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James Baldwin’s hidden papers have a new home in black America’s premier library

  • James Baldwin was one of the most prolific writers in black history, but there is plenty about his work that the world still doesn’t know.At the time of his death in 1987, Baldwin had written nearly two dozen works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, some of which would be published posthumously. 
  • But he was also black and gay at a time when both were professionally taboo, so there’s a lot about his life that only lives on in his private letters that his family has held onto for three decades.
  • Some of those letters are now in possession of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, black America’s premier library, thanks to Baldwin’s estate. Read more. (4/13/2017 2:55 PM)
carried on the breeze [you’ll never find me]

inspired by this post from @stranger-who-writes-fiction

kara has flown myriad out into space,

and alex has gone after her in that damn pod. sure, getting the thing to space wasn’t a problem - reentery however was where things were going more than a little screwy. in no seconds flat  alex finds herself in a falling deathtrap with her unconscious sister draped mostly uncomfortably across her.

this pod was not meant for two.

nor, apparently, is it meant for rouge humans hijacking and then flying it, poorly but still functionally, into space to save their superhero little sisters. yet, alex had done it anyway.

and now, well, with the planet rapidly rising up to meet them, alex realizes the steering is gone. realizes that the best she can hope for is sending out some sort of signal and hoping that wherever they landed…the deo finds them first.

too bad it was going to be a water landing. which, god, that wasn’t what alex wants. any type of crash landing would probably kill her on impact, but at least crashing into some sort of land might ensure kara’s survival. kara who is still unconscious.

alex knows she has seconds left to come up with a plan. she’s feeling a little ill, the pod spinning around and with one arm holding kara to her chest, alex is left to crane her neck over her little sisters shoulder just to look at the console.

her eye catches a red button.

under the console, hidden from the normal line of sight - alex has to wonder if red buttons hold the same meaning on every plant. alex has to wonder why she never asked.

[to be fair, it’s an obscure question, but god, alex wishes she’d had  the foresight to see this coming]

what she doesn’t see coming are the clouds, the fog that seems to be way too high in the atmosphere, plunging the pod and the danvers sisters into a grey half light.

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The King (5) (NSFW)

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T’Challa x Reader

Summary: Sugar Daddy Art Collector T’Challa

Warnings: Smut

A/N: A day early! Hopefully I’ll have that Nat Pride fic out for you guys tomorrow! Also, look at those thighs. LOOK AT THEM!

He stepped behind you, the cold gold chain caressing your throat as he did so. He clasped the necklace closed and leaned down to kiss your neck as his strong hands drifted over your shoulders giving them a small squeeze.

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         Dibella, called Dibe by the Kothringi, is the goddess of beauty and love, and is one of the Nine Divines. In Cyrodiil, she has nearly a dozen different cults, some devoted to women, some to artists and aesthetics, and others to erotic instruction.

                                            tes aesthetics | the nine divines

Once Upon a Time Season 7: Gabrielle Anwar, Devious Maids Alum, Reign Star Among 5 New Additions

By Michael Ausiello / July 6 2017, 9:59 AM PDT

ABC is putting a face to Once Upon a Time‘s Season 7 reset. Five faces, actually.

TVLine has learned that the Friday-bound fantasy drama is adding nearly a half-dozen new female cast members, most notably Burn Notice alum Gabrielle Anwar, Devious Maids vet Dania Ramirez and ex-Reign royal Adelaide Kane. Also boarding the rejiggered seventh season: Chicago Med‘s Mekia Cox and English actress Rose Reynolds (Poldark).

Details on the role each actress will be playing will be announced at Comic-Con a later date, but here are five clues you can chew on in the meantime: TVLine can confirm that Anwar and Ramirez will be full-fledged series regulars, while Kane, Cox and Reynolds are set to recur (at least initially).

The new blood infusion comes as Once boldly heads into uncharted narrative territory, down six key cast members including Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Jared Gilmore and Rebecca Mader. (Longtime Oncestars Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle and Colin O’Donoghue are staying put.)

As teed up in the Season 6 finale, Once Season 7 will revolve around a grown-up Henry (played by The Walking Dead‘s Andrew J. West) and his daughter Lucy (Jane the Virgin‘s Alison Fernandez). The official logline for the “reset” warns that “the residents of the Enchanted Forest face their greatest challenge yet” as Parrilla’s Evil Queen, O’Donoghue’s Captain Hook and Carlyle’s Rumplestiltskin join forces with Henry and Lucy “on an epic quest to once again bring hope to their world and ours. Along the way, fairy tale characters new and old search for true love, find adventure and once again take sides in the struggle of good against evil, as classic tales are once more twisted and reimagined.”

Once Upon a Time this fall shifts to Fridays at 8/7c; a premiere date has not yet been announced.


Under the Bed

Nettie is eating ice cream. The cold burns against her silver incisor, but feels good against the small cut inside her mouth she’d gotten last week. It’s an even trade.

Nettie is all about even trades.

Most think that they liked to be paid in money. Old money, sure, gold and silver that doesn’t have the same sort of inflation risk as paper, but that implies that they have something to spend it on.

No, Nettie’s maybe the only one who knows what sort of things monsters like to be paid in and is willing to provide it. Which is why she’s sitting in the middle of a park at 3 am waiting for her contact to arrive.

At 3:03, her contact’s preferred meeting time, the fog rolls in. Nettie rolls her eyes as it creeps through the sparse trees ahead of her, turning the grass silver under the moonlight with precipitation. So dramatic and not at all secretive. Her eyes flick up to the security camera mounted on the lamppost across the street. She wonders when the government will admit they see monsters at night. She hopes it’s not in her lifetime.

That’d be bad for business.

The outline of a tree several yards away from her begins to waver. It looks like someone might be behind it, a darker band appearing around the trunk as if someone is hugging it. Then they’re gone and the same wavering, black shadow appears behind a tree several feet ahead of it.

Nettie watches and eats her ice cream, glad that her leather jacket is hiding the way her arm hair is standing on end. She’s never been the type to hide her fear.

Then she met beings who enjoyed it.

A dark pool in front of her widens, the shadows twisting upwards. She calmly takes a  bite of the cone as the shade forms, the shadow creature not stopping until it’s reached its full height at seven feet.

She feels the sensation of pumice in her mind and frowns. “Gren? Where’s Mandy?”

The shadow figure ripples, for once not kicking up a fuss at her nicknames for them. An orange light flares briefly in what one might assume was its hand but she knew to be its mouth.

Her spine snaps straight. “What?”

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Hey Darling!! I was just wondering if you would ever write something in Stiles's perspective about Derek's death....LOL I'm sorry for the Angsty askXDXD

Derek is dead.

It goes around in his head as he drives from Quantico to Washington.

Derek is dead. Derek is dead. Derek god damn Hale is god damn dead.

Stiles racks his brains for the last time he saw Derek; for a memory he can focus on instead of the god damn road leading him to Derek’s body.

It was June. Five months ago. When he first moved in to Quantico, Derek came down from Washington and they walked along the river, exchanging stories. Derek had been in New York, finally settling the Hale estate with a lawyer so far removed from Beacon Hills he felt that he could trust them. He’d been wearing a lilac t-shirt that Stiles couldn’t stop staring at him in, couldn’t stop wanting to pluck at the sleeve, touch Derek on the arm, brush his fingers against Derek’s. The two of them had nearly died together a dozen times, and Stiles still hadn’t been able to bring himself to touch him.

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Sperm counts appear to be plummeting throughout the Western world, according to a large study of men around the world.

An international team of scientists analyzed data from nearly 43,000 men in dozens of industrialized countries and found that sperm counts dropped by more than half over nearly four decades.

“I think that we should take this very seriously,” says Shanna Swan, a reproductive epidemiologist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. She helped conduct the study published in the journal Human Reproduction Update. “I think it’s a wake-up call,” Swan says.

Sperm Counts Plummet In Western Men, Study Finds

Illustration: Hanna Barczyk for NPR

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do you know of any frat boy Harry fics?

Hi lovely! Here you go:

Every time that you get undressed (I hear symphonies in my head) bytheboyfriendstagram:

Summary: “Hi.”, Louis says and Harry doesn’t answer. The taller boy takes the cigarette from Louis’ fingers and places it between his own lips.

Louis doesn’t fight it, because Harry looks hot when he smokes.

“Why are you sad, Louis?”

Louis blinks up at the question taking him by surprise. The smoke vanishes in the air and he’s now face to face with Harry, who seems to be closer now.

“I’m not sad.”, he lies.

Harry stares at him for a moment, before he takes another drag from the cigarette and leans down so he’s at the same eye level with Louis.

And okay, now Louis panics. 

OR an AU in which Harry is the typical frat boy who doesn’t believe in love but falls for the insecure mess that is Louis. Sex and fluff ensue.

Just a Number by fratboytomlin:

Summary: Louis may or may not fall in love with his arch enemy’s (aka his own brother) best friend, who just so happens to be in college.

don’t make this easy (i want you to mean it) by wildestdreams:

Summary: “Harry’s a player. All he does is chat everyone up. And guys like him are just–so ugh. He’s got that arrogant, self-assured smirk plastered to his face all the time. Always smug and stupid, like he could get anyone he lays his eyes on. All he does is make me mad and laugh all the time like he knows something that I don’t. That is so annoying.”

“But that’s just Harry,” Niall shrugged at Louis. “He doesn’t even try to flirt or anything. He’s just naturally charming, but that doesn’t mean he’s a player nor that he’s trying to get into everyone’s pants. He’s just friendly. And he likes you. He doesn’t usually fall for people, but he fell for you.”

“Oh, should I feel special then?” Louis asked, snorting and rolling his eyes.

or Harry’s a frat boy who is head over heels for Louis and Louis wants nothing to do with him.

Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose by dolce_piccante:

Summary: American Uni AU. Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity among football fans, he knows how to play, he knows how to party, and he knows how to fuck (all of which is well known among his legion of admirers).

Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Harry’s charms, Louis is an anomaly in a world ruled by football.

A bet about the pair, who might be more similar than they originally thought, brings them together. Shakespeare, ballet, Disney, football, library chats, running, accidental spooning, Daredevil and Domino’s Pizza all blend into one big friendship Frappucino, but who will win in the end?

Pi Time by aclosetlarryshipper:

Summary: Harry, 20. Less Than 1 Mile Away, Active 1 minute ago. I think when it comes down to it, I’m just looking for someone supportive. That’s all I really need in life. I know this is an app, but we can find people in all the most obscure places ☺ -H.S 

or hot, hipster Harry from Tinder is nothing like Louis expected.

Have You Coming Back Again by whoknows:

Summary: It’s five o’clock in the morning. Louis has a lecture at half eight. He could be using this time to study or to do his readings or to go to the gym, but - well. He doesn’t have any exams coming up, he’s not going to his seminar today anyway and he hates the gym.

Instead he’s using this time to fuck with Harry Styles’ poor little brain.

Louis jogs across the street and jabs the key into the car door. It opens easily, not that he was expecting anything else. He copied the key for a reason, after all.

He’s got Harry’s schedule memorized, more because the guy keeps following him around than anything, so he doesn’t bother looking around before climbing behind the wheel and setting his bag on the passenger seat. It’s a Monday, which means that Harry doesn’t even get out of bed before noon unless he’s planning on harassing Louis.

Naughty Girls Get Spanked by Erin94:

Summary: When Louis gets caught trying to steal a trophy from Harry for his sorority, he ends up having a lot more fun than he had planned.

Or the one where Louis wears panties and gets spanked and fucked by frat boy Harry.

Orange Canvas by aclosetlarryshipper:

Summary: Few can handle Louis Tomlinson on the dance floor, much less match him in skill and fervor. Louis has obviously met his soul mate; he just never expected him to be wearing a red snapback and to chew gum like an entitled Mercedes owner.

or a spring break (kind of) fake relationship AU.

only thing that’s keeping me on fire by togetherwecouldbealright:

Summary: There’s a boy right in the middle of the crowd and he’s dancing, head thrown back with laughter. When he finally straightens back up, his fringe falls right into his eyes and his slender body is pressed up against others in the crowd. When he moves, it’s more graceful than anything Harry has ever witnessed in his entire life.

Around him are nearly a dozen other guys and they all look like they want to ravage him. Harry doesn’t really blame them.

When the boy turns slightly, his dark blue eyes meet Harry’s and his mouth pulls up in the corner, twisting into an inviting smirk.

