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2P! Sweden X Reader: (Bernard)

Haha, this is nothing great but he is one of my favs so I though I should just write a quick fic for him!

“Hey, Y/N.” Bernard said as he sat back on the couch, you looked over to him.
“Yes?” You reply, he thinks for a moment.
“You want to come with me to the park?” He asked, you nodded slightly and he stood.
“Ok, we’ll go now, come on.” He smiled, you stood and followed him out the door.
The both of you walked down the street, where the street lamps were beginning to come on. You could hear Bernard humming softly to himself as you walked, you glanced at him a few times and his smile never left his face. It was a bit darker by the time the both of you got to the park, and there was no one there. He leads you over to a bench near a fountain and under a street lamp, he sat and patted a space next to him, you sat down and looked at the fountain.
“Y/N…” He whispered, you look at him.
“Yeah?” You reply softly, he smiles softly to himself.
“Do you like me?” He continued, your face heats up.
“Y-yeah, I like all of you guys…” You reply shyly, he looks at you.
“No, I mean, do you “like” me?” He asked again, you bit you lip. You though you hide it well, but apparently not. You nod shyly, he sighs.
“I love you though.” He replied, you looked at him in shock.
“L-love…” You breathed, he nods.
“Mm hmm, but we never get to be alone in that house, so I never got to tell you how I fell…” He says, he looks at you and smiles again.
“Why did you bring to the park to tell me this?” You asked.
“…We only got to be alone right now because they have gone to a party, and it’s nice here” He relplied, he then leans in for a kiss, at first you hesitate but lean in as well. Your lips only touch for a moment, before you pulled back with a burning face. He tilts his head a little before placing his hands on your cheeks and leaning in again, with a bit more force behind the kiss. He then stood up and grabbed your hand.
“Come on, let’s go home, they won’t be back until around 2am.” He said as he started walking.

Stevie [Part 1/4]

Prompt : Based on @shittyauswhere a superhero has to deal with a supervillain who thinks they’re their best friend

Pairing : Steve Rogers x OC

Genre : Good ol’ crack and fluff  |   Warning : none

Author’s Note : IT’S BEEN SO LONG AND I’M FINALLY HERE AGAIN AND I MISSED YOU GUYS SO I hope you guys will like this! <3 let me know what you think! this is going to be a 2/3 chaptered fix so yay!

PART 2  |  PART 3

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“He’s not moving.” Bucky mumbled and nudged Natasha’s arm, lips twisted into an amused smile.

“I know.” Natasha hisses back, hands on her waist while she watched her friend’s jaw dropped in shock.

Once they realized this will take lot longer than they expected, they started to look around the destroyed park and took a seat on the only standing bench near them, eyes still trained on Steve and the woman standing in front of him.

“She’s cute.” Bucky commented after a while.

“For a supervillain.” Natasha nodded, lightly chuckling at the slight twitch of Steve’s eyes when the woman’s face brightened.

* * *


“HELLO, STEVIE!” She pranced towards him. Pranced. Steve could hear Bucky laughing behind him and it took every willpower in him not to throw his shield at his best friend.

Steve let out a long sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger. She had her hair tied in a high ponytail today and she was wearing a different shade of dark blue denim jacket.  God. He hated this and he hated himself more for paying attention to these kind of details. She stopped short in front of him, eyes twinkling with glee, which was never a good thing. God knows what else she had done aside from almost leveling the park to the ground and he didn’t want to think about that at all.

“You know I have to arrest you, right?”

“But I got us a table at the new restaurant around the block!” She gawked at him as if he was the evil one. God help him. Steve’s eyes twitched a little at her shocked expression. He’d tell her she was an adorable if it weren’t for the fact that she is a supervillain.

“And who did you threaten to get that reservation?”

“I did not threaten anyone.” She gasped in mock hurt, clutching her hand to her chest and Steve let out another sigh.

“Look! Here’s the ticket.” She took it out of her jacket pocket and showed it to him, smiling sheepishly when he noticed the names and the tiny red stain on the corner. “They’re not going to miss it.”

