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A few nights a year, LGBT senior centers throw the best party in New York City.

“There was this woman at the last dance who was like, ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks!’” recounts photographer Ethan James Green, sitting on a park bench near his apartment in lower Manhattan. “She screamed it while I was taking her picture.”

Green is quite young (27) and best known for capturing a very youthful downtown underground scene, so it’s slightly surprising that he spends his free time hanging around LGBT senior center dances, taking black-and-white prom-esque portraits of the elderly attendees. His subjects may be old, but in front of his camera they seem anything but. They flirt, they flex, they cavort, they make out, they goof off. “It’s almost like we’re on a fashion shoot,” says Green. “People really show up. They get to have fun, not care, just be who they are and not think twice about it.”

The subjects he shot for Vogue attended two of these dances. The first, last fall in Brooklyn, was hosted by GRIOT Circle, a 21-year-old organization dedicated to serving the needs of elder LGBT people of color (its motto: “We don’t do bingo!”). The second, this spring at the Copacabana on West 47th Street, was a fundraiser in support of SAGE, a national services and advocacy group founded in New York in 1978.

Three decades ago, when SAGE organized its first women’s dance, Jerre Kalbas, then a sprightly near-septuagenarian, manned (or rather, womaned) the door. In those days, she remembers, “we were still very frightened, very hidden.” Now 99, Kalbas walks with a cane and wears gloves to ameliorate the pain of acute carpal tunnel in her hands. She can’t dance (“Not these fancy dances!”), but she’s still showing up. “I love to see all the women dancing,” she says. “I mean: It’s amazing.”

Read more and see the rest of the photos in Vogue.

When She Gets Sleepy

- This is my first “fic” well it will be more of a drabble -


Warnings: unedited, first fic I’ve ever written, hopefully super fluffy fluff

Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Summary: The boys have been really busy lately, reader is sleepy and clingy, the boys just love the way she acts when she needs more sleep.

AN: I hope this is good for the first imagine I’ve written, I was inspired by @a-schuylerr  ‘s poly!hamilsquad imagine, “heavy eyes”.  I wrote all this in one sitting, feel free to tell me if you like it or tell me some improvements, thanks :)


Originally posted by scientists-and-stars

     Now you weren’t going to lie, You haven’t been sleeping very well the past few days. 

     All the boys were very busy. Hercules with his tailoring, he is having to deal with a very picky rich woman who wanted everything to be her way or the highway. 

     Alexander was busy with all the work his boss, George Washington, was giving him. Then there is always fighting with Jefferson. 

     And John is busy…. Well you aren’t really sure what he’s been busy with, he’s just going in and out of the apartment constantly.

     Then there was Lafayette. He was busy with volunteering at a local high school, tutoring children learning French. In fact, he is loving teaching his native tongue to the youngsters so much that he is thinking of possibly applying to be an official French teacher.

     Now listen, it wasn’t that the boys were ignoring you, not by any means. They were just all so busy. Alex was staying up all night until dusk working on god knows what on his computer. Here being kept up late in his shop working on all his clothes he was making. John doing whatever it was John was doing.

     The point is, they all got into bed once you were asleep and all at ungodly hours in the morning. You missed cuddling with them. And you tried you damn hardest to get them all to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but no matter your persuasive tactics, they would not budge from their respective places.

     You all had the day off today, though they were at home, they were all still doing work. You were up, but still very sleep deprived and feeling sorta needy, you needed to touch them, you missed them. 

     But, it didn’t matter that you missed them and all you wanted to do was cuddle and watch a movie and eventually fall asleep. It didn’t matter because you had to go to the supermarket to get some food.

     “Hey guys, I’m going to go to the store to get some food, anyone want anything?” you asked by the front door slipping on your favorite pair of boots, ‘cause it’s cold as hell in New York during the winter.

      To your surprise, both Laf and John jumped up and said they’d join you.

      You were more than happy to have them come along. The three of you set off down the stairs of your building after you all put on your coats, Laf made sure both you and john had on a scarf and a beanie and were warm enough. 

     Once at the store you took out your list of items you needed and the three of you set off to look for your desired items. The trip ended up taking much, much longer than anticipated, it took two and a half hours.

     By the time you were in the check-out line, you were leaning heavily on Laf’s shoulder with your hand intertwined with his. John was looking at the two of you with so much love in his eyes. 

     “Mon amor, are you tired?” Laf teased.

     “Mhm,” was the only response you were able to produce.

     While you were waiting in this horridly long line, you closed your eyes. Above your head John and  Laf glanced at each other, down at your sleepy form, back at each other, then smirked.

     The boys love it when you got sleepy, ‘cause when you got sleepy you got clingy and cuddly and become very dependent on your four boys to take care of you and hold you. 

     John quickly texted both Herc and Alex to tell them that you were in this mood. He told them to get some blankets out and wrap up whatever they were working on.

     All whilst checking out, you leaned on Laf and mumbled half awake sentences about hurrying up. John and Laf only internally “awwww”ed and lightly chuckled at you behavior.

     On the car ride back to your apartment you sat in the back with John cuddled up to his side, your head on his chest. His soft humming, one hand running through your hair, the other rubbing your thigh in soothing motions, and the steady rise and fall of his chest were all coaxing you into sleep. 

     When you got back to the apartment building, John shook you awake. Your eyes fluttered open, you closed them again, your eyebrow creasing with the unwanted and unexpected awakening. You slowly brought you hands, curled in loose fists, to softy rub your eyes.

     “W-wha’s goin’ on? Wha’ happened?” you murmured sleepily

     “You fell asleep, baby girl, we’re back at the building now, you gotta get up,” John replied, a smile on his face. You were just so damn adorable.

      “Oh,” you pouted slightly, you were so tired you couldn’t see straight. You lifted your arms with as much strength as you could muster and made grabby hand at Laf, signaling to him that you wanted to be carried,

     Laf chuckled and did that thing people do when they see something so cute they frown and smile at the same time, trying not to exclaim out loud how cute and adorable and precious you were being.

     Laf scooped you up into his arms. You wrapped your legs around his waist, you arms wound tightly around his neck and nuzzled you head into the crook of his neck. His hands rested at you lower back and one under your jean-clad bottom to ensure you don’t fall. The placement of his hands pushed you closer to your boyfriend, you hummed contently, loving the physical contact.

     Oblivious to you, Laf’s head shot up to make eye contact with John. Their eyes wide, trying their damnedest not to make any noises about you kola like behavior. 

     Laf, with you curled around him, carried you to the elevator, John strolled behind you two, looking at your head and how every now-and-then you would nuzzle your nose into his neck, your eyes closed and a content smile in your face.

     When you finally got to your floor and into to the apartment, Laf set you on the bench near the front door that the five of you use to put extra bundle necessities in, and to sit in to put on and take off your shoes. 

     After taking off his own shoes, John bent down to unite and take off your shoes. While he was busy doing that you very slowly took off you coat and other winter accessories. 

     You softly rubbed you eyes again and looked up at John, who had now stood at full height, looking down at you making sure you got everything off without trouble. He smiled at you and offered you his hand. You smiled a small smile back and took his hand. He helped you up and you leaned against him.

     As you neared the living room, your feet dragged. You were just so sleepy. 

     Alex was sitting all alone on the couch. Unknown to you, Laf had quickly gone to him once he saw Alex was seated on the couch and told him of your adorable sleepy clingy behavior. He kissed him and told him he needs to cuddle with you alone for a minute. 

     Once Alex saw you his face lit up, when he saw how you leaned on John and how cute you looked. His smile got bigger and internally thanked whatever god or gods there were that this beautiful woman, and handsome freckled man beside her, loved him. Alex could write for days on how beautiful and adorable you looked, clinging to John’s arm.

     “Awwww, come here sweetheart,” Alex said to you, winking at John, silently telling him he knew what was going on and what was going to happen. John walked the two of you over to the couch, you crawled into Alex’s lap nuzzling you head into his neck, one hand at your side, the other wound in his hair. 

     Above your head John gave Alex one or two affectionate greeting kisses. After they parted, John planted a soft, lingering kiss to the top of your head, then headed to the kitchen to help put up the couple of food bags Laf had taken from him before you even registered that you needed to take off you coat, just seconds ago. He kissed Herc for maybe a little longer than needed, but nobody was objecting. The two men who went with you on your shopping trip filled in Herc on how cute you were acting, how they just love you leaning on them, your clingy-ness, your little stumble shuffle combo as you attempt to walk at a reasonable pace. 

     Alex looked down at you fondly and said something you didn’t quite catch… Wait, when did you get into Alex’s arms. Ohhh, he so warm, and smells so good. And him rubbing soothing circles on your back, the other on your knee and thigh. Good lord- you could drift off into sleep right now. You feel his warmth and affection seeping into you, you were just too tired to know what was going on. His actions soothed you, you were falling asleep again, but you felt as if somewhere, far away, someone was trying to talk to you. You whimpered, burrowing your face closer to his neck, if that was even possible.

      You are just about to fall asleep once again you feel his chest rumble as he says, “Hmmm, how ‘bout that,love? Would you like that? Did’ya hear me, little one?”

     You grunted out a small “what”, getting metaphorically drunk of his warmth, sent, and the warm breath being blown on to your neck as he talks.

     He chuckled lightly, if you’d have been fully responsive at the time you would have heard the smile in his voice as he repeated himself, “I said, how ‘bout we get you out of those jeans and into some sweats and we can all cuddle in bed, we have all had a long week, I think we all deserve a cuddle session.”

      You slowly nodded, liking that idea, but not quite understanding in your half-asleep, well mostly asleep, daze.

     As soon as you had finished nodding, your other three amazing boyfriends came out of the kitchen, Herc in the lead, eager to see you and cuddle you. 

     Herc crouched down in front of you and Alex and rested a hand on your thigh softy to get your attention. Your eyebrows crease once again, like they did in the car before you slowly lifted your head from the crook of Alex’s neck and was met with the face of your fourth lover, who had an endearing smile on his face, looking at you fondly.