Harry is just an average twenty year old frat boy and he meets eighteen year old Louis at a party. It ends with Louis fucking him while wearing his snapback and that’s something that Harry can definitely get behind.

Can’t Fool Me by emma1234:

Summary: “I hate frats,” Louis repeats for what feels like the millionth time.

“Yes, I’ve heard, once or twice or every day for the past three years,” Liam says. His careful tone reminds Louis of how his mom always sounds when one of his siblings is on the brink of a tantrum.

Louis glances speculatively at Liam’s frat brothers, who are still huddled together and chatting, with the exception of the one who’s looking in Louis’ direction. Maybe Louis shouldn’t rule out a tantrum. While making a scene wouldn’t actually free him from fraternity nonsense in the future, it would at least be entertaining.

AU where Louis hates fraternities and would never be into a frat boy. And one of these things is definitely not a lie.

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hey i wanted to ask if you could make recommendations for bakushima fanfics? i'm curious as to what you're currently reading, what your favorites are and what your thoughts on the fanfics you read are! :)

Boi!!! Okay, I guess I did something like that a long while ago, everything I said about those fics is still 100% valid, after making that list I reread nearly all of them a dozen of times and I’ve loved them all just as much each of them, good great fics those - but since then I’ve read a shitton more, so!! Let’s do this? Let’s do this

My (newer) Favorite Fics:

  • one to ten by crunchrapsupreme - lotsa pining, acquaintance to friends to lovers, incredibly soft and ridiculously happy it gave me such a warm feeling reading it? Kirishima is so pure it made my heart sing, Kaminari is just as ridiculous and negative as he’s supposed to be and Bakugou’s!!! Perfect I’m sure you’re gonna like this one
  • out of sight, within reach by potato - no powers AU, high school AU, misunderstandings and jealousy and ridiculous babies in love - Bakugou pines!!! It’s actually!!! A fic from Bakugou’s pov with this ridiculous dork pining!!!! I would have loved it just for that, but honestly anything potato writes is worth reading they’re just so good and know the characters so well !!!
  • get tough, straight up by quactus - this!!!! damn!!!! fic!!!! it’s useless even to drag this for long, the reason why this fic is between my favorites is straight out the incredible amount of Bakugou and Kirishima acting like a couple while they’re not even aware their liking each other might be mutual - they’re soft, got no personal space at all, care for each other so sweetly seriously it’s so good to read it made my insides melt
  • all good things need sunshine by shizuumi151 - a flower shop AU from another author I love with all my heart! Go check everything they’ve written they’re honestly a fave, such a good grasp on these two - this fic is sweet (I think I used that word to describe all the fics I’ve recced till now? It’s my fav genre what can I do) flowers make me soft and these two acting like the ridiculous crushing idiots they are surrounded by them is just a recipe to make me happy lbr
  • it’s pouring out here again by shizuumi151 - no power/high school/basketball club AU and I’m pretty certain I suggested this one already between my favorite Kaminari fics? Cause he’s amazing in this one, he and Sero both - so are Bakugou and Kirishima, obviously, the whole atmosphere of the fic makes me genuinely happy every single time I read this fic (which I’ve done… way too many times in the last month already, honestly… rip this is a fav for sure)
  • Fight Me by ryonello - no quirks/nurse! Kirishima AU and oh my god this fic is so good - it’s fun? and bright? and Bakugou pines in the most endearing way ever? I spent the whole fic nodding and going same Baku same haha
  • From Pictures to Words by Kivea - snapchat AU snapchat AU snapchat AU!!!! Holy heck!!!! These!!!! NERDS!!!!!!! This is a seriously great fic - Baku/Mina friendship and the squad being it all there and Baku & Deku being on civil terms make it all even better, but g o d Bakugou and Kirishima in this fic. Jesus Christ. I love them so much I can’t even find the words to describe it
  • little are the things we learn by newamsterdam - a 5+1 fic, 6 PoV total each of them describing the KiriBaku relationship from the eyes of those aorund them - listen. Listen. This might be obvious, because newamsterdam is my absolute fave KiriBaku author, but I live and die for this fic - aside from how I adore the external PoV format in general, every single character is so incredibly IC? And the KiriBaku relationship is so so so well described and complete even if constantly seen from an outsider’s point of view? God, I love this fic. I should reread this fic right now, honestly

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Part 2: 10 More Animated Movies Beyond Pixar

Part 1: Animation Beyond Pixar
Part 3: Another 10 Animated Movies Beyond Pixar
Part 4: Some More Animated Movies Beyond Pixar

Hey! It looks like people really liked the first post, so let’s do it again. This time I’m going to expand the rules a little bit and show you 10 movies that were not produced by Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, or Studio Laika. Hope you find something cool!

Kirikou and the Sorceress (Kirikou et la Sorcière, 1998)

The breakout hit of French animation master, Michel Ocelot, Kirikou and the Sorceress is an invented fairytale drawing from west African folklore. You’ll immediately notice the style, how it alternates between very lush, lovingly rendered scenery and somewhat limited animation. A lot of the limitations of this movie can be chocked up to the infant-status of French animation at the time, but in spite of a few reused walk-cycles Kirikou is a wonderful film! In fact, Kirikou was such a success in French theaters that it spawned its own sequel in 2005, Kirikou and the Wild Beasts.

The story recounts the birth and early travails of Kirikou, an impetuous but incredibly clever infant boy. Kirikou’s village has been all-but enslaved by the evil sorceress Karaba. It’s up to Kirikou to keep his ailing villagers safe from the sorceress, and find a way to stop Karaba for good.


Sita Sings the Blues (2008)

Sita Sings the Blues is an interesting creature, it’s actually been released under the Creative Commons license, so you can download it for free right now. A labor of love by cartoonist/animator Nina Paley, the movie is entirely animated with Adobe Flash. Ordinarily I’m not very fond of flash animation, it’s become the new fad in TV because it’s cheap, and has unfortunately ushered in a new era of bland, limited animation cartoons (Teen Titans Go, I’m looking at you). That said, Sita Sings the Blues is a wonderful example of how an artist can exceed & in some cases exploit the limitations of Flash to create really charming cartoons brimming with beautiful designs.

Featuring 4 different animation styles and an overabundance of musical set pieces, Sita Sings the Blues contrasts the many trials and tribulations of the mythical Sita (wife of hindu folk hero, Rama) with the waning days of the animator’s own marriage. Interspersed between these two stories is a more light-hearted retelling of the Ramayana (the story of Rama) by indian shadow puppets.


My Dog Tulip (2009)

My Dog Tulip recounts the trials and tribulations of one Mr. Ackerley as he attempts to raise his bratty german shepherd, Tulip. The most striking feature of this film is its styling, which can charitably be called “impressionistic” but more accurately be deemed “scribbly”. Everything is freeform, and the models shift and twist into the most expressive shapes for their given scenes. Considering that every one of its 60,000+ frames is actually an individually-rendered digital painting, the movie becomes quite impressive.

This is a very restful movie, aimed at an older audience, so save it for when you next want to relax. At once charming, silly, dry, and very juvenile, it’s hard not to smile as you watch Ackerley’s animated self blunder through raising his dog. And though Ackerley shamelessly anthropomorphizes Tulip, the film (quite refreshingly) will never let you forget that she’s a silly, fidgety dog.


Perfect Blue (Pāfekuto Burū, 1997)

While Japan produces a lot of animation, most of it is just miserable crap. That said, every so often someone amazing gets to make a movie. Writer/director Satoshi Kon was one of those people.

Kon’s directorial debut, Perfect Blue, is an intriguing, upsetting, suspenseful, and frightening movie. A young pop star leaves music for acting, but is traumatized by her first role. Shellshocked by her first experience, the actress falls into a fugue state, and the people involved in the production start dying. All signs point to the murderer being the actress, and while she should be recovering she’s inadvertently pulled into the world of an obsessive stalker who has been watching her every move.


The Illusionist (L’Illusionniste, 2010)

Based on a recovered script by legendary French comedian/director, Jacques Tati, The Illusionist is the story of the last bright spark of an aging stage magician’s career. Tati loosely based the film on his own stage career, which happened to start at a time when many stage acts were being muscled out of venues by young, hip rock bands. Supposedly Tati wrote the original script as an attempt to reconcile with his eldest daughter, whom he had abandoned as a baby. This is heavily-disputed. Delicately-rendered and beautifully-told, the Illusionist features no distinguishable dialogue, but its sentiments come across crystal-clear.

An older, struggling French magician takes a gig out in the Scottish boonies, and in the process picks up a new fan who thinks his magic is real. The result is a quirky father/daughter relationship between two strangers, the adoration of one keeping the other going during one of the darkest times of his life.


The Secret of NIMH (1982)

If you’re going to talk American animation beyond the big 3 studios then you have to go back, before the Disney Renaissance. If you’re going to talk American animation before the Disney Renaissance then there are two giant, inescapable names that you must address: Don Bluth and Ralph Bakshi. Let’s talk about a Don Bluth movie.

It’s easy to forget, now that Disney has been ascendant for 25 years, but from the 60s to the end of the 80s Disney’s animation studio nearly shut down half a dozen times. Having endured this long decline, Don Bluth, one of Disney’s veteran animators and directors, had enough. He left Disney and took 16 of the studio’s animators with him, intent on getting back to basics and producing feature-length animated films again. His name might not ring a bell, but you’ve definitely seen his movies: An American Tail 1 & 2 (the Fievel movies), All Dogs Go To Heaven, Anastasia, and the original Land Before Time were all Don Bluth movies. The Secret of NIMH was actually Bluth’s first post-Disney feature film, which unfortunately means it’s less well-known than some of his later successes.

The Secret of NIMH shows us the life of a simple farm mouse, Mrs. Brisby. Mrs. Brisby’s son is very sick, and she desperately needs help moving him before her home is destroyed by the farmer’s plough. The only ones that can help are the mysterious rats of the rose bush, strange, almost magical creatures that seem to have known her late husband.


American Pop (1981)

If you’re going to talk American animation beyond the big 3 studios then you have to go back, before the Disney Renaissance. If you’re going to talk American animation before the Disney Renaissance then there are two giant, inescapable names that you must address: Don Bluth and Ralph Bakshi. Let’s talk about a Ralph Bakshi movie.

The king of rotoscope, Ralph Bakshi is the guy who really created and explored the idea that animation doesn’t always have to be for kids. What’s rotoscope? It’s literally animating on top of live-action footage. For ages it was used as a pre-CGI method for creating special effects (the original Star Wars, for example, featured heavy rotoscoping). Bakshi was the first director to use it to animate entire movies, admittedly with mixed success. Rotoscoping allows for incredibly realistic movement, but is (surprisingly) bad at translating facial expressions.

Considered one of Bakshi’s better movies, American Pop is an alternate history retelling of the rise of pop music in the United States. The story is presented through the eyes of four generations of a Russian Jewish immigrant family, each of whom has a profound impact on the music industry of their respective day. It’s a fascinating look at the type of people who defined musical genres through the years.


Azur & Asmar: The Princes’ Quest (Azur et Asmar, 2006)

Another original fairytale from Michel Ocelot! Ocelot has this fantastic skill of drawing from all points of a culture’s folklore and making a movie that’s at once evocative of its inspiration but satisfyingly original.

This time around Ocelot draws from dozens of Arabic folk tales, including some of the more infamous stories of 1,001 Arabian Nights. He also employed a new technique for 3D animation, rendering non-photo-realistic figures on top of painted backgrounds. The effect is absolutely stunning, and gives the entire movie a storybook feeling without looking like a series of drawings. It’s absolutely overflowing with rich colors and intricate arabic designs, and is a complete treat to behold.

The story: On the French countryside two boys are inexplicably born with the exact same destiny: to save the djinn fairy of the east. One is born to a wealthy french household, the other is born to an Arabic nursemaid working in the same household. The boys grow together, are forced apart, and eventually meet back up as fate guides them towards their shared destiny.


A Town Called Panic (Panique au village, 2009)

Most of the animated feature films worth a damn are dramas and serious adventure movies. They can start to weigh on you, if you watch them one after another. That’s why it’s so fantastic that movies like A Town Called Panic exist. An unapologetically silly, borderline nonsensical comedy that injects you into its bizarre world for 80 minutes and keeps you entertained the entire time.

