near years eve

Obligatory New Years Eve post!🌟

Every year for as far back as I can remember, I’ve made all sorts of crazy resolutions to transform my body and my life. When 2013 ended, once again I swore that “this would be the year!” that I would finally make changes and really start living my life. Now 2014 is ending and I’m beyond proud to say I actually did it.
This year I successfully moved to a different country and started my legal immigration process, I married the man of my dreams / my best friend and couldn’t be happier, I started my own business, I won a scholarship award for my work at Skreamers haunt, Matt and I moved into the most perfect little apartment and I felt like I had a real home for the first time in years, I designed and modeled 31 different DIY Halloween costumes during October (on a $100 budget!) for my blog (a project which jumpstarted my career in a new direction and has led to so many amazing opportunities), I did the makeup and shot the event photos for the Ottawa Zombie Walk, and I worked my ass off to earn the body I’ve always dreamed of.

A year ago I was confused, lost, angry, broke, stressed out and generally miserable. 2014 was the year I finally made peace with myself and my surroundings. 2015 will be a year for spreading that peace, light and positivity to others as much as I can, and working to better myself even more. Big things are happening and I’m so excited for all the changes and opportunities coming my way in the new year! 🌙

My advice to you all is remember that the bad experiences will make you stronger in the long run. Focus on what matters to you and when it seems like you still have a long way to go, be proud of how far you’ve come. Never forget to extend gratitude to those who help you along the way. Challenge yourself to be a better person, not just on January 1st but every day! ⭐️ Thank you all so much for the continued support! Stay tuned for major adventures and projects coming soon! Sending you all the most positive of vibes 😘😘😘