really, really fast.

eight months before

Coffee has progressed. He had convinced you to go to a sandwich place downtown, and then a bookstore, and then his apartment. Nothing was labeled, and that seemed to make it both easier and harder.

Easier in the sense that you knew if you said something wrong, he wouldn’t flip. Harder in the sense that all you wanted was to feel his smirk against your lips.

Lin was banging working on a new song for the show as you read. Eventually, he got frustrated and slammed his hands on the keys, causing you to jump. He mumbled an apology, embarrassed. 

You offered a small smile, getting up and walking towards him. You placed your hands on his shoulders and his instinctively reached for them. You felt your heart flutter.

“Play it for me,” you tried.

He huffed, “It sucks.”

You shrugged, “Play it anyways.” And so he did. You made him slide over so you could side beside him on the piano bench. He felt your head fall on his shoulder. Lin didn’t even realize when his hand left the keys and grasped your own.

You didn’t leave until midnight, and he had almost convinced you to stay over. But you declined, you had an interview tomorrow. Before you left, he kissed your cheek. 

When you woke up the following morning, you still hadn’t stopped blushing.

seven months before

He felt different. Maybe it was the way your dress held to you, maybe it was the fact it was Valentines day. Maybe it was the fact that you hadn’t defined the relationship. Maybe it was the bottle of red wine you two split. Maybe it was you. But Lin was far too warm.

It was probably the alcohol.

It was most definitely you.

The day before, he had offered to take you out for dinner “as friends.” You obliged, happy to spend time with him. The two of you had become practically inseparable, almost everyone noticing. 

Your roommate, Kate, had even forced you into some red dress that nearly two sizes too small. Still, the look Lin gave you when you walked towards him that night made the fact that you couldn’t breathe manageable. 

“You look stunning,” he gushed.

That night, he kissed you. 

You were standing on the doorstep to your apartment, positive Kate was waiting up for you. He hadn’t made a move, and you almost left. But then his eyes were on you, and then his hands were, and then his lips were. 

Feverishly, you clutched onto his jacket, pulling him flush against you. You could feel his smile against your lips. You were flying.

As he walked home, - well, more like skipped home - he texted his buddy Anthony.

to: anthony

Is ten minutes too soon to call?

from: anthony

How much do you like her?

to: anthony

Way more than I probably should.

from: anthony

Then you should’ve called her five minutes ago.

six months before

Some called it sexual tension, some called it chemistry. You called it teasing, he called it a curse. 

So, after making out with him nearly every night - because God, that boy was a fantastic kisser - you started to feel a little guilty; maybe he wanted more.

You remembered stressing about it the night before. You absolutely wanted to sleep with him. Just the thought of his hands on you had you dropped into a puddle. 

Still, you weren’t sure if he’d like you after. What if all he wants is sex? What if I’m not that good? He’s going to leave me.

Stop it, you thought. Lin wasn’t like that…right?


When you rang his doorbell the following day, he was wearing a teeshirt and sweats. Still, seeing you all dressed up in the maroon dress Kate had picked out the night before, he panicked.

“Did I forget we had a date? You look beautiful - I can go change. God, you look beautiful -” he was rambling.

You laughed lightly and shook your head. Walking into his apartment, you swallowed your pride.

“We need to have sex.”

He gaped, stumbling over his words, “Uh -”

You held a hand up, “We need to have sex.”

He took a step towards you. Bashfully, he muttered something to his feet. Immediately, you turned, “What?”

“I’m not ready,” he said again, this time stronger. 

You blanched, repeating yourself, “What?”

“I really, really like you. And I want to have sex with you, God - I want to have sex with you, but I don’t want to ruin it if we do. I want it to be special with you, because - because, you’re special.”

You paused before taking his hand, “I thought I was making you wait. I didn’t want you to leave me because we weren’t having sex.”

Lin’s smile calmed your nerves, “I’m not going anywhere.”

five months before

Being with him was like standing too close to the sun. Your whole body was constantly burning, but there was never a dull moment. Everything was always moving with him. He was kinetic energy.

But your favorite moments were the ones at piece. Where the furniture, people, lives around you were in constant motion, but you were there. With him. Calm.

He was the eye of the hurricane; everything was quiet, for just a moment.

Times like these were rare: when his hips rolled over yours; when he would ask to try on your glasses to make fun of how blind you were; when he would buy your favorite ice cream, knowing you wouldn’t pick it up yourself; when you had to wear a scarf to cover up last night’s kisses; when he held you.

They were small, but they made your chest feel light and your toes tingle. So when he came home that night, pizza in one hand, a bottle of champagne in the other, you couldn’t shake the thought of loving him. You couldn’t shake the thought that this man was changing your life and you were doing exactly what you told yourself not to do: falling in love with him.

Still, just a week he said it first. He didn’t mean to. He was hanging up the phone with you when it happened.

“I’ve got to stay late today,” he said. He was at a workshop for Hamilton, the play finally coming together. 

“Okay,” you said, working around the kitchen. You had planned to cook, but now that he wouldn’t be home for a while, you grabbed a box of CheeseItz and sat on the couch.

Lin signed something Karen had brought over, holding the phone between his shoulder and his ear.

“I miss you.”

You heard him chuckle lightly, “I miss you more.”

“Get back to work,” you teased.

“Okay, okay. I’ll see you when I get home.”


“Love you.”


You had both hung up before you realized what happened. Calling back so quickly, he had barely hung up the phone.

“Babe?” he asked, concerned.

“I love you too.”

four months before

You two had a big fight. It was bad. Your words were sharp as angry tears streamed down your face. 

It was the first time in weeks that you had slept at your own apartment, slamming his door on the way out. 

Kate held you as you cried, forcing you to turn off your phone as the endless dings only made you cry harder.

