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Joss Whedon to Take Over Justice League
The Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator is taking over for the super hero director after the family tragedy

My super nerdy doorman: I need to know what you think about Joss Whedon.
Me: Like in general, or….?
Doorman: Did you not hear?
Me: Oh god – 
Doorman: He’s on Justice League.
Me: …..yikes.

All my sympathy to the Snyders, of course, who are dealing with a terrible loss and absolutely made the right decision to take time as a family.

But still. Yikes. 

So like… There are so many cute posts/fics of Enj and R and who’s a dog or a cat person etc and I am 100% behind that but also what if one of them had an animal and the other had a genuine phobia of it… Like R has the biggest fluffiest friendliest dog in the world (called Dog because if Audrey Hepburn can call a cat Cat…) but Enjolras is terrified of dogs.

And this wasn’t a problem really. Since Enj rarely went to R’s place and the few times he did it was just to drop something off and R tends to keep Dog in the living room when he answers the door incase he runs out and up onto the street… Or occasionally on Les Amis gatherings but everyone loves Dog so much he can avoid interaction because he’s preoccupied with the others.

Except now they are dating and R is starting to get suspicious that Enj is holding back because he’ll walk R back to his flat but always comes up with a reason not to come in and if he asks him over he’ll find a reason for them to go out to do something instead and it’s beginning to feel like Enj just doesn’t want to be alone with him… Going to Enj’s flat hardly counts since Courf and Combeferre are always around…

And Enj knows he can’t keep this up forever but he’s torn because he knows how much R loves that dog and he doesn’t want to cause a problem or hurt his feelings in some way… He doesn’t hate Dog. He just can’t be around him.

But meanwhile like a million Bad Thoughts are going through R’s head and he’s worried maybe Enj doesn’t really like him/has realised he made a mistake but doesn’t know how to admit it so he’s just keeping what distance he can… And then one day he has the horrible idea that maybe he’s been doing something wrong regarding Enj’s boundaries and that he is afraid to be totally alone because he thinks R would overstep and he flies into a panic wondering what he did wrong and resolving to fix it but not by open communication because these two are both dumb idiots.

Instead he pulls back his physical contact to show he’s completely okay with the no sexual stuff thing.

Except now Enj thinks R is having second thoughts / he did something wrong / R wants to be with someone who’ll give him what Enj can’t.

This goes on for a few weeks until finally Enj hits a point where he can’t take it anymore and he goes to R’s flat completely forgetting Dog.

Dog whom R has not properly secured elsewhere. Dog who smells someone he recognises but barely ever sees and is very excited. Dog who bounds past R as he opens the door and suddenly Enj is halfway down the corridor almost in tears whilst R wrestles his very large very bouncy dog back and looking up at his boyfriends terrified face things make sense.

So finally they talk. Dog is closed off in R’s bedroom with a chew toy and a bone and is perfectly content. They sit in the living room. Grantaire apologises for how he has been acting and explains why and Enjolras is super relieved. Then Enj fully owns up to his crippling fear and how he didn’t want to tell R and have him think he was putting pressure on him because he would never ever ask R to give up Dog. So since R is the kind of person who knows literally everyone he goes to a friend of his who helps people phobias (they worked with Joly over his germ phobia and Joly swears they are magic) and they give him some advice of steps they could take which, with Enj’s consent, they try.

Enj writes down a list of things he’s worried about, and steps he wants to take to try and get over it.  

First things first R imposes new house rules. If Dog jumps, he gets no attention. He makes sure the others are involved too. Dog is thankfully eager to please and a fast learner but it takes a little time so in the meantime… R buys one of those baby gate things for the kitchen because gradual exposure is the best thing for phobia’s. Whenever Enj is coming round Dog goes in the kitchen that way he can still be with them and see them so he doesn’t panic or start barking (which will also scare Enj) because he can tell they’re there but can’t see them, but also Enj knows Dog can’t get to him.

It also means though that Enj has some proximity to Dog without the buffer of their friends and can get used to the idea of being in the same room as him, without being afraid of being jumped on or bitten or whatever. It takes a while but after a few weeks he actually starts greeting Dog when he arrives.

After a little time, a couple of times a week R will sit beside Dog, get a good hold on him and Enj will come into the kitchen and make tea or something. Eventually they get to a point where he feels safe with R just holding Dog’s collar.

They graduate to Enjolras occasionally making Dog his breakfast or dinner because it might help build a relationship to do something specifically for Dog, plus he soon realises that Dog is so interested in the food he basically ignores everything whilst he eats… so R doesn’t have to hold him at all as Enj leaves the kitchen anymore.

They go for a walk all together and R keeps Dog on a super short lead with Enj walking on his other side, til they reach the park. Enj stands on the other side of the fence and watches them play. When Dog finds another dog friend to play with R comes and stands with him.

