A FANMIX FOR BILBO AND THORIN: Here, at the end of all things.

Part I: Bilbo [1. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs | 2. Moth’s Wings - Passion Pit | 3. You - Radiohead | 4. Trap - The Cure | 5. Running Up That Hill - Placebo | 6. Night - Zola Jesus | 7. Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis | 8. The Bachelor - Patrick Wolf]

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photography by Christopher Andrew

Spybar is one of the most difficult venues to shoot in Chicago. They keep it proper dark in there, no flat screens, no flashers on the crowd, no truss full of moving heads, no spotlight on the performer… It’s a damn challenge… And with a sold out show, and the room packed, you have to immerse yourself in the crowd. With a master like Gesaffelstein, immersion was not a problem… What an incredible, near flawless set, a true master at the decks taking us on a real journey. He opened with this very dramatic almost operatic prelude, and then straight into ‘pursuit’ getting that banger out of the way, and similtainiously getting the crowd ramped up into a frenzy, he then turned a sharp left, and played this winding road of house, techno, a touch of 80′s new wave, and then somehow I swear we ended up with some hip-hop. A truly memorable night. 
shot on the Sony A7S with the Mitakon 50mm .95 speedmaster… 

This is the handout I received for the second phase (pureed food - weeks 3 & 4) from my dietician. I’m nowhere near being able to consume that much food, but I’m hoping by the end of this phase I will be close. Just wanted to give an idea of what it was like after a vertical sleeve surgery. I know there are people who may have different instructions from their own doctor. Just wanted to share my journey. Hope this helps someone 😊

- Grandma -

She’s very near the end of her journey. She fights on, but it will be soon.

A lot of who I am today is because of my grandparents. My values, attitudes, and approach to life came from their example. 

Be kind. Share what you have. Be of good humour. Laugh when you can. Make things. Take care of people. love one another. Brighten the corner where you are. 


Brighten the Corner Where You Are

Do not wait until some deed of greatness you may do,

Do not wait to shed your light afar;

To the many duties ever near you now be true,

Brighten the corner where you are. 


Brighten the corner where you are!

Brighten the corner where you are!

Someone far from harbor you may guide across the bar;

Brighten the corner where you are!

Just above are clouded skies that you may help to clear,

Let not narrow self your way debar;

Though into one heart alone may fall your song of cheer,

Brighten the corner where you are.


Brighten the corner where you are!

Brighten the corner where you are!

Someone far from harbor you may guide across the bar;

Brighten the corner where you are!

Here for all your talent you may surely find a need,

Here reflect the bright and Morning Star;

Even from your humble hand the Bread of Life may feed,

Brighten the corner where you are.


Brighten the corner where you are!

Brighten the corner where you are!

Someone far from harbor you may guide across the bar;

Brighten the corner where you are!

- Ina D. Ogden, 1913 -


My first transformation Tuesday pic… Although, I’m nowhere near the end of my journey.

 I had mentioned to mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld that I was going to possibly print out an old pic of myself and hang it somewhere to remind me of how far I’ve gotten. I was losing hope and bothered her for some advice. :D 

 My sister nenssa also mentioned how different I look now than I did at my brother’s wedding. So, here’s a side by side comparison. Pic on the left is from April 2013 and the one on the right is from Sunday.

azjohnnyringo asked:

Well to be honest Ginny is the least developed of those 3. I know you didn't ask me, bit if I had to pick one it'd be her. Am I bad for thinking that?

No, I don’t think you’re bad for thinking that. I think a lot of Ginny’s development relies on what other people say about her, she gets very few chances to talk for herself. When she does get these chances she makes the most of them, but I’d have preferred more moments with just her.

I think the main problem with Ginny is her character development which mainly happens off screen, so basically when Harry’s not paying attention. So, suddenly in OoTP/HBP she’s an entirely different character from when there was last a large amount of focus on her in CoS.

She definitely changes and develops more from where we first meet her, but we only see the near-end product and not the journey, which could make her feel the least developed.

If I’m being honest, I’d say that Luna is the least developed but that’s fair because she first appears in OoTP while the other two appear from the beginning (to various degrees).

Still, I love all three of them anyway. 


Hillary Clinton 2016 Announcement Video Includes Engaged Gay Couple

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday announced that she would seek the presidency for a second time.

“I’m running for president,” she tweeted to her more than 3.3 million followers. “Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.”

According to The New York Times, Clinton is headed to Iowa and New Hampshire, where she will meet with voters in a series of intimate campaign events.

Clinton is seen near the end of a two-minute video released just after 3 PM: “So I’m hitting the road to earn your vote, because it’s your time. And I hope you’ll join me on this journey.”

The video features everyday people “getting ready to do something,” include a couple expecting a child, a woman returning to work, a man starting a new career and a gay couple who are planning to wed.