“Please tell me you didn’t kill them.” Steve groaned.

“I didn’t! They’re already dead, okay! I found this in the morgue when I was snooping around. And it’s a nice restaurant!”

Steve squeezed his eyes shut for a few seconds and took a few deep breaths. He could still hear Natasha and Bucky laughing at him from across the park. Another sigh escaped his lips before he turned to face her again. She was still staring at him with her hopeful eyes and flushed cheeks and goddammit he wasn’t supposed to think she was cute. He wasn’t supposed to think about her at all. He snatched the ticket from her. Her face broke into a huge smile and he cursed himself when his heart did that stupid pit-a-pat thing. She destroyed a park. She just destroyed a park. Get a hold of yourself.

“So, are you going to pick me up at six? We could go to a little ice cream shop afterwards. The weather’s a bit chilly but we’re both kinda immune to that, right? We could bond and be friends. I even let you have a sleepover at my pl–HEY!”

“You’re coming with us, [Y/N].” Steve grumbled, sensing an oncoming headache while he cuffed her hands.

“I guess that’s a no on the dinner and ice cream?”

* * *

In retrospect, he probably should have seen it coming. Why else would they ask him to come to stop a robbery. Tony invented a fucking state-of-the-art stun gun that could help the bankers put down the robbers discreetly. The man even went down to the bank himself to teach them how to use it. Maria Hill only shook her head when he mentioned this and forced him to go and stop the robbery. She literally pushed him into the car, not giving him time to change, shove the shield inside, and slammed the car door shut before he could say anything. So much for a weekend, Steve thought,

“STEVIE!” Steve (along with Bucky and Sam who wanted to tag along) turned his head towards the building and gawked at her. She was standing by the window, flailing her arms around to get his attention. And she beamed. She fucking beamed when he finally caught her eyes.

“Your girlfriend’s real cute.” Sam snickered.

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Keep telling yourself that, pal.” Bucky smacked Steve’s shoulder before he and Sam jogged away from him. Steve flipped them off and muttered a string of curse words as he made his way inside the bank.

She had rounded all civilians in a corner and was busy emptying the vault when he walked inside. Blue swirls of her power floated past him as she put the money inside another duffel bag.

“What the fuck is this, [Y/N].” Steve said before he could even stop himself. She pushed the plate of cookies towards him with her power and moved away from the empty vault. Steve fleetingly wondered what these civilians were thinking as they watched the interaction between [Y/N] and him.

“Cookies! Chocolate chip cookies! Fresh from the oven!” She grinned, taking a piece of the cookie. “I even bought you coffee,” she added as she took out a cup of starbucks coffee from under the table and for a moment, he was touched. The warm feeling quickly replaced with mild indignation when he read the name on the cup.

“Mr. Stan.” He looked up from the cup and  narrowed his eyes at her. “You stole this.”

“He was nowhere to be seen.” She shrugged. She casually took a sip from the cup before munching on her cookie.

“Come sit here, Steve.” She pat the chair next to her and gestured her other hand towards the frightened group of people. “I promise I’ll let them go.”

“…..fine.” He begrudgingly sat next to her, eyes fixed on her as she opened the door with a flick of her hand.

Her lips curled into a smile and she motioned at the opened door, voice light and cheerful as she spoke, “You’re free to go.”

“So…. How are you, Steve? You look good in leather jacket. I like it.” She was so bubbly and cheerful it threw him off for a good minute. She was wearing a similar brown leather jacket paired with a turtleneck and black skinny jeans. She even braided her hair today, he noticed.

“Why are so quiet? Are you pissed that I didn’t go to your thanksgiving dinner?” She asked again. “You know i was in jail, right?”

“I know. I PUT YOU THERE.” Steve groaned, slamming his head against the cold table.

She laid her head on the table and gave him a little smile when he opened his eyes. “Look at us, being friends and shit. We’d make a lovely couple too.”

“We’re not friends. You’re a villain, [Y/N].”

“Labels are not my thing.” She shrugged and rested her hand on his shoulder. Steve’s heart definitely did not skip a beat when she didn’t break eye contact with him and gave him the most adorable smile he has ever seen.

