The search for the truth after this arc?

Eto kinda hinted in the new chapter that she is going to die soon, after being attacked by Furuta. Now, many people are suspicious about this and are wondering if this is actually true. If Eto would die, I think her farewell would be… well different. Also, folks here have pointed out that we are nearing the Moon phase of the Fool`s journey, a time of illusions and deception. 

Now, we know that :re parallels with TG, and heavy parallels are drawn to the Agoiri Arc with this current arc. Now what is interesting is what happened after that. Kaneki got together a gang and started to search for the truth about the world, by first trying to search Rize.

I think most of us back then though that Rize was dead, but she turned out to  be alive at the end of Kaneki`s search. So maybe something similar will happen here. Eto will tell Ken that she is going to die, but in reality she just faked her death. After this arc ends, Kaneki starts to look for the truth about the world, and what a better way to do it than start looking for Eto 

I think in other ways Eto could be the “searched Rize” in the next arc,since she and Rize have some similarities. Kaneki got Rize`s kakuhou implanted onto him, making him a ghoul. Now they are connected. Kaneki ate Eto`s kakuja piece during :re, and now they are connected by that too.

 Rize was aslo compared to some sort of mother figure for Kaneki in the first series, and that is going on with Eto too. Eto was literally molding Kaneki into something. 

Lastly, both have a connection to the Black Goat`s Egg.

Maybe Ken will try to save Eto too, as he promised that to Yoshimura. 

An Original Quick Watercolor Work. #408

Requested by ohhaykate; quote from Grey’s Anatomy.

Hi all! First of all, I want to thank everyone for the near -80K views on my page!! <3 It’s been a beautiful journey with all of you; and truth be told, working on these isn’t easy at all. But at the end of the day, it definitely feels worth it. (: Now I also just want to let you know that I am currently working triple time as I try to stock up my queues with new art for the remainder of the year 2016! Beginning September, I will be away for university and I might no longer be able to take requests. So if you have one, kindly give this a thumbs up and send it to my inbox now! (: x

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Kris Wu
<From Now On>
Theme Song of Sweet Sixteen
Release date: 22 July 2016

Lyrics by Kris Wu, Song Bingyang

English Translation:

Against the backdrop of the setting sun
The crescent moon slowly ascends against the night sky
On the journey back home
Who will be quietly waiting?

I long to give you happiness
But I don’t know how to be gentle
I can only promise to be near you
Even if it’s only for a second, it’s enough

Feelings which are lost for eternity since this moment
You have already been engraved on my bones; imprinted on my heart
From now on I will no longer be there to walk with you till the end
Only when you let go, will I be able to move on in peace

I just want you to be happy
Even if it’s not because of me
No need to be sad
No need to worry about me
I am willing to watch over you

Feelings which are lost for eternity since this moment
You have already been engraved on my bones; imprinted on my heart
From now on, do not weep for me; but please live well,
Let go, I am honestly not sad

It’s a pity; the story has finally come to an end
The wind blows, the tides ebb and flow

Feelings which are lost for eternity since this moment
You have already been engraved on my bones; imprinted on my heart
From now on I will no longer be there to walk with you till the end
Only when you let go will I no longer be sad

From now on I will remember, amongst the crowd,
You that I have courageously loved before
Until I am the only one left, silently tasting loneliness

Only after losing what we cherished, did we understand
Against the backdrop of the setting sun
The crescent moon slowly ascends against the night sky
On the journey back home
Who will be quietly waiting?

translation: @wu_yi_fan
please ask if you wish to take out, thanks!

There’s a third option, one offered by the second season of Starz’s Outlander. The time travel drama was a reliable workhorse all season long, focused squarely on the central relationship between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). Sure, there were epic battles as the duo tried to change Scottish history. Sure, there were betrayals and twists. And yes, the finale ended on a thrilling cliffhanger that handily set up Season 3 (coming soon to a TV near you).
But Outlander never lost its laser focus on the main duo. Every episode, every action, every plot was focused around the emotional journey of Jamie and Claire as they were pulled apart, and ultimately came back together. Outlander is a time travel story, and an epic tale of Europe in the 1700’s, full of political intrigue and courtroom shenanigans; but at the end of the day it’s really about a couple who is in love. That’s it. […]
A finale can only elevate characters and plots to their most heightened points, offering an explanation or justification for them. We, as a society, tend to focus on the bad and let it consume us; but the positive is still there. Let the good finales lift their shows up; and leave the bad to the wayside.
And meanwhile, let the consistent performers like Outlander just keep delivering, time and again.

PSA for my frugal fitblr friends from a freshly showered stephanie ✌🏼️

Seriously though I used to have a legging problem where I would buy new ones allllllll the time from everywhere like name brand Nikes down to end of the rack ones from Ross

Old Navy workout clothes are a good midway point, they’re not so cheap that they’ll fall apart but not so spendy that they break the bank. I live near an outlet and I like to go when they have extra deals or shop online and I think these leggings were like $25 and the top was maybe $10? (Normal price would probably be $35 for the leggings and maybe $15 for the top).

I literally wear ON clothes all the time and have never had a complaint. Also the leggings are super high waisted and compression which is a plus for me because it holds me in and doesn’t roll down when I run (my curvy friends, you know how much it sucks to have to keep readjusting your yoga pants right 😉).

for reference I’m a size 12/14 pant and I’m wearing Large leggings and a Large tank top.

Hahaha I’m not trying to sound like an ad or anything I just know how much it sucks to spend money on workout clothes and have them disappoint so I thought I’d share my faves

From the Song of the Sea artbook; the Fair Folk seen journeying home to the Otherworld near the film’s end. It’s a pretty neat Easter Egg, because all these small figures represent characters from popular Irish/Celtic legends. The artbook specifically mentions the fairy host including Cernunnos, the Children of Lir, the Fianna, the ships of the Tuatha De Dannann, and a Puca.