You didn’t sleep that night, so when you walked into the coffee shop, desperately in need of caffeine, you nearly broke down again at the sight of him.

Clearly, he hadn’t slept either. His hair was sticking up and his eyes were tired. The bags under them seemed to grow each day after work, but today seemed especially bad. 

He sat at the table, nursing a cup of coffee. Beside him was a bouquet of peonies next to him. You couldn’t mute the quick intake of air, snapping his eyes to yours. After a beat, he stood and took a step closer you. 

Simultaneously, you blurted out, “I’m sorry.”

He held you that night. And it was all you needed.

three months before

Lin left the week before. He was doing an interview in California and wouldn’t be back until the following Friday.

You were bored, honestly. You were bored of a quiet house. But worse than being bored? You missed him.

God, you missed him like hell. You missed the sound of his voice. You missed his endless piano playing. You missed his sweet notes you found of the counter when you woke up after him. You missed Sunday morning breakfasts where he would make blueberry pancakes and kiss you, tasting like maple syrup. You missed his warmth at night. You missed him.

So when your phone vibrated around 4:30 in the morning the following day, you checked it immediately.

from: Lin
I love you

You laughed lightly before your phone went off again.

from: Lin
I didn’t say that enough today

two months before

“What if they don’t like me?” you asked anxiously, refusing to get out of the car.

“Y/N, you have nothing to worry about. They are going to adore you.” 

You bounced your leg. He wanted you to meet his parents. Tugging slightly at your dress, you huffed before taking his hand. He shut the door behind you, pushing you against it.

“They,” he started, kissing your nose.

“Are,” Your forehead.

“Going.” Cheek.

“To.” Jaw.

“Love…” Neck - you stopped him, pushing lightly. You knew if he kept going, he was going to get whatever he wanted. So, with the dignity you had left, you stalked in front of him and made sure to sway your hips a little more than usual. He whistled before running to catch up with you.

(For the record, they did love you.)

one month before

He told you this might happen. He did. He told you that the play was gaining popularity and that if it were anything like In The Heights, it might be crazy. You didn’t expect him to be gone so much though. 

But as nights got later, and weekends away got longer, you started to worry if he had forgotten about you. 

Your fears rang true when he forgot to call home and tell you he was flying to Vegas for an interview.

Lin called the following day when he remembered that he said he would call… yesterday. He was even more scared when you didn’t yell at him. When your voice was calm. It was so calm, that he almost missed it.

“I can’t do this anymore.”


“Y/N,” he breathed.

You didn’t know what to do, so you just stood there. After a moment more of the only sound being the rain pounding on the roof, you sighed. 

You shook your head, “No.”

“Wait -” he tried, but you stopped him. 

This time, sharper, “No. You - you don’t get to do that. You can’t just disappear from my life and leave me and then a month later come back and pretend like everything is okay and that I’m just going to forget how bad you hurt me -”

“Y/N, let me explain -”

“No! You don’t get to. You don’t get to stand here, all… all wet and sad and expect me to just accept it!” He was getting closer.

“Y/N -”

“No!” You tried to shut the door, angry tears running down your face. He stopped you, dripping on your door mat.

“Y/N, you don’t know how hard I’ve tried to walk away. You don’t know how hard I’ve tried to forget your smile and your laugh and your touch but, but God, I can’t! Okay? I can’t.” You had stopped pushing him by now.

“Every day, I go to work and I sing these songs and I do these interviews and all I can think about is you. All I can think about is how awful I was at the end and how much I need you in my life, okay?” You were barely breathing.

“Every day, I sit and wonder: how the hell did I let you slip away? How the hell did I let the best thing that has ever happened to me slip away?” He had started to pace.

“Every day, you were perfect. Every day, you loved me no matter the mistakes I made. And every day, I left. And every damn day, you stayed. And God, I should’ve stayed. God, I should’ve stayed.” He stopped, turning to face you. You took a step forward.

“God, I should’ve stayed,” he managed before you cut him off, pushing your lips onto his. You weren’t sure if the water on his face was from the rain or his tear, but you clutched him like he was going to disappear into thin air at a moments notice. 

“You’re here now,” you finally said. Your lungs burned. Your eyes burned. Your heart burned. Everything burned. But he was there. And he held you. And he stayed.

Owner - Part II

You couldn’t believe you’d said it.

Reality was settling in very quickly. You’d taken in a hybrid boy that was no doubt younger than you. He’d told you his rough beginnings and how he was used to being taken advantage of, and here you were, taking advantage of him and his situation.

Guilt washed over you, however Jungkook didn’t seem nearly as effected as you were.

“How long for?”

You thought about it.

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You accidentally call them daddy - Got7

I’ll start making longer ones soon don’t worry! Also please feel free to request stuff, I don’t bite.


You hadn’t seen your boyfriend in nearly 3 months since his band went on tour. You missed him like crazy and couldn’t wait to head to his dorm. When he finally gave you the ‘okay’ you sped over and knocked rapidly on the door.

“Daddy!” You jumped right into Marks arms as soon as the door opened. You froze when it had registered what you just exclaimed in front of the other boys.

You held onto Mark just a little tighter before reluctantly releasing your legs from around his waist and arms around his neck.

“I missed you too sweetheart.” Mark kisses your temple and ignored the surprised looks from his friends.

“I think we should get something to eat hmm? Let Mark and Y/n catch up.” Jaebum winked at you two before getting into the van and leaving you two at the dorm.

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You tapped your foot impatiently on the floor just waiting for someone to notice your presence. Out of the 7 boys in your living room, none of them even batted an eyelash in your direction for the past two hours because of some video game. Not even your boyfriend. You sighed loudly and sat on the arm of the couch hoping someone would maybe acknowledge your existence. Finally, you were fed up.