She hummed a little christmas tune and started to tell him about her days, oblivious to Steve’s inner turmoil.

“I saw your fat dog the other day. Kept it in my place while you were gone.”


“Such a nice dog. I love him. I named him Eggtart.”

Steve buried his face in his arms and groaned. “So that’s why he never responded when I call his name.”

“ANYWAY… I think I want to borrow Eggtart again next week. I found a nice dog beach not far from here and I want to take him there. You’re free to join us if you want.”

“Eggtart is a ridiculous name.” Steve finally said after a while.

“So… you’re coming with me and Eggtart next week?”

Steve wished he could go into cryostasis and sleep for another century.


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dino + stars

You were sat beside Chan on a bench, a blanket thrown over you to keep you warm. “Why did we come here? It’s freezing,” you asked Chan who told you he was going to show you something amazing, so he had dragged you out at midnight.

He grins and pulls you into his arms, shaking his head. “You’ll see.”

“What even are we waiting for?” you asked out of curiousity after a few minutes of cuddling. Chan sighed, clearly a little confused himself. “The lights here are supposed to- ah.” Now you saw what he meant, the big lights near the benches turned off and only the city lights brought you light but now you could see the huge amount of stars in the sky.

“The stars are amazing!”

He chuckles, a content look on his lips - it had all worked out in the end. He then slips his hand under your blanket, finding your hand and interlocking your fingers.

“They’re usually so hard to see in the city but I came here once alone and noticed that this way you could see the stars really well.”

“Yeah,” you reply, still looking up. “They’re incredible.”

“Did you know I know nearly all the star formations?” Chan asks you with a smirk. “Name at least three then,” you challenged him. There was no way he knew all of them, and besides he had started bluffing a lot these days but mostly just to make you laugh.

Chan successfully named two but after he realised his defeat, he blushed out of embarrassment and you couldn’t help laughing at his cute reaction. “It’s been a while so I’ve just forgotten,” he tried to explain but you weren’t buying any of his excuses. “The third one is clearly our star…” you whispered, cringing at your own words immediately.

“That has got to be the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said Y/N,” Chan commented, laughing so hard he had to bend down a little. “Did it ruin the mood?” You asked, honestly quite worried if you had but Chan disagreed and said that if anything, you had just made it better.

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Kiseok (Husband 💍) explaining to the fans how you two meet (feature Gray lol ) : Kiseok - It was really awkward , for being sincere ! MC - Awkward ? What do you mean ? Kiseok - (y/n)…is really a particulary person. You can’t find another person like her , in this world , i guess. She and i meet in front of the building ||of AOMG , of course , just imagine that their agency being like YG || near a bench. All the fans were crying , screaming , jumping ! MC - Jumping ? Kiseok - Yes , they were too excited and (y/n) was there too, she was like “I’m not interesed about him , who is he ?” Seunghwa - Her friend said “(y/n) is just shy . She likes you so bad ” and she turned her head and said “Nope , i don’t know them !” with a salty voice. I was shocked by her attitude lol ! Kiseok - We had to go…But her friend told me to talk to her maybe she will not be like this…I didn’t do it , i just signed the autograph that she asked me and leave away…But (y/n) catched me by the shoulder. She gave me a paper where she wrote her number and she ran away ! Gray - She was so cute 😄! Kiseok - I’ve waited near 4 days for call her. I was wondering if it wasn’t a joke and she respond, we talked a little bit . I really don’t knew her and i tried to explain her that i could not do stuff like that. She tried to understand but i knew that she was so mad ! Gray - Why you lying ? That man stayed near 5 hours at phone with her that we all tought that they were preparing for their wedding 👰💐💒! Kiseok - We had a good conversation , and i tought a lot about her after the call ! Gray - He was saying “I did something bad , i want to kill me ” ! Kiseok - Anyway, i can not remember all the things but it was really really a good experience ! Gray - Wtf , are you talking about 😐? Kiseok - I do like youtubers “story time” 😃 ! Gray - So , you watch stuff like this ? Kiseok - No , my wife watches this and sometimes she forces me to watch with her lol !