     “Hey there, sleepyhead,” Herc murmured to you, but the room was quiet enough that everyone herd it, even Laf and John who were embracing each other and smiling fondly and the small group on and in front of the couch.

     “H-herc, hey, man, I m-missed you,” you mumbled, not having enough energy to speak very loud. You slowly lifted your arms from Alex to attempt to latch on to Herc.

     Your lovers all chuckled, they found it amusing yet endearing that you called people “man” and “dude” when you were, or weren’t, tired.

     Herc easily picked you up spun around in the direction of the bedroom, all after you had wrapped yourself around him, just like you had done with Laff not even ten minutes ago.

     The rest of the boys followed in suit, John stopping by the thermostat to turn the heat down a little, once you were all five in bed, with all those big, furnace bodies *cough, cough* Laf and Herc *cough,cough*, somebody is bound to get a little over heated *cough, cough* you or Alex *cough, cough.*

     Herc set you down on you feet, Laff by your side to keep you from falling over. John get you someone’s boxers, probably Alex’s, and grabbed a Black Lives Matter shirt, probably Herc’s, judging by the size, just a little bigger than Laf’s shirt.  

      John tossed the boxers and shirt to Laf so he could help you undress and dress. While Laf help you, the other boys got in more comfy clothes as well. 

       Laf slowly slid your jeans down your legs, being very patient while you wobbled and grabbed his shoulder to steady yourself when stepping out of them. Next came you panties, you were fine with being bare in front of them, they loved you for you. He steadied you as you stepped into the boxers. He slid them up your legs, when he stood at full height, he looked down at you and smiled, seeing your eyes closed and head tilting forward. 

      John kissed the place where Laf’s shoulder meets his neck and murmured in his ear, “You get comfy, I’ll finish changing our sleepy little one.”

     Laf nodded an okay, turned and kissed John on the lips, only to part a couple seconds late when they heard your tired needy whine. Laf chuckled against the freckled man’s lip, and muttered to him, “Our princess sure is cling today, better get moving, she just might, how you say… pass out? Oui, pass out.”

     Now it was John’s turn to nod. He pecked Laf’s lips once more, then turned to you. Your eyes were drooping closed, trying to stay awake, but failing.

     “Hey, darlin’, lets get you out of that shirt, huh?” John murmured against your forehead, his southern drawl coming out on certain words in his sentence. The more relaxed he was, the more that sweet hint of southern twang came out. Normally that would have soaked those boxers you were wearing, but you were much to tired to even fathom that.

     John slowly got your shirt and bra off, then slowly slid the shirt down your torso, his fingertips purposely skimming the sides of your breasts and your sides making you shiver and whimper a little. When you were sleepy and not focused, your skin’s sensitivity became heightened. But John knew not to go father, besides he was becoming more and more tired himself. When the shirt got to your waist he let go of the ends letting it fall and end a couple inches past your bottom. He pulled you in for a hug, which lasted at leas thirty seconds, your head facing sideways on the front of his shoulder.

     John released you from his tight embrace. Alex swept you up into his arms and guided you to the bed, where you crawled to the center, the sheets where ice cold making you whine as your sensitive skin came in contact with the ice cubes you called sheets. But hat discomfort faded away quickly as Herc settles in on your right, John cuddled beside him, Alex to your left, Laf on the other side of him. 

     You sunk into Alex and Herc’s warm embrace with no effort, sleepily think about how much you love your boyfriends. Them bed became warm. as the room filled up with the love and affection you held for each other. 

     You were the first to fall asleep, your boys soon to follow. 

     As you drifted off to sleep Alex’s arm curled around your waist, and Herc intertwined his fingers with yours. 

zimbits au wherein a run in with the lax bros leads to a run in with jack

Eric’s walking down the street, latte in one hand and phone in the other, only a very little bit lost on his spontaneous scenic detour to the library. He’s halfway through composing a tweet when several air-horns blast in his direction at once.

He swears, jumps about a mile out of his skin, and drops both his coffee and his phone.

The coffee, sadly, goes up before it comes down, and manages to splash all over his front before spilling across his shoes too. He quickly retrieves his phone from the pavement before it’s similarly attacked by the travelling coffee, and checks it over for damage. He sighs out when he sees it’s only a little scratched on the side of the case, and presses a palm to his chest to try and calm the furious beating of his heart.

He looks over to the house across the way, out of which several, men—actually, boys, Eric’s going to call them after that stunt—are laughing at him, and high-fiving each other. Eric flushes and screws his lips together, telling himself not to cry in front of them, not to give them the satisfaction.

“Hey! Dickfaces!”

Eric looks behind him to see a moustached man flipping the bird to the boys in the house across the street.

“Fuck off to your basement of inadequacy and wine coolers, you absolute shitfuckers.”

The boys don’t take his advice, but rather, blast their air-horns again which causes Eric to hunch up his shoulders.

“Hey, brah, you alright?” The man walks up to Eric and looks him over. “Shit, dude. They got you good.”

Eric sighs out, trying to keep his composure. “It’s alright. Thanks for telling them off.”

“Fucking LAX bros. I live for telling them off. Come on inside and I’ll help you clean up.”

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Bunny Boy | 01

Word Count: 3340 ❀
Warning(s): Language, mentions of sex. No smut yet ~~

// Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Completed.

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all for love || stiles stilinski

word count: 4174

warnings: none

prompt: collab with @sarcasticallystilinski

author’s note: happy lacrosse week everyone! this is my first part of lacrosse week with hay! we are very proud of this one and we hope you have as much fun reading as we did writing!


coming soon

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Zach Dempsey X Reader imagine

Warnings: Cursing, very slight sexual abuse 

~* Y/N’s Pov*~

 "Okay everyone, please remember to do the homework I assigned on page 416" 

 Chemistry was probably the worst class of the day. Not because I was bad at it, its just boring. So here i am sitting in the back of the class waiting for the bell to ring for lunch. Today my boyfriend and I were supposed to skip lunch to hang out. Zach and I always do this and honestly its so much fun. We could go to the park, which is where we go most of the time, or we go through some random drive thru and get food from there.

 While I was lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice that every one was already packed up. The bell finally rang and everyone went to lunch while i was still putting my things away. The teacher left and told me to turn off the lights on my way out. The room was empty but that quickly changed as Bryce Walker came in closing the door behind him which left me confused. I never liked Bryce he always seemed like an asshole.

 "Hey (Y/N)“ he said approaching me. 

 "The fuck do you want Bryce?" 

 "Ya know (Y/N), you’ve always had this attitude towards me and i think you might have a little crush” he answered. 

 " Its quite the opposite actually. Now excuse me but i gotta run" I said passing him and making my way to the door. 

 He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back before i could open the door. Before i knew it, I was trapped between his body and the wall and his lips were on mine. He was…making out with me? For some reason I thought this was gonna take a violent turn rather than him kissing me, but either way I didn’t like it. I pushed him off but he just put me back in the same position.

 "C'mon (Y/N), Zach doesn’t have to know. I mean i know you want me, what girl doesn’t?“ He said Now there were tears in my eyes. I was both afraid of what was gonna happen next and what Zach would think. 

 Before things went any further I tried pushing him again, this time he stumbled on my school bag that had fallen from me a few minutes back. He was now on the floor and i took this chance to get my bag and hurry out of the room. I walked outside the classroom and was instantly led to the cafeteria. 

 ~* Zach’s Pov*~

 I was sitting at a table with Justin, Alex, Montgomery, and a few other guys but i wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying. I was too busy looking from my phone to the door that (Y/N) usually enters the lunch room from. 

 "Yo Dempsey” i hear Justin yell I turn my attention to him and he continues talking to me. 

 "Who are you looking for dude?“ He asks 

 "Im just waiting for (Y/N) to hurry up and come, its been five minutes since lunch started and shes never really this late”

 "Bro its just five minutes chill" And just as he finished his sentence I saw (Y/N) walk into the cafeteria. My smile was quickly replaced with a worried expression when i saw that she was crying. We locked eyes for a moment but she looked away and started making her way out of the school. I then saw Bryce walk out from that same door and the thought finally hit me that he wasn’t with us at lunch either. I suddenly realized what probably happened and i honestly didn’t know what to do, I was torn between going after (Y/N) to comfort her or going to Bryce and beating the shit out of him. Before i knew it i was already standing in front of Bryce and yelling at him. We went back and forth. 

 "Oh calm down Dempsey, nothing even really happened" Bryce said with a stupid smirk on his face.


 At this point Justin and Marcus were holding me back and telling me to stop, scared that i would say something about the tapes. They eventually let me go and i made my way outside looking for (Y/N). She couldn’t have gone that far, right? I got in my car and drove around campus until I found her on a bench near the tennis court. I got out and sat by her.

~*(Y/N)’s Pov*~ 

I saw Zach walking towards me but i didn’t look at him. He looked really mad which scared me. ‘Was he mad at me?’ I thought. Thats when he sat next to me and pulled me into a hug.

 "(Y/N) what exactly happened back there?“ He asked while pulling away sounding really worried.

 "I was just in class packing my things up when he walked in saying dumb shit then kissed me” I answered, still not looking at him.

 He then knelt in front of me putting his hands slightly rubbing my knees and trying to catch my gaze. 

 "Is that all that happened?“ I nodded

 ”(Y/N) are you sure? Cause i swear if that fuckass tries anything on you i will-“ 

"Thats all that happened Zach” i cut him off while smiling at him. 

 He smiled back, then stood up and made me stand up too. He led me to his car. 

 "You wanna just skip the rest of the school day?“ He asked "Cause im really not in the mood to see Bryce in the halls”. 

 "Yeah me neither, we should just get food and go back to my house" I answered. He pressed a quick kiss on my lips, turned on his car and we pulled out of school grounds.

Contrasting Colours

Originally posted by imaginesofmostthings

Requested by anonymous:

“hi!! can you write an imagine about hermione? where the reader is a slytherin and she’s in love w hermione but hermione refuses to reciprocate her feelings because she’s a slytherin, but something happens to the reader which causes hermione to admit her love? thank u i love ur writing so much.”