“Babe~” You said in a sickeningly sweet voice.


“Jaebummie.” You tried once again and still, nothing.

“Im Jaebeom!” You exclaimed and the boy was still clueless as ever.

You accidentally whined, “Daddy~”. Your hand immediately clamped over your mouth as all 7 heads whipped towards you. Jaebum didn’t even hesistate before putting the controller down and wrapping an arm around you.

“Yes princess?”

*is really smug about it*

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You stood behind your boyfriend Jinyoung as he sat at the breakfast bar discussing with yugyeom about god knows what. He had been gone all day and you missed him. Your arms wrapped around his strong chest and he patted your arms with his palms.

“Daddy I’m bored…” You whisper in his ear and you could hear his breath hitch just slightly.

“Did she just!?” Yugyeom exclaimed and Jinyoung’s hand immediately left your arm and went in the air to smack him.

“Hey hey hey!” Yugyeom grabs jinyoungs raised hand and tries to put it down.

Leave.” Jinyoung presses his lips in a hard line.

When the maknae finally leaves he gives you a smirk and kisses your forehead.

*embarrassed in the moment but still proud*


All of the boys sat in your living room surrounded with bowls of popcorn and various chocolate candies.

“Can you pass me the M&M’s dad-jacky” Your mouth gets dry as you realize what you almost said in front of everyone.

“Here babe.” Jackson passes you the candy bowl nonchalantly and the other 6 boys are wide eyed with mouths agape.

You could tell they wanted to say or ask something but they didn’t know how exactly. Jackson noticed their quietness and smirked.

“What? She calls me daddy what’s the problem…” Jackson winks at you and you smack his arm while covering your blushing face.

“Oh my god Jackson!” You slap him repeatedly while the others start laughing at your expense.

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You had been watching the guys practice for about an hour or two until everyone started messing around with rapping and singing. The boys wanted Youngjae to sing but he refused everytime.

“Daddy~ please sing for us.” You cooed and your veins turned to ice when you and everyone else had registered what came out of your mouth.

You could tell Youngjae was pretty embarrassed and caught off guard by the nickname. He was used to it in more private settings but the practice room was definitely not where he was expecting.

“Oh my god!” Youngjae bursts out into crazy person laughter. You cover your flushed face and sigh as everyone starts giggling to themselves.

“Wow Youngjae I didn’t think you got down like that.” Jackson chuckles and claps him on the back.

The blush on your face only got worse but you slowly started laughing too.

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The boys just finished performing a concert and some of them, including your boyfriend, walked into the green room where you were.

“Hey doll.” Bambam sets his hand across your legs and grips your knee.

You lean into his ear and whisper “Hey daddy.”

You hear someone choke on their drink and suddenly you’re very aware of the two boys in front of you. You immediately hide your face in his neck and feel Bambam chuckling.

“Well shit…” Yugyeom laughs and you get even more flustered.

Jaebum was wiping the water dripping down his chin onto his shirt avoiding your gaze.

“Hey she’s mine, I’m her daddy.” Bambam somehow makes the situation worse.

“Bambam!” You hit his chest and start giggleing at how ridiculously bold he was.

*is also very smug*

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“Babe, I need some help with something!” You heard your boyfriend yell for you so you put your book down and walked out of your shared bedroom.

“Yes daddy?-“ You stopped your sentence as soon as you noticed the 6 eyes boring holes into your skin.

Bambam and Jackson’s mouths were agape and Youngjae was blushing profusely.

“S-sorry I didn’t realize we had company…” You stutter and feel your face heat up.

“I think we should go now.” Jinyoung stood up and gathered everyone.

On their way out Jackson paused and held his hand out to yugyeom for a high five. Their hands slapped right before Jackson was dragged out the door by Jinyoung.

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Until Death Do Us Part

AN: Last Part, first two parts  here and here…^_^. An anon asked that I do an alternate beginning where the boys find out first and I will eventually do that but for right now it’ll be just these three parts. If you have any request for anything I’ll let you know if I’ve heard of it and if I can do it! Enjoy!

“Just sign the goddamn papers, Bruce,” She hissed from across the table and it caused the man to look up slightly startled.

He’d been reading the thin lines of the contract in front of him and found his eyes stuck on the highlighted portions that had a large ‘X’ where his name was supposed to go.  When he married her all those years ago he hadn’t imagined that they’d be sitting here in one of his- no their conference rooms pounding out the terms of their divorce.

He glanced up into the deep pools of his wife’s eyes and noted how coldly she regarded him, and how much that hurt. Her eyes had aged, she had aged and realized that he wasn’t the superhero she thought he was when she’d married him. He remembered how wide-eyed and innocently she regarded everything he did until recently. Even when she had assumed the role of motherhood she never lost the youth that had shined in her eyes. It was probably why she got along with all of the children so well. She related to them in a way that he never could.

Her full lips pulled down into a frown as she narrowed her eyes at him, she thought he was stalling, and truthfully, he was. He’d seen so much less of her in the past months. He respected her wishes and had not come to bother her at the penthouse, not even when he was on patrol. The boys had taken it upon themselves to check around the building whenever they were out so he was confident that she was safe. When she would occasionally come by the manor, mainly to drop Damian off or to bring baked sweets she’d make for the boys and Alfred, he’d watch her from the monitors in the bat cave. He hadn’t the courage to go and face her, the thought of it nearly made his hands shake. He didn’t know if he would be able to handle her rejection.

“Why are you making such a big deal out of this?” She asked after another tense silence. “All I want is the penthouse. You know I don’t want any of the company, your money, or that house. Just sign them so we can move on already.”

Bruce looked at her pleading form and he bit the inside of his cheek resolute in his decision.