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Random HC #5 (Sequel to #4)


This really was a bad idea. Robbie is sure about that now, when he and Sportacus sit down on a bench, near the woods. He glances at the hero before he snaps without the usual edge in his voice “Why are you insisting on sitting down? You’re usually the LAST person who sits down!”
“Because this is no question to discuss standing near a mailbox,” Sportacus looks at him openly and with an encouraging smile “So. What exactly would you like to know about love?”
“This… This is ridiculous!” Robbie attempts to stand up again. But Sportacus rests a hand on his shoulder and holds him back with gentle force “No. It is not. Please. You said, you haven’t slept in days because of this… And a good night’s rest is…”
“All right, all right!” interrupts the villain one of Sportacus’ usual health educations. He sighs lowly, before finally muttering “I really don’t know if love actually exists… It’s…unlikely…”
Sportacus looks at him wide-eyed “But…of course it does! Robbie, how do you even get the idea that it does not??”
“Well, there’s been no prove of its existence! Surely not for ME, anyway!” he didn’t intend to say this out loud, but the hero does this to him. For some reason, he can’t help but speak his mind when he’s around and they’re talking normally. That’s why it’s easier for him in disguise, since then, everything is a big act… “Robbie…” Sportacus’ shocked voice rids him out of his thoughts and he realizes, his nemesis is looking at him with these puppy eyes again, that always start this funny feeling in his stomach again. “Robbie, that surely isn’t true. You MUST have experienced love of some kind in your life! You’re just…confused…”
Robbie gives him a look. The hero thinks about it for a moment, then his eyes brighten up “What about your parents?!”
A snort. Sportacus’ smile drops and he clearly considers asking about Robbie’s parents, but realizes that this very likely isn’t the right place nor time for that. He tries again “…Uhm… Siblings.” A frown. “…Any…crushes?…” A raised eyebrow. “…Pets?…” A long, annoyed sigh. Sportacus actually becomes desperate now “Okay. Then what about…” he claps his hands happily “…yourself!?” Silence. “…Huh?…” Robbie looks at him, his eyes giving away his confusion “What…do you mean?…”
“Well, everybody has a certain love for himself! It’s what keeps you going and motivated!” Sportacus’ smile drops again and his gaze turns into horrified realization, when Robbie just stares at him uneasily “…You… You know… Acceptance!?”
“Yes. You accept yourself. Your body, your actions, your mind… What makes you YOU, you see!? That’s the first step to loving yourself!” the hero forces himself to calm down a little when Robbie just lowers his eyes and obviously doesn’t understand what Sportacus is trying to tell him. The hero takes a deep breath in. He knows that he’s about to go in deep water now, but he really wants to help Robbie and it’s obvious that the question about love has taken a turn to aim at something much more serious even. - The way, Robbie sees himself and maybe why he acts like he sometimes does. Sportacus knows that he’s the only one who might be able to help him with understanding his own thoughts, actions and emotions better. His voice is calm and soft when he now hesitatingly rests a hand on Robbie’s tensed back “…Robbie… Do you…like the way you are?…”

Our Story | pt. 1 | destiel au

So here’s a thing that I’m writing. Enjoy (:

(this is dedicated to the my lovies @breathedean and @polaroidcas) p>

“Dear Cas,” Dean starts as he twirls a black ink pen in his hand and stared at a blank notebook. “This is the story of how we met, of how we fell in love. This is the story that never ends. This is the story of us.”

Winter of 1990

Dean walks along the deserted park trail, the cold December wind numbing his face. Though it was cold, Dean paid no attention to the below zero temperature that seeped through his veins, practically putting the blood flow to a halt as it freezes to ice. In reality his blood doesn’t freeze; it stays at its constant temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dean goes nowhere in particular. He lets his feet take their own path. Dean shivers as he pulls the warmth of his worn leather jacket closer to his body. When he nears the bench he normally sat at to ponder life, he sees a boy with dark, messy hair. He wore only a black hoodie and jeans and a pair of worn out sneakers. Curious, Dean makes his way to the boy who took his beloved wooden bench.