Warnings: Fluff, swearing, reader gets injured, slytherin!reader, cocky!reader

Notes: this is a girl x girl fic, set in the 5th year but before Umbridge takes over and ruins everything :)) 

“Hey Malfoy what- hey would you quite eye fucking yourself in the mirror and listen to me?”

Draco let out a frustrated sigh as he reluctantly tore his eyes away from his reflection and turned to his friend as they walked side by side down the crowded hallways of Hogwarts. “What *yln*?” Draco drawled.

“What day is it today?”

“It’s Tuesday and if you didn’t spend every night working your way into every non-straight girls pants in our year you’d know that.” However, as Draco continued to rant to her about how she was a total wreck *yn* had tuned out almost instantly. 

“Brilliant.” *yn* muttered under her breath when she realised what Tuesday meant. 

“Brilliant? It’s most definitely not bloody brilliant, we still have four full days of torture before the weekend.” 

“It may not be brilliant for you, you git. But it is for me.” *yn* grinned as they turned a corner to make their way down a long spiralling staircase.

“And why is it brilliant for you exactly?” Draco huffed. 

“We have double potions.” *yn* smirked smugly. There were a few moments between the two and *yn* could practically hear the cogs in Draco’s head whirring as he tried to figure out why having double potions with the Gryffindors would be a good thing. Then it clicked.

“You’re not still fantasising about bloody Granger are you?” He groaned. 

“You say ‘fantasising’ like I don’t have a shot with her.” *yn* shot back hotly. 

“All I’m saying is that you’ve been her potions partner all year and the closest you’ve got to snogging her is that time you ‘accidentally’ glued your hand to her arse. Plus she’s totally wrapped around Potter’s finger, there’s no way she’d go for you.” Draco replied as the two neared the dungeon that Snape held his lessons.

“All part of my master plan Malfoy. Granger isn’t like the others, it was always going to take time to slither my way in. Pun intended.” *yn* replied.

“Good luck with that *yln*, that’s all I’m gonna say.” 

“Oh and Malfoy, I finished making my way through the non-straight girls months ago. Turns out when you’re well, me, even the heteros aren’t out of my reach.” *yn* spoke as he opened the dungeon door. “See you after class.” She continued before he could answer, shooting him a grin before stepping past him and into Snape’s classroom. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi there :) I love your take on andreil and I wondered if you would write something about Andrew being jealous/possessive of Neil? I always read fics where it's Neil in this situation.. thank u!! :)

i come bearing gifts, my wonderful anon. this was way too much fun to write. thank you for your request! also on AO3

send me prompts :)

“Kevin called today just to say that he’s emailing me extra drills to add to my training regimen. Because apparently I’m getting slower? Whatever. I told him to fuck off, but like that’s ever worked before,” Neil concludes. Andrew makes a vague sound of agreement, but since they’re on the phone, Neil has a hard time judging just how uninterested Andrew really is.

“Anyway,” Neil says, “I met up with Travis after practice to work on plays. He actually knows his shit, you know? He has this idea to keep Wilson back so that Singh can have better control of the line, and it’s genius. Singh is obviously superior when it comes to—”

“Travis?” Andrew interrupts him, suddenly sounding a good bit more attentive.

“Yeah, Travis Patterson. The one from the University of Texas?” Neil waits for some kind of acknowledgement but continues anyway when he gets none. “He’s easily our best backliner, aggressive as hell but knows where to draw the line. And he’s smart too, like he actually thinks before he makes a move. Which is rare.” Neil rolls his eyes at the general state of talent in the Professional Exy League, even though Andrew can’t see him. If he could, he would probably just glare and call Neil a junkie, so maybe it’s for the best. “I think we’re meeting up again on Thursday to go over specifics, make sure everything will really click before I try to implement the switch at practice,” Neil says, almost to himself. He gets up from the couch and makes his way into his bedroom, opening the top drawer on his nightstand and reaching for the stack of orange sticky notes in the back corner. He jots down “Travis - Thursday @ 7:00” and heads to the kitchen to press it to the refrigerator until it holds.

“What are you doing this weekend?” Andrew asks out of nowhere.

“I have a home game on Saturday afternoon, and then that charity event thing on Sunday…” Neil says, and it almost comes out as a question. Andrew knows this already. His team is off this weekend, but Neil’s schedule is so booked that they agreed it wasn’t worth the five hour plane ride.

“I’m coming. I can be there Saturday morning. 9:35,” Andrew states.

“Uh,” Neil blanks a bit out of shock but decides not to question it. Like he would ever complain. “Okay, yeah. I’ll be there to pick you up.”

“Okay,” Andrew says, disinterested tone back in full force.

“Hey, are you—” Neil begins, but Andrew has already hung up.

It isn’t abnormal for them to hang up without a proper goodbye, but there is usually at least a bit more ceremony to it. Neil shrugs to himself, chalking it up to Andrew being Andrew.

Andrew fucking hates flying.

This is news to no one. So this spontaneous five hour flight with only two days of mental preparation may seem ill-advised. And it is. Andrew knows that it is. But he hits “confirm” to book it anyway, cursing himself every step of the way. But he could only listen to Neil go on and on about Travis for so long before he cracked.

Andrew knows exactly who Travis is. Travis William Patterson, 27 years old, 6’3” backliner from middle of nowhere, Texas, current starter for the Boston Hurricanes, #9. As a matter of fact, Andrew is looking at him right now. ESPN is showing Exy highlights from last weekend, and Neil’s team just happens to be up at this very moment.

The Neil on screen has just performed some ridiculous move that absolutely should not have ended with a goal but somehow did, and he is immediately met with high-fives from his teammates and an affectionate-looking hug from Travis. Andrew can most certainly be objective, and this exchange looks pretty platonic. But Andrew is also a man attracted to men, and he has to admit that Travis is good looking. Really good looking. He’s got that whole good ol’ boy, yes ma’am/no sir, homegrown Southern cowboy appeal. If you’re into that. Which Andrew definitely isn’t, and he doesn’t think Neil is either.

Andrew knows that Neil isn’t the cheating type, but that doesn’t stop Andrew from feeling just a little possessive over him. He and Neil have been together for eight years now, so Andrew probably has nothing to worry about. And yet here he is, watching several hundred dollars drain from his bank account thanks to this impromptu flight.

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“1940″ Chapter Two

(banner credit: @tiostyles​)

The one where you fall in love with a soldier named Alex.

Read Chapter One here

Swing, Baby!

April 1938

London, England

There was a childlike innocence about you when Alex first led the two of you inside – it took a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dim lights and your feet stopped just shy of the threshold. Eyes wide and lips parted just so, you took in the scene in front of you. Girls with big skirts twirled around on the dance floor, partners close in tow. The bass plucked out a steady beat you could feel thumping in your chest. Shouts and laughter were cascading throughout the room and there was a rather indescribable energy about the place.

Alex thumbed over your hand he’d so carefully held in his the entire walk here.

“Shall we?” he asked with a grin.

You eagerly nodded your head, causing Alex to chuckle beside you. The band strung out the last few notes of a song, and he led you to the edge of the dance floor, waiting for those exiting to walk off and take their spot. The dance floor was easily a few degrees warmer than the rest of the building, but with all of the energy and laughter, how could it not?

A man with a pinstripe suit walked over to the microphone on the band’s platform.

“Is everyone enjoying themselves?” he called out.

A roar of cheers and yells from the crowd of dancers answered him, and he signaled to the band to start again. The bass started up again, and with the wail of a trumpet, the people around you began to move.

“I might be a little rusty,” you spoke over the music, “It’s been quite a –,”

“I’ve got yeh, love,” Alex winked at you, “Gentlemen are supposed t’lead, remember?”

Before you could rattle off another response, he grabbed your hand and spun you, starting the momentum that would carry the pair of you through the dance. While it had been at least a year or so since you’d danced with a partner to this caliber, it very quickly came back to you.

Alex knew his steps as well, making it much easier to get into a rhythm. His hand held yours tightly as he twirled you, dipped you back, and sometimes when the music swelled just right, picked you up and spun you in the air. Laughs cried out from your mouth with no sign of stopping any time soon. The very nature of swing dancing is energetic and quick, allowing for little communication. Alex would whisper the names of the steps coming up next in your ear as you passed by, trusting he’d be there to catch you when you prepared to turn a new way.

You liked the way he felt strong around your waist, making sure you knew he was there to guide you. He was your anchor, and you were there to be shown off.

The two of you danced through many songs and were left breathless by the amount of energy you’d put out. As the night went on, the pairs dwindled down to only a few, including Alex and yourself.

It must have been nearing ten o’clock, as Alex kept glancing down at his wristwatch.

“One more dance, yeah?” he moved to your side and spoke into your ear over the chatter in the room, “Can’t have yeh home late, your pops would hang me!”

You turned to him, a fake pout on your lips, “I guess so,” you said reluctantly, being a bit dramatic in your tone. But, truth be told, you didn’t want to mind the curfew set in place. You didn’t want to leave Alex. This was the most free you’d felt in ages.

“Aw petal, don’t gimme tha’ look,” he bantered back, “Where’d my firecracker go?”

The band abruptly counted off another song, and you took your place – hands together with Alex, facing him and waiting for the right beat to start. He gave you a cheeky grin before sending you backward in a turn and quickly catching you back in his arms. Your laughs sounded like bells as the two of you twirled around each other and you knew you’d be sore in the morning, as your legs already felt wobbly.

The last note rang out and cheers erupted from the crowd and Alex looked down at his wrist once again. The fact that he was continuously checking warmed your heart just a bit – his cocky and boastful attitude was really just something of a cover. He really cared that he made a good impression on your father.

“C’mon, m’lady,” he took your hand in his and led you (begrudgingly) toward the door. The night air felt refreshing on your cheeks after being so warm.

Alex walked by your side, hand keeping a firm grip on yours. The two of you walked in silence on your way back – it wasn’t uncomfortable though. It felt right.

“I had a really lovely time tonight, Alex,” you broke the silence. His name still made your cheeks blush, and you were very glad it was too dark to notice. He was glad you couldn’t hear the way his heart was all but beating out of his chest.

“I did, too, y/n,” he took a quick glance over at you, biting back a grin as he said your name.

