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y'all should know that one of the reasons why seats are empty at sens games is because ottawa is a government town and the phoenix pay system implemented by the government of canada fucked up to the point where some employees haven’t been payed in 18 months and most of us still aren’t entirely sure when/if our next pay check will come in so spending hundreds of dollars on tickets to a hockey game (no matter how much most people love the team) just isn’t a good idea right now

Headcanon that Eijun and the paparazzi are best buddies.

When pro baseball players Miyuki and Eijun are finally publicly dating (same verse as this lol), needless to say that the paparazzi buzzing around them doubles in number. Eijun, being the clueless country boy + ball of sunshine that he is, instead of shying away from paparazzi or getting pissed off of the lack of privacy, welcomes them with open arms lmao. Like literally, brohugs when he sees them and he knows them by name now haha

It becomes some sort of game for him. Find-the-Hidden-Paparazzi. LOL. When he spots a paparazzi stalking him and Miyuki around, he immediately walks up to them or calls after them. So whenever articles of Eijun and Miyuki come out, they always have these fab photos, some candid, and some very very not candid.

Eijun totally loves doing a lot of dumb poses (*`◇´*)


Miyuki: oH MY GOD EIJUN NO (  ’-’ )ノ)`-’ )

He still goes with Eijun’s shenanigans though.ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

As Eijun says: “Aren’t you happy? They’re taking awesome photos of us and sending it to us for free! Actual photographers are taking photos of us for free! We should be thanking them instead!!"  (*`◇´*) (*`◇´*) (*`◇´*)

Yeah, Eijun doesn’t really get the whole paparazzi thing, but paparazzi people love Eijun. He makes their job easier after all LOL (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

Susan Pevensie

The 1st day

That day was the hardest for Susan.                                                                   Aunt Alberta was sobbing so hard, Mr and Mrs Pole have just arrived, the look on their faces was something Susan never forgot, that or the sound of the sirens (police cars, ambulances) it was hard to make the difference. She always thought of smoking as a nasty habit but that day it seems like a normal thing to do, like an obvious escape.

3 years later

Estranged, that is a nice word to describe Susan, 3 years have gone and sometimes she wasn’t aware of them, of their lost of her lost.                             She came to Oxford to hang with some friends everything and she almost forgot which day was it, almost…                                                By accident, she ends up next to the statue, that statue, that very same place where her brothers hang so often. The place where they used to laugh and joke about if that was King Edmund The Just or the High King Peter, she almost heard Peter’s laugh and that smirk on Edmund’s face. It was like they were there waiting for her, so close to her…

5 years later

She hated that day, well, she actually hated every day that was a reminder of them, of their existence. After the accident, it took Susan a year use normally the train again. She was so deep in her thoughts that she barely could listen but it was so distinctive, her laugh. <‘’Susan, come on’’>                                                        By the time Susan react the train appear in front of her…. ’‘Lucy?’’ 

12 years later

A decade, a decade and a little bit more, that’s too much time. Susan was on vacation in America, again since she was 15, her friends take her to the Arizona dessert but the only thing she saw were the stars. So clear, so shining, so powerful and in the back of her head a whisper, a name, Aslan…

30 years later

A lifetime, that is what Susan lived… her life. Yes, it was hard but at the same time, it became easy. These days she had a family, not like the one she lost, but a good one. She often thought about her parents, she was older than them when they die. It cost her 30 years, near to 11,000 days to came at peace with them, with her… because it never was about the lipsticks or the parties, it was about forget and forgive, learn and eventually move on.                                                                     Three decades and one day she realises who she is: Susan Pevensie, mother, daughter, sister, wife, partner, friend, Queen.                                                       She is Susan Pevensie, the smart one of her group, the realistic, the kind, the gentle… She is Queen Susan of Narnia, sister of High King Peter, of King Edmund and Queen Lucy, she is Susan, the best archer in all Narnia, she is Susan a believer in Aslan and she remembers. She finally remembers.

Clark: Did…did you carry that glass of wine all the way here?

Bruce: *hiccup* may…maybe. 

~~HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!! *lovelovelove* Here’s a Supaman dropping off a drunk Bruce from a New Years Eve party!! They’re going to spend midnight together tho. 

His age was indeterminate. But in cynicism and general world weariness, which is a sort of carbon dating of the personality, he was about seven thousand years old.
—  Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!

I’ve had Akon’s Smack That stuck in my head all week, and this is what happens.

An opinion

Fairly Odd Parent’s “School’s Out! The Musical” was one of the highest points of animated series during the early 2000s, rivaled by the aforementioned series’ first movie “Abra-Catastrophe!” as the show’s best episode and beat only by Avatar: The Last Airbender’s debut as the best of Nickelodeon cartoons of 2005.

Fic Recommendation?

Hey lovelies,

I don’t know if this is something you might want but I saw a lot of you looking for fiction to read. I thought I could do a little fan fiction recommendation for y’all. Hope you like it. If you have any, my ask box is waiting for you. Also sorry for my need of the summary.

Absolution - carmillaboostein

Laura’s dating Danny. Carmilla knows that. It doesn’t stop her from wishing, wanting, waiting. And when the opportunity knocks, you let it in, consequences be damned.