The first time Enjolras pets Dog, it’s really brief but R swears he can feel Dog vibrate with joy from where he’s got a strong hold on him. Enjolras is still kind of freaking out but also Dog is super fluffy and soft and he looks so pleased that it’s… kind of cute?

Once Dog is well and truly trained not to jump up Enj has reached a point where he can be in the same room with him without the gate. Though if he ever feels overwhelmed the gate is still there and R immediately puts Dog back in the kitchen.

Mostly when he’s in the room with them he seats himself on R’s side of the sofa at his owner’s feet but just occasionally he’ll test the water with Enj. For a while Enj just tries to focus on other things but one day whilst R is making dinner, he’s sat on the sofa and catches those big soulful eyes looking up at him and he steels himself and reaches down to scratch Dog’s ears. Dog is content and pads away to R.

They go on for several months just building up Enj to the point where he can pet Dog with barely any anxiety. When Enj is in the kitchen making his dinner he’s started talking to him, and he can even put the bowl down without R having to hold Dog because he knows Dog won’t move until he moves away and tells him ‘Go’.

He’s still not great with dogs he doesn’t know though he’s noticed even they don’t scare him like they used to. He still gets jumpy if Dog barks particularly loudly at a cat outside or gets a little over excited. But it’s better. He can even take him for short walks around the block where he knows he’s not going to get too excitable and pull the lead.

And the thing is, he likes Dog. Dog is sweet and fluffy and loving and loyal and really not that scary at all. Scratch that. He loves Dog. He actually loves walking into his boyfriends flat and finding him sat good as gold in the middle of the living room, tail wagging, just happy to see them both. He loves watching R play in the park with him, both of them rolling around and coming back to the gate with grass stains and twigs in their hair/fur. He has found that brushing Dog sends him to sleep, so it’s an activity he feels safe and comfortable doing and it helps him bond with him even more.

The day R knows that they’ve been successful is when he comes back home to find his boyfriend lying flat on the sofa with his law books piled around him, and Dog lying across his outstretched legs, both fast asleep, one of Enj’s hands tucked against the side of Dog’s head. He’s just so happy and grateful this all worked out, and that he has this little family to come home to.

Harvey is being expected to hit here sometime tonight or tomorrow. I’m charging my portable phone charger and finding candles to light in case the power goes out. My county is under a flash flood watch until Monday, so it looks like the storm may be lasting for a few days here. We now may get up to 7 inches of rain here, with the possibility of tornadoes and bad winds. 

My queue is set up to be constantly going (I don’t tag that my posts that are in it, but its always going.) If at the point where it stops for the day and there are no original posts (or updates) from me, know its because either the power hasn’t come back on and/or my phone died. I will try to give updates on when it hits. Though I am in a safe and low risk zone, this hurricane is scaring me a bit and I can’t help but to feel the need to prep for it. 

Stay safe, everyone in the path of this!

Please take a moment to read this.

(sucky grammar. Please bear with me I’m tired)
Problematic ships. Quite possibly the most addictive thing to some people. To others it is the bane to their existence and they spend every waking moment trying to stop the ships and shame on people who ship them.

I understand where you are coming from people who have been abused. I have to. (Here comes some heavy crap that I probably shouldn’t be telling total strangers but fight me.)

From the time I was little my mom abused drugs. I know the smell of Meth by heart. My mom also smoked. I never knew my biological father, and I still dont. She got into an abusive relationship with a man when I was very young. He and his family kept us isolated in a different state cut off from friends and family. One time my mom was holding me and he put her in a headlock and started punching her so she had to drop me on the stairs to protect me. He slammed her head into a window and I have a scar from the glass shards. I won’t go into details for the sake of time but it was BAD. I don’t remember how young I was when she met him but when we left I was four.

Then about a year later she met another man who was addicted to meth. I would also go to my grandma’s house. One time she left me with “a trusted family friend.”
He was the man that molested me. After a while my moms boyfriend moved us to Hawaii. I was happy for a while I had come to call him dad. I loved him. Then the screaming started. Fighting and anger swarmed into our house. I saw him throw a lamp across the room. He would get so mad. I would be so scared but he was my dad and I didn’t want to belive he did those things. We fled Hawaii back home. I was five when we met him and (I think) ten or eleven when we left.

(Time skip to a year later)
Mom was homeless so I was staying with my biological grandma. She smoked and drank heavily along with her roommate. I would go to school and get teased. I got called names like “smoker girl” and people would ask stuff like “hey got any spare cigarettes​ I need a smoke”. At home my grandma’s roommate was almost always drunk. It was the worst on Friday's​ and the weekend. He would call me his little “girlfriend” in front of his girlfriend. And he took advantage of me too. It was nowhere near as severe as the man before but that doesn’t make it right.

