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Draco; How To Cheat On Astoria Greengrass | Smut

Draco Malfoy x Reader Smut

/Warning(s): Smut, cheating, swearing, masturbation.

“Not Afraid Anymore” ~ Halsey (from Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack)

Most lyrics in italics.\


“So, Draco Malfoy, you want to get out of an arrangement you say?” You smirk, looking at the frustrated grown man. You and Draco work in the Ministry of Magic together. You know him from your Hogwart years, since your houses were paired together for classes you saw him often. You heard of his betrothal to Astoria Greengrass, the young, bright Hufflepuff. It was peculiar for Draco Malfoy to come to you a Gryffindor, muggleborn for help, but him and you knew why he’d chosen you. For starters, you were a muggleborn which his father despised all muggleborns if he heard that Draco Malfoy was with one he’ll lose his mind. To add on you were a Gryffindor, so double the whammy.

I am not afraid anymore

Draco was planning on doing it earlier to get out of the arrangement. Unfortunately, his plan was initiated all too late, he was already Astoria’s fiancé, so he had to do a greater damage. He had to take it to a level he have never thought of.

“Yes, L/N.” Draco sighed, knowing that you knew, you just messed with him. “And how do you intend on doing that?” You ask, chuckling a bit, playing with your wand. “I want to know how far do you want to take it to ruin your reputation and a marriage of course.” You whisper in his ear. “I think you want to break Astoria Greengrass’ heart badly, so, what is your plan, Malfoy? Because kisses and hugs, aren’t enough for her to give you up?” You giggle, biting your lip, at the now sexually frustrated Malfoy. You purposefully check your watch, “Oops, time to go. Owl me later Malfoy of your plans.” You say, walking away from Draco as he curses himself.


“One more month till my Draco gets married, can’t you believe it Lucius he’s all grown up!” Narcissa exclaims. Draco puts on a false grin, “Astoria is such a wonderful lady, despite being a Hufflepuff I prefer her over the Parkinsons’ daughter.” Lucius intervened. “Astoria is coming in two days for a visit, can’t wait for you to see her again.” Narcissa announced. “Can’t wait.” Draco mumbled.


It was the day Astoria Greengrass was going to visit Draco, Draco hadn’t told her, Y/N, of his plans completely. He had to grasp onto Astoria that she fell in love with him so deeply that he held her heart, her emotions. Draco’s parents decided that Draco would take Astoria out for a nice date. Draco dressed up in a black suit carrying red roses for Astoria. Narcissa and Lucius waited in a corner patiently, waiting for the certain Greengrass to arrive.

*knock, knock*

Draco opened the door and found a dressed up Astoria in a mid length silver dress with her parents behind her, Astoria’s parents and Draco’s told the pair to head onto their date. Astoria giggled and swirled silently as Draco gave her the roses, Draco smiled and put his arm out for Astoria to put her arm around his in which she did. They both headed to a elegant restaurant. Draco became bored quickly as soon as they sat down and Astoria began talking about wedding plans.

Draco dazed off his eyes wandering to other tables till he gulped. He spotted you with three other friends, hard drinks in hand, laughing while sipping on alcohol. You spotted him and winked, Draco’s eyes moved back to Astoria. A waitress came and took their orders. After taking their orders and walking off Draco payed attention to Astoria.

“Draco, do you love me?” Astoria asked out of no where. “I do love you with all my life Astoria. You’re the most ravishing lady I’ve ever laid my eyes on.” Draco lied to get her hooked onto him. Astoria blushed, a bright red hue.

Draco and Astoria were near the end of their date, Draco finally looking back at your table to see you drunk out of your mind your friends keeping you up and stable. Draco and Astoria began to stand up to leave, Draco and Astoria were waiting for a car to pop up as so you and your friends were waiting for a vehicle as well. You stumbled your way to Draco with out him noticing you grab his face and press your lips against him in front of Astoria and your friends.

Draco smelled a subtle hint of alcohol, but was taken away by the random kiss. “Let’s get this started shall we.” You whispered in his ear, Draco realized that you were more sober than drunk. Astoria was angered, lashing out at you, blurting incoherent words. Your friends yelled back at her, defending you, “Calm down guys. You too lady. By the way he’s a great kisser.” You chuckled playing with Astoria. Once your intended vehicle came your friends put you in the car and left.

“What the bloody hell? The nerves she has!” Astoria shouted. “Disgusting.” Draco lied, placing a fake scowl on his face. “Let’s go.” Draco said instead of waiting for a car they apparated. Astoria didn’t want to speak of the recent events as Astoria gave Draco a kiss and headed home. Draco entered the manor, “How was the date?” Narcissa blurted. “Amazing. I like to talk about it but I’m very exhausted mind if I head to my room?” Draco told Narcissa. “Of course, goodnight.” Narcissa said. “Night.” Draco replied.