A stop-motion animated feature that uses action figures (kind of like the old KaBlam! shorts on Nickelodeon), based on a Belgian/French TV series of the same name, A Town Called Panic recounts the lives of Horse, Cowboy, and Indian. Three roommates in a small rural town. It’s your average guys-order-too-many-bricks-for-a-birthday-present-then-accidentally-destroy-their-house-then-as-they’re-attempting-to-fix-the-house-with-the-bricks-aquatic-dwellers-start-stealing-their-half-finished-house romp. And it’s a delight. Highly recommended!


The Secret of Kells (2009)

The Secret of Kells is a glorious reminder that 2D animation is very much alive, and capable of being infinitely improved upon. In this case the movie is animated with stylized 2D drawings, but uses computer graphics to add color-washes and other subtle effects. The overall product is an all-too-rare visual treat in a medium that’s increasingly becoming a victim of computer technology, when it should be a beneficiary.

A young boy raised among monks finds his calling as a manuscript illuminator. But in order to become skilled enough to illuminate the legendary Book of Iona he’ll have to brave the dangerous forests of Kells and discover nature’s secrets from its wild pagan spirits.
Egyptian Journalists Say The Government Blocked Websites To Silence Unfavorable Coverage
“The state simply wants to have full control over all the media until the elections are over.”
By Maged Atef

Egyptian authorities have blocked nearly two dozen news websites, targeting publications that have been critical of the government, a move local journalists say is aimed at controlling the coverage of the regime ahead of next year’s presidential elections.

The country’s state-run news agency MENA announced on Wednesday that 21 websites were being blocked in the country because they were “supporting terrorism and extremism” and “spreading lies.” Egypt’s independent news site Mada Masr, Qatar-run news channel Al Jazeera, HuffPost’s Arabic edition, and local Egyptian publications like Araby21, Rassd, and Egypt Window are among the websites that have been banned.

“This is not the typical Egyptian regime attitude,” Lina Attalah, the editor-in-chief of Mada Masr told BuzzFeed News in an interview in Cairo. “We are used to facing troubles with the regime since we have always chosen to write the stories they don’t like to hear. We are used to being arrested or have cases filed against us, but blocking us is a new thing.” Mada Masr, since its founding in 2013, has regularly published critical stories of the regime in both English and Arabic.

The blocking of the websites comes one day after the arrest of prominent human rights lawyer Khaled Ali, who had announced his intent to run as a candidate against President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi in the 2018 presidential elections. Authorities in Egypt have targeted activists from Ali’s Aish We Horreiya — “Bread and Liberty” — party, and arrested at least 36 people in 17 cities throughout the country from five opposition parties and political youth groups. Many of the arrested have been accused them of insulting Sisi on social media platforms.

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"It's only one night, we'll share the bed." + sterek pls!

Who doesn’t love bed sharing, am I right? I was originally going to write some makeup sex but I’ve been having trouble writing smut lately, so I skipped it. (also on ao3!)

“It’s only one night, we’ll share the bed.”

Stiles raised his head to pin Derek with a thoroughly skeptical look, cocking an incredulous brow at him from the other side of the mattress. He crossed his arms over his chest, blinking in shocked surprise at Derek’s infuriating nonchalant statement, barely believing his own ears.

He had heard some extremely ridiculous things throughout his nineteen years of life, from his days in high school where he spent time in testosterone-filled locker rooms to overhearing crazy stories from his dad about work. Not to mention all the insane stuff he had since he had stumbled into the shit show that was the world of the supernatural.

But what Derek had just said to him blew every other batshit crazy thing he had ever heard right out of the water. And he thought that nothing could ever top the time Peter told him that born werewolves had knots.

“Uh, yeah…” Stiles drawled, glancing back and forth between the bed and Derek, his eyes lingering on the soft looking pale blue comforter. Lifting his eyes from the bed, he turned back to Derek and firmly concluded, “No. I don’t think so.”

Derek blinked at him in blatant disbelief, completely taken aback by the fact that Stiles just shut him down. He tilted his head to the side, like a confused puppy, as he furrowed his brows, his forehead wrinkling.

“But you,” Stiles began cheerily, pointing a finger at Derek’s chest with a forced, almost mocking smile, “can sleep on the floor.”

“Oh, c'mon, Stiles,” Derek sighed heavily, rolling his eyes theatrically as he slumped his shoulders. With another sigh, Derek looked over at Stiles, clearly unimpressed with his proposition. “Don’t be an asshole.”

Stiles scoffed. He blinked a few times at Derek, not bothering to dignify his statement with an immediate response.

He ran a hand through his messy hair, biting the inside of his cheek as he valiantly tried to refrain from outright snapping at Derek. Ultimately failing, he grit his teeth and announced, “You can either sleep on the floor or sleep in the car because the bed is mine and I’m not sharing it with you.”

Derek didn’t seem too amused by that. He curled his lip in a silent snarl, alpha instincts rising to the surface at the fact that he was being ordered around so casually.

He crossed his arms over his chest, mirroring Stiles’ position as they glared at each other over the bed, neither one of them willing to concede. It went against both of their natures to be the first one to bend in an argument.

Eventually, after several minutes of silent staring at one another, Derek leaned over to pick up his duffel bag from where he had set it on the floor. Stiles puffed out his chest in triumph, letting out a self-satisfied hmph as Derek scooped up his bag, a smirk lifting the corner of his lips.

His smirk vanished and his chest deflated when, rather than take his bag and leave the room to go sleep in the cramped backseat of the Camaro, Derek simply tossed his bag into the bed. Completely ignoring Stiles’ palpable outrage, Derek unzipped his bag and started rifling around inside, pulling out a change of clothes and a toothbrush.

He laid out a pair of pajama pants and some black boxer briefs, setting them on the foot of the bed. Placing his toothbrush and a travel size bottle of mouthwash on top of the pants, not looking up, he informed Stiles, “You can have the shower first. And be quick, it’d be nice if you saved me some hot water for once.”

Stiles gaped at Derek, furious beyond words. He dropped his arms to fist his hands at his sides, sure that he was about to have an aneurysm he was so angry.

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blazing arrows [jimin feat. jungkookie]

❝The majority calls me Cupid, but, you can call me Jimin—I believe I owe you some debts for a mistake now long overdue.❞

⌲ genre: fluff, angst, future smut, & supernatural, au.

⌲ member: jimin feat. jungkookie

⌲ word count: 4891

⌲ warnings: future mature content & shit tons of swearing.

↠ description: Stuck in what seemed to be an unrequited relationship with Jeon Jungkook who just so happens to be in committed relationship with someone else as well, your heart was fragmented beyond any repair. So what exactly happens when you wake up at 3 in the morning to find the culprit of your hellish misery, nonchalantly counting his gold-tipped arrows on the foot of your bed—wings outstretched and all?

part one | part two | ongoing

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“Has your mouth become dysfunctional from all the day-to-day shit you’ve been spewing or something? Because frankly speaking, loser, seaweed mustache does not really suit you—most especially if your heading to your girlfriend’s place in less than an hour.”

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Ambiguous timeline, I suppose. They’re both at Winterfell having skirmishes with wights, but all dragons are present and accounted for and boatsex hasn’t happened (yet).

“It’s fine. It’s just a scratch.”

“It doesn’t look like just a scratch.”

“Well I’m certainly not bleeding out, am I?” The mission had been a failure and they both knew they were lucky to escape with their lives, much less only a few injuries. The wights had overwhelmed them and they’d nearly lost half a dozen good men before they’d finally gotten back to Winterfell. Now there was so much to do-letters to write, battle plans to redraw-that in the heat of the moment Dany had almost forgotten that her dress was stained red with blood. “Besides, you’re injured too.”

“Only a scratch.”

She rolled her eyes. The narrow gash along the side of his stomach didn’t look like just a scratch either, and now they were at an impasse. “Fine. Take off your shirt.” The look of complete surprise in his eyes was almost comical. “So we can treat it. Don’t get too excited.” 

“I wasn’t…” He hesitated for a moment before he took it off; first the leather jerkin he always wore and then the shirt he wore under that. She couldn’t help her sharp intake of breath when she saw his bare chest; she’d known he was toned but she hadn’t expected…that.

The injury was still red and bleeding slightly, but it was really more of a surface wound and she suspected it looked worse than it was. But he had other scars, four on his chest…she looked at him questioningly but he looked away, so she didn’t ask. She knew what it felt like to keep secrets, and if he didn’t want to tell her anything she wouldn’t force him to. 

She crossed to the basin on the other side of the room and wet a rag, holding it to the wound and watching as it slowly turned red. He let out an almost ragged exhale, although she didn’t know if it was from the contact or the injury. She knew her own heart was beating faster than it should have; it wasn’t like she hadn’t been around naked torsos before, but something about his was different. It felt more intimate-in a way, it was almost frightening. 

Once the wound stopped bleeding she bandaged it, fingers working deftly so her mind wouldn’t have time to linger on the valleys and planes of his bare skin. Finally she tied it off and took a step back, turning back to the Painted Table as she felt a blush race up the back of her spine-like she was a little girl again. “Feel better?”

He nodded once, running a hand over the bandage almost unconsciously as he pulled on his shirt again. “Thank you.” She waited for him to leave, pretending to be extremely interested in a carved statue of a sunburst, but he stayed-she could feel his presence. These days, she found she was always aware of where he was in a room. Sometimes without realizing it. 

“Well?” The silence had become too much to bear. “What are you waiting for?”

“Your injury was worse than mine.”

No. She absolutely did not have time for this. “It’s not-” But he kept looking at her in that calm, even way of his, his eyes shining with what almost looked like compassion. It’s only fair. She undid the first couple of buttons on the back of her dress, pulling it down so her chest was half bared-the cut ended just above her breasts, thank the gods. She winced when she saw it again; it was worse than she thought it would be. 

Jon inhaled sharply when he saw it-although she noticed his eyes didn’t stray any farther down than they had to. “You shouldn’t have come.”

She rolled her eyes. “If you thought I would stay behind while my children fight a deadly enemy-”

He grabbed the roll of bandages and tore some off almost savagely, muttering something about how she could have died (at least she assumed that was what he said; it was certainly all that everyone else had been saying for the last hour and a half). His touch sent shivers through her when he took a rag and wet it, carefully cleaning away the last of the blood that had congealed near her shoulder. “Meaning no offense, your Grace, but you can’t always rely on your dragons to keep you safe.”

She hated when they were patronizing to her, when they acted like she didn’t know the danger she put herself in. “Then you have to stop forcing me to come rescue you every time you go on one of these little raiding parties.”

He stopped talking but he could still feel the tension radiating off of him. “Everyone else I take with me knows how to swing a sword. We’re full aware of the risks if we fail-”

“And I’m not?”

“If you die, everyone will kill me. There are other Starks. There are no other Targaryens. Not to mention that there will be no one left to control the dragons.” 

She sighed. “And no one would notice if the King in the North suddenly disappeared? Who else would we have to rally our troops? I’ll try my best not to get myself killed if you will.”

He looked at her, exasperated. “You remind me of my younger sister, you know. Arya. She’s just like you-stubborn almost to a fault.” 

“And you don’t think you’re like that too?” She shook her head. “My children are everything to me, Jon Snow. You must understand that.” 

He closed his eyes, as if praying for strength. “At least take a dagger with you. It would give me peace of mind if I knew that you could strike back when they try to strike at you.”

“As you wish.” 

His hands were soft on her body when he bandaged up the wound, still not looking at her. Which was good, because she still didn’t know if she could look at him since every time she did she was reminded of that look in his eyes when the wight had broken through the defenses and headed straight for her. It hadn’t mattered that he was already fighting two wights-he’d killed them both in one blow and come to her aid. He’d been so fierce, so protective…it was so different from the calm and collected (and usually brooding) King in the North that she’d grown so used to seeing. It shocked her that she could affect him that way. 

He did up the back of her dress again and then they were both standing there, fully clothed but still unable to look at each other. Her skin still tingled where he had touched her and she’d somehow memorized the curve of his muscles and the way they’d felt under her hands. 

She forced herself to say thank you, trying to act like it didn’t affect her as much as it did. Because it shouldn’t. He shouldn’t. “For…everything, Lord Snow.” She turned to leave, trying to force her heart to stop trying to beat its way out of her chest. 


“What?” She turned, halfway to the doorway.

He grinned. “Now that we’ve gotten so intimate with each other, we may as well be on a first name basis.”

She couldn’t help smiling back. Oh, but he is a charmer. “All right then. Call me Dany.”

He looked curious. “Dany?”