“Hey.” Dean greets, sitting down. The boy looks up and the first thing Dean notices are his eyes. He had the most beautiful, bright, crystal clear blue eyes. “Hi.” He says quietly. “You’re only wearing a hoodie, aren’t you cold?” Dean asked. The boy shook his head. “I’m used to it.” Dean nodded, analyzing the boy who sat next to him. “When meeting someone new, pay close attention to their eyes. Eyes show what words cannot say.” Dean’s mother had said that to him while he stood by her deathbed. Since then, with every person Dean met from then on he paid close attention to their eyes.

When Dean looked into the boy’s blue eyes and saw emptiness. “So, what are you doing out here by yourself in this freezing cold weather wearing nothing but a hoodie?” The boy looked at Dean warily before answering. “Just thinking.”

“Just thinking huh?” Dean nodded. “Well,” Dean started, “we can think together.” Dean smiled at the boy. “I’m Dean, by the way.” The boy returned the smile. It was small, but it was still a smile. “I’m Castiel, but call me Cas.” The boy said. “Nice to meet you, Cas.”  Dean and Cas sit in an awkward silence, Cas stared at the grown while Dean studied Cas. Noticing him shiver, Dean shrugs off his jacket. “Here.” Dean says, catching Cas’ attention. “You’re shivering so take it.” Cas shakes his head. “No, I can’t wear your jacket. You’ll be cold.” Dean rolls his eyes. “Don’t worry about me. Now take the damn jacket.” Reluctantly, Cas reaches out and takes the jacket. Cas feels warm instantly, yet he still feels bad. “Are you sure?” Cas tries again. If Dean was cold, he sure as hell won’t show it. For some strange reason, Dean felt the need to keep Cas safe. Like he was Dean’s responsibility even though he just met the guy. “So, Cas. How old are you?” Dean wonders. “22.” Cas vaguely answers. “No kidding? That’s my little brothers age. His names Sam, but I call him Sammy. Sammy, now he’s one smart kid. He’s off studying law at Stanford.” At this Dean paused and glanced at Cas. “Sorry for my rambling. I probably just bored you huh?” Cas shook his head. “No, you didn’t. Your brother sounds like a nice guy.” Dean smiles fondly. “Yeah, he is. So, Cas. You got any siblings?” Cas hesitates before answering. “Yeah. I have three older brothers. Michael, Gabriel, and Luci. I haven’t heard from Michael or Luci in a while, but I talk to Gabriel pretty much everyday. Gabriel’s the type of brother who jokes around all the time, but he can also become serious instantly if need be.” Cas stops, realizing that he’s talking to a stranger who probably doesn’t even care. “Well, Cas, you seem to have a great brother.” Cas smiles softly and nods. “Yeah, I do don’t I? Hey, um I have to get to work. It was nice talking to you, Dean.” Ignoring the sinking feeling he gets in his gut, Dean smiles. “It was nice talking to you too, Castiel.” Against his will, Cas blushes when Dean uses his full name. Dean stays behind as he watches Cas walk away, not caring that he still wore his jacket.

Weighing You Down - Bart Allen x Reader

Requested by Anon -  the reader, who is dating Bart Allen, has trouble walking and is insecure because they think that they’re ‘weighing him down’, and seeks reassurance from Bart.

You knew this was a bad idea. Bart had wanted to take you to this new amusement park in Central City for weeks now. You kept saying no, but then he looked at you with those green puppy dog eyes, and your heart melted. 

After about ten minutes of walking around slowly, you had to sit down. Bart quickly led you to an empty bench near the swing ride. You collapsed onto the bench, sighing in relief. Bart plops down next to you and gently takes your hand in his.

“You okay, Babe,” Bart asks, squeezing your hand. He studies your face with concern.

“I’m fine, I just need a minute,” you gasp as you try to catch your breath. Absentmindedly, you entwine your fingers with his. Taking a glance at Bart, you notice him watching the swing ride with interest. “You can go on without me if you want.”