Art by Lily Bernard.

…Love is a one way plane ticket. In that plane, it’s all flowers and roses and sparkling champagne. You’ll feel endless. You’ll feel infinite. But in all its endlessness and infiniteness, it’s not perfect. There are only two ways that journey would end. You’d either make it through, or crash down to the waters below. And when you do crash down, no matter how near you get to the end, you’ll always have to sail back through the seven seas of pain, back to where you started. The waters are unforgiving. They’ll push you and kick you around, trying to tumble you down and drown you. With life’s injustice, it’s a big possibility that you’d drown along the way. Others that make it, don’t make it back the same way they left. The seven seas hold no regard to the emotional scars that you’ll receive. Whatever you encounter on those harsh and dreadful waters will stick to you. Some of them for the rest of your life. Going back isn’t the same as going there. No. It’s not even close. The waters will consume you, haunt you, and keep you up at night. And what exactly is in the water that we dread? The reflection of what’s above us. The one way plane. A place where we were, where we were infinite and endless. And now we can only relish the thought of it, but we can never go back up there…
—  AN EXCERPT (via @complicatedweirdcutie )

anonymous asked:

I feel as though your influence varies between worlds. For example, EXP indicates the physical gap between our next level of strength. However, there are some worlds where our strength is determined by how far we are in our journey, and when we are nearing the end of it. Either way, I thank you for guiding me through these experiences, Chara. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to embark on these grand adventures and see the worlds the way I did. ^^

I am proud to be of service, partner.

I promise to follow you, always.

||: Muse List

(since I’ve recently made another OC)

Allen Walker - @crownedinnocence

  • D.Gray-Man canon character || Exorcist for Black Order, set in fantasy end of victorian era.

Link - @tiimesfxte

  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time canon character || Fabled ‘Hero of Time’, nearing the end of his journey

Robin Bergenoir  - @cauxdliion

  • Fandomless OC  || Plain, French young woman, pursuing her dream in fashion

Cecile Nova Ellis - @wxlfiish

  • Fandomless OC (sideblog to cauxdliion) || Young girl belonging to a noble family, all of which are cursed into turning into wolves

Valentino Rosario Cavazzola de Cruz - @hxly-sci 

  • D.Gray-Man OC  || Very grumpy, career-oriented scientist, with a past he doesn’t speak about

Sorren - @rxbiirth

  • Fandomless OC (sideblog to hxly-sci) || Reincarnated soul, who doesn’t remember anything of his past, kind and gentle

Endless Voyage

Soothing ramble of the ferry. I think I could spend endless hours dormant in one of the chairs, absorbing constantly evanescing and never ceasing vibration of the engine. If only I could ease myself into forgetting. If anything could help, it is endless, never-ending, eternal ferry voyage. Imagine buying coffee and lemonade, chips and chocolate on board and never needing anything else, never arriving anywhere, therefore never departing, just being there as a mediator of deck reverberation, the un-living medium, by a strange excessiveness of nature endowed with speech. If only it was possible.

It is after death – in peoples living near the river – that the body is finally put in the cradle of the canoe and launched into the endless journey. With quiet splash, waves softly lap the board. A duck’s quack rips soundlessness. Grass is replete with hissing wispers. The river is tranquil at the first break of dawn, the sunset is doubled by the water surface; in the evening, the wind rises and the canoe narrowly escapes being overturned. Only, there is no one to be dusturbed by anything any more; the body, slowly decomposing, oozing liquid, odor inviting large diurnal birds of prey, continues the travel, while the soul – the soul, I think, indulges in the last bittersweet remembrance: It accepts every new turn – the quiet, the turbulence, the vultures – dreamily mourning the past life.

#excerpt #mourning #ferry #travel

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jiminights  asked:

Hi Jennyyyy, dead leaves 3;18 and let me know 16 pleaaaaase, with jin please, if you're still doing drabbles

dead leaves: 3. I can’t grab you, 18. Please don’t fall , let me know: 16. So please tell me something

Originally posted by the-rap-man

Being the Bonnie to his Clyde after this long journey of being victorious gangsters, you never once thought you’d find the two of you at the brink of near death. The journey of beautiful adventures together and striving love forever was already coming to an end, and it pained you to leave his side because it was all too soon.

“Please, don’t fall,” Jin whimpers weakly as the blood trickles down from his head. You give your lover a small smile, one that you’re able to squeeze out from the tiny strength you have. Stupid car, you lowly blame. Stupid cop chase, you also blame. Everything is so stupid, except for Jin.

“I can’t… Grab you,” you speak in a hushed tone, your eyes failing to open as your hand is mere inches away from Jin’s out stretched one. 

“You can, love. You can,” he encourages you on and tries to lean over the cliff some more.

You shake your head though and coughs weakly as you stare into his eyes. “I love you, Jin,” you mutter from under your breath. “I love you… So much.”

“Shh, don’t say that. People only exchanges those words if they’re going to die, and you are not going to die!” Jin harshly yells when seeing you slowly giving up. But what can you really say? 

“So please… Tell me something,” you continue the conversation and ignore his cries. “Tell me you love me… Too.”

As soon as Jin’s fingers grazes yours, he muster enough of strength to return the three words before the weight of your tired body pulls you down.

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The Hazbin Hotel Fanfiction ch. 2 part 1

A/N: Alright, The new chapter is here! This is gonna be a two parter and it’s going to be a bit long, I’m sorry for that. I also apologize if the first chapter had a few weird sentences near the end. I’ve already started editing out a few mistakes so it should make more sense now.