My mom found herself a new man. He was a drug addict as well. He was by far the most abusive. He nearly fractured her rib and broke through a car window trying to get her. He slammed our black lab puppy by the throat against the wall because he pooped in the car. Ironically he helped me and my mom find Jesus by having us go to church. He is in prison now for six years. He has a new baby on the way with some other woman(Lord help her). My mom was adopted by a pastor and his wife. They are my beloved grandparents and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone.

Make no mistake though. I still love my biological grandma even after all she has done. I am trying to repair the broken relationship with my mom. I don’t hate the men that molested me but I don’t know if I can forgive them(I hate saying that because everyone deserves forgiveness but… It’s really hard.) I’m not sorry and I don’t regret my past because it made me stronger. My past helped to shape who I am today. It makes me sad that other people have experienced things similar to what I have.

I know for a fact if I didn’t have loving friends then I probably​ would have committed suicide. I’m glad I didn’t because this world has a whole lot of bad and a little good and I hope that I can be a little good too. I love everyone. You probably won’t believe me but everything in this post is the truth. I don’t care about race, sexuality, religion, ship preference, or kink reference. I care about who you are on the inside.

However the reason I made this long and emotional post is because I have seen ship hate. Lots of it. It makes me so sad because we are all people and we are all on this planet together. Shaming people for what they ship is mean and abusive. I’m sorry I have to say this(i shouldn’t have to people should know already) but you are not “saving” anyone you are causing them pain.

First of all LGBTQ Ships.

Shaming people for this is wrong. I am a pansexual Christian woman. I love these ships I have THOUSANDS of them. Telling people not to ship these is just stupid Because:

1. They will anyway
2. Who are you to know what is right and wrong? Who gave you the power to judge others actions? Take care of yourself please.
If you believe it’s not right because you believe in God. I believe that God loves all of his children no matter what and shoving your religion in their face is dumb because then they will start to hate God. Let them be.

Ships with pedophilia

First of all people let’s get something straight. Pedophilia is the act of an adult loving a child BEFORE puberty. Therefore Ereri/Riren/ Eren x Levi from Attack on Titan. Is NOT pedophilia.

Like I said before I was molested twice and I still ship some of these ships. Don’t get me wrong I would NEVER condone this in real life. However this is not real life this is fiction. Using the argument that “if you say it’s ok in fiction then it’s ok in real life.” Is not valid for example:
1. If you used this argument then in real life it is perfectly ok to watch your crush sleep. Without their consent. (Twilight Edward x Bella)
2. It is perfectly ok to date your adopted sibling because they “aren’t blood” (Attack on Titan Mikasa x Eren )
3. It is perfectly ok to date someone even though you are using them for your own benefit. (Deathnote Miss x Light)

There are so many more. The thing is is people don’t ship these ships to “fill some primal pedophilic need” they ship it for their personalities. I for one ship Sebaciel (Sebastian x Ciel Black Butler) because I like how they seem to have a mutual care and respect toward one another. People don’t ship it specifically because of their age. I bet if they were the exact same age (like Sebastian was a 12 year old demon) people would STILL ship it. That’s what ships are all about. The belief that character A and character B would make a great relationship.

Kink shaming people.

This in my point of view is the dumbest hate of all. Shaming someone for what they like sexually is quite honestly stupidity. What does it matter to you? Are you sleeping with them? Are they asking you to do these things? No. It would be like me calling you a moron for liking chocolate ice cream or pineapple​ pizza or ranch Doritos. There is just no point to hating.

Incest ships.

Ok for me I can’t ship parents and their children. I just can’t but I don’t hate it. I’m totally cool if you ship MinaNaru(Naruto) it just isn’t really my thing. Anyway shaming people for shipping twincest and incest is pointless because most of them won’t give a dam. Besides we already discussed the “if you say it’s ok in fiction then it’s ok in real life” thing so moving on.

Polyamorous ships

Shaming people who ship poly characters because it’s “cheating”. Unless you know for a fact that one or more members of the relationship weren’t aware or did not agree to be in the relationship then it is not cheating. Polyamorous relationships are all of the people the poly person is dating are aware that they are in fact seeing other people and agreeing to it. Anything else is, in fact, cheating.


I for one am not a fan of beastiality but I don’t hate the people who like it because they have the right to like what they want.

The point of this post is that in my opinion putting down others for what they ship is wrong. The world is not black and white. It is filled with shade after shade of grey. So please stop the hate. Can’t we all just be ok with each other. A lot of people won’t care about this post but maybe just maybe if I can reach one person. That would make it worth it.
(If you are responding to this please be nice. I hate arguing.)

Let It Go: Arrow 5x21 Review (Honor Thy Fathers)

See… this is what happens when I don’t pull all nighters. My life interferes with my ability to write insanely long reviews. Sorry for the wait my friends. Your patience is appreciated.