“Yes. My brother used to call me that, when we were younger. It’s been a while…but as you said, we’re very intimate now.” 

She didn’t let herself look back to see the expression on his face. If I look back I am lost. The principle was still the same, but the circumstances were much different. If she allowed herself to grow to care for him much more than she already did, she thought it would be hard to stop herself from falling in love with him. 

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It’s time for a round of How Disappointing is My Unicorn?, the game show no one wants to win.*
*I think this might have been unclear to some people, but disappointing is absolutely a term of endearment in this context. These unicorns are awful and I love them.

This unicorn is sort of disappointing, like maybe it could be someone’s dog with a toilet paper roll taped to its head? But it’s probably a nice dog.  6/10

This unicorn skipped school to play World of Warcraft 4 days in a row. It is going to die of scurvy if it doesn’t consume some vitamins soon. Look at that lank, receding hair. Stare into those sunken eyes. 3/10

This unicorn has eaten all the snacks and left silly string everywhere, and it’s not even sorry.  That is bloodshot eye of the terminally unemployable. At some point you’ll turn around and it’ll have a lampshade on its head. 2/10

This unicorn made an elderly relative cry at its last family dinner.  It’s not even trying any more, see how its tail vanishes into greyish fog?  Even its raised hooves and frolicksome posture can’t hide the desperation in its eyes. 4/10

This unicorn partied so hard someone called the fun police. Here they are with their old man socks and bulging calves ready to take it away so it can think about what it has done. 5/10

This unicorn owns every Alice Cooper album ever made and spends its parents’ money on liquid eyeliner.  It’s thinking of getting a tattoo. Maybe a skull, you know, or a bleeding heart. 4/10

Look, I know I should say something about brawling and youth violence, gosh isn’t it terrible, I blame video games, but this unicorn is fighting bears.  That is possibly the most metal thing a unicorn has ever done?  I’m not disappointed at all. 10/10 would buy the comic and the feature film.

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Is music an escape from the world or the key to it? Over and over, when we began considering the best music of the first half of 2017, politics seemed to intrude, whether in moments that echoed headlines or ones that spoke individual truths too often drowned out by that other, noisier machine. Maybe that’s the case every time the calendar turns over. Probably not.

Rather than attempt to come to a consensus about the best albums or songs from the first six months of the year, we opted to select music that was meaningful to us as individuals, music that washed away all the background noise, songs and albums and performances that made sense to us, whether or not they made sense of the world. Moments like that are blessings, not to be taken for granted. Here are nearly four dozen blessings selected by NPR Music staff and our partners from around the public radio system. Let’s count them.

NPR Music’s Essential Songs, Albums, Performances And Videos Of 2017 (So Far)

Photo: Bob Boilen/NPR

Newcomers Pt 24

It had been days since the bombers burned Geeda and still fires ravaged parts of the city but survivors were still being found buried alive under the rubble. Supply’s were dwindling and more and more of the Humans resources being directed to helping those suffering. Riots and protests were feared form the Benemar but to the shock of many there was very little unrest. The Human commanders were surprised by this and when they found out it was because of a young Benemar who was calming the population and directing their anger where it should be. Three more times bombers had tried to strike the city but had to turn back as the Humans increased their air patrols, they were not about to be taken unawares again. Finally Jenkins called a meeting of his commanders.

“How much longer must we wait?” Hopkins complained.

“He has been speaking with Admiral Winston and Captain Kiev for three days, I think we can wait a little longer” Cho counted.

“Well I hope he comes out soon I am really hungry”

“Me too”

“Why are you two here?” Cho said pointing at Hesky and Cathy.

“That’s a good point why are we here?” Cathy asked her husband

“I don’t know I followed him” Hesky pointed at Hopkins.

“Well I was following you” she said

“Why were you following me?”

“I was horny?”

“Guys!” Hopkins shouted “Just, be quiet”

They both saluted but Hesky grabbed his wife’s hip with his tail and pulled her closer.

“Well” Cho started “I don’t mind them being here but what about him” he pointed at someone sitting close by reading.

Cassion looked up from a book he was reading and seemed shocked as if he didn’t notice where he was.

“Oh shit if I’m here that means something needs explaining”

“Just ignore him” Hopkins said dismissively.

“Good idea, if you don’t acknowledge me maybe the readers wont notice I’m here”

Finally the doors to Jenkins office opened and he emerged, they saluted him as he took his place around the table.

“Thank you for coming…and you two as well I guess” he said looking at Cathy and Hesky.

“So do we have a plan?” Hopkins asked.

“After our next resupply, we are to muster our entire force and march on Potellan”

No one spoke, it was one of the two options open to them and they had all thought about which one they would do but now the decision has been made. They will attack in an all or nothing assault.

“I don’t think I need to explain what hangs in the balance here, if we fail to take the city even with Kievs force on world we will not be able to end this war with complete confidence in a positive outcome. But if we take the city, the central power on this planet will fall and all other resistance will fall with it like dominoes”

“But, can we even take the city? I’ve read the reports from out camo troops and I am not certain we have the means, not after that bombing raid” Cho said.

Jenkins nodded and turned to Hesky and Cathy, “You two, what do you think?”

They had read about the city’s defences as that information was not withheld from the soldiers.

“Well..” Hesky started “I could link my hands like this and I can give my wife a boost over the walls, or may be put her in a cannon?”

“Sod that I’m planning on using you as a Human shield” Cathy shouted.

“Guys!” Jenkins shouted “Seriously”

Hesky and Cathy looked at each other “The mood in the soldiers lounges and bars is of impatience, they want to get going and we think we truly can. Use the Link to ask them if you don’t believe me”

The Link was still so new to them that it was easy to forget that they could use it that way, it took Jenkins little more than a few seconds to ask the whole army what they thought and they told him basically what Hesky had. They wanted this over, they had been idle for too long and wanted to get back into the action and bring the High Chiefs down and to justice for ordering the attack on Terra.

“How long till our next resupply?” Cho aksed.

“Three weeks, we have three weeks to prepare ourselves and put Geeda in a better position than it is now” Jenkins replied.

“I have a really bad idea” Cathy said holding her hand up.

“All you ideas are bad” Hesky pointed out.

“Explains why I married you”

“Touché my love”

“This idea?” Jenkins pressed.

“Oh yes, why don’t we leave the city in the care of the Benemar”

“You’re right that is a bad idea” Cho said.

“Hang on” Hopkins said “Explain Cathy”

“Well, if what I know of Benemar culture is true they elect an elder to be a Chief of a city and there are plenty of elders in the city but since we are in control there has been no need for a Chief. What if we allowed them to elect a new Chief of the city”

“What if this new Chief turns on us?” Cho asked.

“Then that would be their decision, but do you think they will?”

“I don't” Hopkins said “But the reason is not because of us”

“The boy?” Jenkins asked

“Not a boy any more, Ceran has become quite the leader and I think he will do well”

“He is not an elder though so he cannot by their laws be elected but if he is present and like he has been doing speaking to the people and appealing to their rational sides” Cathy added.

“See it done, let the people choose a new Chief, let them decide their own fate”

They all left soon after leaving only one person alone in the room sitting a still as they could. Cassion looked around confused “Wait, if there was nothing to explain why the fuck am I here!” he shouted at the ceiling.

(Authors note: Hehehe)

“You bitch!!!”

Ceran spoke to the crowed, so many had now come to hear him speak that his image had to be streamed to the media outlets so that they did not all swarm the gathering area that had been allotted to him. Most of the time he simply would debate others, he would call for those to give their opinion on why the current ways or old ways as he was calling them were the right way. He would then argue and give his own opinion and point out the good and bad in both arguments. He often told stories of how Bento Prime used to be, before the rise of the High Chiefs and how the soil was fertile everywhere and the air was clean. How many of the city states lived together and traded goods without fear of the outlaws that roam the wastelands between them. He did not say they return to living on carriages pulled by animals but switch from simply scavenging the planet for anything useful to instead they work to make it a beautiful world once more. When challenged that they lay down all their weapons he argued that those who wish to continue their peace but often fight those who wish to see it destroyed, there will always be those who cannot or will not see the beauty in life rather the harshness of it. But war should not be the first action but the last resort after all other possibilities had been exhausted.

He had also been approached by the elders who had been nominated to be the Chief of Geeda asking for his support, but he openly refused them all. He simply said “I will not support any for I wish people to make their own decision on who they should vote for”

So they all left him disappointed and more than one cussing under their breathe.

“I’m so proud of you Ceran” his mother said hugging him “You have truly grown into your own man”

“Mother not in front of everyone” he complained but she would not let him go.

He was in the middle of a break from his talks and some were coming to him with questions, these ranged from when should one seek revenge to what profession they should pursue. But one man caught him off guard.

The man bowed low to him.

“You do not need to bow to me please” Ceran said and the man straightened.

“Very well, I wish to introduce to you my daughter, Pewloni”

A young girl emerged from behind him and bowed in the traditional female way.

“I would be honoured if you would consider taking her as your wife”

“My what?”

“I would bare you many children Chieftain” she said her eyes down.

“You would what?”

His mother burst out laughing at her son suddenly becoming uncomfortable.

“I have two daughters who would both make excellent wife's” called another man.

“Wait your turn!” shouted the first and soon he was being pressed by nearly a dozen men to consider their daughters as wife’s.

“QUIET!” he shouted and everyone suddenly froze and went silent. He turned to the first man’s daughter and pointed at her. “What did you call me just now?”

She looked up at him almost frightened “Chieftain, I called you Chieftain”


The men looked at each other.

“Do you not know?” asked the second man.

Suddenly then a group of Human soldiers came in making all heads turn to regard them “There he is” said the leader and they made their way over to him,



“It is my duty to inform you that you as of one hour ago, you were elected by the people to be the new Chieftain of Geeda”

For the Love of Harry, Chapter Four

5 ½ months. 152 days. 3648 hours…roughly. That’s how long it had been since you and Harry first took your friendship to the next level and became intimate. Now you were going to be meeting his family.

4 days. 97 hours…approximately. That’s how long it had been since Harry first said he was in love with you. Your heart nearly stopped beating when he said it.

Need m’ mum to meet the girl I’m in love with, don’t I?’ he had said.

.3 seconds…exactly. That’s how long ago you swallowed bile down as Harry pulled his car down the path that led to his parent’s home. He was holding your hand with a smile on his face, as he glanced at you quickly. He felt your hand beginning to sweat and thought you looked a bit green.

“Doin’ alright, love?” he grinned, unsure if you were ill or not.

“Fine,” you said, looking around at the view.

“Nervous?” he smiled. You shot him a ‘don’t ask’ look and he laughed. “No worries, sweetheart. Everyone is going to love you.”

“Everyone?” you asked, swallowing the acidic taste down again. “Who the hell is everyone? I thought it was just your mom and stepdad!”

“My sister and her boyfriend should be along at some point, and knowing my mum, there could be a few friends or family who would like to see me and meet you,” he said, looking at you and laughing as you closed your eyes at the thought of it. “Stop. You’re going to be fine. Besides, I’d like to take you into town and introduce you to a few people myself while we’re here.”

“Isn’t that dangerous, Harry?” you asked. “Aren’t you afraid some pap will be around somewhere just waiting to click a pic of you and your mysterious female friend? You’ll be the talk of the town!”

“Love, I’m already the talk of the town,” he laughed, as you gently shoved his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. I know how to get around quite well here, without being detected. We’ll be fine.”

About that time Harry stopped in front of a lovely home, and one of the people you recognized from Harry’s photos in his homes as being his mom, walked out the front door of the home and toward Harry’s car. Harry quickly opened his door and stepped toward his mom, hugging her tightly for a long moment. He hadn’t seen her for quite some time and was happy to see her again.

“Mum, I’ve missed you,” he said, hugging her.

“I’ve missed you too, son,” she smiled, holding her youngest in her arms. “Everyone else will be here soon.”

You sat in the car, a bit afraid to get out, but knowing the inevitable was about to happen. You aren’t even sure why you had anxiety about meeting her. You had no sound reason for thinking she may not like you, besides the fact that you were having conjugal relations with her baby boy. Harry and his mom both looked at you, still sitting in the car like a nervous puppy about to piddle in the seat. You could hear Harry giggling, looking at you, from the other side of the car. His eyes and nose crinkled, dimples shining, as he walked to your door and opened it, all while you were softly mumbling a quick ‘shit, shit, shit’ to yourself.