Heading back to his room, locking his door, changing into his nightwear. Draco wasn’t going to sleep, he was rather wide awake from the events of today. Draco began looking at you closely trying to remember the young you. He couldn’t remember about you a lot except that you were a desire to many boys in Hogwarts, but he didn’t notice you much since you were a Gryffindor, yet you’ve matured all around with a curved figure and gorgeous looks. Draco began to fantasize about you, you looked like a angel, with a tight, ring dress that shown your shoulders.

Draco slide down his pajama bottoms along with his boxers as his member sprung free and erect. Draco put a silencing spell on his bedroom walls, before engaging in his activity. Draco rubbed the tip of his cock, rubbing the head softly, Draco moaned softly. Pre cum dripping from it already, Draco moved his hand to his shaft and slowly began rubbing up and down. Draco groaned louder, thinking of sinking his cock into your entrance imagining the tight, warm feeling of you around his cock that he yearned for.

Your breasts gently bouncing, Draco began to rub himself faster. Thinking of you moaning his name out loud it was so wrong of him to think such way of you, but he’s noticed you more than just a coworker at times. Draco wanted to pound into your slick walls, begging you to scream his name and cum for you. He wanted to see your face contour in pleasure as he came right inside you, filling your walls with his thick load. Draco moaned and began to feel himself coming to an end, beginning to move his hand quicker. Draco than imagined one last image of you, an image of you naked, Draco bucked his hips as ropes of cum came out of his member. Draco grunted, beads of sweat plastering his face, slowing down his speed riding out his high as cum was splattered everywhere. Draco casted spells to clean the mess.

Draco pulled up his pajama bottoms and covered himself, falling asleep.


Draco went downstairs, bumping into his mum. “Oh Draco, dearie, in a week the Greengrasses are coming back for further wedding planning. So be prepared.” Narcissa said. “Good to know.” Draco replied. It was Saturday and Draco decided if it was best to owl you about his interesting plans.

You heard pecking at your window, you opened woke up opening the window to see a owl with a letter. You smugly smiled knowing it was from Draco. You opened the letter and read it fascinated with his plan. You felt aroused and decided to go along with it even though of how explicit and wild it is, you knew this was surely something Astoria Greengrass will never forget and that you’ll cherish.

You owled him asking when you’ll sneak into the manor. Draco replied quickly saying in the letter, “In a week.”

When Draco received a letter back from you asking of when you’ll enter the manor he couldn’t believe you accepted the plan and Draco was very pleased by this.

Within the week of going of back to the Ministry. The two of you constantly looked at each other, only speaking when it was appropriate. On occasion you sent cheeky smiles and seductive winks including you biting part of your lips. Which made a Draco flustered, and you knew his weaknesses. Waiting patiently for the days to end so the new day would commence, getting closer to the day that will change everything.

So that day came and you were prepared, curled hair, with the same tight dress from the night you kissed Draco Malfoy in front of Astoria Greengrass, blood red lipstick and black heels. You owled Draco asking him when it’d be appropriate to come over. Draco proceeded to owl you back.

‘Now. The Greengrasses will come in twenty minutes.
~ Draco Malfoy’

You apparated to Draco’s Room surprising him. “You’re here.” Draco breathed. “Are you sure you want to do this Draco?” You ask him, wanting him to approve his choice. “I am.” Draco pulled you closer by your waist placing his lips on yours, a small gap in the door.

Draco left the door open on purpose, but that wasn’t on his mind, it was your lips, hips, body. You kissed Draco back, removing the top pieces of clothing, unbuttoning his shirt. This all happened so quickly, and oh you two were adoring this moment. “You know I thought about you in that tight dress of yours, pleasuring myself.” Draco whispered. You whimper, as Draco pulled down the zipper on the back of your dress.

Standing in the eye of the storm
Ready to face this, dying to taste this, sick sweet warmth
I am not afraid anymore
I want what you got in store
I’m ready to feed now, get in your seat now

The cold air of the room hits your body, letting the dress fall to the floor, revealing a white lace bra with panties. Draco caressed your skin, his hands moving everywhere on your body. “I just want to rip this off your body and pound into your tight pussy.” Draco groaned. “Please.” You beg. The sensation the two of you were feeling was something like never before, it had more passion into it, a sense of excitement, and lust.

