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Nice Tattoo

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   “ 15 w/ the reader’s action being changing or coming out of the shower? Includes fem!reader and clay?

prompt #15: character accidentally walking in on the reader while they’re [insert action]

pairing(s): clay x fem!reader


The bathroom door opened, steam escaping the small enclosure. (Y/N) sighed out in relief, loosening her towel around her figure. She dropped the towel completely, leaving her nude inside her brightly lit room. 

She shuffled over to her dresser, deciding on what she should wear. 

After minutes of thinking, she decided to go with a pair of ripped jeans and an adidas crop top with a pair of black converses. 

(Y/N) left her outfit on top of her bed, quickly grabbing her undergarment. Right before she should put on her bra, her door busted open.

“Hey (Y/N) I was wo-” 

She let out a loud shriek, catching Clay’s attention,”Oh-oh my god I am so so sorry. I-I-I didn’t know I-” 

“Just get out!” His flushed face scan her body one last time before running out the door, not before running into the wall and apologizing one last time. She shook her head before getting dressed. 

After the incident, she decided to go downstairs and noticed the brunette sitting on the couch with a guilty, and flustered, face. 

“Look Clay I’m not mad at you  so don’t worry about it. What’s done is done. Can’t really change it. Just don’t tell anybody about this or I swear to god I’m gonna gauge your eyes out.” 

His eyes widen before nodding. ”Well, did you at least enjoy the view?” He shyly nodded his head,”Nice tattoo by the way.”

(Y/N) smirked before lifting her crop top up and pointing to the black and white masterpiece near her boob,”You mean this one?” He quickly shifted his gaze somewhere else, before gathering all of his courage and looked back at her, returning her smirk.

”Yeah that one.”

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Josef Karl Berthold Püttnerm, View of Valparaíso Bay at Sunset (oil on canvas), Chile, 1859.


🌸 Leo girl. #2

leo moon ; leather jackets ; bonfire; midnight

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amarantus - (from latin) unfading flower

“Stars, shining brightly with creamy delight,
smile at us warmly in this beautiful night,
while the Moon, dressed in silver and silk,
dances around us, making our hearts beat.”

a little part from Smirnenski’s “Любов под луната” or “Love under the Moon”.
I tried to transle it, but let’s be honest he is a genius, so I’m no where near his masterpiece, but I tried! haha. This is one of my most favorite works of his and I really think it suits the Leo moon personality (+ a few more signs, but Leo’s one of them 100%), tho I won’t go into much details why. (that description is far too long anyways haha).