There comes a moment in every person’s life when you realize your life is your own, a separate entity beyond your parent’s expectations and dreams for you. You also see your parents for what they are… imperfect people just like you. There is freedom in these realizations and it is a crucial part of adulthood. As you grow older, your life is less and less defined by being what your parents leave behind. You begin to wonder what you will leave behind. You define a legacy for yourself. You learn how to live for yourself.

That is essentially the process both Oliver and Thea are going through in “Honor Thy Fathers” but because they are superheroes everything is on a super scale. Both Oliver and Thea faced their past tonight. They saw Robert Queen for who he really was and with those lessons came a certain peace. The past is no longer weighing them down. Both Thea and Oliver are free to look to the future.

Not quite sure what to do with a television show that gives me everything I’ve been waiting for on a narrative level. So… Imma gonna drink wine and throw confetti.

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Let’s dig in…

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doctorsnark  asked:

Sorry to rant but I've been thinking I might have ADHD, but I'm scared to go and get tested because a) my parents are dismissive, I'm 20 so I could get tested without them but I feel bad without their support, and b) what if I'm not? I go to college (med school) and pass my classes and it's nowhere near as severe as some people have it, so what if I'm just lazy? Do you have any ideas how to get my parents on board? If not, a simple "you are valid" would be really nice :(

First off, you are valid.

A point I like to make when it comes to ADHD is that even with the reputation of “Doctors are throwing around the diagnosis to push pills”, ADHD is a very common disorder. It’s not rare or unlikely for any person to have ADHD of various severity, though women and POC are massively underdiagnosed. As far as disabilities go, it’s at about the same level as needing glasses or having asthma–extremely common, very treatable. I know that parental support means a lot, especially when it comes to your health. Possibly bringing it up in that context will be easier for them to get on board with.

When it comes to worrying about if you’re wrong about it, remember that if you feel like something is wrong or off, that’s your brain/body telling you that something is off. We also tend to blame ourselves due to the anxiety that goes with ADHD.

You’re doing good by looking out for yourself and learning. And you’re always welcome to message again with any updates!

A Sacrifice Worth Making [King of the Heavens x Reader] Star Crossed Myth

A part 2 to My One and Only, it’s not essential that you read it, but a few points make a bit more sense if you have.

It had been two years since the two of you had become a couple, and he could say that they had been the best two years of his immortal life. The days he used to find himself searching for any kind of entertainment were now filled with thoughts of you, much to the displeasure of the gods close to you, he would even go down to Earth to see you, finding amusement in meddling with humans and mixing among them. The time he spent with you was precious, and you helped open his eyes to humanity, as King of the Heavens, he thought he had a good understanding of human nature and the challenges they faced, but spending time down on Earth he came to understand humans at a deeper level, he could see the higher level of light that he thought was a rarity, the random acts of kindness people would conduct to help another. Alongside this, he could see the sin, but despite the darkness in the souls of those of people, he could see and understand why they had turned to the darkness to help them, save them. He saw the way you looked at them, and rather than casting punishment on them, he would approach them with the intention to heal them, and draw them back to the light, this new level of understanding from the ruler of the heavens then passed down to the lower level gods, with most of these beings now viewing the human race in a new, better light, the levels of punishments decreased dramatically and those that had to be conducted were nowhere near as severe as they were, and it was all thanks to you.

You hadn’t changed much over time, with his help of course, as you aged, your feature became more defined and mature, your personality has mellowed slightly, no longer as klutzy or naïve instead opting for an elegance that the people around you were surprised you could achieve, all for him. You had admitted that your change had been so you could feel worthy of being at his side, he had told you that you were fine as you were, but you had just giggled with a smile, and he knew there was no changing your mind after that.

With the relationship between the two of you going well, time flew by faster than ever, and in what seemed like a blink of an eye, two whole years had passed by. Although he was happy with the time he spent with you, whenever he thought about time, he could help the feeling of nervousness and dread that bit at his heart. No matter how amazing you were, at this point, you were still mortal, and time would stop for no-one, not even him. He did all he could, slowing down your ageing to prolong your mortal time, and he had mentioned time and time again that he could give you back your immortality, but before he could even begin to go into details of what it would entail, you had denied him, saying that you were a human and would not give it up yet.

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Bad Weather

Group/Member: Seventeen/Vernon

Genre: Drabble, Fluff 

 Word Count: 669

Summary: #49 “Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.”

Requested: Yes; kimtaeway asked: “Hey please could I request seventeen Vernon for dabble 49 thank you”

Author’s Note: Well here you go, I hope you all like it!