“I’m getting married this summer to someone I really care about,” a man is heard saying over images of two men holding hands.

Clinton is the first announced 2016 presidential candidate to support marriage equality.

(Related: Hillary Clinton: I support gay marriage.)

Heya cuties!

Big Steps Studios here with another update for Summoner Sweetheart!

The picture today was rendered by the lovely tcong!

This is an example of what our dungeon system will look like when the characters encounter monsters! >:D Waha! It’s so colorful and pretty! DUDE, the pixel environment looks amazing.

Tomorrow is our soft release day! Are you guys excited!?

We will continually be working on our game throughout tonight and the weekend! Actually that’s what I’m doing right now! LOL If you guys play the game and encounter any errors definitely let us know!

I’m excited though, the end is so near!

Thank you for following us on this hectic journey!

- minion #1

Whirlwind few days.

This week has been unreal.

I just want to start off this post off by congratulating some very deserving National Champions! Congrats guys! I know how much hard work it takes to get to where you are, and I really admire all the time and dedication you put into the NDs this year! I’d also like to congratulate some of the loveliest coaches! talktoaningenue, talktowillschuester, talktokurthummel, and talktoblaineanderson I am so happy and excited for you guys! You’re hard work and skill payed off! 

I have a little good news of my own, as well! As many of you know (from my near constant babbling about it) I have been in a production of A Streetcar Named Desire the last few months and it has been pure joy. Last night was our second to last showing of the production and I have to admit, I was feeling a little bitter about the journey coming to end and not having something meaningful lined up afterwards. However, I was greeted in my dressing room by a lovely man from the Hudson Valley Shakespeare festival! I had applied for an internship with them and they didn’t feel as though they had a slot for me in that program - however, the female lead of A Winter’s Tale (which is the play I chose to study for my Shakespeare acted class this semester) had to backdown and he was curious if I would interested in playing Hermione at the festival this Summer. 

Interested?? I practically had to stop myself from leaping out of my chair. I, of course, accepted the offer. I can’t believe how well things are finally falling into place! I have a role I love, I have incredible offer before me, I have a Summer in New York awaiting me, and I get enjoy putting a close on the immensely powerful and helpful Blanche Dubois chapter of my life. 

I am so blessed.

so its been officially a month since my move over to this blog & i wanted to say thank you for the almost 200+ of you that have decided to stick around or have seen me for the first time at all ! While the naruto community has had its differences and the ending to this manga hasn’t been the best – tenten is still a character near and dear to my heart ; i wish for nothing more than to continue to see her grow as i begin the journey into my third year of writing her ( wow three years can you believe it ??? )

you should also really check out this list of cool people that i’ve gotten to know and interact with over time and are just pretty rad to be quite honest !

irukas, jukenho / leafmutt, fuzzybrowss / kurohigi, floreusbellator, hinabae, copycanine, chthanic, kiraahachi, oddhealer, healingbrute, patereius, artiificem !!

art ( x )

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1) why did you choose your url?

It’s the full name of my character.

2) what is your middle name?


3) if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

That’s…tough. Hm.

Classical: A white hart.
Modern: A leafeon (or any of the Eeveelutions, really).

4) favourite color?

Green, though blue is a very close contender.

5) favourite song?

Oh, I have way too many and I can’t pick just one. Plus it all depends on my mood at the time. Hm…. Though I can give a sampling of an undetermined order (trust me, this isn’t even near the amount on my favorites list) so you’ll have an idea.

a) Richard & Linda Thompson - The End of the Rainbow
b) Journey - Apotheosis (Listen with headphones on high volume. Enjoy. <3)
c) Lost Lander - Through Your Bones
d) Hotline Miami 2 - Roller Mobster
e) Transistor - Old Friends

6) what are your top five fandoms?

I don’t really… do fandoms? But when it comes to top five stories/shows/etc. that I like, then:

World of Warcraft / The Legend of Zelda / The Longest Journey (including Dreamfall & Dreamfall Chapters) / FablesThe Legacy of Kain

7) why do you enjoy Tumblr?

It’s been a fun way to keep in touch with people and learn more about them – whether they’re real or fictional. I used to do a lot of Livejournal RP things back in the day, so this is a rather comfy transition for me.

8) tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes baes (they do the 8 questions too):

Most of the people I know have already been tagged by this, soooo…. *taps chin*

scarletdisciple, sporebat, cielyadawnreaver, ryderflynn, uhhhh… whoever else wants to do it!

The Nightmare Speaks

It was different from when she dreamt. While her dreams were not always pleasant, she never had felt physically sick when she wandered the Fade in them. Siryn wondered if it was the Fade itself or the Nightmare’s mockery, the bizarre landscape the demon had created around them to unnerve them.

The demons which attacked them – and that appeared to her in the shape of giant poisonous spiders – did one last thing … She only hoped it would end soon and that the end of their journey through the Fade was near.