Draco unbuckled his belt, removing his jeans. Draco kissed you while removing your bra, grabbing your mounds and squeezing them. “Oh Draco.” You whisper silently. Draco moved his bed covers to the side and pushed you down onto his bed, still kissing your lips. Draco was desperate to feel your walls around his member. He wanted you. Only you.

And touch me like you never
And push me like you never
And touch me like you never
‘Cause I am not afraid, I am not afraid anymore
No no no

You pulled down his boxers as his cock was throbbing needing a sense of touch. You grabbed his member and squeezed it, rubbing it up and down, Draco giving of groans of pleasure. “I need you inside me Draco.” You look at Draco with angelic eyes. “With pleasure.” Draco pinned you down, taking off your white, lace panty. Draco’s tip was at your entrance, Draco slowly inserted himself into your warm, tight walls. The both of you moaned loudly, this was finally happening your fantasies becoming reality.

I am not ashamed anymore
I want something so impure

Draco began to pump in and out slowly, taking his time. “Hmm, bet Astoria doesn’t look as daunting as me underneath you while you pound my pussy senseless.” You moan, “Oh she doesn’t even compare.” Draco grunted going faster. You moaned every time he moved his hips, going deeper each time he slammed into you, scratching his back gripping onto Draco for dear life.

“Go faster Draco. Fuck you’re tearing me apart with your huge cock.” You gasp. Draco hit your g-spot giving you immense pleasure. “Oh shit.” Draco grunted. You grabbed Draco’s shoulders, pushed him down on the bed and began riding him. Bouncing up and down, your breasts delicately bouncing. Draco’s dick penetrating your pussy deeper. Astoria wasn’t even here, yet the two of you kept doing not caring about the plan. The two of you focused on each other and pleasure.

“Bounce faster on my cock Y/N. Oh yeah.” Draco clutched your waist, bucking his hips. “Draco, I can’t hold on anymore I need to come.” You say bouncing faster and harder. “Let’s cum together.” Draco grunted. “B-But what about Astoria.” You stutter unable to speak. “It doesn’t matter anymore.” Draco told you. You leaned down to Draco to kiss him. “I’m gonna cum. I can’t go on any longer.” You bounce slower, you’re legs getting numb each second. Draco held your waist and thrusted into you inhumanly rapid. You held onto Draco’s shoulders, your nails burying into his skin, your eyes saw stars.

“Oh fuck. Holy-, ah! Draco. Draco! Draco!” You yelled, bucking your hips. “Y/N!” Draco grunted his cock began to throb while emptying a warm, think load of cum oozing into you, some leaking out as Draco started to pump in and out slowly.

“What in Merlin’s name?!” Astoria screamed, finally catching you and Draco in the act. You grabbed Draco’s blanket covers to cover you and Draco. You quickly got off Draco and sat right beside him. Astoria’s parents along with Draco’s came right behind a crying Astoria. They were all stunned, speechless, Draco didn’t care nor did you. Lucius stepped forwards and growled, “Who are you?!”

It was time to help Draco, “I’m Y/N L/N. Ministry of Magic worker and Draco’s co worker. Former Hogwarts student that was a Gryffindor. And to add on I’m a muggleborn.”

They all gasp, “Draco. Why did you do this?” Narcissa asked, stunned that her son committed adultery not by the fact you were muggleborn. “With a mudblood!” Lucius spat. Astoria’s parents scowled at the two of you, Astoria’s sobs were heard in the background. “I’m sorry Lucius, but I’ll have to call the marriage off, this is unacceptable and we don’t tolerate this.” Mister Greengrass spoke.

Draco’s plan succeeded and ended the bethrothal for good. Draco looked at you and gave you a kiss, “I did it because I never loved Astoria, I love someone else.” You smiled, Narcissa looked at the two of you with a small grin (with some disgust at the encounter), pushing a furious Lucius out the door and closing it. You and Draco heard the discussion about Draco’s arrangement, “It worked. Just in time.” You sigh. “It did.” Draco held you. “You cheated on Astoria Greengrass.” You mutter. “And I got you.” Draco pecked your forehead. “You did.” You gleamed, resting your head on his chest.

“I’ve got to say that I think I’m way more jaw dropping than Astoria Greengrass.” You implied, Draco began to chuckle at your egotistical self.

Crawling underneath my skin, sweet talk with a hint of sin
Begging you to take me
Devil underneath your grin, sweet thing, bet you play to win, heaven gonna hate me

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sorry if you've been asked this before but!!! did Malek know Dallas before Dallas started wearing a binder? are they childhood friends? and has Dallas known his identity since he was young? it's lots of questions & a sensitive topic for some, but I just love your characters sm and really wanted to know more about them ;v;

Hello! This is a nice question! Here is a time like for your Viewing Pleasure.