- Admin Lara

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the fact that Macau and Hong Kong (and some other parts of southern China) got hit by 2 storms in a week. at least 12 deaths and many people injured and stuff. and Macau got stroke so hard by the first storm (Hato) the whole city had no electricity no nothing. before recovering from that fucking mess we got another one hitting again. not as severe, but still. pray for Macau, maybe?

sorry, i’m just salty to how no one talked about it

Random thoughts on Episode 7
  1. Tyrion shines when he’s in King’s Landing. Tyrion Lannister is that guy who makes brilliant independent films but bombs the one time he tries to make a superhero film. 
  2. For someone whose entire life thus far has been a covert mission, Jon for sure isn’t very good at them. You had one job, boy. When even Dany can see that you’re being stupid, you’re being stupid. Unless you’re not being stupid and you’re listening to Sansa and playing us all in which case, respect
  3. Why do they keep bringing up the fact that Dany thinks she can’t have children? Is this just terribly obvious foreshadowing that Dany will get pregnant or terribly boring red herring where they want us to think she will and she won’t? Either way it’s so fucking annoying to keep seeing women reduced to their reproductive system. Cersei’s thinking about babies, Dany’s thinking about babies, meanwhile Sansa out there thinking about the North and the long night to come. Priorities people, priorities.
  4. Sansa and Arya being in cahoots was amazing but I don’t think I’ll forgive the writers this easily for butchering characters to further the plot? Though I’ll admit the way Arya said “my sister” warmed my cold, unloving heart. 
  5. Sorry Bran you may be the three eyed raven but Samwell Tarly will always be Westeros’ biggest know-it-all (in the best way). Bran spilling his guts to Sam was hilarious though. It literally took him three seconds after seeing Sam to tell him a secret he hasn’t shared with anyone yet. This made me think maybe Bran is alive in there somewhere, and while Arya and Sansa were having their petty drama *cough* playing littlefinger *cough*, he just really wanted to tell someone. 
  6. We need a Braime sex scene? Like yesterday? They’ve been building up to it for ages and idk I just need it to happen before I combust from the tension.
  7. The wall breaking was fucking awesome but dang the WW crossing through was scary as fuck. I kept thinking, I hope Jon’s taking his time with his aunt cause the only UST in his near future is some severe eye contact with the Night’s King.

Rating: T
Characters: Tim Drake

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There is cold, wet gravel under Tim Drake’s cheek when he hits the ground and the armor that protects his ribs from the blow reminds him that he is not Tim Drake with a broken gas mask, he is Red Robin.

But the mask is broken and the tendrils of fear toxin curling around his face remind of a time when he was Robin. A time when Scarecrow wasn’t climbing inside his brain, but when he donned a mask and saved the Bat from a similar fate.

That was when he stopped being just Tim Drake.

But he’s not Robin now either.

And Red Robin is about fifteen seconds away from being nothing more than a shrieking sack of bones and guts, based on the level of toxicity he’d measured before his gas mask broke.

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Throwing a Stone in a River Part 1

Summary: When Sakura graduates from the academy, she suddenly finds her head invaded by the ghost of Uchiha Shisui. Her inner is gone, but not forgotten, and she struggles with impulse control more than ever before. But also, Shisui gives a lot of unsolicited advice - useful and otherwise - and does not shut the fuck up. He’s not thrilled about current events.

Rating: T

Author’s Notes: First of all, I’d like to thank @tozettewrites for allowing me use of her prompt and for coming up with the idea. The story would not exist without her. This story would also not exist without @jaycrowind, who cheered me on and nagged me as needed in order to get the writing done, only to immediately beta it for me so it looked presentable. Thank you so, so much. Finally, thanks to @surfacage, who was probably very surprised when a random stranger popped up in their messages asking about Shisui, but very graciously answered my questions. Thanks for helping me out, and thanks for all the artwork you do for the Naruto fandom.

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    Sousuke’s injury falls under the category of something that is known as Swimmer’s Shoulder, which is an umbrella term relating to a variety of shoulder injuries caused by swimming. Over-training, fatigue, previous shoulder injury, etc. are all factors in developing such injuries, & unfortunately for sousuke, it was a COMBINATION of many of those things that lead to his shoulder being injured.

      exactly how damaged is his shoulder, one may ask. most of the time, a swimmer can come in with symptoms that show early stages of swimmer’s shoulder, and can be revoked, with therapy, exercise & medication. sousuke didn’t do any of those things.  he continued swimming despite being fully aware his shoulder was eroding away, & ended up with a shoulder whose damage is near irreversible. 

       he has severe ligament damage in his left shoulder, but the biggest and most concerning injury is a rotator cuff tear. this means that the rotator cuff tendon degenerated once, then over time, was overused & ended up with a tear, with the swimmer usually continuing to swim with an injured shoulder, like sousuke.

             he requires surgery for this tear, which is only partial, but the damage has been done to his tendons & muscles in the left shoulder, & now cannot compete in any swim competitions, competitive wise.