“You know I’d give you anything you want,” he says as he picks up the papers from the desk and straightens them, before slipping them back into the manila envelope. “But I can’t do this.”

When the words leave his lips both his lawyer and wife let out an audible groan while her lawyer perks up at the implication.

“You want to take this to court, Mr. Wayne?” The woman, Ms. Thompson, if he remembered correctly, asks. “You know that can be bad for you.”

He glanced at the dark-haired woman, her brow furrowed in faux concern. However, even as she forced her brown cheeks not to lift in excitement, she was doing a poor job at keeping her lips from curling into a smile.

“She’s right Mr. Wayne,” Clarence Paige, his lawyer, nodded, his gray hair standing slightly on end. “No pre-nup, she’s worked here on your behalf for years, and she had to give up her own career. The judge will say that you impeded her ability for independence, they’ll give her half.”

“That’s fine,” Bruce says leaning back as he watches the others in the room react to the news. He lets a charming smile curl across his face as his wife regards him skeptically. “I don’t plan on getting divorced.”

She doesn’t react to the statement at first, he isn’t sure she comprehended what he was saying, and when it clicks the skin around her nose scrunches in irritation, and he can’t help but chuckle.

“This isn’t funny, Bruce,” she says arms stretched wide across the table trying to keep from getting angry. “Paige, Thompson, why don’t we continue this next week. My break isn’t much longer and I’m sure that Mr. Wayne has, I don’t know, something that he needs to do.”

That stung a little.

The lawyers look at each other, Thompson stands and gathers her items.  Paige looks at Bruce and Bruce nods at him in dismissal. He stands as well clearing up his files. Paige holds out a hand for Bruce to shake, and he does. The older man exits the room. Thompson stops when she’s next to his wife, the lawyer squeezes her shoulder in reassurance and the woman gives her a warm smile. When the door closes behind the lawyers, the smile falls from his wife’s lips.

She lets out a sigh and gives him a glare, “You’re being ridiculous, Bruce. This isn’t a game.”

“I didn’t think it was,” he says with a raised eyebrow.

“I’ll take this to trial if I have to,” she tries.

“No, you won’t.”

“And, why wouldn’t I?” She says with a furrowed brow, eyes like steel. She’d definitely learned that in board meetings. There were times she couldn’t even fake being mad at the children, even when they royally screwed up.

“We aren’t getting divorced,” he says with a shrug. He watches as a stunned expression crosses her face quickly, but she covers it. He stands and straightens his suit jacket.

“For what reason would I stay with you?” She asked.

“You love me, like I lov-”

“You don’t love me, Bruce.” She says holding a hand up to pause him in his sentence. She shakes her head as if she was trying to get horrible thoughts from her head. “You don’t, you wouldn’t have done this otherwise. You wouldn’t.”

He watches as tears filled her eyes and instinctively he moves around the table to be by her side. He pulls his handkerchief from his pocket, and she takes it. She dabs at the corners of her eyes before her make-up can run.

“I can’t do this, Bruce,” she says as she stands. “Just sign the papers, do this for me. You said you’d give me anything, give me this.”

“I can’t,” he says honestly.

She looks at him, stares into his eyes for what seems like hours but can’t be more than thirty seconds, and then looks away. Bruce backs away from the table as she pushes her chair back to stand.

He can’t help but let his eyes run down her figure when she does. She was always stunning, even when she wasn’t trying, and it slightly bothered him that her work attire made it seem like she was attending one of his parties. The black vertical panels on the side of her dress cinched at her waist beautifully while the beige front and back complimented her skin tone and gave her a more professional look.

She grabbed her brief case and swung her coat over her arm. She checked her watch and let out a sigh.

“Because of you, I’m late for a meeting with the board about the funding for R&D” she says with pursed lips. “Any requests?”

“Unlimited funding, is that possible?”

She almost lets a smile past her lips, almost. “I’ll see what I can do.”

He watches as she pulls open the heavy door that leads out of the conference room. She pauses.

“Bruce, please,” she looks back at him with pleading eyes. “Do this for me. So, I can move on and you can be with her.”

“I don’t want her, I want you.”

“You already had me, you chose her.”

He doesn’t get a chance to respond as she whisks away through the door. He can hear her heels click down the hall the further away from him she goes.

He squeezes his fists in exasperation then removes his phone from his breast pocket. He dials a familiar number and waits.

“Alfred, can you do something for me?”


You’d grown used to the taste of wine and it no longer burned when it hit the back of your throat. Still, you tried not to drink in front of the children, it’d only lead them to fawning over you and treating you like a baby chick needing to be protected.

Setting the glass down over your nightstand, you watched from your bedroom window as the sun finally set and the last of the pinks and reds of dusk had finally faded away. As the darkness rushes in you hit the button on a remote and blackout curtains slowly descend over the large glass paned window.

Your eyes flicker over to the clock on the nightstand and watch as the red lines blink ‘7:45 P.M.’ at you. Another heavy sigh pulls its way out of your lips as you flop down on the gray comforter of your plush bed. It wasn’t really your color, but it still smelled like him and it helped you sleep.

You were alone tonight, save for your maid Olivia, highly recommended by Alfred, paid for by an anonymous employer. It was the middle of the week, and none of your family would be by to visit you until the weekend.  Most nights like this you busied yourself with menial paperwork that you didn’t have to do, but that you needed to do in order to keep your mind busy. Other nights when you were feeling good, you worked on your designs for fashion line.  Tonight, however, you were mentally exhausted. Every time you saw him and a smile found its way to his lips, your heart fluttered like you were still a teenager talking to your first crush. You could almost feel your throat tighten up in anxiety. To make matters worse, when you know that you can’t avoid him you still chose things to wear that you knew he’d like. On days like that you scold yourself, you know how stupid it is. He chose her and you chose this.