-Dallas comes out to his parents, aged 9. He still lives in California.
-Dallas and his mum move from San Francisco to Santa Monica after his dad dies.
-they move from California to his mom’s childhood home! In Blue Crests, Oregon. (This is near Astoria) He is 12 years old.
-Dallas has geography with Malek. He is 13 years old. Their eyes briefly meet.
-Dallas meets his ex. He is 14 years old.
-Dallas starts T. He gets punched by Blake. He is nearing his 15th birthday.
-Dallas gets set up with Malek as science partners. They fight a lot.
-Malek is asked by their arithmetic teacher to help out Dallas with Math.
-Dallas and Malek become friends. He is 15 years old. They meet Poppy.
-Dallas’ mum signs a permission slip for his top surgery. (Yay!) He is 17 years old. He comes out to Malek and Poppy (Double Yay!)
Poppy is delighted. Malek is overcome with guilt because he remembers how many times he called Dallas a “drama queen” or “princess”. There’s a longer post elaborating on this! But they hug it out.
All three of them are Happy.

Draco Dad/Scorpius Son Headcanons

Draco trying to teach Scorpius his ABC’s because he could leave it to the house elves, but he wants to have an active part in his son’s development

Baby Scorpius playing with his dad’s long hair

Draco buying his son books that he couldn’t care less about (personally) but he knows his son will like

Draco looking awkwardly proud when his son takes his first step, but freaking out a little when his son proceeds to fall over 

Scorpius asking his Dad to tell him stories about Hogwarts and Draco racking his brain trying to think of nice, fun ones to tell that don’t involve Crabbe, Goyle, or the Death Eater environment he grew up in

Draco buying Scorpius an ice cream after visiting Ollivander’s

Scorpius saying that he loves his dad for the first time and Draco’s face just exploding into this rare exuberant smile before patting his son’s shoulder (then later on denying it because he’s embarrassed)

Draco not being able to sleep because he’s worried about his son being bullied

Scorpius holding his father gently when Draco breaks down after Astoria’s death

Draco immediately accepting that his son is friends with Albus Potter when Scorpius first breaks the news to him without so much as batting an eyelash, then asking if he wants to invite him over for tea

Draco agonizing over how to tell his young, sweet son why people look at him differently for being a Malfoy 

Draco holding his baby son’s hand for the first time and knowing that his life will never be the same 

Draco eating Fizzing Whizbees and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans with his young son

Scorpius being overly conscious that his father’s face isn’t on any Chocolate Frogs, but Harry Potter’s is 

Draco taking Scorpius to visit Astoria’s grave and telling him stories about his childhood he can barely remember, because being near Astoria makes him nostalgic

Draco shyly trying to pick out a teddy bear for his son 

Astoria insisting on keeping Scorpius’ old childhood drawings of them as a family and Draco looking through them alone while Scorpius is at Hogwarts after Astoria’s death

Draco showing his son the stars for the first time and pointing out the constellation that shares a name with his son

Draco threatening to hex anyone who says Scorpius is the son of Voldemort

Draco awkwardly giving his son dating advice and then bailing when it gets too uncomfortable (but still hoping it helped)

Scorpius bringing his favorite books to read to his father and Draco sitting through it and occasionally asking questions and showing interest

Draco reading parenting books and asking for advice on how to be a dad because he wants to be the best father in the world to Scorpius 

Draco painstakingly making his son a card one year because Astoria is sick of him just buying Scorpius cards for his birthday

Draco saying “My son deserves only the best” defensively when Astoria questions why he dotes on him

Draco bending down when Scorpius wants to talk to him because Scorpius is a young child and he isn’t tall enough to speak face to face with Draco yet

Draco feeling secretly proud of how much Scorpius looks like him  

A fairly festive tradition held every year since early 2011 to welcome the hectic season, Marshall’s October Funfair is now aiming to open near Astoria starting Wednesday, October 18th to next Sunday, October 29th! The fair itself will hold a plethora of attractions for the residents all over Queens and beyond to bring themselves as well as their loved ones in and relish them - offering from the wondrous and enticing carmine-specked ferris wheel or the immensely exciting bumper cars to something a lot more humble but pleasant still such as photobooths, or little games for guests to play. Should they choose not to participate in them, they could always go for a little venture around the fair and enjoy the ambiance - there will be illuminating, beautiful lights and decorations, food vendors to fill their appetite, small corners to buy souvenirs and costumes to prepare for the upcoming Halloween events.