Again I apologize for any Ooc ness, bad spelling, bad grammar, and now bad forms of sentences.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to the Hazbin hotel, nor it’s characters. I only own my oc.

Trigger: will contain cursing. With characters like these, what would be the the point of this trigger warning.

The Forest’s little shop

Chapter 2, part 1:
On this Journey

It was just after sunrise that a few of the misfits in the Hazbin Hotel started to wake up. The small group of guests that came in for one night were already checking out and we’re seen to by Baxter. Husk was heading to the large gothic style kitchen, accessed only by the misfits, to make a large pot of coffee to start the day off, with a tired and angry scowl already planted on his face. And Alastor, just strolling past the multiple doors and rooms with a large grin on his face and a slow whirl of his cane as he came upon the lounge part of the lobby where he notices a slight disheveled and sleeping Angel sprawled across one of the sofas.

His grin widen with mischief, his monocle seemed to shine and his crimson eyes glow as he slowly moved with quiet steps to where the striped, albino spider was slumbering. Once he was close enough he reaches for the top of his cane where he has an old style microphone attached to it, and with a flick of a switch he causes a loud sound-back radio screech to go off, startling Baxter to slam the door on the last guest, Angel making a loud yelp before falling off the couch, and a distant sound of something crashing and spilling on the floor coming from the kitchen, followed by a long strings of ‘fucks’ and ‘shit’ from the old grey sphinx demon.

“Good morning, good morning, Gooooooood morning!” announced Alastor, looking down to where the poor spider fell, who was currently giving the red deer demon a death glare with pink glowing eyes. “Fuck you.” Angel cursed, slowly getting up and suddenly hissing in pain, reaching for his head with 3 of his hands as the other 3 were keeping him steady or rubbing at his sides where he fell on. “I feel like shit.”

Alastor makes a static chuckles, “Well, it’s no surprise since someone decided to have a bit of fun last night. With booze, junk and all.”

“Leave him alone Alastor.” spoke a deep woman’s voice, catching the attention of both demons to turn to see that it was Charlie, walking over to them from the hallway of rooms and doors. She takes note that the normally vibrant and dangerous spider trickster was obviously more dull downed then usually, most notably that his tan fur with purple stripe and bright pink eyes have started to drain in color, a side effect when the spider demon is sober. “Angel, why don’t you take a day off for today?” she suggests,“I don’t think you’ll be up and ready for tonight’s burlesque show.”

Angel scoffed, “Please, I’ve dealt with worse pinches then this,” he retorts, followed by a slight groan as he continues to cradle his throbbing head. Charlie rolled her eyes, seeing the ex-mobster deciding to be stubborn this early in the morning, “Oh I know that, but that doesn’t mean that you might be in top form for the show. I don’t want to find any of you startin to get sick or keelin over.”

“But I wanna go on!”

“But, you look like hell.”

“I’m fine, I just need a fucking nap and then I’ll be ok to show off my legs and ass around.”

The crimson she-demon let’s out a frustrated sigh, “I really don’t have time for this.”

She turns to Baxter, who looked a bit irritated from the deer demon’s little stunt. “Baxter, do you have any medicine for headaches and hangovers?”

The blue demon gives an angry scowl to Alastor, who just answers back with a small wave, before approaching them and addresses his attention to Charlie. “I have a few enhanced pain medication for cranial migraines. Normally I give them to our overnight guests.” he inquires, making a quick glance at Angel, “Not for certain drag queens.”

At this, Angel smirks, “Pfft, no need to lie Baxt, I know you want All of This.” he remarks, striking a sexy pose as if to flaunt his ‘stuff’ before immediately regretting it as his head throbbed in pain and he immediately recoils while Baxter stares, looking completely unimpressed. “Indeed.” he states and pulls out a few dark blue pills from his pocket and hands them over to Charlie before moving passed the trio. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to make breakfast.”

The 19th century fire demon then turns her attention towards the spider demon. “Here, take these,” she insists. As Angel was about to take them, however, she pulls her hand away, looking directly at him eye to eye. “But,” she continued, “You need to rest for the whole day in bed. If you do, I’ll let you perform with Vaggie tonight. Otherwise, no burlesque. Deal?” she moves her hand back in front of him, revealing the pills.

Angel grunted, “Fine, whatever.” He grabbed the medicine and swallowed them down his throat, then very slowly limped off, heading for his room upstairs muttering “Fucking suffocating smother,”

“What was that?”

“Nothing, boss~”

“Yea it better be nothing,” she then called out, “Remember to rest. If I find out you’ve been moving around instead, you’ll be staying in bed the rest of the night. And don’t think I won’t do it!”

“Got it! Just gonna fuckin sleep.” he grumbled moving passed Mimzy and Niffty, who tried to greet the spider with a good morning but were ignored as he heads for the stairs and passes by Vaggie who was currently reading a book and Crymini, who just gives him the stink eye and smirk, probably cause he looked like shit, before she rushing forward following the 80s girl.

The Hazbin Hotel is a large, gothic-victorian decor building that is two stories tall, with a small third story room in the tower part of the architect. It has been both a workplace and sanctuary for the demon misfits for over 40 years when it was first founded and built in the Oceanica Forest. With the first floor acting as both a lounge, an entertainment floor with a stage, a dance floor and a small dining area, and also a small hallway with rows of doors leading to 30 different rooms for guests who had too much to drink or too late to travel home could, for a small fee, stay for one night. The Second floor acts as the main sleeping quarters for the misfits, giving each a large room with bed and extra furnitures and decorations, making it a total of 10 bedrooms, a large bathroom to share and even a large gameroom for the demons to goof off and relax in. With the combined efforts of Sleonesia, Husk, and Alastor, they were able to put a special spell so it would be unaccessible to the guests or visitors unless they are invited, making it very secured.