Why do you always call me Sunflower?” We’ve been a couple for months and ever since the day we became ‘official’ as they say nowadays, Sunflower has been his go to nickname for me. Not that I’m complaining, I love the cute little name and every time the word slips from his mouth I get butterflies.
“Because,” he nervously began “uhh because they’re my favorite flower.” It sounded more like a question than a statement to me.
“You’re lying.”
“No, I’m not.” He was quick to defend.
“I believe you that they’re your favorite flower but that’s not why you call me it, is it?” I’ve got plenty of favorite things but you don’t see me going around calling him “Pizza” or “Perks of Being a Wallflower.”
“Not entirely.” He looks nervous. I had no idea bringing up something he so often says would be this difficult to get out of him.
“So, are you gonna tell me? I mean, you do use that name in reference to me.” I raised an eyebrow with that one. The more nervous he got, the more intrigued I was.
“Okay, okay. I’ll tell you but it’s kind of embarrassing so no making fun of me.” Finally.
“No promises.” I said with a smirk and a certain gleam in my eye to ease him of his discomfort.
“So there’s this painting in a museum nearby, and it’s by that guy Van Gogh, the one that went mental and cut off his ear, remember?” Okay so this isn’t going where I thought it would, I had been picturing the meaning behind the simple word to be romantic. “So as I said, there’s this painting and it’s these giant sunflowers.”
“Yeah, The Sunflower, I remember it.” Not quite sure if he’s aware that the actual painting is called that.
“Well the first time I saw it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It was stuck in my mind like when you hear a catchy song on the radio, just replaying itself over and over in my brain. Every time I went back to visit, I found something new about the painting. Whether it was the colors or the texture or the technique, I don’t know I just became intrigued with it, I was fascinated by these painted flowers sitting in a painted vase,” Wow, I had no idea my boyfriend paid so much attention to things, let along art. “And one day, I saw you and just like the painting, you were stuck in my head replaying over and over. I had no idea why, I’ve never seen you before, I didn’t even know your name,” okay we’re getting on the romantic track that I had hoped for. “After that day I saw you, I went back to look at the painting. I sat there for hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t get you out of my brain. All I wanted to do was touch that big curly hair and stare into those blue eyes with a ring of emerald around the pupil. I drove myself mad sitting there that I nearly started to hate your hair, that I love so much. I had to know you, I had to figure you out. After a few weeks of us becoming friends and me terribly failing to flirt with you,” I had to stifle a giggle there, he was pretty bad at flirting. His charm has its days but it’s definitely the lip ring that got me. “I went back to the museum, I sat there wondering how I could impress you and wondering why I was so drawn to these damn flowers. And then I figured it out. The painting wasn’t meant for me to relate to like I had thought it was, it was meant for you. The colors are like your eyes and those crazy color lipsticks, and when they fade into another one it’s like your moods. Some times I would stare at the painting and I would see the yellow and think it was a happy painting, but then I would go back another day and I would see the browns and the dark blues. You’re like that, too. Some days your smiling for no reason and others it kills me to see the sadness in your eyes and know there’s nothing I can do about it. I sat at the museum for weeks trying to convince myself that I was nothing like Van Gogh, he was mental, what could we possibly have in common? But now I see it, I went mental sitting there trying to figure you out. You are the painting, and that’s why I call you Sunflower.” He finished his explanation, took a deep breath and cautiously looked up waiting for my response.
“Don’t do that.” I had no idea what my face looked like and I’m scared that I offended him, but those are the only words I can form properly. I want to tell him how sweet and romantic that was, sweet enough that I could start bawling right now. But I can’t.
“Don’t do what?” The nervousness is back and I advert my eyes but I don’t know where to look.
“Don’t think of me as a masterpiece.” I paused for a moment, trying to collect my thoughts and form an actual response. “That painting is beautiful and a true work of art, and although being compared to is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard, I can’t allow you to think of me as a masterpiece. You were right about my moods, I’m no where near perfect, nor a masterpiece. That work of art has more beauty in a square centimeter of the canvas than I do in my whole body. I cannot allow you to think of me as that when all I’ll do is let you down when you realize that my changing colors are more drastic than the flowers and my dark corners may last days and I don’t know why either. I’m not a masterpiece and I can’t change to be one for you, and I won’t be able to live with myself if I ever let you down.” It was complete honesty what I said. I’d rather die than let him down, it would hurt too much knowing that he thought I was so much more than I actually am. It’s getting hard to breathe in this tiny room and I can’t look up to meet his eyes because I’ll start crying.
“You don’t get it, do you? You are art. I look at you and I don’t see a masterpiece, I see you. The good days, the bad days, and everything in between. That’s what I love about you. That’s the only masterpiece I could ever imagine. Sure, Van Gogh painted some pretty sunflowers but I would bet you my house that he could never paint something as beautiful as you. He doesn’t know where to put the yellow or the brown, he doesn’t know that you prefer tea over coffee, but if it was an option you would have hot chocolate every morning instead. He doesn’t know you like to read a book in a day or less or that you don’t have a favorite movie. I don’t want you to change to be perfect, because to me you are. That sounds super cheesy, I know. But it’s true, those flowers aren’t perfect either, maybe they’re worth a lot of money and hanging in a museum but it’s not a perfect flower that you would pick out of a garden. That’s why it’s a masterpiece. That’s why I love you like the Sunflower. That’s why Van Gogh and I have a lot more in common than you would think.” He finished and I let go of a breath that I didn’t know I was keeping. I could melt into a puddle on the floor right now.
“So, Sunflower, was that a good explanation?
—  coveredinthecolour

The Isopata signet ring

This famous ring from the Isopata tomb, near Knossos, is a masterpiece of Minoan gold work. The bezel depicts four female figures, richly clad in characteristic Minoan garments, moving through a landscape of lilies. Three of them dance in ecstasy, their arms raised in the air, while the fourth one, placed in the centre of the scene and slightly higher than the others, makes a gesture - possibly of benediction.

Late Bronze Age, 1600 - 1400 BC Place of discovery: Knosos, Isopata grave Dimensions: diameter: 0,021 m Material: Gold. Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture


2015. Beware The Sword You Cannot See

is the fourth album by band A Forest of Stars.

2015 has already been rife with some incredible albums, and Beware the Sword You Cannot See is already poised to rank among the most memorable of them. A Forest of Stars have conjured another near-masterpiece, composed of equal parts horror and euphoria. Whether you are into black metal or any other subgenre, there is undoubtedly something here for you.