She impaled another spider shaped demon which attempted to rip her face off her skull with the sharp end of her staff, shuddering as the thing jerked on her blade. These demons weren’t hard to kill, but every time she was attacked by them, she felt like some part of her was more and more laid bare for the fearlings and the Nightmare to feed on.

“Steal yourself against them, vhenan. They only have power over you if you allow it.”

Siryns gaze flickered over to Solas and she nodded, squaring her shoulders. They could only steal from her if she let them …

“I’ll try to keep it in mind, Solas.” She cast a glance over her shoulder, where Sera and Iron Bull struggled with their own fearlings.

Sera’s face showed a sickly grey color, and her eyes were filled with horror while she tried to shoot the demons which attacked her.

The Iron Bull roared with a mixture out of rage and fear while his large battle-hammer slammed the demons.

“I think they could need some advice …”

“Fear is a powerful emotion, hardly overcome by advice. They are uncomfortable with the mere thought of being here, which further fuels the Nightmare’s power over them.”

“I’m not quite comfortable with being here either …” Siryn yanked at her staff to free it from the fearlings all too spider-looking remains.

“Yet you do not fear the Fade itself. This is why the Nightmare cannot affect your mind like it is able to do with our companions.” Solas waved his staff, freezing one of the more aggressive fearlings attempting to eat Sera’s face. “We should hurry, if we are to escape the demon.”

“Agreed!” It was Hawke’s voice. “I’m done with this place, for, like a hundred years. Luckily I won’t live long enough to return here in a hundred years … which is a huge benefit.”

“Hawke, Hawke, do you really believe you can return to him after all what has happened? You have failed once, and you will fail again!”

“See? This is exactly why I’m done with this place.” Hawkes eyes narrowed. “Demon, if you want so enrage me, you’re doing a great job there!”

The Nightmare’s voice only laughed, a sinister sound rumbling in a stone beneath their feet, vibrating in the air where it seemed to linger for moments. Siryn shuddered … Maybe she was more focused than the rest of them – safe for Solas perhaps –, but that didn’t mean that this place didn’t drain her willpower with every moment more she had to spend here.

“And you, Herold? How long will it take them to see through your charade? You will share his destiny.”

Siryn pursed her lips. “I never claimed to be holy.”

“Shartan never claimed it too. Who will save you and your people when you fail? You have no heart, little pretender, and that what was given to you is old, dead and withered.”

“Shut up. You can’t scare me, demon.” Her hands clenched around the shaft of her staff. She could not help but shudder.

“You have abandoned your duty. Your selfishness will cost them all.”

“That’s not true!”

“Do not listen to him, vhenan.”

The Nightmare giggled, a malicious sound that poisoned the air.

“You cannot escape, little pretender. You can never escape. You have failed your clan and you don’t even know it.”

“No.” Siryn shook her head.

The Nightmare was lying. It would do everything within its power to shake her resolve, to undermine her willpower. It spoke of her fears, but nothing of it was true. Her fears weren’t real.

Solas was right. The demon could only take from her what she gave him. And she would give it nothing. It had already belittled her, had stolen her memories of what happened at the conclave. She would not allow it to steal more from her.

“Fears can be overcome, demon. Try your best.”

She would not give in.

The Nightmares laughter lingered poisonous in the air. “We shall see.”

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Al-Anfal 41. And know that whatever you take as gains of war, to God belongs one fifth of it, and to the Messenger, and the near kinsfolk, and orphans, and the destitute, and the wayfarer (one devoid of sufficient means of journeying). (This you must observe) if you truly believe in God and what We sent down on our Servant on the day when the truth and falsehood were distinguished from each other, the day when the two hosts met in battle. God has full power over everything.

Al-Anfal 42. (Remember the day) when you were at the nearer end of the valley (of Badr, on the Madīnah side), and they were at the farther end, and the caravan was below you (on the coastal plain). If you had mutually made an appointment to meet for battle in such circumstances, indeed you would not have been able to hold to the appointment. But (God caused you to meet for battle in such circumstances) so that God might accomplish a thing that He had already decreed, in order that he who was to perish should perish by a clear evidence (of his deserving perishing because he followed falsehood), and he who survived might survive by a clear evidence (of his deserving survival because of his devotion to the truth). Surely God is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

                                    Messenger spacecraft
      to collide with Mercury near the end of this month

After more than 10 years in space, the highly successful mission will come to an end when it is expected to collide into Mercury at a speed of more than 8,750 miles per hour (3.91 km/sec) near the end of this month.

Launched in August 2004, MESSENGER traveled 4.9 billion miles (7.9 billion kilometers) - a journey that included 15 trips around the sun and flybys of Earth once, Venus twice, and Mercury three times - before it was inserted into orbit around its target planet in March 2011. The spacecraft’s cameras and other sophisticated, high-technology instruments have collected unprecedented images and made other observations. Mission managers are preparing to impact Mercury’ surface in the next couple weeks.