Back to Charlie and Alastor, the radio voiced demon makes a remark, “So, do you think he’ll keep his word?”

“He will, or he’ll have to deal with me, and that ain’t a fight that I’m afraid of gettin into.”

Before he makes a retort, the old grey sphinx demon, Husk, marches in, a menacing look aimed directly at Alastor as he advances towards him. “You!” he growled, coming face to face with the smiling demon, “I have half a mind to chop you down to bits.”

“But Husk, my fine fellow-”

“Fine fellow my ass, you almost got my hands burnt!”

Alastor just gives a static laugh, moving an arm around the grey demon which irritates him more. “Now now, there is no need to announce such accusations on any innocent demon such as myself.”

The two demons continue to banter, while Charlie just watches for a bit, slightly amused to see the more stoically angry Husk have his feathers ruffled, before she notices Baxter coming back with a small box wrapped in fabric. “What’s that ya got there, Bax?” she asked, feeling confused as he hands it to her.

“Your brunch,” he answers, “I assume you won’t be eating with us this morning.” he indicates to the small pack she has beside her leg.

“Oh, yea, I’ll just be out for a couple of hours. Since I’ve been gone for so long, I need to get in contact with my informant on any news about the Oceanica Forest.”

“I still question the accuracy of such intel.” he scoffed, “Supposedly there would have been a drop on demons residing in the forest, yet we’ve been having an increase on patrons and guests these last few days.”

“I know. And that makes me worried.” she had a serious, troubled look on her face, quickly stashing the wrapped box into her pack and securing it over her shoulder before addressing the two older demons, who have currently seemed to escalated from verbal to a physical fight, both of which were awkwardly wrestling on the rugged floor, with Alastor winning as he has Husk pinned to the ground, most likely due to his flexibility and unsettling detaching joints. “Alastor!” Charlie called.

“Yes miss Charlie?” he asked, still holding the angry winged feline down.

“I’ll be out for a while til sundown. You are in charge until I get back.” she informed, which caused the deer demon’s grin to widen with glee. “Oh goody!”

Husk however goes limp in the struggle, making the crimson deer demon’s grip falter and fall forward, since now he can’t push back against the sphinx, which now allowed him to slip from Alastor’s grasp. The grey demon quickly gets up from the floor to go after the red she-demon. “Wait, Charlie!” he shouted, making her pause before reaching the door handle and turning to face him.

“What now, Husk?” she demands, “It’s a long run from here to where I’m headed and I don’t wanna waste any daylight.”

“Then I’ll fly with you,”he suggests, “It’s just about what happened last night with Sleon.”

At that moment, she froze. Charlie begins to take deep breathes, her fist tighten with just a hint of a red, fiery glow peaking just between her fingers for the sphinx demon to notice. Husk could feel the tension thicken in the room, as he notices from the corner of his eye that Baxter, who was helping Alastor get back on his feet quickly left the room, heading towards the kitchen, he guessed, and the radio voiced deer demon quickly coming to his side and his cane glowing on standby. This only confirmed his suspicions from last night that something was off.

The fire demon finally takes an even breathe, seeming to have calmed whatever rage she felt as she looks hard at the sphinx magician and speaks. “Husk, I’m tellin you this right now. Drop it, it aint your business.”

This only irritates him, making him take a step forward. “Why, what exactly made her so upset?”

“Husk,” she warned, her eyes starting to glow red along with her body. “Just let it go.”
Even seeing this, the sphinx didn’t back off. However before he can retaliate, Alastor pulls him back and grabs him by the scruff, causing the magician’s body to instinctively paralyze itself. One of the lovely traits that came from when he changed to a demon, and has been used on more than several occasions by Alastor alone, whether to mess with him, or stop him whenever the situation calls for it. While holding him up with one hand, the red deer demon then addresses the agitated women. “Charlie, why don’t you go on ahead on your trip?” he suggests, with his red glowing cane in his other hand. With a slight wave, the single front door of the hotel begins to glow the same red as his cane and it opens as he states, “I’ll take care of everything in the hotel.”

She closes her eyes and takes a deep breathe, trying to reign in on the violent rage that dwells within her. After a while the crimson glow surrounding her seemed to disappear, she opened her eyes and gives a small apologetic look. “Thank you Alastor.”

“No troubles my dear.” he acknowledged with a look of understanding on his face. And soon, she was out the door.

After a few moments later of him gleefully dragging the old cat near the dining/dance floor, Mimzy and Niffty made it to the lounge, both were in the middle of a conversation before looking confused on seeing Alastor still holding onto a petrified Husk, the old grey magician looking more agitated than usual as the deer demon greeted them. “Well good morning ladies.” He moves one of Husk’s limp limbs to wave at them.

“Uh, good morning Alastor.” Mimzy greeted back, followed by Niffty saying, “So whatcha doing with old scrooge?”

“Systematic oppression.” he statically chimed.

The girls gave him a weird look. Before they can ask why, Baxter comes back from the kitchen, seeming to have set up breakfast for everyone in the meantime, placing a large tea set and other morning drinks like juices and milk, before he notices the one eye demon. “Ah, Niffty, just in time.” The Dolly girl turns to face him, a smile on her face as she greeted the blue usher. “Hi Baxy!” she sang, giving him a quick hug that made the demon blush, before he shakes his head and gently pushes her away.

Meanwhile, Mimzy talks with Alastor, already ignoring the frozen sphinx in his grasp. “So where is Charlie, love?” she asks, “I didn’t see her this morning.”

“Oh she left for an errand, and I will be in charge until she comes back.”