“Staying out here all weekend, love?” he joked.

“Are you a mind reader?” you said, quietly.

He laughed again and took your hand, helping you out of the car and closing the door. He introduced you to his mom and you were surprised when she not only smiled at you, but wrapped her arms around you and welcomed you to her home.

“Let’s go inside and visit, shall we?” she asked the two of you. Harry grabbed yours and his bags from the car and followed you and his mom into the house. You spent the next hour being shown around the home, looking at what must have been hundreds of photos of Harry growing up, then taking a tour of the property. You were pleased when a feeling of relaxation finally set in over you and you felt like you could easily breathe again. By evening, you had successfully met nearly a dozen of Harry’s family, friends, and neighbors who had come to visit him. As the last person left to go home, Harry hugged you closely.

“Love, I have some friends I’d like you to meet in town,” he said. “Will it overwhelm you too much?”

“Yes,” you said bluntly, then smiled. “It’s fine.”

He took you into town to the bakery he worked in, introducing you to everyone there. After a short visit, and stepping out with a bag of his favorite baked sweets, he walked beside you a short distance to a local pub. Once inside he looked around, finding the table where his friends were sitting, and guided you there. You had already decided while in Harry’s hometown, that the two of you shouldn’t show any PDA, just to be safe, but that didn’t stop Harry from holding your hand under the table, or squeezing your knee gently. Harry introduced you to all of his friends, and the two of you enjoyed a drink with them. It was nice seeing Harry with his old friends. There was an ease about him, like an old, worn shoe that still fit and was comfortable, even if you didn’t wear it much anymore. You had met a couple of his friends previously, when you visited with Alex years before, but it was nice to see Harry around them.

As the two of you visited and laughed with the group, Harry felt you squeeze his hand tightly. He looked at you, seeing you set your jaw and fidget in your chair, looking straight ahead. He furrowed his brow slightly and looked in the direction you were looking. Walking toward the table was Alex. The second he saw you he stopped. You thought the look on his face was almost one of retreat, glancing back over his shoulder as he rubbed his jaw lightly, no doubt remembering the punches it sustained from your fist, but then one of the guys at your table hollered at him to come sit.

“Sweetheart, we can go,” Harry whispered in your ear.

“No, it’s okay,” you assured him quietly. “I won’t do anything to embarrass you.”

“I know you won’t,” he said, shaking his head. “That’s not my worry. Let’s just…”

“Hello there,” Alex said to you as he greeted the rest of the table, too. You nodded to him, thinking it might be better to not say anything to him and hopefully he wouldn’t speak to you again. He saw you sitting next to Harry and squinted his eyes a bit at him. Harry felt you let his hand go and wipe the sweat off your palm onto your clothes, but he immediately grabbed your hand again. “Babes, you’re looking as beautiful as ever tonight.”

You felt Harry squeeze your hand, rubbing his thumb aggressively against your skin. “Thanks,” you said quietly.

For awhile you thought it was going to be okay. You noticed Alex look at you off and on, and Harry noticed, too, but for the time being, he was keeping his distance, and keeping his mouth shut.

“Let’s go play snooker, yeah?” Harry asked you, as the group of friends had broken up into smaller groups. You nodded to him and followed him to the empty snooker table. For a while you and Harry enjoyed the game. Harry laughed playfully at your lack of snooker skills, all the while cheating his way through the game anyway. “Your turn, babe.”

As you pretended like you knew what you were doing, trying to set up an amazing shot, you stretched your body out a bit on the table, lining up your stick, making it look very professional in your opinion. Harry laughed out loud at your comical show. Being American, you knew nothing about snooker…billiards or darts being what you played in the bars back home. As you started pumping the long stick a bit, poking your tongue out through your teeth, you felt someone walk up behind you and press against you firmly. You quickly jumped and straightened up the best you could with someone pressing against you, dropping the stick on the table in front of you, gasping at the hands on your hips and the pressure against your ass, pinning you to the table’s edge. You looked at Harry as his expression immediately turned to one of anger, watching nervously as he ran around to where you were and knocked Alex away from you, standing between you and him.

“Don’t touch her, Alex,” Harry said sternly, not wanting to draw attention, but furious.

“Just trying to help,” Alex jested. “You were lining it up wrong, babes.”

“Alex, why don’t you leave?” you said to him with a tight voice, not from fear but anger.

“Line the stick up just right with the hole and you’ll slide it right in, beautiful,” Alex flirted deliberately.

“Shame the stick’s so small or else it would have no trouble finding the hole in the first place,” you retorted.

You hear a murmur of “bitch” from his mouth as he shook his head. You felt Harry tensing badly, his hands clinched tightly in fists, and knew he was only holding himself back to keep from being a headline in tomorrow’s paper. Small town news traveled fast, and when you’re Harry Styles, it was faster and bigger.

“Maybe we should just go, Harry,” you said to him quietly. He didn’t move, just looked at Alex with clinched jaws and fists. “Harry,” you said his name, hoping to jolt him from his silent rage. He looked at you. “Let’s go, okay?” you asked him calmly. You saw his fists begin to relax a bit and the anger in his eyes soften slightly. He looked at Alex again, then grabbed your hand and walked toward the door.

As you left the building, you started to pull your hand from his in case there were paparazzi around, or anyone who saw what happened and decided to document it. Harry felt you and tightened his grasp on your hand, a strong ‘no’ directed your way, holding it until you reached his car. Harry opened your door for you, then as you sat and reached for the door to pull it closed, you felt Harry’s hand on the side of your face as he kissed you deeply, holding your head to his so you didn’t release his kiss. After a moment he pulled away, looking at you with an expression you weren’t sure you had seen on Harry before. You weren’t even sure what it was, but you felt it best in that moment to not say anything and let him have his moment, whatever it was.

It was a quiet car ride back to Harry’s parent’s home. It was late and you would be leaving after lunch the next day to return home. As you stepped out of the car and closed the door, you walked around the car to where Harry was waiting for you. You felt him take your hand and begin to walk toward the house, but you hesitated for a moment. Harry looked at you, still with the furrowed brow.

“Are you okay?” you asked him.

He looked at you, realizing the look on your face is one of worry, and tried to relax a bit. “I’m fine. Tired. Ready to get some sleep.” You nodded to him and walked inside the house with him. His mom questioned how the evening was and he said it was fine.

“Mum, we’ll be leaving in the morning after we get up, rather than after lunch,” he said to your surprise.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “I thought you would be here longer. I was going to cook your favorite, and bake a dessert for after.”

“I’m sorry, but no need to bother,” he said with not much expression to his voice or his face. “Have to get back earlier than planned. Sorry.”

“No worries, love,” she grinned slightly. “I understand.” She hugged and kissed her son, and hugged you, then you all made your way to your rooms to sleep.

The two of you stepped into Harry’s room, and you watched him close the door. He walked to where his things were, then into the washroom to get ready for bed. You weren’t sure what to make of how he was reacting. You knew he was angry about what happened, and you didn’t think he was angry at you for any of it, but honestly, in that moment, you weren’t sure of anything, except that you were ready to return to London.

As Harry came from the washroom, you reached for your things and walked in. The entire time you got ready for bed, you talked to yourself quietly. Anyone who might have witnessed it would have thought you were crazy. ‘What?…I don’t get it…Is he mad at me?…I didn’t do anything for him to be mad at me about…Did I?…Alex, you mother…’ 

You trailed your cursing as you finished your nightly routine, then stopped a second before you opened the door. You leaned your ear closely to it, trying to hear any noises Harry may have been making, to get a new sense of what you may be walking into. You started to open the door, stopped, then shut off the light, hoping the darkness of the rooms would hide that you were peeking at him. You slowly and quietly opened the washroom door and peeked out through the crack, seeing Harry already lying in bed, facing away from the washroom and toward your side of the bed. You opened the door as quietly as possible and walked into the bedroom, setting your things inside your bag, and tiptoeing across the wood floor until you reached your side. If you could avoid the awkwardness of before, you were going to try. The moon shining through the window illuminated the room enough to see…or so you thought.

Pain surged through your foot as you stubbed your toe on the foot of the bed. You sucked air sharply into your mouth, quickly pressing the palm of your hand against your lips to keep from making noise, then hobbled to the edge of the bed. You drew your foot up in front of you, clutching your foot like it was going to make the pain better the harder you squeezed it. For a short moment, you completely forgot about Harry even being in the room.

“Sister Mary Francis, that fucking hurt!” you quietly popped.

As you continued to squeeze your sore foot, you heard giggling from the bed behind you. You turned and looked at Harry, who was literally shaking the entire bed, trying to suppress his laughter so he didn’t wake the entire house. You continued clutching your foot as you looked at him, confused.

“What are you laughing at?” you asked him quietly.

“Love, how the fuck am I supposed to stay angry when you make me laugh?!” he said, more loudly than he should have.

His laughing continued as you shushed him to be quiet. “Your parents are sleeping, Harry.”

You felt him lean into the center of the bed, grabbing you around your middle, pulling you toward him, so that you were lying on your back on that side of his chest. He hugged you tightly and kissed your shoulder.

“Why are you so angry?” you asked as he calmed completely. “Are you angry about what I said to Alex?”

“What?” he questioned, shocked that you thought it. “No, sweetheart, of course not! Sometimes I wish I had a quicker wit like you.” He kissed your shoulder again, holding your arms down on your stomach from behind you as you lay atop him. “No, I was just so angry with Alex. I am so angry at him. He had no right to do what he did, or say what he said.”

“He was bating you, Harry,” you replied. “And me, too. And apparently it worked on both of us. Once a dick, always a dick, maybe.” Harry giggled a bit again. “It’s more than that though, isn’t it?” you asked. “Something else. I could see it in your eyes. Never seen that look before.”

You felt Harry’s body tense under you as he started to grip you tighter, but then relaxed and rubbed your arms lovingly, once again kissing your shoulder.

“When he…” he started then stopped, took a deep breath, then began again. “When he grabbed you…touched you…I wanted to rip his fuckin’ head off, love.”

“Well, in all honesty, so did I.”

Harry was quiet for a moment then giggled again. 

“I thought you were going to rear back and punch him again. Would have paid good money to see that again. Brilliant,” he said, remembering the scene from months before.

“Thought about it,” you admitted. “But I didn’t want to cause a bigger scene than he was already causing. This is your hometown, Harry. I didn’t want to embarrass you, especially not in front of your friends. And even more so, because your family still lives here.”

Harry turned his head to kiss the side of yours. “Love, thank you for thinking of me, and my family. But you could never embarrass me.”

“Sure?” you asked.

“Yeah,” he said, kissing your shoulder.

“Then may I ask you something?” you asked softly.

“Of course,” he replied.

You pulled your foot up and nearly stuck it in his face.

“Will you kiss my toe?”

Harry laughed again and teased you by kissing your toes several times, trying to help you rub the pain away, then you cozied up and both soon fell asleep.


The week began as any other. You made your usual walk to the station every morning and rode it into work, spent a long day at your desk researching, preparing, and creating your next assignment for the magazine you worked for, then returned home each night to whatever awaited you. Sometimes you thought, short of being in a relationship with someone so popular, that your life was probably pretty boring and mundane. Harry was spending long hours lately working with others, creating new songs for his next big project, having meetings and such, so you weren’t seeing as much of each other as you would both like. But you were proud of his strong work ethics and dedication, and supported him completely in his efforts, even if it meant sometimes not seeing him much.

Tonight was going to be different though. You were going out and going to have a great time. You always had a fun time with your best friend, Kari, and you hadn’t seen her as much lately either, and was definitely ready for some girl time.

As you stepped off the train and walked the short distance between it and the pub, you smiled a huge smile as Kari greeted you on the sidewalk outside.

“There’s my beautiful best friend!” Kari screamed, running to you and hugging you tightly.

“Kari, you just saw me a couple of hours ago at work. Have I changed that much so quickly?” you teased.

“I know,” she said. “But it’s not like our offices are even on the same floor or anything. It’s been ages since we girls have had a night out.”

“Too long, yeah,” you said, squeezing her again. “Let’s go inside.”

The two of you walked inside and found an intimate corner away from the noise for a bit.

“So,” you said, sipping the cold beer from your glass, “What’s been happening in your life? How are things with, what’s her name…Jenny? Jun?”

“Jani…” she said as you nodded. “That’s over. Fun for awhile but she was a bit too…out there…for my liking.”

“Someone was too ‘out there’ for you?” you asked, surprised.