There were nights when you wondered if there was something about you that you could have changed that would have kept him entertained, kept his wandering eye in check, but every time you think it, the stronger part of you pushes the thought away. You and Selina were nothing alike. You didn’t look alike, speak in the same way, or have the same interests. You had never been the exciting or dangerous girl that had an air of mystery about her, that isn’t why Bruce married you, so that couldn’t have simply been the reason he cheated. If your crime had been any in this mess it would have been that you were naïve. Naïve enough to think that the emotional bond between Selina and Bruce would never amount to anything, even though it was the same type of bond that opened him up to you and brought you together.

You supposed that was the worst part. Aside from the lying, what Selina and Bruce had, wasn’t just physical, he cared for her and you were sure she cared for him. Something deep like that wasn’t something that he could just cut off. He couldn’t just stop caring for her the same way you couldn’t stop loving him. There would always be a part of him that would yearn for her and you wanted that part to be completely and utterly yours. If you couldn’t have it, there was no point in holding out hope for him.

“Ma’am,” a voice calls from your bedroom door.

“It’s fine, Olivia come in.”

The door to your bedroom pushes open and the dim lights in the room are made brighter by her movement. You stand and motion to the back of your dress.

“Can you help me?”

“Of course.”

You hear the small feet housed in her kitten heels clack gently as she makes her way over to you. Within in seconds her small but strong hands have your zipper pulled down and the dress is pooling at your waist. You plop down again and you use your feet to wildly pull off your feels. They fling to different parts of the room and Olivia sighs in irritation.

“Sorry,” you say looking at her sheepishly.

“It’s quite alright, Ma’am” she says with a polite smile, but she’s scolding you with her stern green eyes. “I have something for you.”


She pulls an envelope out of the large pocket of her dress and she presses the envelope into your waiting hand.

“It’s beautiful,” you say in slight awe as you run your fingers over the gold cursive lettering of your name.

“It was slipped under the door,” she comments.

“I bet it was,” you say with pursed lips, “I told him not to come.”

“I see.”

You look at the older woman and she raises a pale blonde eyebrow at you and you say, “I’m nervous.”

“Understandable, just remember that you are the one with the leverage. Where you go from here is all dependent on what you decide.”

“I’ve never had to lead before, Bruce always did,” you admit. “Even at the company I’m just filling in a blueprint that was laid out for me.”

“And yet no one is better at it then you are. Without you, where would Wayne Enterprises be?”

“In the gutter, or at least out of our- the family.”

“It seems to me that you’ve been leading perfectly well until now.”

“Thanks,” you say with a small smile.

“You are more than welcome.”

You flip the envelope over and slide your finger over the of cream colored paper. When the seal is broken, you pull the contents from the envelope.

“It an invitation,” you state reading the letter. “To a party.”

“For what occasion?”

“For me,” you say biting you lip as you feel you heart swell.


“This Friday,” you say looking up at the older woman with childlike curiosity. “Should I go?”

“Do you want to go?”

“Yes and no.”

“Why the no?”

“I can’t think when I see him and every time I think about what he did I get angry or I cry or both. It’s awful.”

“And the yes.”

“Bruce throws the best parties,” you admit with a sigh. “And it’s for me. And even though I hate it, for the moment when I first see him I forget what he did and I can feel my heart pounding in my ears. A night like this, where I’m not trying to leave him, it maybe the last time I see him before we don’t mean anything to each other and we are just co-workers.”

“You should go,” Olivia says after a pause. “If it’s to say goodbye let it be that, if it’s not let it be the first night you let the both of you begin to heal.”


“Excellent,” she says and she’s quickly out of your room.

“Olivia?” You question at her suddenness.

“Here we are,” she says as she brings a large box and places it on your bed.

You examine the large black box, there is no title, nothing significant about the box and your heart pounds in your chest. He has done things like this before, and it’s always something that makes you swoon.

You tentatively lift the lid of the box and you were right to worry that you would swoon. From what you could see of the dress it was cream colored and covered in jewels and had a sweetheart neckline. You frown and close the box.

“Ma’am?” She questions at your rejection.

“I can’t wear this,” you say a sad smile pulling at your lips. “It’s too much lik-, I just can’t.”

“Well then we need to go shopping.”


He’s nervous and for the first time since he was a pre-pubescent teen he could feel his palms sweat. The worse thing about her not talking to him and not being able to go to the penthouse was that he wasn’t sure if she would actually come. That would leave him alone in this giant concert hall looking like a fool in front of the caterers and musicians that he hired.

“Sir?” A familiar voice called and Bruce turns around to see the raised eyebrow of the man who raised him.

“She’s not going to come Alfred,” Bruce says dejectedly. “I can feel it, this is a mistake.”

“Sir I-”

“I should have just gone to see her, begged for her to listen.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary sir,” Alfred interrupts.

“She’s here?” Bruce questions with furrowed brows.

“Her car has just pulled up to the front of the venue.”

“It’s time for the lights then,” Bruce says straightening his shoulders to regain his composure.

“Very well, sir.”

The moment that Alfred disappears behind a pair of curtains the lights in the hall dims and Bruce can see almost nothing save for a lone spotlight pointed at the entrance. In that darkness, he’s forced to wait for a pair of agonizingly long pair of minutes until he can see the point of her shoe come through the threshold.

He has to keep himself from gaping when he sees her. He quickly notes that she’s not wearing the dress he picked out and it makes him question whether or not she enjoyed his taste anymore. She always wore the gowns that he picked out. However, the thoughts are quickly removed from his mind when he gets the full scope of her. The dress is a sinful red with a pair of matching shoes. It’s a sleek straight cut dress with a slit that goes up to a little above her mid-thigh. Her hair seems glossy even with the harsh light that is shining on her trying to drain it of its color. The dark jewels and make-up give her a more adult vibe then what he is used to seeing from her and he realizes that she’s different. Different then the slightly childish young woman that he married, and that despite all the things that she had done up until that point he’d never seen her as such.