It was like the two of you were school children, not twenty-year-olds, with the way you were acting. Bashful, shy, and sweet.

“I’d love to go again, if you’d like to?” your tongue stumbled over the question, “Say, what time is it anyway?”

“F’course I’d love t’go again,” he laughed, “S’only just after half past nine o’clock.” His voice grew softer, sheepish almost.

“Only half past?” you stopped walking, “Alex! We could still be dancing! We still have –,”

Alex turned to face you and you looked up to meet his eyes, pout on your face authentic this time.
“Jus’ wanted to spend more time talkin’ with yeh, promise,” he said warmly, “Love dancin’ jus’ as much as the next, but yeh can’t learn about a person jus’ by the way they dance.”

“You sneaky crow,” you poked at him, “What do you want to know then, hm?”

Alex chuckled at your seemingly threatening manner, leading you towards a bench near your father’s storefront before continuing. You nervously throw a look over your shoulder to the windows of the shop, relieved when you see that the lights are off, and your family is tucked up in their flat.

“Still have a few minutes, don’t worry,” Alex said reassuringly, “M’keepin’ an eye on the time.”

He was still holding your hand as the two of you sat there, giving it a squeeze every so often to remind you that he was there.

“So, Mr. Alex Mason,” you announced, “What do you want to know?”

“Nothin’ specific, yeh could talk about the moon or a lad yeh saw walkin’ down the street the other day, and I’d be enamored.”

You laughed, “You sure you want to hear about the lads I’ve eyed walking down the road?”

“Need t’know who my competition is, don’t I?”

“Well in that case,” you let the words hang in the air, jokingly.

Alex’s face fell just slightly, “S’there…”

“Oh,” you shook your head, “No, no there’s no one! Heavens, no.”

“Jus’ checkin’, y/n,” he said with a wink, something you’d learned to be one of his everyday mannerisms, along with the way he’d rather precisely rub his nose twice mid-sentence…  

You caught yourself subconsciously staring at Alex. There was a pull between the two of you, its grip tight upon your shoulders. His lips fell silent as he studied over your face, features still prominent even in the dim light of the streetlamp a few feet away. He leaned in a bit closer and you couldn’t help but do the same. A shudder of butterflies ran through your stomach as the space between you became less and less obvious and Alex began to duck his head towards yours.

“Ah, there we are!” a voice you knew all too well called over towards the bench you were on.

Alex immediately backed away, an almost obnoxious amount of space now sat among you,

“F’course,” he whispered, shaking his head. Alex then offered his hand to you, and helped you to stand.

Walking hand in hand, you approached your father, standing expectantly in front of the store. The front light had been turned on, and he stood there with a warm smile on his face. You should have anticipated this happening – he loved hearing about your adventures more than anything, and as the eldest girl, he was a bit protective over you.

“Have a good night?” he asked excitedly, not minding the fact that he’d basically interrupted the date you’d been on.

“Very, you’ve got a lovely daughter, Mr. Hughes,” Alex boasted. You noticed he stood up a little straighter any time he was conversing with your father, and his voice spoke just a smidgen stronger.

“That I do,” your father turned to look at you, “I’ll be upstairs, make sure you lock up once you’ve bid your farewells?”

“Of course, goodnight Father,” you said with a grin, stepping over to give him a quick hug.

“Thank you for taking care of her, lad,” your father nodded toward Alex, reaching out to shake his hand, “Hope t’see you around the store sometime soon.”

That phrase was music to your ears, and you tried your best to hide the look of surprise on your face. You father said his last goodbyes of the night, and walked back inside the store.

Alex took your hands in his again, “Looks like this won’t be the last time yeh see me, hmm love?”

“Rats,” you said with a laugh, “Was hoping my dancing would be enough to drive you off!”

“Stop bein’ ridiculous,” he pursed his lips, furrowing a brow at you, “Would take a lot more than tha’ t’get me t’leave yeh.”

“Good,” you poked him square on the nose, “Like havin’ you around.”

“I quite like havin’ yeh ‘round, too, sweets.”

A quick silence fell over the two of you, and you tossed a look over your shoulder, back to the store where your family was probably waiting anxiously for you to get back to.

“I should go,” you spoke quietly, hands still intertwined with his, “I really did have a lovely time.”

You looked up to meet his vibrantly green eyes, seemingly glowing in the night light.

“I did too,” he unhooked your hands to place one of his on your cheek, caressing it softly. They felt different than when they were pressed into your back or holding you tightly dancing earlier that night – they were more gentle, tender, safe – “I’d very much like t’kiss yeh, but tha’s a bit rushed for the first date, yeh?”

“A gentleman, I see,” you teased him, sincerity glinting in your eyes, “Guess you’ll have to stick around a bit longer for that, hm?”

“Guess I will,” he couldn’t help but grin. You were such a catch.

“Goodnight, Mr. Mason.”

“And goodnight to you too, Miss Hughes.”

You took a small step back, hands falling to your sides. The grin that had been painted on your face for most of the night was still burning into your cheeks. You were confident it would be embedded in your features for days to come. It made your jaw sore, but the joy and happiness you felt was too much to contain.

Alex watched after you, that smirk hanging on his lips. The two of you didn’t exchange any words after that – he simply made sure you made it inside the shop and waiting for the light to turn off before he began his trek home.


Once inside the store, you took a moment to properly reflect on the night. There had been so many moments you wanted to be sure to remember forever – the song you first danced to, how it felt to hand his hand on the walk back home, the way he looked at you before you’d been interrupted by your father… You squeezed your eyes shut and willed yourself to commit them to memory. A yawn fell past your lips, and you decided it was a wise choice to retreat back to your room.

Slipping up the stairs as quietly as you could in your heels, you’d hoped to make little conversation with whomever would possibly still be awake this late. Lucky for you, your father had truly gone to bed when he’d left the two of you outside, and you were free to get dressed for bed on your own terms.

Once you’d battled through your now-knotted hair, taken the lipstick from your lips, and changed into your pyjamas, you let yourself fall back into your bed. Smile still perched happily on your face and memories reflecting through your mind, you drifted off peacefully to sleep, dreaming of the next time you’d see him.

It had been, quite possibly, the best night of your life.

Chapter Three to be posted on Sunday at 9 PM EST! 

anonymous asked:

I know you said the characters needs to be ready to come out, so I hope asking this is cool? As a trans boy I'm really interested in how Dallas Deals with being trans? And how his environment reacted?

Since this probably won’t be elaborated in comic.. He comes out at an early age. His dad was still alive. He was probably 7 when he started pulling at his pigtails. His mom bought him a pair of really pretty dolphin-pendant hair ties and he felt so bad for telling her he didn’t want it. He probably felt really mean so he’d wear it around his wrists. when he was 8 he asks his mom if he could cut his hair short and she and his dad agreed. Dallas wasn’t a very spoiled kid, and his dad let him do and wear whatever he pleased with his body (so long as it wasn’t harmful, or anything.)
So yeah. When Dallas was 9, him and his dad were going dress shopping for a family seder, but Dallas had failed an exam and he already had a really crappy day so he just. Sat down on a bench near the stores and Started Crying.

 His dad says, “Abby, what’s wrong?”
and he says, he doesn’t know why he’s crying, but he says, wearing dresses makes him uncomfortable. He shows his dad the hair tie and he says he feels bad saying no to all the stuff his parents buy him, but he’s just. He appreciates it but he doesn’t know what to do with it.
While yes, in later years he will understand that it’s 100% okay for a boy to wear dresses and makeup, and other things typically considered “feminine”, when he was a kid, he had an intense need to “pass.”
His parents are confused, but only at first.
Dallas is very lowkey. After his dad dies, him and his mom and baby sister move to Oregon. At his school. He’s always introduced himself as Dallas Ezra Margolin. His deadname would be Shulamite Abigail Margolin.
When he was 9, his mom cried a lot, and Dallas was scared she was disappointed, but she tells him, she was scared of how many times she’d unintentionally hurt him. Dallas flushed and asked his mom if she could pick him a new name (he loves his mom a Lot). His dad was jealous, and Dallas told him he could pick a name for Dallas too (Abe Margolin Is A Nerd)
Dallas’ mom picked the name of her favorite character from her favorite book, and his dad chose Ezra, which is Dallas’s grandpa’s name.
When Dallas starts T at 14 or 15, it’s the same year he joins the baseball team. Everyone just assumes that Dallas is a shy boy when he refuses to change into gear in front of anyone.
Poppy had sort of suspected. She’d always cuddle Dallas when they sleep together, (she’s very cuddly) and she felt the little clasps that some of Dallas’ binders have. She doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t feel the need to say anything.
There’s a silent understanding between her and Dallas.
Dallas does plan on telling Malek and Poppy, he’s just. Not sure how.
Until, of course. His mom let him have surgery. He set Malek and Poppy aside. Sits their asses down. “Please listen to me. I need you. This is really important to me. I don’t want you to think that I’m anyone other than Dallas-” his voice cracks, and Malek is about to make a joke, but Poppy is like, quit it.
Because she can see how nervous Dallas is. And Dallas just. Says his mom is gonna let him have top surgery. And Malek is Confused, and Dallas elaborates, Poppy Is Swelling Because She Loves Dally So much. Malek is horrified (keep reading on this pls don’t judge Malek yet) And Dallas can see that. And his mind is all “he doesn’t see you as a real boy.” But Malek is horrified because of all the times he called Dallas a “drama queen.” A “prissy princess” as jokes. He feels awful and sick and he owes Dallas a ton of apologies.
But Malek doesn’t want to make this all about himself. So he shakes his head and he hugs Dallas, like. Really obnoxiously tight. Like the combined force of his binder and Malek’s hug made it really hard to breathe. Malek doesn’t let go for a good, long, while. He mumbles
he supports Dallas All the Way, and he’ll always listen to what Dallas has to say. Later when Malek has Dallas all to himself, he apologizes for all the dumb names he’s called Dallas before.
One time Blake calls Dallas a bitch and Malek is all, freaked, and he’s all pissy at Blake, and everyone is all, whoah Malek what’s gotten into you man? And Malek apologizes. And Dallas decides he should come out to rest of the team. They’re his best friends. Blake feels terrible and says sorry. It’s the only time Blake has genuinely said sorry to anyone and it’s really a miracle to behold. Next practice, Dallas finally feels comfortable changing in front of everyone. Nobody bats an eyelash, and Dallas is so relieved.
There’s really.. A lot more but I wanna include the other stuff in comic so this is all I can give you! But a lot of stuff. In the comic. Soon.
//long post

Midnight Circus pt. 2

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☾pairing: Jungkook ♡→  reader
☾genre: Angst. Fluff. Mature content. badboysummerfling au
☾summary: “You’re ten times hotter this summer, you know that?”

| 1 | 2 | coming soon

It was a delightful morning, you underestimated the amount of peace there was at a camping ground when night fell. You were fully rested and ready for the day. Everyone hadn’t left the cabins yet but those of you who did went to the recreational center for breakfast. You piled the roasted potatoes on your plate and walked back to the table with Nayeon, Jin, Namjoon and Jennie, everyone else was asleep so you guys left them alone. The whether was nice, breakfast was delicious, Jungkook wasn’t here, it was close to perfect.

