nearby amsterdam


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I met 4/5 of my favourite band, Of Mice & Men, and 3/5 of my other favourite band; the Amity Affliction, in Amsterdam on 3/13/2015.

I don’t really live nearby Amsterdam so I had to get up at around 5 in the morning, in order to get there as early as possible. I arrived at the venue in Amsterdam at 08:00 AM, even the tourbusses weren’t there yet. There already were 3 other people and we hung out for a bit until the tourbus of OM&M arrived. Tino firstly walked by saying he would come back later for pictures and to have a chat with us. Then Phil and Aaron came over to say hi, I took a picture with Aaron, gave him a hug, got his autograph and showed him the tweet he sent me for my birthday. When I showed him my tattoo (I got an & tattooed on my right thumb) he said he really liked it and then both Phil and Aaron left. Then Tino came over to us to have a chat with us and take pictures and all. We hung out with him for 15 minutes or so, everyone took pictures with him, got his autograph and talked to him for a bit, and so did I! I also showed him my tattoo and he said “wow awesome! I actually still need to get one of those!”.
When the second tourbus arrived, the guys of TAA got out. I said hi and all to Joel, Ahren and Ryan, they are so sweet and kind, I almost cried.
After that I saw Alan walking behind the OM&M tourbus and I asked if I could take a picture with him and he was very sweet and immediately said yes. I’m still bummed I didn’t get to meet Austin but the concert made up for it, what a day!