“No, we can go together once you’re ready,” Bart replies sweetly, pressing a quick kiss to your cheek. 

You both sit in silence for a moment while you were lost in your thoughts. “Why do you stay with me,” you question, gazing off into the distance. In the corner of your eye, you see Bart give you a startled look. 

“What are you talking about,” he says, while trying to get you to look at him. You keep your gaze away from him. 

“You know what I mean,” you explain, tears filling your eyes. “I can barely walk sometimes, and you’re one of the fastest people alive. You are so strong, and I’m so weak. I feel like I just weigh you down all the time because of my problems.”

Bart hushed you before gently sliding his arm over your shoulders to pull you closer to him. He buries his face in your hair. “I stay because I love you. I love the way you see the best in everyone you meet. I love how you make me laugh at the simplest things. You are so much stronger than I am that I don’t know how you could possibly be interested in me,” Bart whispers into your ear as tears slide down your cheeks. “If anything, I think I weigh you down.”

“No, you don’t,” you shoot back, turning to meet his gaze. “I love you, you couldn’t possibly weigh me down.” 

“Then you understand how I feel about you,” Bart laughs at your wide eyed expression while brushing away tears on your cheeks. He begins to press butterfly kisses all over your face at super speed, making you giggle.

You push him away, saying, “Bart, stop. We’re in public.”  

He playfully raises an eyebrow at you. “I can have us to your place in a minute,” he teases seductively. You shake your head at him.

“I thought you wanted to go to this amusement park,” you ask, tapping his nose. 

“Yeah, but I have a different ride we can go on,” he whispers with lust in his eyes. 

“Down Boy,” you warn, giving him a stern look. “I’m ready to ride the swings now if you’ll help me over there?”

Bart grumbles before helping you stand and slowly walk towards the swing ride. “I’m totally feeling the mode.” You laugh at his grumbling before giving him a quick kiss.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you later,” you promise, loving the way his eyes lit up.

“That would be crash,” he exclaims as he scoop you up in his arms to spin you around. You laugh when he carries you over to the line for the swings, knowing you were secure in his arms.  

“Who I Am Inside” Part 13

A/n: Here it is!!! Let me know what you think down below!!! :) Let me know if you want to be tagged in future chapters!

My Master List

   “Conrad!!! Where are we going?!” I couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous this was.

   “Almost there, Y/n/n! He laughed as well, and pulled on my hand for a little bit longer.

It started to warm up when we arrived. We stopped at a bench near the lake in the wide, open park. The sight was breath taking. Conrad turned around and smiled again. It was like a breath of spring. I pulled myself closer to him and let our lips meet again. It was a passionate yet subtle kiss.

“Here, come sit by me. I want to show you something.” He carded his fingers through my hair and led me to the bench. I sat next to him, and he pulled out his guitar.

“Where did yo-” He smiled and cut me off

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Hyunae (Jungkook, You) Scenario

Word prompt request

Since I couldn’t post a new chap for Heartbreak Synthesis tonight…and part 2 for Laws of Motion & Attraction is still in the works, here’s Kookie scenario in the meantime. :) 

He stood by the bench near the big oak tree where he told her he’d wait for her.

Jungkook was never late.

As he looked at his watch, he sighed, wondering why time seemed to go too slow whenever he waited–whenever he waited for her.

He chuckled when he remembered that he wasn’t even fazed by time itself; even letting himself believe that the moments you go through in life will merely pass you by and a new one will always come along. Moments which could make you smile, laugh, and even cry.

Jungkook always loved to move forward. But right now as he waited, he wished time could slow down, go back even…

Because that’s what happens when you took precious moments for granted.

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@new-vogue-ravyn​ I AM ALL TOO HAPPY TO GO ON AND ON ABOUT BOOKS (i hope the crimson peak reading is going well~)

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading? Do you read outside?

i read on my bed mostly but lately i’ve taken to wandering outside and sitting on benches near my dorm to enjoy the nice weather outside as well as force myself to be away from 

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

i have tons of bookmarks but i also use sticky notes bc i tend to have like a million bookmarks in use at once

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Dancing in the Dark | Cassandra & Open

Cass chuckled and pulled her guitar a little closer to her, strumming softly as she watched a middle aged man moonwalk his way past her. Seeing a young couple nearing her bench, she changed the tempo of her song so they would, literally, waltz right by her.