“Bruce?” she questions raising a hand to block the light. “What’s going on?”

“You’re the guest of honor,” he says with a smile as he begins to approach her.

She walks forward and when the two of them meet the lights are back to normal and she’s able to take in the full beauty of the concert hall.

Cleared of seats, the floor was covered in a large amount of vibrant gold confetti. The walls painted with flowers, cherubs, and other heavenly hosts were decorated with white curtains and gold accents. The familiar tones of songs from years past floated through her ears and suddenly she can fill herself being transported to a time before all of the drama had begun.

“This is-,” she pauses looking at the building. “You’ve recreated the whole thing.”

“Yes,” he says with a smile as he watches her spin to look at the decorations and paintings.

“No masks? I distinctly remember our New Year’s Eve/Engagement party being a masquerade” She questions looking at him with an arched eyebrow.

“No more masks,” he says with a shake of his head. “Not between us.”

“That’s new,” she snarks.

“More like overdue.”

Her eyes flash to his face, searching for his sincerity, then seemingly satisfied or uninterested she turns her head back to the venue.

“It’s not much of a party if it’s only the two of us,” she says.

“Two of us is more than enough,” he knows where the comment will lead, and he wants it to go there. He’d plan to wine and dine her, but seeing her here like this, he didn’t know if he could wait.

“Is it?” she questions with a cock of her head. “I seem to recall it not being enough.”

“It always was, you were, are enough. I’m the one who had the problem.”

“That you hid and lied to me about.”

She’s facing him now, arms crossed over her chest and good mood soured. There was very few words left that would keep her here.

“Dance with me,” he says as the song changes. It’s a slow comfortable melody, that doesn’t require a lot of thought to move too. His hand his offered out to her and she swallows as she looks at it. Should she even bother giving him a chance? If she fell into his arms would she be able to pry herself out again? She doubted it, Bruce seemed to be in rare form tonight, something she should have expected when she got that letter.

Against her better judgement, she slips her softer hand into his rough one. She feels the familiar thump of her heart increase in speed when it closes over hers and he pulls her closer to him. In an instant, she’s flush against his chest and his arm is wrapped around her waist guiding her through the dance.

They sway in silence for a moment, both relishing the feel of each other again after a long ten months apart.

“Even the song is the same,” she murmurs. “I can’t believe you remembered it.”

“Of course, I did,” he says looking down into the glistening orbs that blinked back at him. “It was one of the happiest moments of my life.”

She smiles with closed lips, and there isn’t an ounce of warmth that reaches her eyes. He knows why, and he knows that it’s the beginning of their issues.

“I pressured you that night,” he says and she raises her eyebrows in surprise. “I thought to myself ‘who wouldn’t want to get engaged to Bruce Wayne at his New Year’s Eve party. It’ll be the talk of the town.’ I didn’t care to see how uncomfortable you were.”

“You tried to pressure me tonight too.”

“The dress was too much?”

“A little,” she says honestly. “I don’t know where you got it though, I gave the other one away.”

“I had a seamstress recreate it from the photo, I wanted to recreate that night, and do it the way it should have been done.”

“We can’t redo that night. I’m not the little girl who is just excited to be in a princess dress and running behind Bruce Wayne. I can’t go back to that, I won’t.”

“I don’t want you to be,” he says as he moves a hand to her cheek and rubs it over her cheekbone. He almost lets out a sigh of relief when she leans into his touch.

“Then what do you want?”


“You had me.”

“I know,” he says and he pulls her slightly closer so she’s pressed tightly against him, similarly to the way she’s pressed against him when they are in bed. He can feel her chest heave against his as she takes a deep breath, and he’s relieved that he still can make her nervous. That she hasn’t lost complete affection for him. “I was selfish.”

“Is that what you would call it?”

“That’s the only thing that I can think of. Everything about you is perfect and yet for some reason I couldn’t see it, or didn’t want to see it.”

“And that led you to cheat on me?” She questions.

“Maybe,” he says honestly. “I can’t tell you the reason why I did what I did. I know that Selina and I could have had something once, and even while I was doing it I knew it was wrong.”


“But I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t want to stop, and the only reason that I can even offer to rationalize my actions is because I knew that you would be there no matter what I did. That you would still love me no matter how much I hurt you. That I could have both. Selina and I had a bond that I should have ended the moment that I decided to be serious about my relationship with you, but instead I hid it, and it culminated into everything that happened. For that I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lied to you, and hurt you. I’m sorry I cheated on you and made you feel worthless.”

She has an unreadable expression on her face as she stares at him unblinkingly, but he knows she’s thinking. For a moment, he can feel his heart speed up with nerves as her silence extends, but he feels alleviated when she leans her head on his chest, ear resting above his heart.

“That night I was so scared, you know. In my mind, I knew you were going to propose, and I knew you were going to do it in front of all of those people. Stupidly, though, I held out the hope that you would do it when we were alone, that you’d whisk me away to some quiet corner ask then come back to make the announcement to the crowd. I would have been okay with it then. But you made it about you, and what would have looked best for you. I should have said no that night, knocked you off your high horse a little. Embarrassed the great Bruce Wayne, but I couldn’t. It was what you wanted so I gave it to you. I can’t do that anymore.”

“I wouldn’t want you to, and you shouldn’t have to, especially after everything I’ve put you through.”

She lets out a sigh of contentment, “I believe you.”

It’s silent for a moment as they sway back and forth to the music.