“After breakfast I planned some stuff for all us.” Jennie brought the mug to her lips and sipped the bitter sweet coffee. “We can get cleaned up then we’ll hike up to the springs and eat lunch there, we can swim for a little while too.” When Jennie looked up to see Beah and Naeun we’re coming to the table and you braced yourself, you knew who wasn’t far behind them. Low and behold, Jimin, Tae and Jungkook walked in and you sighed—he glanced at you before grabbing a plate for breakfast, his hair was so fluffy and too soft to be his own, you wondered why the worst people have the prettiest features.

“Good morning,” Jimin came to sit next to Namjoon and across from Beah, with a bowl of fruit. Taehyung came to sit next to Beah, putting the seat beside you up for grabs. 

“Did you guys sleep well?” Jennie was really just indirectly asking Jimin. 

“Yeah, I kept hearing a weird sound though like a cat or something…” Tae mumbled and Nayeon nodded in agreement.

“I heard that too,” She gasped, “oh my God, are there wildcats out here?”

You giggled as Jennie tried to convince everyone that there has only ever been one wildcat sighting, most of them weren’t convinced. When Taehyung brought up the subject of the ‘thing’ in the tree outside of his window, you couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous he was.

“There was not!” Jimin playfully slapped his arm. “You shouldn’t have eaten those snacks, you were just seeing things.” 

Jungkook actually chuckled—he, of course, had to sit right next to you. His plate was piled uo like most of the guys but his plates always looked huge. You ate your potatoes, sipped your juice and got up to take your empty plate—you wanted to get away from him before you two started at it again. You grimaced at having to go back to that table, you could practically feel Jungkook looking at you—his eyes as unapologetic as ever when you looked back at him. Feeling your pink pajama shorts lift slightly prompted you to quickly tug them down. You kept your cool and walked to the fruit bar, making a nice bowl of pineapples before taking your seat beside him. It was ridiculous how he kept eyeing you like you didn’t notice him staring, he scrap his fork against his teeth and just glare at you.

You ate about three pieces until you saw his greasy fingers stroll into your view, attempting to take one of your pineapples, you smacked his hand, moving your chair farther from him—he is a literal child. He doesn’t understand the concept of enemies, he acts like your annoying friend one second and he’s pissing you off the next. He giggled, trying to grab it again just to annoy you.

“Stop.” You glared at him—looking down at your pineapples, they didn’t even look all that appetizing anymore. 

He had the nerve to scoff, letting out an exasperated sigh. “Why do you have to get worked up over pointless shit like pineapples?” He grabbed the same pineapple he was gonna eat originally and popped it in his mouth. “It’s fucking fruit. You need to learn how to share.”

“It’s my fruit, and I think you’re forgetting that we’re not on good terms.” You crossed your arms—you’ve never glared at anyone with such animosity. “And I don’t share with heathens like you…”

“Me? A heathen?” He feigned a look of shock. “You nag about everything, no wonder you never get any-” If he would’ve finished that sentence you would’ve strangled him.

“Are you two seriously fighting over a bowl of pineapples?” Namjoon called you two out causing the whole table to stare at the both of you. Of course you both started defending yourselves, your words clashing together like children trying to prove their points in a feud.

“Hey! We don’t want to hear about your pineapples guys,” Jennie spoke up, “let’s go get ready for the springs.” At that everyone agreed and got up, leaving their plates and continuing their conversations. As you were storming back to the cabin Naeun came to walk beside you, just skipping along like there was no tomorrow. You thought she was more excited to go swimming and you could understand why—swimming with all of those good looking guys was pretty exciting but you didn’t even think of that. You are going to have a good time, he wasn’t about to get the best of you, not now.

You washed up, put on light make up and slid on a pair of jean shorts over your bathing suit. When you tied your hair in a ponytail you got a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, Beah and Jennie were getting ready in the mirror as well. 

“You look cute Y/N,” Jennie looked back at your somewhat uncharacteristically revealing get up, “I don’t think Jeon will be able to argue with you in that, honestly you guys would be cute if you could stay in a room without killing each other.” She giggled, the way you grimaced in disgust was priceless.

“You’re kidding?” You wanted to vomit—that thought never even crossed your mind, “No, we wouldn’t, ugh, don’t even think of that. All I see Jungkook as is a means to ruin my life. And FYI he’ll lust after anything with boobs so it doesn’t matter what any of us wear, he undresses people with his eyes…” They all laughed but it was true, and you were determined not to let him touch any of your friends. 

“I wouldn’t mind that entirely.” Naeun walked in, she wore a black one piece with large openings on the sides to show quite a bit of skin. “He’s one of the hottest guys in school, and you get to fight with him.” She snickered.

“First of all, that’s gross. Second of all, he’s not ugly, that’s all I have to say about his looks.” Everyone was in there swimsuits, had their bags with shoes, extra clothes and some snacks. When the five of you walked out the boys were already waiting for you guys outside of their cabin.

Jin stretched. “So how long is the hike?” 

Jennie pulled out a can of bug spray and offered some to everyone before spraying her legs and arms. “Like 15 to 20  minutes, it’s not that long. Since I’m leading the hike, I’ll do it like my aunt does it. Everyone can grab a buddy to walk with so we don’t get separated!” She cut her eyes to you before smirking, she was doing this on purpose. 

You had your eye on Jimin but Nayeon beat you to it, your next option was Jin but Jennie purposely walked with him since they were the oldest. Namjoon walked with Beah, Tae walked with Naeun. When you looked around you saw everyone had a partner and followed Jennie into the woods, and of course you were at the end of the line—with him.

“Jen!” You shouted from the back running up beside her, “Can I-”

“You and Jungkook are partners, you can’t third wheel with me now go back.” She shooed you away, you’ve never felt more betrayed in your life. They all walked by, talking and smiling as Jungkook was walking towards you, an innocent look on his face.

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Love Story

Summary:  Your whole life you spent doing what is right and pleasing your parents, But one day you face one of the hardest decisions of your life. (MODERN ROYAL AU)
Words: 1173
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: Talks about domestic violence and fluffy.  This is a my entry to Caplan’s Song Fic Challenge ( @caplansteverogers ) Where the song of my choice was love story

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You take a deep breath putting on your mask; this is just another party with the same people as usual. You don’t understand the theme of the night, why do a masquerade ball? You are still able to recognize everyone, there is no need to a secret identity or to pretend to be someone else.

You knew these people since the day you were born, a few were friends of your mother if you can them that, most of them were business partners of your father and the others were distant relatives or worst the children of rich man that think that they are entitled to the world.

There was no charm or mystery. It was just rich people, getting together to complain about life and get drunk.

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flower petals [c.m x  reader]

Connor Murphy x Reader

 Request : @doilyloily 

 “ Write me some connor Murphy x reader where reader is really positive and when connor bumps into her and he thought she would make it dramatic and say that he attacked her, but she just “oh no, I’m sorry.” And he’s just so ??? Shook ??? And then they’re apparently neighbors so when she says hi and walks to school with him he’s also ??? Shook ??? And then after a while he’s just: oh heck I love you and BOOM it’s fluffy. Idk man. “ 

 Warnings: swearing, cuteness. 

 Y/N = your name \ Y/L/N = your last name

this is extremely out of character lol but i like happy Con so…

xoxo cass

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Coincidence Pt. 2 (Jimin x Reader)

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Admin: Mimi

Prompt/Ask: coincidence was so good jshdj i was wondering if you’ll make a chapter 2

So, the guy you slept with is your new lecturer? Ok. This shouldn’t be awkward. At all. Nope.

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Warnings: language, smut

Word Count: 7814 (WHOOPS)

Authors Note: HO BOI IT’S FINALLY DONE. I am so so sorry for the wait, and that I haven’t been putting out fics as fast as I used to, but I’ve spent ages on this one and I am drained lmao. And what makes this even more special, ‘Coincidence Pt. 1’ surpassed 500 notes! I’m so happy that many of you enjoyed my story and thankful to everyone who read it! So without further ado, here is the (long ass) sequel for Coincidence. As always, let me know if there are errors, and happy reading!

 - PART 1 -

 - PART 3 -

 - BONUS -

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F-fuh-Fuck Off, B-Bowers - Bill Denbrough x Reader (IT)

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-|| To the anon that requested: tysm ily and I hope you’re having a good day<3 I’m really sorry that the reader walked home from the library in July and not from school in another season. I hope it didn’t tinge your idea. <3 xoxo E ||-

Request: Could you write a bill x reader where she’s walking home from school & the bowers gang shows up and keeps messing with her but bill shows up & just helps her out? I’m a sucker for cliches.

Warnings: Language (haha, oops), Sexual References. Potential bullying triggers (It’s Bowers. I’m sorry)

A/N: Written in both Bill and Y/N’s POV. There are more flashbacks (whoops) but the timeline’s noted. Italics are internal thoughts. ‘Italics with quotes are past quotes.’