At this, the flapper girl smiled with glee. “Ooh, I’ve always loved a man in charged.”

As they continued with their conversation, Niffty walks over, slightly put off as the red demon notices Baxter walking off towards the hallway. Curious, Alastor is the first to ask, “So where is our ‘manager’ running off to?”

The normally cheerful yet erratic girl let’s out a frustrated whine. “Oh, he’s angry cause I swiped his macaroons and stashed them in my room. I swear he is such a wet rag!”

“With odd hobbies.” Alastor adds to Niffty’s complaints.

“Speaking of,” she starts, “Shouldn’t you be letting go of the old grouch by now?”

The trio looks at the poor sphinx, who looked about ready to be unfrozen. “Eh, might as well.” Alastor smirked, letting Husk go and purposely allowed for him to drop face first on the hard wooden floor. Slowly, the old cat lifted himself up, glaring daggers at the horned demon with a muttered, “I fucking hate you,” before slinking off to grab breakfast, starting with the large trays of bacon and pancakes, and maybe some fresh squeezed orange juice.

Alastor then looks over to spot Vaggie and Crymini finally arriving at the D&D floor and greets them accordingly. While he doesn’t react to Niffty and Mimzy grabbing the now surprised 80s girl and dragging her off, resulting her dropping the book she was just reading, he does notice that the normally angry pink punk wolf demon seems to be in a more cheerful mood, with a small but devious smirk as she heads around towards the kitchen. Intrigued, he decides to follow her.

Entering, he sees her looking around through the black kitchen cabinets. He leans on the counter near the entrance and states, “If you are looking for the coffee maker, I regret to inform you that it has now met it’s maker.” The wolf girl jumps, turning her attention to the smiling demon as he points to the waste basket, currently now occupied with broken glass and wires sticking out. “Shit.” she growls her lighten mood slightly soured before she heads for the fridge at the back of the room, across from the entrance.

“You can always try some morning tea to give you a bit of a pick me up.” Alastor suggests, getting a loud cackle from her as she pulls out a yellowish bottle with the title ‘Sunny D’ written on. “Like I’d drink that fucking crap.” she scoffed, her back still facing the red demon as shes takes a swig from the drink. When she reaches for the cabinets to her right, she jumps, noticing that the demon is now beside it, despite not hearing him take a step.

“So,” he starts, “I noticed that you seemed to be in a good mood today.” He tilts his head slightly as he asks, “Care to explain why?”

Crymini then straightens herself a bit, trying not to seem a bit creeped out, opening one of the cabinets and pulls out a few of the homemade pop tarts as she states, “None of your fucking business, weirdo.” And proceeds to scavenge for the toaster.

“Oh come now, my furry friend. It’s not everyday that you seem to be in a good mood, let alone, smile.”

Crymini smirks, finding it a bit hypocritical that the demon that loves smiles seemed to be questioning hers. “Oh, so what, I can’t be in a good mood every once in awhile?”

At this, his smile seemed to widen and there’s a gleam on his monocle. “Not when it’s obvious that you did something.”

She froze.

‘Shit!’ she cursed.

The wolf demon was quiet as Alastor continued. “Did you really think that no one noticed your little stunt last night?”

By stunt, he was referring to her sneaking something into Sleon’s bag last night. Something very easy to spot when you’re performing on stage that’s faced towards the bar counter that’s across the room. Despite depending on his single monocle to see, his vision is still better than the others.

Alastor still continues, his exaggerations just slightly theatrical as he walks around. “And after that young girl was nice enough to fix your beacon, and make you those disgusting tarts too. I can only imagine the nasty surprise she’ll be getting while walking around those ol water caves that she’s been exploring recently.”

Angry, Crymini slams the black cabinet doors. “Tch, well you don’t have to worry, it won’t cause her any fucking problems.” she growls, grabbing her cold pop tarts and Sunny D and heading out, but is stopped suddenly when a red cane swiftly moves in front of her. Startled, she turns to look at Alastor, holding the cane and still smiling, only this time there is a sinister feel to it as a more ominous red glow envelops his crimson eyes. He moves forward until he has her trapped. “But it is trouble for one of us, yes?” he implies.

He leans his head closer as he continues, “Lately you have been quite the troublemaker, from picking fights to nearly causing your beacon to be set off. Now normally I would not care. But since I was put in charge for today and I have nothing but full respect for Miss Charlie, I rather have this resolved before it causes Her more trouble.”

At this point they were eye to eye as he asks, “So I ask, why are you in such a good mood?”

Her body shivers a bit and her teeth are clenched as she answers, “Fine, it-”


A loud scream cuts her off, startling the two and having them both quickly leave the kitchen to see what’s wrong.


A few minutes earlier…

Vaggie was really confused, as Mimzy and Niffty were dragging her away from the nicely laid out and delicious looking breakfast and is now headed towards the dance and stage area.

“Guys, guys, what are you doing?!” she demands, til they finally stopped dragging her, standing in front of the stage.

Niffty is the first to chime in, “We need you to help us decide on how to snazzy up this place for the Jazzy Swing Blues night coming up!”

At this the navy hair girl just groaned. “Why me though?” she asks, turning her attention to Mimzy, “Won’t this be something that you would have Angel or Alastor to help out with?”

The flapper girl Mimzy explains, “Well Alastor is amazing at picking out the best music to play and dance to, but he doesn’t really have that um… drive to participate and try on new ideas.”

Niffty then states, “And Angel would just make it more of a club with lots of drinking and drugs to add to it.”

“Good point,” Vaggie agrees, crossing her arms, “But why are you guys excited on doing this one though?” she asks, her attention more drawn to where the nice spread of food was, with the strong aroma that made her mouth slightly water, feeling more inclined to eat then stay then discuss this, “Isn’t that night show and dance just two days away?”