My Favorite Broadway Musicals (as of right now) and My Favorite Songs from Said Musicals (as of right now):

Why, you may ask?  Because I have a lot of emotions and opinions that led me to spend an hour in the shower figuring this list out I just want to share a little bit more about myself with you guys. ;3

#1. Hamilton: An American Musical 

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Now, hold on.  Before you just write me off as someone who just hopped on the bandwagon for the sake of hopping on the bandwagon- let me explain.  

Like many people, Hamilton means a lot to me for many different reasons.  Also like many others, it’s a piece of art that has moved and touched me in ways that very few others in any type of media have.  

To start with, it had a million things going for me before I even gave the album a listen.  

  1. The American Revolution is my favorite subject in history.  Always has been.  Always will be.  I actually remember learning about Hamilton’s decision at Yorktown to empty all of their bullets out and charge in practically unarmed, and thinking that whoever was in charge was straight up insane.  I also remember turning around to my 7th grade classmates saying, “That worked?  That actually worked?!” Surprise: no one cared.
  2. I am a young writer, suffering from incredible amounts of self doubt like every other writer ever constantly wondering if choosing such an uncertain career path is the right thing to do, and if it’s even possible to make a real difference armed with nothing but words and ideas.  This musical is “a love letter to writers”.  
  3. Alexander Hamilton and I are birthday buddies.  Not kidding.  I’m also the same personality type as John Laurens, so if I could time-travel and Alex and I could meet up…I think things could go well. Just saying.
  4. I also have a bit of a legacy complex. Nowhere near as severe as Hamilton’s, but it’s real. It’s a thing.

My Top 5 Hamilton Songs because I like to torture myself

1. “My Shot”
2. “Non-Stop”
3. “Burn”
4. “Satisfied”
5. “Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story”

I’m not going to go into detail because I have three other musicals to get to, and this post is already way longer than I expected. But if you really want to know- feel free to ask me, and I’d be happy to go in depth about it.  Assuming people are still reading this. 

#2- The Phantom of the Opera

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Alright, I’m not going to go into this too much, since I know this musical gets a lot of flack, but here are my reasons: 

  1. It was the first non-Disney musical theatre show that really got me interested in the world of Broadway and musical theatre in general.  
  2. Say what you like about the story, but the music is gorgeous and also incredibly catchy.
  3. I’m a soprano 1.  I live for high notes and well…Christine’s last note in the title song is what I aspire to. I can hit it and notes above it, but I need more training in order to go about reaching and sustaining it properly without straining my voice
  4. I love roses. And masks. And Christine’s dresses except for that God-awful brown one in “Past the Point of No Return”. Plus the “Masquerade” one is a bit gaudy, but mainly the brown one. Ugh. The whole production is just very aesthetically pleasing to me. My dream is to attend a real masquerade ball once in my life…let me dream.
  5. It was my first Broadway show. ‘nuff said

My Top 5 Phantom Songs: 

1. “Think of Me”
2. “Music of the Night”
3. “Phantom of the Opera”
4. “Past the Point of No Return”
5. “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”

I really wanted to put in the Finale, but I felt it was kind of cheating due to how many melodies resurface during it.

#3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame Stage Musical  (La Jolla and Papermill Playhouse)

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Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “But Ink!  You said BROADWAY musicals.” Listen.  This should have been on Broadway.  It met all of the qualifications.  It was dazzling, had an unbelievable cast, gorgeous score and lyrics by Alan Menken and freaking Steven Schwartz for crying out loud!  It was incredibly well received by audiences, but it is rumored that the cost is what killed it which is a load of horse crap in my opinion due to the fact they had a full choir.  Honestly, I’ve heard tons of theories.  All I know for certain is: this musical is phenomenal, and I’m glad that the rights are available to professional theatre companies, that way the show can continue to live on.  They also have a magnificent album on iTunes and YouTube, so check it out!!  So, here very quickly are my reasons: 

  1. Michael Arden.  From his angelic, powerhouse of a voice, to his integration of Quasimodo’s hearing impairment which leads to his affected speech in the show, his insane physicality, and the vulnerability and honesty he brings to his performance.  He’s just a phenomenal artist in every respect, and I felt like I learned so much as an actor just by listening and watching his performances. 
  2. The story is incredibly rich.  This incarnation serves as the perfect balance between Victor Hugo’s original source material and the Disney movie’s beautiful songs along with brand new orchestrations and songs that just add so much life and depth to the story.  
  3. The storytelling.  The choices in set, design, and costume adds so much to this tale.  It has some of the most brilliant choices I’ve seen on stage.  I just- you have to see it, there are too many things to touch upon.
  4. The freaking symbolism.  There’s so much of it in this show, but not too much that you feel overwhelmed.  Just enough that you walk away feeling inspired and wanting to dig deeper and really reflect on life and society and the value of life and death….it’s just awesome, okay?!  
  5. The moment Michael Arden transforms from an ‘ordinary man’, walking upright in a plain tunic to Quasimodo on stage with nothing but some black lines he smears on his face to represent his facial deformities, a green cloak, a pillow on a rope tied across his body to be his ‘hump’, and the way he twists his body to make it all come together.  Every time I watch that part of the scene, where he turns around to face the audience as Quasi and he rings the bell, I get chills.  