Words: 4613

July 1989 - Bill

The warm wind pushed Quarry water across my face as I pedaled home. My hair was plastered to my head, still wet from swimming with the Losers. Silver was kicking up gravel as I rode down Kansas street. As I admired the foliage of the Barrens below I could hear birds chirping in the thick branches. If Stan were there he would’ve told me what bird it was before he could manage to pull out his binoculars. I laughed at the thought as the green street sign for West Broadway appeared on my left. I made a wide curve onto the street and immediately spotted her.

It was Y/N. She was far ahead, nearly at the end of the street, but I could still see the wind sweep through her hair as she made her way south-east, her backpack bobbing with each step. I would have pedaled closer to her, tried to talk maybe, but any conversational topic was water in the desert of my brain, so instead, I rode safely behind her, and with luck she’d turn onto Witcham too. But as I glanced past Y/N, I determined there was no luck on West Broadway street, because where Witcham appeared, so did Henry Bowers.

I could feel anxiety bubbling in my guts like hot, sappy tar. I’d ridden past Bowers before. He–as well as Victor and Belch–had thrown sticks and rocks at Silver’s wheels, trying to get me to fall off. ‘How does it feel to be an ass, you stuttering freak?!’ Henry had yelled. Their laughs echoed in my head as I rode closer to Y/N. A sickening thought emerged from the tar that had made it’s way to my head. What if Bowers does it again? What if he succeeds this time? I thought. What if I eat shit in front of Y/N? The hot tar got hotter. I could feel my feet spinning around Silver’s gears at a slower pace as I subconsciously put off passing him, even if it meant never passing Y/N before she found where she was going.

I was watching the bullies with a concentration I could never muster in class. Y/N was close to them now. Close enough for one of them to reach out and grab her. “You b-better wuh-watch yourself B-Buh-Bowers.” I mumbled to myself, far out of their earshot. I was glad they couldn’t hear me but I was disappointed when I couldn’t hear Henry, who smirked down at Y/N and mumbled something.

It couldn’t have been something nice because Y/N stopped in her tracks and turned to the group. Victor and Belch were giggling to each other, but Henry seemed focused, determined. Like a wild cat studying its next meal. No, I pleaded in my head. No, Y/N don’t stop. Keep moving. God, please. But she didn’t move. She looked up at Henry defiantly as he continued to talk down to her, his eyes dancing over her frame. Something clicked in my head and suddenly I knew what was happening. He must’ve catcalled her. Bowers was trying to get in her pants.

The tar in my stomach was gone. It had bubbled into full-blown fire, fueling my feet which were spinning faster now, around and around the gears. Any trace of fear had vanished, giving way to anger and a longing to protect Y/N. Go ahead, assholes. Touch her, I dare you. I spat in my head. Give me a reason to put you in the hospital. I was surprised by my own courage, but made no effort to stunt it. Y/N was pure, and I’d die before I let those jack-offs tinge her soul.

I was close–within 150 feet at this point–when Henry whipped his arms up and grabbed Y/N by the shoulders. Any confidence that once radiated from her face was gone, leaving behind only fear. She was terrified, and I knew the feeling. She no longer looked like the stunning girl I saw the first day I met her. Instead, she looked like a stunning girl who was afraid. I could remember what she looked like that day. What she felt like. How she made me feel. How she made the world feel right.

May 1989 - Bill

“…and then I said, ‘that’s what your mom said last night,’ and he just wailed on me!”

The Losers burst out laughing at Richie, who was holding the left side of his face. “Well, no wonder he punched you,” Beverly chuckled.

“Hey, don’t trash the trashmouth,” Richie objected before furrowing his eyebrows and looking around. “Where the fuck is Eddie?” Richie turned on the bench in front of Mr.Keene’s pharmacy, still holding his face. With his free hand, he rapped on the glass and yelled inside. “Hey, Eddie Spaghetti! Where’s that ice?!”

Eddie pushed open the glass door and chucked a bag of peas at Richie’s chest. “Hey! It’s cold!” He yelped.

“Of course it’s cold, Einstein. I couldn’t find any bags of ice, but the peas should help. And don’t call me Eddie Spaghetti.”

“You know you love it when I call you that,” Richie chuckled and ripped open the top of the bag. “So how much am I supposed to eat?”

The Losers erupted in laughter again. Eddie threw the palm of his hand against his forehead with a clap. “Dumbass.”

Life felt good as we all laughed at Richie, who was spilling peas all over the sidewalk. The only thing that bothered to interrupt us was the deep rumble of a truck engine making its way down the street. MacPherson Moving Company was printed on the side in big, black letters. We all stared at the truck as it pulled over in front of the pharmacy. It managed to block out almost all of the sun hitting the store window.

None of us knew what to expect in terms of who was going to clamber out of the MacPherson Moving truck, but it wasn’t a young girl, who must’ve been our age, with a dollar bill in one hand and a Walkman in the other. She hopped out of the passenger’s side, gingerly landing on the pavement, then strolled into the pharmacy; and not for a second could I peel my eyes off her.

Ben must’ve noticed because he was giggling. Mike, Stan, and Beverly all joined him. Richie looked over, confused. “What?” He questioned. “What are you dorks giggling at?”

Eddie ducked his head beside Richie’s but didn’t bother to whisper. “Bill’s totally into her.”

Richie’s eyes widened at an alarming speed and he nearly dropped his peas. “Holy fuck!” He turned to me. “Are you into that hottie, Bill?” I could feel my cheeks growing hot. Richie noticed and laughed. “What the shit, dude? Why are you still here? Go in there and talk to her!” The Losers all nodded and mhmm’ed. Anxiety was bubbling in my guts, hot and viscous, like tar, but no matter how much it spat, I couldn’t stop thinking about the girl. She was so elegant. So beautiful. So- “Well, Billy? Are you gonna stand there all day?”

I turned to him. “R-Richie, even if I wuh-w-went in th-there and s-said ‘Hi’, what could I p-puh-possibly talk to her ab-bout?” Richie stood up. The bag of peas was completely empty, tossed on the ground near the bench. Richie put one hand on my back and the other on my chest. He leaned into my shoulder and whispered, “Just go in there, buy her a Dr.Pepper or something, and talk about your massive-”

“Richie!” Eddie yelled, disgusted. “That-That’s enough.”

Richie laughed again but was cut off by Mike. “Just ask her if she’s moving to Derry.”

Ben nodded. “Yeah, that’s a good idea! You can offer to give her a tour of Derry. You know, the big tourist sights.”

“Ha!” Richie coughed out. “Ladies and gentlemen; On the left: the Derry Public Library, on the right: Bassey Park, and if you look over here you’ll find my tasty shorts.”

Richie was howling. Stan wasn’t impressed. “Eddie, would you control him.”

“Me?!” Eddie Bleated. “You think I don’t try?!”

I may have laughed at Eddie but I was still thinking about the mystery girl. Though I wasn’t excited to admit it, Richie was right. If I didn’t talk to her soon I would drive myself batshit. I shoved my hand in my right pocket and rooted around, pulling out three dollars and twenty-eight… twenty-nine… thirty cents. Richie was still laughing when I turned and opened the door. The AC bit my chest as I stepped into Mr.Keene’s. She was directly ahead, just arriving at the cashier, her Walkman in her back pocket. I had taken several steps forward before the door shut and the jingle rung. She looked back at me, her eyes locking with mine. Suddenly the tar returned. It was roaring and churning so badly I almost turned and left, but looking back I saw Richie, his mouth hanging open, shocked that I wasn’t copping out.

Don’t back out now, Bill. I thought to myself. I looked at the shelf to my right. The minute-rices were looking extra interesting. I was within ten feet of her. It was an acceptable distance for a conversation, but I still couldn’t muster up the courage to talk, until she spoke first.

“I’m sorry,” She said softly. “How much did you say?”

Mr.Keene adjusted his glasses. “It’s fifty-five cents per cone, young lady. Plus taxes. So that puts us at… well, we can call it a dollar sixteen.

I knew she only had a dollar. I knew I had enough to cover her cost. I knew what to do. I grabbed the closest item I could find. She shook her head at the dollar bill in her open hand. “I’m afraid I only have a dollar. I-“

I tossed two chocolate bars on the counter and handed Mr.Keene the change from my pocket. “I’ll cover b-both of us, M-muh-Mr.Keene.” I whispered, suddenly hyper-aware of my stutter. What if she thinks you’re a freak, Bill? I questioned in my head. The tar broiled and bubbled up to my throat.

Mr.Keene looked down at me with a smirk on his face. He knew what I was doing. “Why, that’s very kind of you, Bill,” He said with a crafty tone. I glanced at the girl, but apparently, she didn’t value being stealthy. She was staring at me in disbelief. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Mr.Keene opened the register with a metallic clank and breathed out through his nose, frustrated. “Would you look at that,” He puffed. “Fresh out of nickels.” He closed the register. “Be right back, kids.” And with that, he turned and stepped into a back room.

I looked at the girl again. She was still staring, but her face had adopted a look of guilt. “You really didn’t have to do that for me.” Her voice washed over my ears like melted gold.

I wanted to pull her into my chest and wrap my arms around her frame, but instead, I forced a chuckle and shook my head. “It’s f-fuh-fuh-f-” I stopped. The word wouldn’t come out. Brush it off, Bill. Try again. Just try again. “I-it’s f-f-f-fuh-” I could feel the pressure of tears beneath my eyes, threatening to emerge and overflow like a burst pipe beneath the bathroom floor. That’s it, Bill. I was surrendering in my mind. You blew it, you freak.

She put a hand on my arm. It was warm and comforting and very surprising. “Thank you.” She confided. “I really appreciate what you did.” She was being genuine, looking in my eyes and suddenly I was the one staring. The tables had turned so quickly they made my head spin, but looking at her made me feel grounded, like I had found my center of gravity. “Mr.Keene said your name was Bill, right?” I didn’t know what to say–even if I could physically say it–so I just nodded. She chuckled. “It’s very nice to meet you, Bill. I’m Y/N.” Y/N, I repeated. There’s a name to the face. That beautiful, beautiful face.