Surprisingly, the excited, cyclops demon appears behinds her, grabbing her by her shoulder as she explains. “Well duh! Little Sleon is coming to visit us that night!”

“Huh? So what?” The 80s demon exclaims, “She’s been here before, plenty of times!”

Mimzy interjects, “Yes yes, but this is the first time she will come here for Fun, not just for work and delivery.”

The cheery Dolly girl moves to the entertainer’s side while adding, “Plus it needs that special woman’s touch, so it’s up to the three of us!”

Rolling her eye, well her right one that is the only one visible and the other just a cross patch that’s concealed by her hair. The demoness states,“Sorry, but I don’t really care about this kind of stuff. I just perform the burlesque show and that’s it.” At this, both the girls were a bit deflated.

“Oh come on Vag, don’t be such a party pooper,” Niffty whines. “It will be fun!”

But Vaggie doesn’t give it a second thought. “No thanks. Like I said, I don’t do planning.”

Before she can walk off, she is stopped by Mimzy, already grabbing one of her hands and a devilish smirk on her face. “Oh, you are not getting away that easily.”

Groaning, Vaggie tries to tug her hand free. “Come on Mimz, I don’t see the point if it’s for Sleon of all people.”

Just as she was about to get herself free, Niffty, grabs her other hand, irritating Vaggie even more. “So is it Sleon that’s the issue?” Niffty asked, a confused look on her face, “I mean she is a super vanilla kind of girl and she barely goes out like some sad hermit, but she’s at least nice.”

“It’s not that! It’s-”


As a loud scream catches the trio’s attention, they turn to see a frantic Baxter running then hiding behind them. Confused, Alastor, Crymini, and Husk approached them. “The hell are you freaking out about,” Husk demands, noticing the slight tremor, most likely adrenaline, and shakes taking up the now crouched blue demon as he shouts, “He’s gone insane!”

Before Niffty can ask who, they start to hear loud crashing and stomping, finding a disheveled, wild, and raging Angel dust appearing.

Frantically, he starts to search through the check-in desk, looking through the cabinets left and right while also pulling items out, resulting in a large mess as he keeps cursing. As he scrambles towards the kitchen, Alastor, Husk and Vaggie quickly get him pinned to the ground on his back as the rest of the misfits gather nearby, the deer demon holding down his legs and the other two trying to hold down his arms as he growls and tries to get out.

“Angel!” Vaggie shouted, “What the hell?!”

“Yea,” Husk adds, “What’s got your panties in a twist?”

“Fuck you!” Angel snapped, twisting and turning to get loose, “He’s missing!” The demons stare at him confused, leading Niffty to ask, “Who’s missing?”

“Stripes!” he declared, raising a few more eyebrows. “I think he finally lost his head.” Alastor states, only to hear the the dark haired 80s demon to groan. “No no,” she starts, “It’s the weird plush he keeps.”

“You mean the one that’s a rhino turtle thing?”


The spider demon continues, “Yea. And I know Baxter here took him!”

“I did not such thing!” the blue demon defended, adjusting his glasses. “As much as I would rather see that dirty thing out of this hotel, Charlie has made it a rule to not enter others quarters without permission.”

“Like that would stop anyone,” Angel grumbled quietly.

“Maybe you just misplaced it like every other time something ‘goes missing’ from your room.” Vaggie suggests, thinking back to multiple times he would lose something.

“I didn’t.” he replied. “It was on my bed last night, and when I strolled into my room this mornin, the bugger was missin!”

While Angel and Vaggie go back and forth, Alastor takes notice of Crymini leaning back on the far-side wall, arms crossed and looking more smug than ever. Soon all the pieces came together as he spoke, “Now I know why you’re smiling, little punk girl.”

This in turn gets everyone’s, including Angel and Vag’s, attention, all looking at Crymini, with Mimzy shaking her head in disapproval and the pink wolf demon just shrugs and says, “It was just a prank. I thought it would be funny.”

“And yet none of us are laughing.” Husk counters. The punk demon just looked to the side, not finding it as such a big deal.

“Where is it Crymini?” Vaggie demands, feeling agitated as the pink wolf gives her a scoff look. “Tch, and why the Fuck should I tell you?” Crymini asks.

Alastor and Vaggie then looked to each other and nodded in a silent agreement, letting go of Angels limbs. Vags pushes Husk out of the way just in time for the spider demon to spring up and soon have Crymini pinned to the wall.

The demon was terrified, the ex-mobster had his arms caged around her and was looking at her straight in the eyes, his own glowing a harsh pink with a gaze that can make most angels shit themselves. At that moment, she knew she fucked up. “Where is my Stripes?!” he roars, scaring everyone except Alastor and Vaggie.

“I-I put it in Sleon’s stupid bag yesterday!” she quickly spilled, but it wasn’t making Angel any less angry.

Not wanting the spider demon to kill the wolf demon, and feeling that Crymini has learned her lesson slightly, she gets up and walks to where they were, putting her hand on his shoulder to get his attention. “Angel, calm down.” she spoke evenly, “We can just go visit Sleon, and we can get Stripes back.”

After a few moments of her trying to calm him down, Angel finally relaxes, releasing the demon and heads straight for the door with Vaggie following behind only to stop when she sees Crymini sneaking off. “Oh hell no!” she shouts, grabbing the wolf demon’s arms, “You’re coming with us.”

“The fuck! Why should I?!” Crymini demands.

“It’s your fault this mess even happened. And you have to apologize to everyone for this stupid stunt, including Sleon.”