My Top 5 Favorite Hunchback Songs:

1. “Made of Stone”
2. “Someday”
3. “Esmeralda”
4. “Hellfire” 
5. “Finale”

This show has the best Entr’acte I’ve heard in my entire life.  If you love epic choral pieces- definitely look it up.  Also, you haven’t heard the definitive version of “Hellfire” until you’ve heard Patrick Page do it justice.  And I’m not just saying that because he always likes my stuff on twitter.

#4: Les Miserables

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I really don’t think I have to explain myself very much here.  It’s a classic piece of musical theatre with an epic, sweeping score, rebellion, revolution, gorgeous ballads, all surrounding a message of hope and redemption during humanity’s darkest moments.  It’s right up my alley.  But, I’m not gonna lie- like many of you, the movie was my first real introduction into the show, but since then I’ve watched the 10th anniversary concert and I’ve done my homework on the show’s history. Colm Wilkinson rocks my socks. God bless him. 

My top 5 Les Mis Songs: 

1. “One Day More”
2. “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables”
3. “Bring Him Home”
4. “Valjean’s Soliloquy”
5. “I Dreamed a Dream”

Now, please don’t skewer me on your pitchforks for not including “On My Own”.  It was a very close 6 for me.  “Valjean’s Soliloquy” has a lot of personal significance for me, and I just couldn’t overlook it.  Plus, I listened to Susan Boyle’s version of “I Dreamed a Dreamed” wayyy to many times on my iPod nano to let that one slide.  “Do You Hear The People Sing” is of course incredible, but it’s just really, really short. 

Anywho, there you have it.  That’s like three hours of sleep I’ll never get back.  I hope you guys enjoyed it.  If you did, go ahead and tell the world what YOUR favorite shows and songs are and why!  Make it a tag if you like!  That might be cool.  

If anyone out there enjoys my ranting and wants to see me dissect each of my favorite songs or musicals- feel free ask me and I’ll dedicate a whole post to each answer.  

Have an awesome day everyone!!! 

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Now to sleep into oblivion

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Okay but you literally can be racist towards white people. You can be racist towards any race. Saying that you can't is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Maybe it's no where near as severe as other races, but you can in fact be racist towards whites. Definition: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. ^ literally doesn't say "except white"

To be racist you need two traits. The first trait being privilege and the second trait being power. That privilege would be a structural, institutional, and social advantage. White people have privilege even if they are disadvantaged in other ways. Example:  women make less money than men, but women of color make even less money. Now about the power… you need the ability to be backed up by society, & a strong social influencer with a lot greater leeway when it comes to what you do, where you do it, and how you do it. Example: white people not getting arrested for drugs or other crimes, when POC are more often arrested, and sentenced for the same exact crimes. That reflects racialized power imbalance in the justice system. White people are less likely to be racially profiled, they will almost always have more powerful lawyers, and they will be more likely to be able to get out of being arrested by simply talking to the officer. Some POC may look at white people prejudicially, but being & behaving prejudicially is not the same thing as racism. 

Here’s a quote from Dear White People: “Prejudice and racism are different. A joke about white people dancing has no impact on the lives of average white people, whereas jokes about black people and reinforcing stereotypes about black people do have an impact on the lives of everyday black people.” 

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Hi! I have a character who is about the age of 16 and in reasonable health. He is shot in the shoulder with an arrow and it goes through the space between his scapula and clavicle. How would this affect his mobility once healed? Thank you!

Hi there! So let’s look at this from an anatomical point of view. This is the spine, thorax, scapulae and clavicles, as seen from behind:


Now let’s work the clavicle into the equation, and just for fun, let’s add some muscles:

So the injury you describe is basically going in medial (toward the middle) to the shoulder blade and coming out…. I’m guessing inferiorly (below) the clavicle? Somewhere near the 1st and 2nd ribs?

I just need you to know that anatomically, between those things, there is a lung. Lungs do not like being shot through with arrows. It is not a thing they line up to do when they sneak off to go dancing at the Respira Club.

Another thing to be concerned about is that just underneath the clavicle runs the subclavian artery, which is a Big Scary Bleeder when it’s cut. There’s also a big loop of the aorta up there, as shown below:

So now that we’ve covered the “penetrating trauma in the chest is BAD™ ” basics, let’s talk about the ACTUAL QUESTION, which was mobility.

In a way, your character is deeply lucky. While the back is extremely muscular, especially in a  fit individual with any form of upper body strength, your character is actually pretty lucky.