Coming to Biodome Park and messing with people was actually one of Cass’s favorite ways to entertain herself. Honestly, besides the skills she used for her gigs, the ability to convince people to randomly burst into song and dance was her favorite. This evening was no different. The air was clear and cool, and she was in a good mood.

As she spotted another figure heading toward her from the darkness to her side, she smirked and picked up the tempo, while putting a little more funk into her song.

The Suga Series #03

-Wait a second- you asked for what seemed like the tenth time.  

You were with Yoongi at the mall, you two had been walking through every men store looking for a new sweater Yoongi wanted and also taking advantage of this to have a little fun together and relax; but you decided that this was the perfect time to dress all fancy and put on those new high heels you were dying to wear for the first time. Everything to look good for your already gorgeous boyfriend. But now those heels that seemed all so pretty were killing you slowly.

-Jagiya, It’s like the eleventh time you told me to stop, what’s wrong? – He was dressed so casual in ripped jeans, a plain black t-shirt and his air jordan’s but he looked so good. 

You smiled at him despise the pain. –Nothing, I’m just a little tired-

He squinted his eyes examining you from head to toe. –Let’s go sit over there- he pointed a near by bench and took your hand again, walking a little bit slower to get there. You thanked god, sitting down never had felt so good. –Wait here- he told you, not giving you a chance to ask him where he was going, so you just sat there, waiting for him to come back.

Yoongi took his good twenty minutes, in which you were awfully bored with the sole company of your phone, so you instantly brighten up when you saw him coming. –What do you have there? Did you find your sweater? - You asked noticing the bag in his hand, feeling a bit bad for not being able to go and buy it with him. All because of those heels.

Yoongi pulled out a box, and extended it to you. –These are for you-

You opened the box and saw a pair of stunning black Air Jordans, much like his but his were in white. –Babe… this is… why?-

-You shouldn’t wear shoes that damage your body- he kneeled in front of you and you blushed hard. He was actually going to change your shoes. –Here- he said while getting it all together, he even bought socks and band aids so your feet wouldn’t get more hurt.

When he was done he sat back next to you without saying anything. You couldn’t stop smiling. Your Yoongi loved you too much. –Thank you babe- you said stretching your body a little so you could give him a quick peck.  –You are the best-

Yoongi smirked, taking your hand and getting up the bench. –I know-

more houseless discourse because this morning has already been a trip

some good advice to heed is that you should always clean up after yourself 100% after you sleep in a spot but what’s even BETTER ADVICE is if you SEE A HOMELESS PERSON GETTING UP FROM THEIR SPOT don’t FUCKING yell at them about getting up from the spot and cleaning it. if you work on the property, you can be like “hi good morning can you clean up please? Thank you.” it happens all the time. This is easy to do. respect gets respect in return. this grown ass man waking up on a bench near us started crying because a man yelled at us for previous messes that we didn’t even make. if you treat the homeless like this i hope you lose your house


West got up from his crouching position on the floor, wiped his hands clean and picked up a small, near empty container from the bench R5 was laying on. His third leg was malfunctioning. Again.

“Could you pick me up some more pegs while you’re out?” He didn’t take his safety goggles off, looking a bit comical. A few of the metal pegs dance around in the container as he held it out to her. “Whatever sizes they have. I need mostly the real small ones though.”

     Anna didn’t know why it struck her as comical as it did, but she found herself laughing at his appearance. Not in a mocking way at all, but quite amused. She thought she had gotten used to having him around to the point of comfort and not even being phased by his current quirky appearance but she was wrong. Placing her hands on her hips she eyes what he is doing and answers, ❝Sure, pegs, got it. How’s the patient?❞ She raises a brow, motioning with the nod of her head to the droid.