“If you do cheat again, there won’t be a Batman,” she says looking up at him with stern eyes. “I will literally bash your fucking head in with one of those stupid busts if you even look at that fucking woman, because that’s the only way I can think of for you to feel as much pain as I’ve been in since I found out.”

There is no mirth behind her eyes, not lightness to say that she is joking. He knows that the threats aren’t real and that  in actuality her words are a statement of how insecure in their relationship she feels. “I won’t, I don’t think that I’d be able to bear watching you leave again. Or that Jason would let me live.”

It’s quiet for a moment as she lays her head on his chest again.

“I couldn’t hurt you even if I wanted to,” she whispers. “I couldn’t even sleep with that guy a couple months ago, even though I should have.”

He’s quiet for a moment and when he feels his shirt start to feel damp he pulls her closer.

“How could you, Bruce?” She questions, her voice small.

“I’m sorry.”

“Did you cry?”


“When I left, did you cry? When you saw me with him did you cry?”

“Yes,” he says with no hesitation.

“Good, if I was the only one that had swollen eyes that would be embarrassing.”

“The first time I couldn’t open my right eye because it was so big.”

“Frankly, I’m surprised you still have working tear ducts. Even after being with you for so long, I’m still not convinced that you aren’t part robot,” she says as she looks up at him with damp eyes, a sly smile spreads across her face.

“If I was, I wouldn’t need the suit.”

They chuckle and Bruce pulls away from her. He brings his thumbs to her cheeks and wipes away the stray tears. “I have something I want to ask you.”


She could see his Adams apple move up and down in nervousness and she raises an eyebrow at his uneasy behavior.  When she sees him back away from her and kneel she has to put a hand over her mouth to hide her shock.

Feeling deep in his pocket he pulls out a small black velvet ring box. He opens the box and reveals are large princess cut diamond ring sitting in a center.


“I know we still have our own issues to workout, that this is a little soon. But I wanted to start again, from the time that should have been one of our happiest moments, but started us on the path where we’ve ended up today. These last months without you have been some of the worst in my life. No one speaks to me unless they have to, and its left me with time to myself to realize that I was the problem. That you had been there for me, giving everything that you had, but I didn’t think that I needed to give you the same.  I didn’t realize that loving someone wasn’t just about providing, and I segmented you off as just another part of the person that is Bruce Wayne. You weren’t Batman’s wife, you were Bruce Wayne’s and that you weren’t getting all of me the way I was getting all of you. So, I’m asking you to marry me again, so that I can give you the same amount of love and affection that I should have from the start.”

She doesn’t rush to give her answer like she did the first time.  This time, despite her love for him, she’s worried about the heartbreak that she’d have to endure again if he couldn’t keep his word. It also wasn’t just her that she had to think about either. What about the children? If this fell through a second time, did she want to have them choose between her and their father again? Not only that, despite how plagued with thoughts she was with him during her down time, she also loved some of the independence she gained by being alone. She loved the new understanding of herself she gained by being alone and doing a job that she loved.

“I want to quit the company,” is the phrase that tumbles past her lips. He blinks up at her rapidly, confused, and interpreting her answer as rejection.

“What?” He asks moving to close the box.

“I mean, yes, I’ll marry you, again,” she says with a roll of her eyes. She holds her empty left hand out. She hadn’t worn her wedding ring in so long that the imprint of her previous ring had long since vanished. She could feel herself smile as she admired the ring when it was slipped on her finger.

Bruce moved to stand.

“Don’t get up yet, you still have some promises to make while your down there,” she says locking eyes with him. “Perhaps quit my job is too harsh of a word. I want you to start doing your job, at least part time.”


“That means that there are going to be days where you have to come home and rest, and trust the boys to do the job you trained them to do. There are going to be consecutive days where I want you to be just Bruce Wayne, just my husband, day and night.”

“I understand.”

“I’m not done yet. At the same time, when you’re gone I’m not going to be sitting home waiting for you to grace me with your presence. I won’t do that anymore.  I want to start designing again too, and that means that there will be times that I can’t be Bruce Wayne’s date, he’ll have to be mine. I bought a building downtown that I want to renovate and turn into my studio. That means I can’t be there to run your business and mine.”

“It won’t be an issue.”

“This last part you might resent me for. But we have to go to therapy for this shit.” She motions to the space between the two of them. “Nothing about our lives is normal, adding this emotional baggage on top of it is bound to make it harder, not better. Because even if I want to trust and believe you, there won’t be a moment when your gone that I won’t think that you’re not with her. Even when I know better. That distrust will breed resentment, and we’ll be back where we were ten months ago and I don’t know who it will be the one begging for forgiveness then.”

He pauses at the idea that a stranger may have to be involved in his personal life, something he wasn’t fond of, but she was right, the same way she always was. He nodded his agreement.

“If I think of something else I’ll let you know, but for now,” she moves her hands to rest on his face and she slides the pads of her thumbs across his cheekbones. “Please know, that I’ll happily marry you again.”

She presses a chaste kiss to his lips and quickly pulls away before he can respond, but it is honestly more than he was expecting. He stands to his full height and his arms are wrapped tightly around her waist as he buries his face in her hair. He’s holding her so tightly that she almost has to gasp in order to get air. She wants to struggle at first, push him away so she can breathe, but she finds herself pulling him closer with one hand and rubbing his back in a soothing motion with the other.

It’s the tears she feels roll down her shoulder that do it. For the first time in a long time they aren’t her own.  The slightly choking gasp for air isn’t her own. And the pathetic nature of his cry is startling because it’s the first time she’s experienced it and she realizes that he’d been telling the truth earlier when he’d told her he cried.