See, when bullets go through an object, they leave behind a wave called cavitation. They basically cause a hole, that then collapses. What’s below is a substance called ballistics gel, and what’s going through it is a handgun:

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Err, a bullet from a handgun:

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See how it mushrooms out, and then collapses? Gunshot wounds cause damage both from the bullet and from the cavitation. There’s damage when the muscle and organs expand; there’s damage when they snap back into place, and there’s extreme damage where the bullet has actually made a hole.

I can’t get the video to load on Tumblr, but there’s video here of an arrow entering ballistics gel here:

My point is this. There’s definitely still cavitation with the arrow, but it’s nowhere near as severe as the damage that can be done by a bullet. Why? The arrow is heavier, but the bullet is much much faster, and since Kinetic Energy = Mass x (velocity ^2), the speed matters A LOT MORE than the mass.

What I’m trying to say here is this: She’s better off getting shot with an arrow than a bullet. The damage may be smaller, more contained, less overall-destructive.

I’ve never encountered a patient whose long term outcome hinged on an arrow wound in the chest, so I’m making a Somewhat Educateed Guess and saying that, as long as the arrow missed the bones and their lung healed from the lung trauma, they should have pretty solid mobility, especially if they were good and kept their arm in a sling while it healed.

Best of luck :)

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Namjin @ the Beach

[NAMJIN] smut; Lifeguard!Jin and Surfer!Namjoon. 2k of plot & sexxx

Namjoon is a little shit that refuses to listen to the lifeguard.

Leaning back in his lifeguard chair, Jin sighed and lazily looked out around the beach. There were barely ten people withn the 1-mile radius his eyes could see. Even the pier that was usually overflowing with fishermen barely had fifteen people on it. To be fair, it was only seven in the morning but even so Jin was used to the summer time rush that brough throngs of vacationers to the beach as early as four am. This weekend was the first one after summer had officially ended and Jin was glad to see the amount of children decreasing and the amount of dogs increasing. Just as he was about to shut his eyes to catch a few seconds of sleep, something out in the water caught his eyes.

A crazy surfer was about a good fifteen feet pastthe boundary buoys. Shaking his head at the common occurance, Jin blew his whistle as he signaled at the surfer. He went unnoticed at first and only after blowing his whistle another three times did the surfer turn around to face Jin. Even then, the surfer mistook his hand signal as a geeting and waved back at him.

“What a dork,” Jin muttered to himself. If Jin wasn’t so frustrated, he might have thought it was cute–in a really dorky way of course. But Jin had been up since five and the last thing he wanted was to get in trouble because of a stupid surfer. Throwing the boy the most threatening look he could muster up, he shrilled his whistle for a good ten seconds, probably rendering everyone near him a severe earache. He saw a couple of people move away from him from the corner of his eyes but he had to do what he had to do. Jin pulled his binoculars up to his eyes to observe the surfer better. The surfer simply smirked before sticking his eyes out at Jin and surfing even farther away from the buoys.

“What the fuck.” Jin was pissed. Just because Jin seemed around the sufer’s age did he think he didn’t have to listen to him?! Jin put down his binoculars and reached for the megaphone that hung on his chair. Seeing this, the few vacationers that sat within a twenty feet radius of him all moved away to find a quieter spot which just further fueled Jin’s rage towards the surfer. Now people probably thought he was annoying. Great.

“PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY OVER TO THE SHORE AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN. IF YOU DEFY ORDERS ANY FURTHER, I WILL HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO FINE YOU,” Jin yelled through the megaphone. Okay so maybe fining people wasn’t in his jurisdiction but the surfer didn’t need to know that. Jin looked through his binoculars again and chuckled to himself when he saw the angry look on the surfer’s face. No matter how mad he was, Jin had to admit the boy was rather attractive. His hair was a dark, dirty blonde and his tanned skin provided a striking contrast to him that made him look beautiful. Every feature on his face was sharp and well-defined but Jin thinks he liked his lips the best. He didn’t have time to dwell on it any further however as the surfer stormed over to him the minute he reached the shore. He stood at the base of Jin’s lifeguard chair and looked up at him, dripping and angry.

“What the hell man?! What is your problem?!” He seethed.

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Storm chaser Mike Mezeul II, 30, has travelled all over the US to shoot the likes of mammoth thunderstorms and surreal cloud patterns.

His incredible collection of storm images are the result of more than 15 years of photography and thousands of miles of travel.

1. Thunder and lightning strike over Denton, Texas
2.  Cheyenne, Wyoming
3. Albany, Texas 
4. Mammatus clouds glow various colors over a dirt road in Friona, Western Texas during a severe thunderstorm
5. Multiple cloud-to-ground lightning bolts strike down at sunset from a supercell near Throckmorton, Texas
6. A severe thunderstorm lights up from intercloud lightning over Graham, Texas
7. A storm circles in Courtney, Oklahoma