Rolling her eyes, she puts her other hand on her hips “And if I don’t?” she dares to ask, jumping as she feels a set of hands grab her shoulder.

“Then, my dear, you will have to answer to me.” Alastor replied, giving the girl an eerie Cheshire grin. In defeat, she soon follows Angel to the door. “Oh, and Angel,” he calls out, getting his attention, “Don’t forget to hurry back before sundown. Or else you’ll have to face Charlie’s wrath.”

He doesn’t answer, instead just quickly taking off, with Crymini close behind. Confused from the exchange, Vaggie turns to Alastor, “What was that about?” she asks, but the radio host simply just brushes it off. “Oh it’s something from this morning. You go on ahead. We’ll have everything cleaned up here.”

“Well, we’ll be back soon then.” she states. Vaggie gives a quick thanks to the deer demon and quickly leaves to catch up with the two.

‘She really is trying to be like Charlie.’ he thought, seeing her taking charge to try and solve the situation with minimal damage, well as minimal as a demon can. With a twirl of his cane, he already starts ordering the rest of the misfits to have a quick breakfast and get to work cleaning the place.

As the misfits split, Baxter going upstairs to access the damage with Niffty volunteering to help, and the rest heading to the D&D area to finally eat, a thought popped into the deer demon’s head. ‘Hmm, did I forget something?’ he pondered, but is interrupted by a distraught screech from Baxter upstairs. “Are you bloody kidding me?! That damned spider ruined the gameroom!”

A small chuckle to hearing Baxter’s whines, he heads upstairs to ‘try’ to help out. ‘Oh well, I’m sure it’s nothing.’

The long trek through the Oceanica Forest to reach the shop was very long, but mostly uneventful aside from Crymini complaining and bitching most of the time. Every once in awhile, Vaggie had to stop both the 90s teen and Angel from trying to kill or maim one another til they finally made it to their destination. Only to find another problem.

“Looks like she isn’t here.” stated Vaggie as she notices the ‘Closed’ sign hanging from the door and the note attached to it as she begins to read aloud.

‘Sorry, the shopkeeper is out for today. Will be open for tomorrow.’
P.s. Please take one small bag of goodies from the basket as a form of consolidation for this inconvenience.’

She looks over to her left to see a large, odd looking bowl with runes surrounding it, sitting on a wooden chair filled with small, hand sized bags of random treats, and a small note that reads ‘Only take one.’

While Crymini already heads for the basket stating she was hungry, Vaggie turns to her left to address an irritated Angel. “We can always come back tomorrow for the toy.”

“No fucking way.” he stubbornly swears, making the demon girl groan in frustration. Taking a deep breathe, she tries to reason with the spider, although knowing that she might fail.

“Angel,” she starts, “The shop is closed, she isn’t here.”

“So what?” he questions, “We can just wait for her.”

“You know we can’t!” she interjects, “For all we know there could be demon hunters around.”

“Oh please, ya kno not many go into this forest without getting lost, or did straight up gal Vaggie forget?” he pestered.

“I didn’t!” she growls, her temper already starting to rise. “But there’s still a chance that we can get ambush. And plus we have Crymini to look after.”

“Vags, the fucking ‘mean girls’ wannabe can take care of herself.”

As if on cue, the wolf demon is flown across the small patches of grass surrounding the shop and hits one of the trees, catching their attention. In no time she is back on her feet, pissed as Fuck and charging to where the bowl is, only to be stopped by a strange, magical force that shimmered around the shop, leaving her just a few yards away.

Meanwhile, Angel and Vaggie, who were unaffected and just a few feet away from the shop’s entrance, stare on as Crymini tries, and fails, to get passed it.

“Oh yea, she can totally handle herself.” Vaggie sarcastically states, which Angel added with a satisfied grin, “Like a dumb, stoned pup.”

Grumbling, she walks to where Crymini is to help her out. “Crym, knock it off. If you keep scratching at it, you’ll never get in.”

Growling, the wolf girl roars, “What the Fucking Hell?! What is this Bullshit?!” and continues to swipe at the magical barrier out of rage.

“It’s a shield,” Vaggie explains, “This is your first time coming here so you probably don’t kno.” She pauses long enough to wait for Crymini to listen before she continued,”Sleon has this barrier that can stop anyone from doing something wrong to her shop like theft, assault, or in your case, trying to break something.”

At this, Crymini sneers at her. “I was just trying to get more of those stupid fucking snack packs but the rest were stuck in the fucking bowl for some fucking reason!”

Sighing, Vaggie states, “Just stop trying to attack it and you should be fine.”

Rolling her eyes she just crosses her arms and looks away. ‘Like I fucking listen what you have to say.’ She thought, before speaking out. “This is stupid, where did this bitch get this kind of stuff anyways?”

“Something about her species has this ability when they’re older or something,” Vaggie replies half-heartedly, “I don’t really get it myself, but I kno that’s how it works, don’t mess with her stuff and you’ll get back in.”

The pink punk looked at her before finally deciding to take a cautious step forward to where the magical shield was at. After not feeling any resist, she takes a full step, slightly relieved when she got passed it with no problem. Satisfied, Vaggie walks over to where Angel was sitting at, having put the bowl to the porch steps of the shop and relaxing on the chair, eating one of the bags full of treats.

“OK Angel, we can’t stay here for long so let’s head back to the hotel.” Vaggie announced.

“You gals go on ahead,” he says nonchalantly, throwing away the bag once he was finished, “I still need to get Stripes back.”

“Angel…” she warns, already feeling ticked off as Angel seemed determine to just stay and wait for some dumb toy.

“I ain’t movin,” he adds, crossing all 3 sets of his arms.