She feels guilty for the slight curve of her lips that is hidden in the depth of his shoulder and she’ll scold herself for it later, but right now she’s happy to know that she hadn’t been suffering alone all this time and that maybe there is a way for them to be a proper family again.


She was achy, her eyes were killing her and the constant thrum in her head was just a friendly reminder that she had cried herself to sleep last night, and was now paying the consequences.

She was sure she didn’t look that great either. Her normal put together look was just not gonna happen today, she was too damn tired. Running a hand through her messy ponytail, she sighed, buttoning the blouse she had on, holding her hands to her heart. How did she get here?

She had never thought he would hurt her, she trusted him. He knew how important that trust was to her, so how could he do this?

The “he” in question was none other than her boyfriend of six months, Jughead jones.

Leaning against her locker, gently resting her head on the cool metal grates she closed her eyes. She was early and she allowed herself a minute to enjoy the quiet of the empty halls. She had to wake up practically an hour early to avoid Jughead, he always walked her to school and she couldn’t even look at him right now.

Thinking of the beanie wearing boy, her eyes welled with unshed tears, she loved him. She was so stupid. She should have learned, it was nearly impossible to love her. Archie had made that clear, and now the picture in her phone of Jughead and Sabrina spellman further cemented that fact.

She had been having an amazing day, cherrleading with Ronnie, manicures with Kevin. She settled into her bed content and happy last night.

That was until she received a picture message from Cheryl blossom with the words

“I know we aren’t besties, but I wanted you to see it from me first. Sorry girl.”

Attached to it was a picture of Jughead kissing the short haired blonde in a booth at pops, it was taken from a distance so it was a bit blurry, the beanie was visible and the curvy blonde was recognizable from any distance.

Obviously he didn’t care about her at all,he didn’t even try to hide. It all happened right there at pops, she was humiliated, heart broken and just sad.

Suddenly students started filtering in and she lifted her head from the locker. Immediately she noticed the looks, people were staring at her whispering. Holding her head high, she clutched her books to her chest. They wouldn’t win, not with her.

Suddenly the front doors slammed open and jughead stood feet away from her, he looked almost worse than she did, the blood shot eyes, dirty flannel and missing beanie.

Woah. She had only seen him without a beanie a few times and that was never in front of other people. She wasn’t going to stand here and admire his mess of black waves though, she had to go. Get out of this hallway. Turning on her heel, she took off, shoulders slumped and tears steaming. She heard his heavy, quick footsteps behind her.

“Betty, bets, please. Talk to me, you wouldn’t answer any of my messages last night and when I came over your dad said you wouldn’t see me, I have to explain, please let me explain.” He was pleading. She could hear it in his voice. Jumping to stand in front of her he reached for her face “bets” she flinched away. All she could see was that damn picture.

“Just…just leave me alone.” She whispered

“Betty.” He choked out.

Suddenly she was ushered into a classroom and was being embraced by the gorgeous raven haired girl she was lucky enough to call her best friend.

“It’s not what you think B, I was there I saw it all. That skank pretty much jumped him. I know it looks horrible, but you have to believe him. He loves you.”

Betty couldn’t comprehend all this. It was too much

“ I have to go, class is starting. Thank you Ronnie.” She walked out the door.

Maybe she was right, maybe it was all a misunderstanding. But could she let her heart be that vulnerable? She’d allowed her heart to be destroyed by Archie, she couldn’t let that happen again.

Walking into her chemistry class, she took a deep breathe, she forgot. She sat next to Jughead in this class. The room went quiet as she took her seat. Everyone was waiting for her to explode. Fortunately for her, her family had taught her to only explode on the inside.

As soon as professor flute started speaking, Jughead turned to her.

“ I am so sorry baby.” She straightened a bit, he only ever called her baby when he was scared.

“I didn’t even realize it was happening. One second she’s asking for my ketchup and the next she’s sitting there, talking to me, touching me. Than before I knew it she attacked me. I’m such an idiot. I shouldn’t have let her get that close, I don’t think. I’m the biggest asshole in the world. But I promise you, I did not kiss her. I would never. I.. betty .. please you have to know how much I love you.”

She looked into his eyes finally, her heart ached when she noticed the tears in her eyes.

“She’s beautiful juggie.” She whispered

His eyes widened and he shook his head, placing his hand under her chin

“Betty.. don’t you get it? You’re everything.”

Her eyes closed and she let the tears hit his palm.

“I love you Jughead. I can’t.. I can’t let you break my heart.. I don’t..”

“No.” he said drawing the professors eyes towards his. Even the old man seemed to realize this couldn’t wait “No Betty. That’s not me, I will never break your heart. Not on purpose. You know me, I would rather die than hurt you. You’re so beautiful and good and kind I… God please don’t leave me. ”

She closed her eyes when she felt his tears hit her arms, that he was gripping.

“I believe you ” she finally breathed out, grabbing his hand.

Almost all of the tension he was holding in was instantly released. “Thank you, thankyou so much.”

“I’m gonna kill Sabrina, you know that right?” She said her face hard as stone.

Jughead nodded

“If it makes you feel any better, I pretty much lost it on her, called her a few choice names and then very gently shoved her out of the booth.”

Betty laughed, leaning into her boyfriend.

“That’s nothing compared to when I see her.”

He snorted
“I know, I expect nothing less.”

Looking into his eyes, she saw the love shining through them, it made her heart flutter

“I love you Jughead.”

He dropped his lips to hers, with the brightest smile she had ever seen he whispered

“Not nearly as much as I love you Betty Cooper.”

As soon as there lips touched each other’s the class erupted into simultaneous

And professor flute cleared his throat effectively ruining the moment.

“Now if we can continue.” He raised a pointed brow towards the couple.

Swinging his arm over Betty, Jughead smiled at the teacher

“After you.”

Betty giggled.