“Imagine that,” she said, not offended in the slightest. “Besides, wasn’t much fun in the bedroom, I’ll tell you that much.” Kari rolled her eyes. “She just lays there, I swear! Making me do all the work! I like to be taken care of too, you know?”

“Best that you realized it early on then,” you giggled at her.

“Yeah, too much work,” she said, sipping her drink. “I’d like to be the one just layin’ there doin’ nothin’ but receivin’ sometimes, I’ll tell you that for sure.” You laughed out loud at your friend’s willingness to just say things like they are. “So how about you and Harry?” she asked, a bit too loudly and you shushed her. “Sorry.”

“Things are great,” you smiled. “We’re both staying busy right now, but it’s good. Couples need to have time away from each other, time to spend with other friends and such.”

“Are you in love with him?” she asked with a smirky smile.

“Yeah,” you giggled. “What’s not to love about Harry?”

“God, this place is dragging tonight,” Kari complained. “We need some excitement! Need to bring the girls out and get some fun going in here!” Kari began unbuttoning her blouse and, realizing she was wearing no bra and already has one breast exposed, you quickly grabbed the button edging and closed it again.

“Kari, stop!” you laughed.

You and your bestie sat for a long time, catching up with each other, laughing and enjoying another drink, then you realized how late it had gotten and remembered you both had work in the morning. You walked, arm in arm, out the front door of the pub.

“Would have been even more fun if you hadn’t closed up m’top and made me put away the jubblies!” Kari said as you laughed. “No night is complete until you’ve flashed someone, right? Am I wrong?”

Before you could say anything else, you were immediately blinded by flashes and voices yelling at you.

“Bloody fuckin’ hell!” Kari yelled.

You tried to shield your eyes from the bright flashes, squinting to see if you could make out what was happening.

“Babe, does this happen to you all the time?” Kari yelled to you.

“Never!” you yelled back. “I don’t…” You were confused, then grabbed Kari’s arm and walked closely with her, trying to maneuver your way through the small group of photographers.

“Miss, how long have you and Harry been seeing each other?” one yelled.

“Are you and Harry dating or just good friends?” another hollered.

“Where’s Harry tonight, love?” a third chimed in.

“Come on, Kari,” you said into her ear. “Just ignore them and keep your head down.”

“Bloody fuckin’ leaches! How about gettin’ a real job? Or better yet, a life!” Kari yelled, as you tugged at her arm and tried to get her to be quiet.

The two of you ducked inside the next open business and hid around a corner where the small group of photographers couldn’t see you.

“Holy hell, love!” Kari looked at you with wide eyes. “Is that what you deal with when you and Harry are out?”

“No!” you insisted. “We’ve always managed to keep it under wraps. I don’t understand what’s happened, why all of a sudden…” You tried to think what could have possibly triggered this to happen. You and Harry hadn’t even seen each other in a couple of days, and then it was only for a couple of hours at his house.

“You’re buzzin’, babe,” Kari said. You broke from your deep thought and looked at Kari, confused.

“What?” you asked.

“Your phone, love,” she said, grabbing for your purse and pulling it out, handing it to you.

You looked and saw it was a call from Harry. Perfect timing, you thought.

“Harry?” you answered with a voice you didn’t completely recognize as your own.

“Hey, sweetheart,” he said with a tired voice. “I hope I’m not calling too late.”

“What?” you asked, still confused as a flash blinded you momentarily when you realized you stepped out a bit too far from around the corner you were seeking refuge in. “Oh…no. It’s fine.”

“You alright?” he asked into your ear.

“Yeah,” you said without thinking. “Um, I mean, no actually.”

“What’s wrong?” he questioned, hearing timidity in your voice.

“There are photographers,” you said, trying to think.

“What? Where? Where are you?” he riddled like a machine gun.

“Um…” you looked around, not really sure where you were, and saw a sign. “Inside a hotel lobby…somewhere. Kari and I went out for awhile and we were sort of ambushed as we came out. We ducked in here to get away from them.”

“Tell me where you are, I’ll come get you,” he said, nervously. He knew what the paparazzi were like all too well.

“No…Harry,” you insisted. “It’s okay. It’ll just make it worse if you show up. Give them exactly what they want, won’t it?”

“Sweetheart, you don’t understand how they are,” he nearly shouted. “It can be dangerous.”

“Harry, it’s alright,” you said, snapping out of your thoughts with a possible plan. “Listen, I need to go. I’ll call you as soon as I’m home.”

“No, love!” you heard him objecting, but the last thing you wanted, and the last thing Harry needed, was to have to be in the middle of this. You’re an adult and you’re smart. You could figure it out. You heard your phone buzz and saw it was Harry calling you back, and slid your phone into your purse.

“Come on,” you said to Kari, grabbing her arm.

The two of you walked to the front desk as the photographers began flashing away at the sight of you.

“May I help you?” the person behind the counter asked with a smile.

“Yes, thank you,” you said as politely as you could. “See those loons out front flashing their cameras all over the front of your building?” The hotel employee nodded, having already been annoyed by the flashes and occasional holler of a question. “Help us out and I think they’ll soon leave.”

“Are you someone I should know?” the young man asked, almost excitedly.

“No,” you stated clearly and deliberately. “But I am associated with someone who is very influential, thus the reason for the cameras.” You looked at him as he contemplated. “I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking if you leave matters alone and let us suffer through this on our own, that my influential friend may pop up, bringing a nice little spotlight on your lovely little hotel here.” The man smiled. “Or…or my friend and I could cause a scene here at your lovely little hotel, all caught on camera, and because of who my influential friend is, and because I am a writer for a very popular British magazine, it could do a bit of damage to your nice little establishment.”

The young man looked at you with wider eyes now and cleared his throat. “What can we do to help?”

“Do you have a back exit?” you asked as he nodded. “Pretend you are registering a room to us and hand me a keycard. We’ll follow you over to ride the lift to make it look real, then if you would kindly escort us to a different lift somewhere that we could take back down to the back exit, I’ll hand the key back to you and we’ll be out of your hair. Once the photographers see we appear to be staying the night, I think they’ll leave.” You looked at him as he mulled the plot over in his mind.

“Or I can flash them these and have even more photographers chomping at you, Charlie boy!” Kari said with force as she ripped open her blouse, exposing her breasts to the unsuspecting young man.

You looked at Kari and closed your eyes, shaking your head slightly, then looked back at the employee. Looking at you, then at Kari and her still exposed breasts, he handed you a keycard.

“If you’ll follow me, ladies,” he said with a grin.

You looked at Kari who smiled at you and you both followed the man to the elevator doors, flashes exploding outside of the large glass doors and windows. Kari kept a huge smile on her face as you noticed her blouse still open.

“God, Kari, put those things away! This isn’t Mardis Gras,” you said to her quietly, as she closed her top.

Soon you both found yourself escaping the building through a private employee entrance, passing a nice tip along to the young man for helping, then began an eerie walk down a partially lit alleyway, until you were far enough away from the hotel to return to the street. You walked arm-in-arm until you reached the entrance to Kari’s building.

“Well, lovely, sad to admit that’s the most exciting night I’ve had in awhile, but true as it is, I’m glad it was with you!” she said lovingly as she hugged you and kissed your cheek. “Best friends for life, aren’t we?”

“Best friends for life,” you said, squeezing her tightly.

You quickly made your way to the nearest tube station and were extremely happy when you walked into your house and collapsed on your sofa. You looked at the ceiling and exaggerated a deep exhale, then heard pounding on your door.

“Oh, God, now what?” you said, exasperated. You stood to walk to the door and heard Harry’s voice.

“Babe! Are you here?!” you heard Harry yell. “Please be here.”

You quickly opened the door and barely saw the look of fear mixed with relief on his face as he drew you into his arms.

“Oh my God!” he said, relieved. “Why have you not been answering your fuckin’ phone, love? I’ve been out of my mind with worry!”

You realized it probably wasn’t nice of you to not get back with him immediately, but you were so thrown by the events of the night that your only thought in that moment was to get home as quickly as possible.

“Are you alright?” he said, pulling away from you and holding your face in his hands. “You’re okay?”

“Yeah, Harry, I’m fine, really,” you told him, smiling to try and reassure him. He hugged you again tightly for a long moment, then the two of you sat on the sofa, his hands never leaving you.

“Please, never do that to me again!” he nearly shouted. “You have no idea the panic I’ve been going through.”

“I’m sorry,” you said, frowning. “I didn’t mean to…” you said, looking down, feeling terrible and seeing the look in his eyes. “After I talked to you, my mind was focused on getting back here as quickly as I could. I was still kind of shocked it even happened. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you,” you said sadly and honestly.

He hugged you again then kissed you sweetly. You explained to him how the night transpired and discussed it.

“Well, it’s apparent we’ve been found out to some extent,” he said unhappily. “I’m sorry, love. I’m afraid your life is going to change somewhat now. Not a normal life anymore.”

“Since when has any of this been normal?” you asked him with a grin and he grinned slightly, too.

“Still,” he continued, “I presume this is only the beginning. Should find out soon how this happened, who’s responsible for it.” You exhaled deeply and he kissed your cheek. “How about you grab what you need and let’s go back to my house for the night. You look as tired as I feel. I’ll make sure you get to work in the morning. Closer from my home anyway.”

You packed a few things, went back with him to his house, and were grateful to finally drift off into sleep. As the two of you sat at the tall island eating a bit of breakfast the next morning, Harry explained some things to you.

“Sweetheart, I was none too happy last night when you hung up on me,” he said as you looked at him apologetically, “but I understand why you did, and thank you. But…that being said, we need to discuss how things are inevitably going to change now. Not only for you, but for us.”

“Alright,” you agreed.

“Unless we have been spotted out together somewhere, someone who knows us would have had to have told someone,” Harry stated. “No idea who, but that’s besides the point. Not sure that it matters. But, I am not comfortable with you walking alone to and from anywhere now. So…”

“Harry,” you countered. “Don’t you think that’s a little extreme?”

“After last night, you’re seriously asking me that?” he questioned, his brows raised high. “Love, I don’t think you have any idea what this means. An enormous amount of your privacy is gone now. And as long as you and I are together, you’re not going to get it back. Lose more of it, too.”

“So what are you suggesting?”

“I think we should either get you a car, install a good security system at your home, and get you a bodyguard,” he said while taking a drink of his juice, “or…you could live with me.”

You looked at him, thinking you maybe didn’t hear him right, as he took another bite of his food. You crunch your eyebrows deeply into the center of your forehead as you thought. Harry watched you as he ate his food.

“What do you think?” he asked. You set your fork next to your plate on the island top, thoughts circling your mind. You knew what you were thinking, you just didn’t know how to say it to Harry. “Love?”

You looked at him with a bit of a frown. “Yeah, um, I don’t know, Harry.”

This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. It was supposed to be romantic, and sweet, and cheesy…all very Harry. Instead it was laid out like a trip to the market. Cutlet or Scotch fillet, poppet? Although unintentional, you’re sure, you didn’t think Harry even seemed excited at the prospect of living together. It was an option. Either one or the other. Made it sound incredibly platonic, which you knew was not the case, but still, it was so black and white. Drink of juice, question, and not even a smile or giggle or squeeze of your knee under the counter, showing he was excited at the thought of it. It didn’t feel right. You had definitely been together long enough to be living together, but he made it sound less than appealing with either option.

“Need to think on it, I guess,” you said softly.

Harry nodded, then continued eating. You pushed your food around with your fork a bit, thinking about the conversation, then stood when he did. You dumped your food as he washed his plate and fork.

“You didn’t eat much,” he observed. “Not hungry?”

“Um, no, not really,” you answered. “It was good, though, thank you.”

You started to wash your dishes but he took them from you, kissing your forehead, and grinning at you. You thanked him, then finished what you needed to do to leave for work.

“I’ll take you to work before I go to the studio,” Harry told you as he put his boots on.

“Harry, you don’t have to,” you said, putting your phone into your bag and making sure you have everything you needed. “It’s not a long tube ride from here, and it’s out of your way.”

“I didn’t ask,” Harry said without a smile. “I’m taking you. Are you ready?”

You looked at him and saw that look again. That same one after the confrontation with Alex in the little pub in Cheshire. That look sent a chill over your body, so you didn’t argue, looking back into your bag. Harry walked to you, turning you to face him, placing his large hands on either arm.

“I need to know that you’re safe,” Harry said, lovingly. “Just do this for me, okay?”