Catching Feelings - that-fangirling-teenager

A hollstein childhood sweethearts au with an angsty sad cursed with bad luck carmilla and overjealous laura hollis who just wants the world for her best friend

Emancipation - ceceash

In a world in which slavery is lawful, Carmilla has just turned seventeen, the legal age of an adult, which means that she can now own a slave. Going to the auction house with her mother, she ends up finding a girl that she hopes will be able to fill the void in her heart.

Fool’s Gold - felixdawkins & turnandchasethewind

Carmilla HSAU, or the one with GSA co-captains LaFontaine and Perry, puppy quarterback Kirsch, track team captain Danny, broody teenager Carmilla and Laura who is about to find out she is not as heterosexual as she thought.

Just Wanna Be Yours - noiselesscreampuff

Carmilla always admired Laura from afar and never did anything else. Laura has always noticed Carmilla but was too intimidated to even be near her. One day, years after high school, they meet again.

My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose - carmilluminati

Two shops next to each other. One a florist, one a tattoo parlour.
Two people. One a bubbly ball of sunshine, the other a punk with a bad attitude.
Guess who runs which.

On Your Ground - kaitlynsgonnakait

Carmilla has sustained a pretty bad injury, but it’s okay. She has a pretty hot doctor.

Pandemic - puntrest 

A deadly virus plagues humanity. The Infected and their blood relatives are placed in quarantine camps where illegal experiments take place. When Laura Hollis’s father falls ill, the two of them are sent to a camp known as Silas. There Laura befriends a group of outcasts who have plans to escape, and she becomes roommates with a mysterious loner named Carmilla.

Secret Craving

Carmilla Karnstein is the new history teacher at Silas High. Laura Hollis is the overly enthusiastic senior that is VERY excited to “get to know her”. Appearances made by the ginger squad and puppy kirsch. Slight Danny/Laura. Laura/Kirsch brotp.

She Wanted Storm - sexshark & operativelawsons 

For centuries Carmilla Karnstein has been kicking up her heels as the best undead assassin in the game. Laura Hollis has spent the last four years trying to figure out how to be the vampire slayer. So when Laura reaches out to Carmilla with a job, it’s not what she expects at all.

The Black Cat - thisismyhalfroomcutie

For her 21st birthday, Laura gets dragged to a strip club, her present waiting inside.

The Trade We Choose - carmillasleatherpants

In November, Carmilla Karnstein turns 25. In November, she becomes the new chairman of Karnstein Industries. In November, Laura will part ways with her.

After November, she’d never see Carmilla Karnstein again.

(Personal Assistant AU)

This Just Can’t Be Summer Love - antisocialgod

From the self-prompt: ‘Cause a little bit of summer makes a lot of history’.

In which 19 year old Carmilla Karnstein lives a pretty easy-going life in Hawaii, surfing in the mornings and taking care of her shop in the afternoons, until one day she saves European tourist Laura Hollis from drowning and everything in her life changes (for the better, of course).

Til Death To Us Part - coughinebrohaus

Carmilla comes back to town for Will’s stag night. Things turn out a little different than she was expecting.

Violets - sarah—kay

Laura’s savings account has been nearly drained, so she’s desperate to find a job as quickly as she can. Luckily, LaFontaine hooks her up with a gig at JP’s flower shop. She’s instantly smitten by the gorgeous brunette who conveniently works at the Book Store across the street.

Wait For Me To Come Home - lover-of-many-things

Laura is an up-and-coming actress passionate about many things including music. Carmilla is a musician seemingly passionate about nothing except music. Hollstein celebrity AU

What The Water Gave Us - mmekeeklovescarmilla

Laura and Carmilla have known each other for years, but unfortunately for their friends Lafontaine and Perry, they’ve disliked each other for just as long. A feud as old as it is pointless, Lafontaine and Perry long ago stopped trying to reconcile the two girls. That is until Lafontaine gets the idea of a lifetime. Or maybe it’s just a recipe for disaster…

Whiskey and Home

AU where Carmilla is a bartender at local watering hole, Silas where she works with her best friend Kirsch.

Laura just started a job at the Daily Herald that her friend Perry and acting editor helps her get. Danny works at the paper as one of their photographers.

You Are Where I Belong

This is a Rockstar/Band AU. This fanfic will involve bits of Hollence, but it is a Hollstein fic. Please be advised, this fanfic will contain severe descriptions of depression and alcohol abuse, a few instances of emotional abuse, and one minor character death. It is a fanfic about choice and finding where you belong.

You’re A Loaded Gun (But You Love Me Better Than Anyone) - danny-lawrences 

Danny Lawrence is the captain of the hockey team and Carmilla Karnstein is the yearbook photographer. When they’re forced to pair up as AP Chemistry lab partners, the two discover they have a lot more in common than they thought and what starts off as a senior year fling turns into something much more serious than they intended. Emotional shenanigans ensue.

(Lawstein High School AU)

Let’s start with that and I may update it if this is something you like

Big love


anonymous asked:

*raises hand* I may or may not be writing a fic loosely containing your Voltron High school au and I have a question! How would the student's address Shiro if he's the teachers assistant?

bro link me when you’re done.