“Angel you don’t know when she will be back,” she argues, “ And considering how she brags about her explorations, she could be gone til nightfall, which is bad since You need to be home before sundown.”

At this, Angel just scoffs, standing up and moving passed the two demons. “Then we’ll just have to go find her then.”

“And where will we find her exactly?” she asks, moving in front of him from advancing any further.

“And not that I care,” Crymini adds, also wanting to just go home, “But isn’t this forest infamous on the fact that it’s so enchanted that literately nothing is in the same fucking place?”

It was still an unsettling thing about the Oceanica Forest that Crymini was warned about when she first moved in to the Hazbin hotel a few months back. This place was heavily affected by the magic caused from this group called ‘Peacekeepers’ or whatever. One being that the locations inside the forest are never in the same place and constantly changing so anyone could get lost. It made her at first scoff at the notion until she got lost one day after having a fight with one of the demons and running into the forest to cool off. Eventually she was rescued by Charlie after a few hours of wandering. Since then, she has stayed in the hotel and never leaves unless she is with one of the misfits.

Rolling his eyes, Angel points at his bow. “Demons ain’t affected since we carry our beacons around, and Not try to break em’ or refuse to wear em’ when we decide to run off.”

‘Beacons?’ she pondered, unconsciously moving her paws at the one connected to her dog collar. As Angel and Vaggie go back and forth arguing to each other, Crymini remembers earlier morning when Alastor got up in her face.

‘And after that young girl was nice enough to fix your beacon, and make you those disgusting tarts too. I can only imagine the nasty surprise she’ll be getting while walking around those ol water caves that she’s been exploring recently…’

‘Motherfucker must of planned for this,’ she thought, before turning to the demons now yelling at one another.

“Hey, old hags!” she called out, grabbing their attention from their quarrelling. “Alastor was saying something this morning about the stupid chick going to some water caves. Maybe she’s there?” she suggest, getting a disdain scowl from Angel.

“I know where that is,” he groans, “Fucking Tyco took me there once.”

“I remember the hours of whining that came later too…” muttered Vaggie, noticing Angel making the trek onward. Before following, she grabbed an equally displeased Crymini to keep pace and follows.

Moments after they left, disappearing from sight, a mysterious figure appears before the shop. Moving towards the entrance, he takes notice of the note.

“Heh, so she’s not here eh?” a male, raspy voice spoke, a bit put off but not entirely upset. “Guess I have ta wait til she comes back so I can talk to her.”


The Lost Water Caves was one of the few locations that wasn’t affected entirely by the magic that envelopes the infamous forest.

A large cave connected to the beach and farther out to sea, it has a few small size water pools that would spew waves of sea water, depending on the tide, and multiple tunnels that overlap and intertwine, but would on occassions flood in, making explorations both difficult and deadly. Standing near the edge of the sandy beach and approaching the mouth of the cave, the sounds of waves crashing against rock walls was echoing, letting the trio know that they made it to there destination.

“This is definitely the place.” Vaggie states, covering her eyes for a bit from the harsh, high noon sun as she turns to the others, “I don’t suppose you have a way of finding that girl in there, huh Angel?”

“Fucking give me a minute,” he growls, flinching after hearing another crash of waves as he looks around. The action catches the pink wolf’s attention.

“The fuck is eating him?” she asks off handedly taking note as he flinched again when a tiny wave of salt water moved a bit to close for the spider’s comfort.

Vaggie answers. “He’s not so good with water.”

Raising an eye brow, Crymini asks “As in swimming?”

“As in touching.” stated Angel, almost hissing when said water almost soaked him as a large wave crashed against the cave.

Dumbfounded, she starts to ask, “Then how the Fuck do you take a bath?”


A bit crossed at the new info she rants, “You mean I could have fucking squirted ya with a water pistol if you ever pissed me off?”

“I like to see ya try, ya furry reject.” he warns, agitating the punk demon.

“Bring it on, ya fuckin drag queen!” she called, seeming about ready to start a fight.

In no time he walks to where she is, not minding on dropping the brat a few pegs down. Before either made a move, however, Vaggie goes in between them, trying to push them back. “Guys, there’s no time for this!” she argues, before turning her attention to Crymini, “And you, quit starting shit. Don’t forget that your the reason why we’re here in the first place.”

“He fucking deserves it for ratting me out to Charlie!” the wolf girl howls, but the 80s demon just giving her a look of disapproval and states, “If Angel hadn’t said anything, your beacon would have set off and fucking kill us all. Your lucky that you’re still breathing an-”

She stops herself when she notices Angel dust walking away and heading straight for the cave.

“Angel!” she calls out, “You can’t just walk in there, you’ll get lost!”

“Pff, no I won’t.” he replied, bending down and picking up something from the sand, showing it to Vaggie when she got closer. It was a clear glass marble, that at first didn’t seem special until he tossed it to where the water was crouching up on the beach and it started to glow when it touched the water. “I noticed a few of them near the edge of the cave. That’s probably how she keeps from getting lost in there.”

That said, he moves forward, leaving a slight surprised Vaggie there. Shaking it off she takes a few steps before noticing that someone was missing, she turns to see Crymini, looking absolutely against setting so much as a paw into the wet cave.

“Hey, it’s either wait out here all alone where anyone can jump you or follow us.” suggested Vaggie, “Either way it’s your choice.”

A moment passes before finally, she grumbling stomps towards her and the two of them go to catch up to the spider mobster, finding him already showing displeasure as a wave of water from one of pools almost hits him as he quickly jumps for the walls.

‘At least he’s fucking miserable,’ Crymini thought, with a small smirk growing on her face everytime Angel hissed or jumped from so much as a drop.

As they pass the few pools however, they don’t notice a strange, translucent hand slowly rise from one of the pools…


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