You nodded to him as he kissed you gently. He pulled away, caressing your cheek with his thumb, then kissed you more deeply. You could feel it in his kiss. He loved you. And he did want what was best for you. So, at least for now, you’d do as he asked, without argument.

As Harry’s car approached your building, you heard him cuss under his breath. You looked at him, then to where he was looking down the street, several feet from your office doors. Five photographers, maybe six, standing outside the doors looking around, chatting with each other, checking their phones and talking no doubt to whoever tipped them off this time.

“How did they find out?” you asked, shocked.

Harry took a deep breath and exhaled deeply. “Are you starting to better understand, sweetheart?” You both just sat and looked at the photographers for a moment, then he looked at you.

“Take the service entrance, just there,” you pointed and he drove around the back of the large building, unbeknownst to the photographers at the front of the building. He drove where you directed him, to a large door that said, “Delivery Entrance”. You looked at him and believed the look on his face was probably much like the one on your own.

“Be thinkin’ on it, love,” Harry told you. “It’ll only get worse.”

Again, you were uncomfortable, and kind of sad, that the way the idea of you and Harry living together was being propositioned to you, was nowhere near the way you had envisioned it to happen. It made it seem like it wasn’t really what he wanted, or at least not yet. You reached to open the door of the car when you felt his hand grasp your arm.

“Hey!” he said, almost growling. “Don’t I get a proper kiss before we have to work?” You grinned slightly then gave him a quick kiss to his lips, but he still didn’t let you go. “I believe I said a proper kiss,” he teased with the first real smile you’ve seen from him for awhile. You smiled a bit more, leaning to him and kissing his sweet, soft lips. You felt his hand gently on your throat, stroking your jaw lightly with his thumb, as you tasted each other’s lips. You leaned away, looking at him for approval. “That’s more like it. If I can’t get away to be here by five to get you, I’ll have a car waiting. Use this entrance until the photographers get bored of standing around outside the front.” You nodded at him again and turned to push your door open. Still feeling his hand grasping you, you turned and looked at him. “I love you,” he said warmly. “Know that, don’t ya?”

You smiled and nodded. “I know. I love you, too.” He smiled again at that, leaning to you for one more kiss, then finally releasing his hold on your arm, allowing you to walk inside your building.

You tried your hardest to work but you couldn’t concentrate. As you sat in the break room eating your lunch alone, Kari walked in with hers and sat next to you.

“Having lunch with all your friends, are you, petal?” she teased, looking around at all the empty chairs.

“Thought if I came at a busy work time, maybe it would be quiet in here.”

“What’s wrong, darlin’?” she asked, kissing your cheek and hugging you lightly. “Not your normal, chipper self today. Do I need to kick someone’s ass for you?”

You giggled, “No, everything’s okay. Just a lot on my mind, I guess.”

“Tell your best friend all about it,” she encouraged. “Bored to tears today.” You stayed quiet as you took a bite of your food and looked at her. “Come on, out with it. Ain’t got all day, ya know.”

“You just said you’re bored to tears today,” you chastised.

Kari rolled her eyes at you as she bit into her food. “What’s happening? Trouble with the boyfriend? No fornicating happening lately or something?”

You chuckled slightly then shook your head. “No, everything is fine. He…actually asked me to move in with him this morning.”

“Well, I’ll be a monkey’s ass, you’re moving in with him?!” she blurted loudly.

“Shh,” you chided. “I don’t know yet, Kari.”

“What? Are you insane?” she yelled and you begged her to be quiet. “Sweetheart, do you know how many women and gay men…hell, straight men, for that matter…around the world would give their right testicle to live with Harry Styles?”

“No, Kar,” you chortled. “How many women around the world would give their right testicle to live with Harry Styles?”

“All of them!” she shouted. “Every last fuckin’ one of them!” You giggled at her excitement. “Why aren’t you jumpin’ for joy about it, darlin’?”

“Because, Kar,” you said, trying to bring the volume levels down once again. “Because, I don’t know if I’m going to accept or not yet.”

“Why the bloody hell not?!” she reprimanded. “Sweetheart, this is wonderful news! Why wouldn’t you want to live with the most amazing boyfriend you’ve ever had, who just happens to live in a multi-million dollar home, one of many I’m sure, around the world. Are you ill?” she said, feeling your forehead.

“Because,” you continued. “Because, when he asked, it wasn’t sweet, and special, and romantic, like I’d been dreaming about. Like every girl dreams about. It was almost like…I don’t know, an offer, like he was proposing a business deal. Either I accept extravagant amounts of additional security measures, or I move into his house. It just didn’t feel right.”

As you talked and began to clean up your mess to go back to your desk, your phone buzzed with a text.

Decided yet?

So romantic. You took a deep breath, replied with a simple ‘no’, left it at that, and went back to work. At the end of your day, you were beyond ready to go home. You walked to the front doors of the building, and as you saw the small hoard of photographers talking and adjusting this or that on their equipment, you remembered Harry was supposed to meet you at the back of the building. You quickly walked there, but as you opened the door, you saw a black car, with a driver standing by the door. You sighed and walked to the car, allowing him to open it for you, and stepped inside. That meant Harry would probably be working late, and you would be forced to sit and think about the subject all night, driving yourself mad in the process.

As you realized the driver was going the opposite direction from your home, you questioned him.

“Excuse me?” you said as he turned his head slightly to listen. “My home is that direction.”

“Miss,” he nodded. “Harry asked me to take you to his house.”

“Why? If he’s working…?” you asked him, like he was supposed to have the answer.

“I’m sorry, miss, I don’t know,” he kindly answered. “He asked me to pick you up and take you back to his house.”

“Thank you,” you replied, confused but accepting. No doubt he wanted to discuss it more after he got home from work.

When the car pulled into the drive of the large home, you walked toward the front door. As you began to open it, the knob pulled away gently from your hand, and you looked up to see Harry standing in front of you.

“Hello, love,” he said sweetly, smiling at you and kissing your lips, one hand on the door, the other hand on your waist. “How was your day?”

“It…was fine, thanks,” you said, pleasantly surprised. “How was yours?”

“It was fine, too,” he hugged you, pulling you inside and closing the door behind you. You started to pull out of the hug but he only drew you closer to him. You especially loved the long, drawn-out, warm hugs from him. His hands slowly caressing up and down your back, his face buried into your neck, sweet kisses being planted on your skin over and over. It felt like…home.

Harry took your hand, walking you through the hallway toward the dining room, where you saw a beautifully set table, complete with a delicious meal and lit candles, soft music playing in the background. You looked at him, sweetly surprised.

“What’s this?” you asked, confused but happy.

“Can’t a man make a delicious meal for the woman he loves?” he beamed at you.

You smiled with a bit of tears building, but you blinked them away. “Of course,” you said, “but why?”

He stood facing you, holding your hands. “I thought about our conversation this morning, and I realized how cold it sounded. Honestly couldn’t shake the thought of it out of my head all morning, the look in your eyes. By noon I decided I was never going to get any work done if I didn’t relieve the stress from my mind over it, and show you the proper way that conversation should have happened.”

“Harry, you don’t…” you started but he silenced you, placing his finger over your lips, then softly brushing his thumb across them.

“Had this evening planned out for a good month or so already,” he admitted. “Fucked it up this morning because of what happened with the photographers last night. Let me try again?” He looked at you with a pouty face then grinned. “Please?”

You grinned at him and kissed his lips gently, accepting the returned kiss he applied to your lips. Harry pulled out your chair, always the gentleman, and you enjoyed a beautiful, romantic meal together. After a lovely evening of talking, giggles, music, and wine, Harry took your hand, turned off the lights, and walked you quietly into his bedroom. He closed the door behind you both and turned to kiss you. He stood, looking at your face, and smiled slightly. “So beautiful,” he said softly. “Not sure you can yet truly understand how deeply I feel for you. But I hope you never doubt it.”

“I don’t doubt it,” you gently said. “You mean so much to me, Harry.”

You felt his strong arms engulf around your shoulders as his lips began a path of gentle kisses down your neck. You felt his teeth lightly nicking at your collarbone as his hands slid slowly from your shoulders down to your ass. You felt the slight gathering of warmth begin to travel under your skin. He leaned away, taking your hand and turning. You followed his lead as he walked past the large bed and into the washroom. It was an enormous washroom, with every luxury a person could possibly need, but in that moment, those luxuries were the last thing on your mind. You stood still as he kissed you softly, then walked around, lighting numerous candles he had thoughtfully placed all around the large room. As he finished, he looked at you with a grin, and turned the bright lights of the overhead bulb off, leaving the room illuminated beautifully by the vast array of candlelight.

Harry walked back to where you were still standing, not moving a muscle, and held you closely from behind. You felt his beautiful pink lips kiss your neck as his hands moved methodically over your body. His fingertips pressed firmly into your waist and hips as he tasted your skin, nibbling on your shoulder. His hands felt firm as they fondled your breasts, clutching each in his grasp, pulling you as closely against his body as he could. He released them for a moment as he slowly unzipped the zipper on the back of your dress, separating the fabric and sliding it down your body until it puddled at your feet. You moved your hands behind you enough to grab his hips and hold them tightly to your own, feeling the lump in his pants becoming more prominent against your ass. His hand slowly moved back around your body as one of them wrapped around your waist, the other one moving gently over the fabric of your panties. He cupped you in his large hand, rubbing you slowly through the silky fabric of your panties. His lips trailed up your neck to your jaw, as he used his free hand to gently pull your jaw around for your lips to meet his. He licked your bottom lip, biting it lightly, tasting your tongue as you teased, all the while still rubbing and cupping you in his hand.

“Feel you getting wet for me, love,” he breathed into your ear. “Knickers are soakin’ through already.” You nodded without saying a word, loving the sensations he was already mastering inside of you. You felt his free hand lift your chin. “Open your eyes, kitten,” he whispered. You do, not even realizing you had closed them in the first place. He nodded forward. “Want you to watch what I do to you. Want you to see how fuckin’ beautiful you are when you cum.” You hadn’t realized you were directly facing the large mirror over the smooth stone vanity until then. Harry always loved to watch everything sexual you and he did together, and now you knew why. Watching his hand cupping you, his other hand working over your nipple through the lacy fabric of your bra with his fingers, all the while as he watched your body, your eyes, your expressions…yeah, you understood why now.

You didn’t know how he managed to flick open the clasp on your bra with only one hand, but you decided in that moment he was a genius. He gently tossed the offending clothing onto the floor, then raised his hand once again to find your erect nipples waiting for his touch again. He pulled them gently, one at a time, between his thumb and fingers, biting gently into your neck as you both watched in the mirror. He felt your hips buck into his hand a bit. He slid his finger over the fabric, causing it to disappear inside of you from the force of his finger against your slit. He rubbed the fabric back and forth along your clit, as his other fingers caressed up and down your lips. You felt him tugging at your nipples while biting your neck a bit more forcefully. You weren’t sure which sensation was greater and you began finding it more difficult to keep your eyes open. You began grinding against his hand as you heard him moan quietly in your ear. “That’s it. Cum fo’ me, pet. First of many, I promise.” The promise of multiple orgasms was all it took to send you over the edge as your breathing increased and you moaned, grabbing the clothes still on Harry’s body closely behind you as your body shook. You released another moan as you trembled from the orgasm you were experiencing, slowing your breathing as it began to ease. “Good, baby, good,” Harry praised, as he pushed your panties down your hips to the floor.

You stayed standing where you were as you noticed Harry quickly undressing and starting the shower water. It was a gorgeous open shower, large enough for several people, much less two. He made sure the water temperature was perfect as he finished undressing himself and took your hand.

“Come,” he told you as he lead you into the stream of water. You eagerly followed him as he began passionately kissing you, his tongue lapping at yours, sucking your lips into his, biting at your jaw. He was without question leaving bite marks and hickies on you, and you loved it. The excitement of the moment with the slight pain was gratifying. Painful pleasure. He kissed you over and over again, his arms never leaving their place around your body, holding you tightly between his body and the tiled shower wall. At some point he managed to lather both of your bodies, but you were in such a euphoric haze, you barely remembered it. You felt a blast of water suddenly hit you below and your eyes shot open. The amazing power of multiple, adjustable shower heads, you thought. You felt Harry keep the pressure right on your clit as you panted against his neck, biting it and hearing a full-throttled moan escape his throat.