Producer Malay On Zayn’s Reinvention and What Frank Ocean’s Up To

James Ho’s handprints are all over big projects — from Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot to tUnE-yArDs’s Nikki Nack to Alicia Keys’ Girl On Fire — but there is one album in particular that gets the Grammy-winning producer, songwriter, and engineer known as Malay a bit of work: Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange. “That’s probably one of the reasons I get in the studio with new artists in the first place,” admits Malay, who worked on 13 of the 17 songs on Ocean’s 2012 near-masterpiece. “Coming to me, it’s not necessarily that they want to sound like Frank, but they want to work with somebody who can help them get their own identity.”

It was hardly surprising, then, to learn that the latest act hoping for some of that Channel Orange magic was Zayn Malik, former One Direction member turned soul-thirsty lover-boy ready to establish solo bonafides. Malay will tell that you artists like Zayn, with whom he worked extensively on the singer’s just-released solo debut Mind of Mine, aren’t so much trying to replicate Ocean’s very specific aesthetics. “If anything,” he says, “that record inspired kids to even moreso want to have their own identity. They all want to be in that Frank Ocean position — not necessarily sonically but in the way Frank created his own lane.”

To Malay, the role of producer is as much about serving as a friend and therapist as it is building sounds. He’s learned the necessary art of the on-the-fly adjustment: Where Ocean was a studio rat – Malay laughs when remembering Ocean logging 30 consecutive days of in-studio vocal takes for “Pyramids” – Zayn, by contrast, was itching to escape the vocal booth. Over the three months Zayn and Malay worked together, crafting songs like “iT’s YoU,” “BeFoUr,” and the beatific acoustic-guitar anchored “fLoWer,” the two would regularly record in unorthodox locales, from a tent in the Angeles National Forest to Zayn’s backyard in L.A. “We’re talking about a kid who has been stuck in the studio for five years while touring like a machine,” Malay says of the 23-year-old tabloid fixture. “The producers, or whomever he was working with, were forcing him to sing a certain way.”

Pitchfork: In addition to Zayn and Frank Ocean, you’ve recently logged studio time with Miguel, Vic Mensa, Alessia Cara, and Raury. How do you tailor your approach as a producer and writer to an artist?

Malay: For me, it’s about helping these artists be comfortable in whatever environment. That’s how you’re going to get those great vocals. On the geeky side of producing or engineering, people will be like, “What microphone do you use to record Zayn? I love the way his vocals sound.” Some producers will be like, “I only use this Sony 800G for vocals because that’s what Celine Dion recorded on and it’s a $10,000 microphone and that’s all I’ll use.” But at the end of the day, a lot of the recordings for Zayn were done literally in his backyard while I’m playing the speakers through his sliding door on a $300 SM7 mic. For him to be comfortable, it was all about creating that environment. Whereas an artist like John Legend, for example, he’s the opposite: He’ll come to the studio and be like, “You want to cut vocals? Cool.” He’ll go in the booth, cut three or four takes and he’s done.

Pitchfork: What were the challenges of working with an artist like Zayn, someone with a built-in fanbase, a large portion of whom already feel they know who he is as an artist?

M: Literally I think his intention was to kind of do the exact opposite of his previous situation. Which is probably why we went and did things a bit more extreme than normal, like being outside in tents [laughs]. We kind of just jumped right in. I met with his management a couple times first and they gave me the spiel from their side. But for me, you can talk about stuff forever; I’d rather just hop in and see how it’s gonna work with the artist. We’re both pretty similar personalities: chill, laid-back. I think that was nice for him, coming out of scenarios where typically the producer already has a song ready to go, and he’s just gotta hop in the studio to sing it and they’re just trying to duplicate the demo, basically.

Pitchfork: I couldn’t help noticing similarities between Ocean’s “Bad Religion” and Zayn’s “iT’s YoU.” That gentle organ intro and exposed vocal.

M: It’s so weird. The inception of those songs came from such different places. I honestly never thought about the similarities until Zayn performed it on “Fallon.” Some of his fans started tweeting me like, “This reminds me of ‘Bad Religion’” I was like, “Oh shit! It kind of does!” It’s kind of really similar with the organ. I never thought about it until that moment. When a fan brought it to my attention, it was pretty cool.


How Rudy Van Gelder Shaped Jazz As We Know It

Nate Chinen’s beautiful appraisal of Rudy Van Gedler’s recorded sound includes a range of his favorites among the sessions that Rudy recorded. There were hundreds of masterpieces and near masterpieces every year in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Among those that I love for their depth and detail are Oliver Nelson’s Blues And The Abstract Truth, Gil Evans’s Out Of The Cool, John Coltrane’s Crescent and Grover Washington, Jr.’s Mister Magic.

-Michael Cuscuna

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