Her eyes were so captivating that I had a hard time looking away, but I managed to glance off so that she didn’t think I was brain dead. Looking out the door I found Richie–surrounded by the rest of the Losers–gawking in the window. Everyone’s mouth was hanging open except for Richie’s, which only mouthed ‘Holy fuck’.

I chuckled, having found security knowing that the Losers were practically there with me. I looked back at Y/N, who was taking in the sight of the group of dorks. “Your friends?” She laughed.

I laughed too. “Y-yuh-yeah.”

She smiled ever so softly and looked at my lips. The tar had given way to pleasant heat. “How long have you had a stutter?” She asked. Her tone shocked me because it wasn’t demeaning or sarcastic. She was being legitimate.

I never had to answer that question to anyone that wasn’t a doctor, and it was odd, but not unpleasant. “E-ever s-ss-since I w-w-wuh-” I was struggling again. Shit.

I looked at her to see if I should just stop and let her finish the sentence herself–Knowing when to stop was the biggest lesson my stutter had taught me. That, and don’t open your mouth around Bowers–but she just smiled and said “It’s ok. Take your time.” It was as if someone had shone a new light on Y/N. In addition to the warm glow she gave off, being a genuine soul, this new light allowed me to see her in her purest form. A kind, soft, beautiful girl, who truly cared, and I could hear wedding bells.

“S-since I w-was y-yuh-young.” I managed to croak. Despite my struggle, I felt a sense of accomplishment in completing the sentence, and in knowing that Y/N didn’t think I was a freak. She was like my favourite sweater and a good book, a source of absolute comfort. A cozy hiding place. I could feel the struggle wearing off my tongue. “Thanks for l-letting me f-fuh-finish.” I managed. “M-most puh-people just think I’m a-an ass.”

She threw her eyebrows up in surprise, then let them down and chuckled. “Well, if they’re dumb enough to bother to tell you that then they’re the real asses.”

Suddenly Mr.Keene appeared with shiny new coins. He handed me my change and my chocolate bars. “Here you go, Bill.” He gave Y/N her ice cream cones.”Miss.” Then he smiled like he had single-handedly saved the world. “Have a good day you two!” And with that, he walked off again.

Y/N chuckled and shifted both packaged ice cream cones to one hand. With a soft precision you could only find in the most talented artists, she raised both arms, gently wrapping them around the tops of my shoulders. Her hug took me by surprise, so it took a second for me to hug her back, though I had no problem doing so. She radiated warmth, like the sun on a perfect summer day. “Thank you again, Bill. I’ll repay you someday.” She cooed into the crook of my shoulder. Fuck, she smelt like happiness. “And if it means anything,” She said, turning and starting for the storefront. “I like the stutter.” She reached the door and smiled back at me once more. ”I think it’s cute.”

I could feel my heart melting, sending waves of heat up to my cheeks. It stopped me from leaving the pharmacy for a few seconds, but I managed to toss the bars in my pocket and step out, just as the truck was pulling away.

All the Losers were in shock. All except the trashmouth. “So, Billy.” Richie chuckled. “You gonna-” He was laughing so hard at himself that he could hardly finish his sentence, but he managed to spit out “You g… bone… new girl?”

Stan scoffed and Eddie wailed but I couldn’t take my eyes off the truck. I realized that I never actually asked her if she was moving Derry. You may never see her again. I cried to myself briefly, before abolishing the thought. She could live across the world… it wasn’t going to stop me. “No, Richie,” I mumbled. “I’m gonna marry her.”

July 1989 - Y/N

You had walked home from the library using West Broadway countless times, but not once had you ever been faced with Henry Bowers. Not once had you been reduced to getting catcalled by a kid with a mullet. Not once had Bowers ever actually scared you… until today, which you figured just wasn’t your day.

You had seen Bowers parading around school like some hillbilly king but never paid him any mind. You knew the stories of things he did to scrawny little kids, but you figured it was all a show, like expensive clothes on a broke kid, or a brave face on a coward. You knew that’s all Bowers was. A coward, a phony, a paper man.

In all the days you passed him getting shit from the principal, or brushing his ratty hair in the window of Belch Huggins’ Trans-Am, you realized that not once had he ever seen you. This realization dawned when you tried to make your way past the group of guys, not far from the junction of West Broadway and Witcham. You figured they wouldn’t give you trouble. You figured you’d be fine at your current distance of seven feet, but as Henry scanned you up and down while Belch Huggins joined Victor Criss in whistling and cawing beside him, you got anxious. Not fine, You thought to yourself. You felt like hot tar was burning and bubbling in your guts. Just let me make it to Witcham, You pleaded. Just let me make it home.

Bowers had waited for the right moment to make his move, and now that you were directly in front of him, he had found it. He smirked down at you from his height and mumbled, “Hey, babe. Penny for a piece of your shorts?”

Just a paper man, Y/N. You reassured yourself. Give him his own medicine. Stopping in your tracks you looked up at Bowers with defiant eyes smeared on fake confidence. “I’ll give you a nickel if you jump in the barrens and never come back, Bowers.”

Belch’s jaw dropped and Victor made a sound that resembled an injured owl. Both were staring at Henry, neither had any clue how he would react. They viewed Henry like a time-bomb under Derry, waiting to blow a hole in the small town without any warning, but Henry knew himself. He knew he wasn’t about to be stood up. Not by anyone. “What,” he spat. “You don’t think could handle a little work like you?”

You forced a chuckle. Another layer on the canvas of fear that you desperately tried to cover with false confidence and various splotches of bravery. “I don’t think you could handle your own little work, Bowers.” That’s good enough. You babbled to yourself. Now’s the time to leave.

Henry threw his arms up and clamped them down on your shoulders, causing you to squeak out in surprise. You quickly became hyper-aware of your surroundings. You could feel the wind pulling on your hair, you could hear the trees rustling in time with the wind-chimes that hung from the porch of the house across the street, and you could see the hatred buried deep in Henry’s eyes. You knew he was leaving red patches on your shoulders where he refused to let go. “You know what, bitch?” He spat. “You should know not to fuck with me. I think you need a lesson on who you’re messing with.”

You had no motivation to throw on the tough-girl act again. They knew that wall had crumbled, and Henry was feeding on it like a starving animal. You caught a look at Victor, who looked a little pale. He had no idea what Henry was about to drag his ass into and it made him antsy. At that point you figured you had two options; The first was delivering a swift kick to Henry’s little work and bolting for it, praying the whole way home that you could out-run them. The second was staying and getting the shit beaten out of you by Bowers. The first option was surely the better of the two, but Henry was still fixed to your frame, and fear had made your knees weak. You knew you couldn’t outrun them. Please, God. You prayed. Please help me out of this. Send a guardian angel to take me home. Please, God just let me get out of this.

As if he heard your plea, God filled your ears with the sweet sound of rubber scraping gravel. He had sent angel on a bike to rescue you, and craning your neck to the side you found your savior; Bill Denbrough. You could remember the first day you met him. You were short on change and swooping through the cold Air Conditioned pharmacy on his golden wings he had rescued you then too. Bowers didn’t let go but you couldn’t feel him anymore. The memories of Bill flooded over you like a warm shower on a cold December night. You remembered how sweet he was, how selfless. You remembered how red his cheeks got when he stuttered. You remembered how he felt like sunshine and smelt like happiness when you hugged him. You could still feel the regret of leaving him in Mr.Keene’s. You could still feel how he made the world feel right.

Bill skidded up to the group. “Hey Buh-B-Bowers,” He struggled. He was nervous but he hid it well. “How about y-you leave h-her a-a-lone?”

Bowers actually let go at that point so that he could turn to the newest challenger. Mocking Bill, he ragged with a bad fake-stutter. “H-huh-how ab-buh-bout y-you fuck off, freak?”

Bill looked at you with concerned eyes. You could see the purity in his face, the worry. Bill genuinely cared about you, and you loved him for it. You made a mental note to kiss him once you were both safely away from these assholes. Henry looked down at you again. It ignited a black fire in the back of your mind. How dare you demean Bill, you scrub. Your thoughts fumed. I hope he tears you apart.

“F-fuh-fuck off, B-Bowers.” Bill snapped.

Not only did it shock you, but it shocked the bullies too. Both you and Bill saw it. Henry–for the briefest amount of time–let fear shine through his unforgiving exterior. Paper man, meet lighter, Bill seemed to say with his stance. He was off his bike at that point.

Belch and Victor repeatedly exchanged glances. They were worried that Henry would do something beyond his usual raging threshold and that he would drag them into trouble whether they liked it or not, and for the first time ever you agreed with them. You all wanted to leave and let Henry fume on his own. Bill acknowledged them by making and maintaining eye contact. ‘We’re not afraid of you.’ He chided silently. ‘So you can quit pretending you enjoy this and leave us alone.’

Victor, who appeared to get the message, tugged on Henry’s sleeve. “What the fuck do you want, pansy?” Bowers shouted.

Victor was clearly more afraid of the punishments Henry would bring upon them than he was of Henry. “Dude, how ‘bout we just get outta here, huh?” He whispered.

Belch nodded. “Yeah, Henry. We were gonna hit Costello, remember?”

Henry’s anger shifted from you and Bill to Victor and Belch. You and Bill caught this, and you weren’t complaining. “You two are a bunch of fuckers, you know that right?” He scolded, before turning to you and leaning down. Henry wasn’t all that taller than you, but he still managed to make you feel minuscule. Thought taking another look at his face allowed you to see that he was tired. Being a brooding asshole really takes it out of you, huh, Bowers? You chirped. The fight was over, and with Bill at your side, the two of you had won. “This isn’t over, you shitheads. We’ll be seeing you soon.”

“Yeah,” Belch added. He seemed proud. “Real soon.” and with a final ‘Shut the fuck up, Reginald.’ from Henry, the gang walked off. You and Bill were free.

July 1989 - Bill

The bullies scuffed off, heading the way both Y/N and I had walked down West Broadway. We watched them walk away, with Henry occasionally looking back at us, flipping us off only once.