Image and text credit: NASA

anonymous asked:

I met my boyfriend at university and we've been together over a year now. This is our last year at uni and when term ends I'll be moving back home - a 3+ hour journey away from him. We've managed 3-4 weeks apart before, like over summer last year, but this time will be different because we need to save as much money as possible to be able to afford to live together some time in the future. I love him more than anything, but I'm worried the distance might break us apart. Can you help?

it’s hard being far away from someone, especially when you’re used to being near them. but try to maintain a strong relationship before you move back home. remember that the distance doesn’t have anything on the way you feel about each other. have patience, have hope, and have faith. the distance,remember what it was like when you were together and  keep in mind that it will be that way again one day. you have that to look forward to after all the hard times,after all of the distance ♥

Digimon Adventure Classpects Part 4

Our next character we’re looking at is the last of the initial group of seven. It’s Matt’s younger brother Takeru/TK. TK is the youngest of the group by quite a few years. Meaning a lot of the group usually gave him a lot of care and special attention to make sure he was alright while dealing with the dangers of the Digital World. He also had a tendency to cry and, well, act like a child at the start of the series. He learned quick though that he needed to toughen up so he could help out the team and not be a drag. His growth even shocked his own brother with how well he learned how to handle himself at a young age. TK gained the Crest of Hope on the journey for his unwavering hope and belief that they will triumph over their enemies in the end. No matter how bad the situation got. From their near loss against Devimon to the bleak situation of the Dark Masters takeover.

Here we have a very easy conversion to Classpect. Bearing the Crest of Hope it’s easy to say TK would be a Hope Player. Both have the same name and both mean the same thing. Now the question is what kind of Hope Player would he be? Well there’s kind of two answers to that. The common one I’ve seen before is him being a Page of Hope. Which there is a lot of evidence for. Patamon was always the last to get his digivolutions and they were always stronger than the others Digimon at the same level. So there’s definitely the slow build aspect of the Page class. I’m going to offer a different idea though. I’m going to say to say that TK could be a Maid of Hope instead. Someone that creates and creates though hope. TK was always the ray of hope for the group. Never willing to back down and someone they could all agree needed to be protected (at the start at least). So I say TK makes everyone’s hopes and then creates victories through his and the others hope. Making a situation where they can come back from the brink and claim victory. Just think to the Piedmon incident where he was the only one left and was to save everyone and help them beat Piedmon once and for all.

Finally we have the only character to not join the group at the start. The Eighth Child and Tai’s little sister Hikari/Kari. Kari is a very sweet but frail girl, not being able to go to the summer camp everyone else went to due to a summer cold. She also got very sick while on the second trip to the Digital World and was at risk of dying if medicine wasn’t found soon. Despite that Kari always puts others before herself and always wants to try and save everyone she can. Kari has the Crest of Light which is definitely the weirdest and least clear Crest. Based more on an idea rather than a concrete trait she has. This seems to reference her pureness and just how she is such a kindhearted person. It also seems to give her some form of weird connection with the Digital World and Digimon as a whole. Being able to communicate with an ancient spirit of the Digital World and heal and purify Digimon affected by evil. Like when they were stuck in the swears with the Numemon or when the “Divemon” kidnapped her in 02.

Kari was also a bit of a hard one to settle on for a Classpect. As said earlier Light in Digimon and Homestuck are very different so there wasn’t an exact aspect comparison. I’m pretty confident in what I have decided though which is the Sylph of Life. The Sylph of Life is the ultimate White Mage of Classpect. Their power is to heal and care for other people and that’s it. Something I think fits Kari well. A nice caring person like her would do well with the Sylph class as she’s all about putting other people before herself. And Life is the best fit I could find for the Crest of Light due to the weird powers it gives Kari being similar to healing powers granted by the Life aspect.

TK - Maid of Hope/Page of Hope

Kari - Sylph of Life

Islands and Figs

The sky
on and on,
The Mediterranean
down the cliff,
These fields,
Dead weeds
And the weight
of sun.
In the weeds
an old woman
lifting off
two trees
of ripe figs.
The heart
never fits
the journey.
one ends

- Jack Gilbert

Falling Star: difficult feelings today.

It’s been so many years since I’ve revisited this period of my life in a deep way. At first it was fun, interesting, a little nostalgic. As I near the end of Volume 1 I’m faced with some difficult feelings. I think the trauma of addiction is something that may stay with me for longer than I thought. I have distanced myself so much from this experience, in everything I do. But some of it still lives in me. I’m committed to this journey, though. I’m about to embark on the biggest journey of my life thus far and I think I need to understand how I became who I am today as best as possible before I do that.