Harry moved you out of the direct streams and spread your thighs open with his leg. You felt by the nibbles and bites he trailed from your neck, down your body, that he was becoming more aggressive. He kissed your belly, kneeling in front of you, moving his eager mouth lower, before blowing hot breath on your sensitive areas. He layered kisses…beautiful hot, wet kisses…all around you until you were dripping from the pleasure of it, begging for him.

“Please…Harry, please…” you pleaded, urging him closer by caressing his head and jetting your pubic bone forward. “Please…”

Instantly you felt an intense lick of his tongue from the bottom of your lips to the top of your clit, and you caught your breath, pulling his hair unintentionally. He liked the pain of the stinging of his scalp and did it again, causing a loud moan from your throat. You heard a long moan from Harry, that sounded like he was having more pleasure from it than you were, but that couldn’t be possible, could it? Using your juices to coat his fingers, he sucked gently on each of your lips. You sunk down on his face slightly and he groaned in pleasure again. He parted you with his fingers, plunging them into you, as his mouth manipulated your tiny nub until it felt like it could explode. Harry covered your clit with his mouth, flicking the little button furiously. You moaned loudly, pulling his hair again. You felt the vibration of his moan on you and saw stars. He heard your breathing become more rapid, vacuuming his lips around you, his fingers stroking you as you ballooned inside. You panted loudly as if you were giving birth.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” you yelled, writhing under him, but he was merciless and didn’t release you at all. You felt your muscles contracting as your body shook in orgasm, warmth spreading over you, as you hollered out one more time, your juices exploding onto Harry’s face and mouth. He continued sucking and stroking you until he felt your trembling subsiding a bit but not stopping. Harry immediately stood and turned you to face the wall, stroking his cock a couple of times and rubbing it against your well-lubricated lips, before thrusting deeply inside of you. “Oh God!” you nearly begged for mercy, but it just felt too good to want it to end. He pounded his full length into you deeply, over and over again. You could hear his panting against your ear and the side of your face.

“Oh, you feel so good, baby,” he spoke, almost breathlessly into your ear. “Fuck, always feel so good for me.” He pushed deeply forward as his fingers quickly found your clit and began circling it again. You nearly whimpered a cry, unsure how much more you could take, but not wanting him to stop. He pressed you nearly flat against the shower wall, thrusting harder and faster. Your hands raised above your head and dropped at the elbow until your fingers once again found his damp locks and tugged firmly. You felt that familiar build up again, as your body began to tremble inside and you tightened around him.

You heard Harry moan, puffing loud breaths into your ear. He’s full inside of you and you felt him pulsing against your walls. “Need…need ya’ to cum for me now, love,” he said. “Need ya to…” Before he can even finish saying it again, you moaned loudly as your body quaked. Your pussy squeezed him, milking brutally, as you heard Harry grunt loudly next to your ear, feeling him push one more aggressive thrust into you before holding himself deeply inside of you, allowing your walls to squeeze him to completion. You felt his dick pumping his seed into you, as you both continued to face the shower wall, trying to recover the act of breathing. A moment later, you realized you still had a good hold of his hair, and released it, rubbing his scalp.

“Sorry, babe,” you said, taking a deep breath. “Sorry.” 

You felt him shake his head, letting you know to not apologize for it. Harry kissed your shoulder, as you moved your hand to his cheek, caressing him. He kissed your hand, then your cheek, then leaned away, relieving the pressure of his weight off your backside. He turned you to face him, looking into your eyes, both of you looking spent, but in the best way possible. He kissed you sweetly for a long moment, tasting you once again, then holding you, simply loving the feel of you in his arms.

After a quick clean, the two of you made your way into the bedroom and collapsed into his bed. He laid close to you, facing you as you laid on your back, peppering your shoulder and neck with gentle kisses. You leaned your head toward him so that his forehead was pressing gently against your temple.

“I’m sorry that this morning, I made you moving in with me, sound like it wasn’t important to me or something,” he spoke softly to you. “I didn’t mean for it to sound that way, I just…I worry for your safety, and my mind was in that mode. I never want anyone to hurt you. I want to take care of you.”

You turned your head and kissed him sweetly. “It’s okay,” you replied.

“Babe,” he said, looking more directly at you, as your heads rested on the same pillow. “I’ve been planning how to ask you to move in with me for weeks now. I was just thrown by everything that happened. But I want you to live with me, if you want it, too. My home is…closer to your work…more central to everything than yours…has amazing security…and I’ll make sure you safely get anywhere you need to go. I worry about you when you’re at your house, when I’m here or away. I want you with me. I want you around me.” You saw the serious but loving look on his face as he caressed yours. “Move in with me, please?”


Like the cliff hanger? *insert maniacal laugh here.

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I will begin working on Chapter Five tonight and hope to have it posted over the next couple of days. Long stories are my specialty, as my experience is more with writing novel-lengths and screenplays. Writing the short stuff is new for me, but I appreciate the great response to my Music Series writings, as well.

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Happy Birthday Jason Todd

This was requested for Jason Todd/Red Hood’s birthday (8/16). Enjoy y’all!

Summary: It’s Jason Todd’s birthday; having died and come back, he doesn’t celebrate it - despite teh wishes the every other friend and member of the Bat Family. While he’s on patrol, you set up a little something.

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader 
Warning: none. All the fluff! 

 I Don’t Do Birthdays

Having died and come back, and nearly died a few dozen times for good measure, Jason had no intention of celebrating his birthday. It was just a day on the calendar. A hot, muggy, swampy day in Gotham. As far as he was concerned there wasn’t a god-damned thing that was special about August 16.  At least that was his plan.

Yours…not so much.

He’d gone out on patrol hours earlier. Not that you could’ve convinced him otherwise without resorting to drastic measures. He didn’t bat an eye when you kissed him on the cheek and said you were going to stay in - your combat suit needed some mending anyway. Or so you told him. Alfred was a practically the patron saint of the Batfamily.  

You weren’t entirely sure how much time had passed between when you baked the cake and when you realized the stove was still on. But grazing the side of your hand on a hot burner had slowed your progress slightly. “Bloody fecking…god…”you cursed under your breath, eyes full of fire as you wrapped your palm in silver-sulfadiazine cream and burn gauze. Might not have been bad but it hurt like hell.

He’d gone out at midnight and swore to be back by three - it was one thirty according to your oven clock. Burn aside, that left you with just enough time to set out the small gift you’d gotten him and frost the cake once it finished cooling. First, however, you made sure the rest of the appliances were off. Would do you no good to burn down the apartment building. You could practically hear Jason tease you about yet another kitchen injury. “You fight with knives, use kunai and shuriken. Not a scratch, slice bread, twenty stitches,” he’d said once.

“There,” you smiled, with thirty minutes left as you arranged the cake on the breakfast counter opposite the stove. “Perfect.” There was one candle for each year and one for good luck - your mother’s tradition.

“I hate all of you,” Jason growled at his adoptive siblings. They were supposed to be out on patrol, not half celebrating his birthday. There were no cakes, no big presents (thank god) but still cards and that godforsaken song! At least Barbara could carry a tune. The others…he was sure his ears were bleeding as they caterwauled through Happy Birthday.

He heavily regretted his decision to go on patrol tonight.

“You love us,” Dick practically taunted, smiling broadly at his younger brother.

“Up for debate,” he snapped back arms folded over his chest.

Damian asked, “You’re still a child Todd.” He was sure Barbara had threatened him or something to get the demon spawn to participate. “Age doesn’t make you a man,” the boy mocked him.

Jason repeated to himself: I will not kill the brat. I will not kill the brat. [Y/n] would not be pleased. After a moment he said aloud, through gritted teeth as Tim proceeded with the annual birthday punches, “Old enough to make your life a nightmare.”

“And one for good luck,” Tim said triumphantly, hitting his arm a final time. At least it had been Tim this year. Barbara and Dick had both left bruises. Then again, Barbara’s turn had been his first birthday back and he was sure she wanted to kill him a second time out of spite. And Dick’s had been the  subsequent year, they’d been fighting so he was probably getting some kind of revenge. [Y/n] had declined to be the assailant last year and he’d thanked god you stated as much. He was sure you’d have hit him hard just for shits and giggles.

And he’d have let you.

He groaned loudly, “Yay. I’m another year older. Whoopdey fucking doo.”

“Language,” Barbara shot, glaring at him. Damian shrugged. He really couldn’t have cared less. The others had all heard worse. “So what are your plans,” she asked after a moment.

Before he could answer Tim suggested, “Nothing. He never does anything.”

“A proud Todd - [Y/L/N] tradition for August 16,” he chuckled, sporting a thumbs up instead of the middle-finger he wanted to give them. He could see your face if he did - scrunched up even under the domino mask with your brow furrowed and eyes narrowed at him. It was a look he’d seen you give dozens of rogues and their thugs. You’d used it on him a few times, like on patrol, it frightened no one. In fact, he thought it was kinda cute.

Dick waved a hand in front of his face, well, the helmet. “Dude, hello, earth to Jason. Did you hear me?”

“No. Clearly.”

“Do you want to go back to the Manor and do something? Bruce is out on patrol, so’s Helena,” he said, “Not like we or Alfred couldn’t make you a cake and we could just…”

Cutting him off Jason countered, “Or, I can go home. You guys can do whatever. And we can all pretend this never happened. Yea, I’m good with that one.” As the other four started to argue, listing off the merits of celebrating his birthday - they did every year - he took off. 

They wouldn’t follow him, they knew better.This was one of a handful of days that egging on the Red Hood was a poorer choice than usual.

“Babe, what’s…what’s this,” Jason’s voice echoed. For a minute you thought it was you mind playing tricks, then you realized you’d fallen asleep on the couch.

Groggily, you sat up. Rubbing the sleep out of you eyes you could see him staring at the table. Helmet beside the cake, eyes narrowed - from the side you could tell he wasn’t pleased with the turn of events. “Cake,” you said.

“And this,” he held up the box next to it.

Waving him on you said, “For you. Open it.” There was no wrapping paper, no ribbon, it was a re-purposed jewelry store bracelet box. Simple.

Jason looked between you and the box, too exhausted to argue. If nothing else, you at least weren’t trying to celebrate his birthday for your own enjoyment. The same couldn’t have been said for his siblings – even Barbara. Sighing, he set the box down for a minute, “[Y/n] you know how I feel about this.”

“Humor me Jaybird,” you said, the soft smile that he could never refuse spreading across your face. He felt less on edge as he worked off his gloves and jacket.

“Only because it’s you,” he said tossing his jacket over the back of a chair and picking up the box. He almost dreaded opening it as he inspected the plain white box for a moment. He was relieved that you hadn’t wrapped it or done anything of things you’d done to Damian. 

Granted he did remember the most recent of the demon spawn’s birthdays. You’d wrapped his gift in not one but twelve layers of wrapping paper. It hadn’t even been all wrapping paper – most of it had been more substantial things like duct tape and heavy duty posters. Even Bruce had gotten a kick out of the kid’s reaction to each layer and the snarky messages on them.

Today, however, two small pieces of tape were all that held the box lid closed. Nothing complicated.

Slicing the tape with his thumb, he pushed off the box’s lid. Sitting on a piece of gauze was a note, roughly the dimensions of the box. “Who complains about cake? No one. Mmm…cake!” He laughed, picking up the paper. Underneath there were several small bags, like the ones jewelers put rings or earrings in after repairs, filled with glitter. On the back of the note, in glitter pen (because of course), you’d written, “And glitter bombs to send the others.” There was one for each Bat-kid and even one for Bruce. “PS. I love you.” Underneath the bags was also a flattened piece of metal, about the size of a military ID tag.

Lifting it out his eyes caught the engraving on it, stamping really – like one of those souvenir pennies. On one side was his name and date and place of birth. On the other, the date he returned to Gotham as the Red Hood; that side was done in a stronger, deeper engraving style than the other. “What’s this,” He asked, looking skeptically at you.

“Well,” you said, finally standing up from the couch. Crossing to him, you rested your hands on his shoulders. “You take on too much love, this is a reminder. A token to keep you in the present.” One of your hand wandered to his cheek. Thumbs stroking those cheekbones and the little bit of stubble starting to come in you added softy,  “I don’t want to lose you again.”  Referring back to the days and weeks surrounding his death was always touchy. 

He smiled, looking at the piece of metal in his hand then turned to you. “You do that every day beautiful,” the grin was practically ear to ear as he seized you up in a kiss.