I turned to Y/N. I could see the fear melting from her face as she watched Bowers walk away. It was reassuring to the point where I finally felt the weight of what I had done. I turned Bowers away in front of Y/N. Is this what Spider-Man feels like after saving Gwen? I pondered. Y/N turned her head to me. Her cheeks were rosy. All the fear was gone, leaving behind her usual sunshine.

I smiled at her and she smiled back. “You shouldn’t have done that, Bill.” She joked. “Bowers is going to be after the both of us. I owe you big time now.”

I shook my head, unable to wipe the grin off my face. “Y-you don’t o-owe me a-a-anything, Y/N.” I managed, but the temptation to reach out and kiss Y/N was growing in my chest, making me nervous. I was close enough to do it, but God she was too beautiful for me to handle. I could barely handle myself and my stutter, much less her. “W-we can c-c-call i-i-it e-” I couldn’t form my sentence. My head was tumbling and my lips were on Y/N’s.

Looking down I found her hands gently placed around the back of my neck. She had pulled me in, her soft lips on mine. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and thank God.

She pulled away, glanced at my lips again, then looked me in the eyes. “Thank you, Bill.” She said softly. “You may have just saved my life.” The only thing I could think to say was ‘Ditto.’ She chuckled. “I swear you’re my guardian angel.”

I wanted to hold her close and say ‘I’m not the angel here’ but instead I just laughed. Then I remembered that she was making her way somewhere. I don’t care where you go. I thought. As long as I can take you there. Reaching down I grabbed my bike off the concrete. “Need a ride?”

Y/N beamed. She was exhausted and whether or not she wanted to show it, I knew. “I don’t want to trouble you, Bill. I live up Witcham and-”

“Don’t w-worry.” I assured, smiling. “Me too.” I took her hand gently, leading her to the bike. “I’ll t-take you to your house on one c-condition.” She furrowed her eyebrows a little, confused. “You have to promise me I can take you to Bassey Park tomorrow, too.”

She smiled again, her eyes crinkling at the corners. “I’d love that, Bill.” She cooed, sliding on the seat behind me before kissing me on the cheek. Thank God she was behind me because I could feel my cheeks heating up again. She wrapped her arms around my stomach and laid her head on my back as we started again down West Broadway, then Witcham. I yelled “Hi-Ho, Silver. Away!” and off we rode, happy and free.

I adore you all with everything i am and I hope you’re having amazing days, nights and/or work breaks. With love and appreciation: E <3

Let Me Love You | Pt. 7

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Taehyung 

Genre: Angst 

Word Count: 1282

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Originally posted by littlechimx2

Jimin never liked to imagine himself as a parent, loving the life of freedom and parties too much to give up on it so easily. Whenever his friends told him that they were ready to settle down and propose to their girlfriends, he scrunched his face and told them that they were doing a mistake.

When he found out that you were pregnant, he tried to handle everything as much as he could. The thought of taking care of a little human being and taking the responsibility to be her father scared him as much as it scared you, who also wasn’t prepared to be a mother.

As months went by and your belly started to grow, his insecurity also grew, making him do things he regretted without any doubt.

He never understood when his friends told him that being a parent is the most beautiful thing in this world. Whenever he saw how his friends interacted with their children, he scrunched his face and turned around, dismissing the thought that he was also going to be a father in a few months.

But when he held his daughter for the first time in his arms, her beautiful, doe eyes looking into his brown ones, he realized what being a father meant.

The moment he wrapped his hands around her tiny body, every kind of emotion started to engulf his body.

How was a little human being like her able to make a grown up man feel such emotions?

He never found the answer to that question. The only thing he knew for sure was that he would do anything for his daughter. Even if it meant that he had to get out of her life..

Today was the day.

The minute Jimin bid goodbye to the darkness, he found himself in the nursery room of his daughter, watching her cute sleeping form with a smile plastered on his face.

He took in ever little detail of her face, gazing her body with teary eyes when he realized that this was the last time he would be able to see her.

Jimin watched how his daughter opened his eyes slowly, her scrunching face warning him that she was going to cry any minute.

Reaching out for his daughter immediately, he took her out of her crib while she was screeching near his ear.

Patting her head gently, he started to place soft kisses on her face. When Hana felt the warmth of his father, she stopped crying immediately, the adorable smile plastered on her face making him doubt that she was crying just seconds ago.

Even though she was only 6 months now, her character started to develop with a blink of an eye, to fast for the liking of her father.

“Hana, my beautiful daughter, listen to me. This might be our last encounter together.. Please forgive me, okay? I couldn’t take care of you at the beginning. I couldn’t be a good father for you.. But believe me, it wasn’t because I didn’t love you or because I didn’t want you. I just failed.. I was scared and selfish..  B-But I know that you’re going to be a beautiful strong girl when you’re grown up. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to see your first steps or witness your first birthday. I love you, Hana..”

When Jimin looked down at his daughter with his teary, bloodshot eyes, he realized that she fell asleep on his cozy shoulder, her face nuzzled in the crook of his neck.

Placing multiple kisses on his daughter’s face, he sang the lullaby he wrote for his daughter for the first and last time, ending it with the words.

“Take care of your mother, okay? Forgive me, Hana. I love you..”

Taehyung never imagined that he would ever have this uncomfortable silence with the person he called his best friend and brother.

When Jimin invited him to take a walk with him, he thought that he wanted to fight with him again. But when he saw his best friend’s calm and straight face, he knew that something was wrong.

“Jimin, what’s wrong?”

He watched how Jimin snapped out of his daze, turning his face around to look into his best friends eyes. “W-What? What did you say?”

Concerned, Taehyung grabbed his best friend’s arm, dragging him to a near bench and shoving him down.

“Jimin, are you okay? Are you still mad? Look, Hana needed a father and I-”

“And I needed my best friend, Taehyung.”

Stunned, Taehyung looked at Jimin’s face. “W-what do you mean?”

“Hana wasn’t alone, Taehyung. She has her mother. Even though I wasn’t there, she had me. I never gave up on her. I never gave up on them. I was just scared.”


“I had no one else but you, Taehyung. You were my brother. But you too, left me without one. Because your desires were more important than my feelings.”

Not knowing what to say, Taehyung turned his face around and looked at the distance.

“I’m not blaming you, Taehyung. I’m even thankful for everything you did. You took care of them, you showered them with your love, you made them happy. You did everything I was scared to do. And I’m really thankful for that..”

When Taehyung felt Jimin’s warm hand on his shoulder, he looked at him again, smiling when he saw the the genuine smile plastered on his best friends face.

Without a warning, he wrapped his arm around Jimin’s body tightly. “I’m really sorry, Jimin-ah..”

A little chuckle left Jimin’s mouth. “Yah! I told you that it’s okay. Just, please, take care of them for me, okay?”

Leaning back with a confused expression, Taehyung asked hesitantly. “W-Why are you talking like you’re saying goodbye? Jimin, I dare you-”

Punching his best friends shoulder lightly, Jimin beamed at Taehyung.

“Are you stupid? You won’t get rid of me so easily.”

Slowly, Jimin walked towards your sleeping form on the sofa. It was in the middle of the night, the TV was still on, the volume on a soothing level, sounding like a lullaby.

Sitting down on the floor, Jimin looked at your sleeping face. How was he supposed to say goodbye?

Carefully, he tucked the strand of hair out of your face and placed a little kiss on your hand that was tucked down under your chin.

“You look so beautiful, Y/N.. I must be stupid for letting you go.. But I can’t stand it anymore, Y/N-ah.. Seeing you with Taehyung breaks my heart. I feel like suffocating. I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done to you. I’m sorry for breaking your heart over and over again. I don’t deserve you, Y/N. I don’t deserve this family. There is no need for you to move out to another country. I’ll make everything easier for all of you. I’m leaving, Y/N.. I won’t hurt you anymore. Take care of Hana and please never forget that I love you both more than you can imagine..”

Wiping his tears away, Jimin leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on your forehead for the last time. “Goodbye, Y/N..”

Standing up, he walked towards the door of the house with heavy steps, carrying his bags and dragging himself silently out the door.

Without turning around, Jimin started running the minute he stepped out of the house, scared that he might change his decision when stops running.

Just when he thought he had made it, he heard a voice.

“Don’t go.”

Author’s Note: To all those who said that the OC should stay with Jimin; please don’t hate me.. I don’t know why, but I feel really sorry for Jimin.. My poor baby.. Anyway, I hope you like it and let me know what you think about it ~


- Where Fionn is at a very important meeting but gets a call from Y/n that she’s been arrested. 

A/N: Kinda sad but also kinda fluffy 

Previous writing

Tonight is really important.

Fionn has a mandatory meeting that addresses his next leading role in an upcoming action film. This is his greatest accomplishment since his role in Dunkirk—his career only seeming to get better with each audition and he couldn’t wait to discuss the next character he has to take on.

Everyone is there—between his managers, the directors, and all the other actors involved in the making, tonight is a really big deal. Fionn hasn’t been this excited since his last movie, and to be honest, he never thought he’d end up being a part of something like this again.

He’s amazed at it all, really. There’s a certain type of hustle he’s already found himself getting comfortable with, despite his overall shyness and introverted-ness. Everybody is just so welcoming.

This is his life for the next year, too, which gets him even more excited.

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Hit My Balls ( ii )

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Summary: You and Jeongguk mess around in the locker room.

Genre: smut, sub! jungkook

Length: 1.5k

A/N: i’m not sure what happened but just the thought of sub Jeongguk triggered me and i mentioned a nickname last chapter that stuck a bit too much… i would appreciate your thoughts aha

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“Do you ever get bored of pining after her?” Taehyung glanced over at Jeongguk, in interest to see how he would react but instead, the younger shrugged his eyes gleaming as he watched you hit another pitch. Jeongguk could almost feel the weight of the bat in his hand, that split second of fiery confidence that oozed into his veins and took over his being and as he watched you the awe in his eyes only increased.

“Why would I get bored when she has such a good ass-” Jeongguk, who had been picking at grass paused, before stammering to Taehyung’s amusement, “I-I mean form.” Jeongguk ran a hand through his hair, desperately trying to erase the thoughts of you from this morning out of his head.

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