Lance: ‘Mr. Sir Shiro can you tell me when I am ever going to use physics in real life thanks’

Hunk: ‘Hey, Shiro- I mean, Mr. Shiro, do you think the problem could be solved if we instead bypassed these circuits and crossed over to the-’

Pidge: ‘Excuse me Shiro, I’m bored can I please build a robot instead?’

Keith: ‘Hey Shiro, look over my work?’

So in summary: Lance is overly formal for the Irony, Hunk is very formal and polite, Pidge is polite, Keith has known Shiro for a while (lmao maybe Shiro babysat Keith) and his tone reflects that.

Shiro is a very casual teacher’s assistant, he wants the kids to come to him for help so he tries to be really nice and helpful. Basically Shiro is like:

i took this when the guys has just left to show the drawers but i just noticed moomin looking like an indie horror film in the corner

Teacher: okay so on Wednesday you interns are staying at your intern sites for a full day.

Me: *cries a lil*

Teacher: you also have to be the teacher for the full 8 hours


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<< Art Rewind 2014 <<

many thanks to everyone for enjoying drawing with me through this year ♥ I think we’re all ready to say goodbye to 2014, but I’m glad for the people who were sparks of light throughout the last 12 months. Good luck to everyone in 2015! 

This idea of having to explain why it’s racial when we’re swimming in our own blood is silly.
—  Jesse Williams on Mike Brown (and honestly all the brown people whose blood has been spilt since).
counting stars | Marlene & Aurora

Hogwarts, Astronomy Tower
April 26, 1979
{ @auroras-sinistra }

It had been almost three years, nearing the day, since Marlene had set foot on the grounds of Hogwarts. She had been to Hogsmeade of course, visiting the Broomsticks, doing recon when necessary. But to truly be back in the castle, that wasn’t something she had done since her final day as a student, since that final boat ride back to the train at the beginning of the summer, a bright smile and hope for a future shining in her eyes. To return now, she felt almost a stranger; in the overall scheme of things, Marlene had never imagined so few years to seem such a large gap. It seemed stupid, to think that much could change within only a few years. Then, of course, the war had begun and she had been proven wrong – so much had changed within the span of only a few months. To think of just how much had come and grown into something new within the span of thirty-six months was enough to make one’s head spin. 

Marlene McKinnon had always welcomed change - without it, you remained stationary, fixed, without any sort of growth or hope of becoming more than what you enter the world as. In childhood, the thought of never changing was a terrifying thing. But then, as a child, the changes she hoped to go through primarily consisted of gaining boobs, of being more than simply an idiot party girl as people seemed to perceive her as – not the whack job, kidnapped, torture victim whose eyes had long since lost their optimistic shine. How fuckin’ naive, to think this wouldn’t have happened.

She had been told, more or less, not to dress as herself when she returned to the school. After all, this was more or less a reconnaissance mission, a meeting with Dumbledore, nothing to draw unwanted attention from students to. If they were to see an alum in the halls - especially her - questions would be asked. Marlene had to hand it to the old bastard, he knew better than to believe none of his students would go sneaking around after hours. For the briefest of moments, she had considered taking his advice; until she remembered, Hogwarts had been her home once, and if that would give a fake sense of safety for even just a second, she was going to take it, leather jacket, combat boots and all. The cigarettes and booze had been put aside– that was as good as it was going to get.

Her meeting with Dumbledore had ended quicker than anticipated. Still, the idea of returning to an empty flat, to haunted hours until daylight returned, wasn’t something Marlene would find herself jumping at any time soon. As it was, Hogwarts remained one of the few places to still truly feel safe for the woman, and it was childish to hope she could hold onto that. But she would, even for a brief moment, just to regain her breath. Leaving the castle, the cool night air hit her face, pulling a sense of peace over her. She paused in the wide doors for a moment, breathing it in, before a mindless trek of the grounds that had been her playground for so long began. It was aimless, no end in sight, but Marlene couldn’t bring herself to care; for once, she was calm. If only for a moment.

Eventually, she found herself climbing into a familiar tower. Astronomy had never been among her favorite subjects, but she had fared well enough; there was something about the sky that calmed her, strange as it was. Enjoying the serenity, trying to take it for all it was worth while it lasted, Marlene gripped the railing, stepping off the staircase, leaning against the cool iron gate and looking up at the night. “Hell, I wish I could stay here.” She sighed quietly to herself, wistfully. How nice that would be.

The Sherlock Fandom on December 31st, 2013:
  • sherlock fandom: *rises out of stage* oNE DAY MORE
  • tumblr: oh no
  • sherlock fandom: ANOTHER DAY TIL WE GET SERIES 3
  • tumblr: please dont
  • sherlock fandom: THIS NEVER ENDING TROLL OF BBC
  • tumblr: stop
  • tumblr: i quit
  • sherlock fandom: *slightly higher voice* i dID nOT LIVE unTiL tODAAaAAY

“Faith is the reason I do what I do, imagination is the fuel that keeps the creativity flowing.”