Here’s a more specific list of things the residents can partake in and do while they’re venturing the funfair, please be aware that there might more attractions than those stated below, anyone’s free to conjure up their imaginations; however, make sure not to come up with anything that could potentially be too chaotic or violent.

  • Rides: They will include Ferris Wheel, Carousel, Tilt-A-Whirl, Bounce House, Bumper Boats, Bumper Cars, Devil’s Wheel, fun slides, Haunted House Ride, and more.
  • Games: Will include Wheel of Fortune, Darts, High Striker, Dunk Tank, Milk Bottle Toss, Whac-A-Mole, Mini Horse Race, Duck Pond Game, Fishing Game, and more.
  • Others: photobooths, costume vendors, souvenir vendors, fortune teller booths, and more.
  • Food stalls/vendors: Including a variety of snacks and sweets and common food, such as cotton candy, hot dogs, ice cream, waffles, and more. Approaching the end of the fair, more Halloween-themed food will be provided.
  • Mini-events: There will also be mini-events happening on the weekends ( fireworks, drive-in theatre, circus, performances,etc) the main will inform everyone of the event details nearing each weekend so members can prepare.
  • Your characters can begin dressing up with fancy clothes or costumes if they wish to do so, but make sure not to cause too much ruckus.
  • Even if your characters don’t live near the area, they’re all welcomed and encouraged to enter the fair!

The fair will officially open tomorrow at 6 PM EST, which means you may begin but are not pressured to post starters and mention the fair from there - please remember that exclusive starters are allowed, but keep them to a minimum, and the starter rules are still intact. Wait for the main to officially open the fair, and then make sure to also tag #queensrpfair in your starters so everyone can track them!

Again, this is quite a long-lasting event which means you’re permitted to take your time to join in. It will officially end on Sunday, October 29th. If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask the main. Have fun!

Subject 17 - Memo 1
Desmond Miles
Subject 17 - Memo 1

Okay… uh… hope this is on… don’t think I’ve ever use this phone more than a few times to record anything… uh… hey Dad… so, ah, we’re all here in New York at the Motel… it’s Queens actually… in Astoria, near the NQ… Rebecca’s off getting batteries for something, and Shaun’s in his room doing whatever Shaun does… and, ah, you’re out getting some food.

Me?… well I’m supposed to be getting ready to break into some offices in the Financial District… feels just like preparing for one of your old training drills, actually… ten years go by, and then you show up, and it’s like, ah… it’s like I was never gone, and we’re right back to the ball-busting, and the conspiracies, and the paranoia… only this time I believe you. I believe every word… you know I don’t even think you know the half of it. I don’t think you know how much I have seen. How much I have learned in just a few weeks. 

Everything, really, I feel like, ah… like I’ve lived a thousand years. Or ten thousand maybe. It’s impossible to explain, but when you see that much of that world… through the eyes of so many… you can’t help but be sad… to see all these incredible, intelligent people fight the same battles and make the same mistakes over and over again. Because culture and knowledge and history… these things, they aren’t passed on through our genes… every kid on earth needs to relearn the basics. How to live, how… how to survive, how to stand up for… for what’s right… but so much is lost in the transfer… so much is added, every generation. It’s a shame… Over and over, everything must be learned again.

I met Clay, Dad. Clay Kaczmarek. In the Animus. I knew him by his Abstergo handle, Subject 16… my, uh, predecessor… and he showed me things. He PASSED THEM to me… just before he died, or got deleted, or whatever. Everything he’d learned, everything he’d seen… uh, God, how do I talk about this…?

So, uh, I guess you trained him, huh? After I left. He really looked up to you. And now that I’ve seen through his eyes, I think I understand why. I’m glad you had him around, even if I wasn’t there… But the things he showed me… unbelievable things… And I nev- Shit. Back in a second…

Desmond Miles
☼ 13 March 1987
† 21 December 2012

what a wicked game

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She has spent six years fighting for one thing – to come home – and now that she’s home, she can’t remember how to belong here.

Her mother and sister had been allowed in for less than an hour each, only one at a time; Veronique had taken one look at Astoria and very nearly fainted at the sight of her, prompting Astoria to rush from her bed to her mother’s side and succeed only in aggravating the injuries that were starting to close, much to her Healer’s dismay. Daphne had sat, face white and hands shaking, at her bedside in near silence while Astoria chattered, before lowering her head into her sister’s lap and sobbing while Astoria stroked her hair.

She’d stood in the washroom for almost ten straight minutes, staring at her reflection, naked, in the mirror after her shower, stared at the ways in which her body has been marked: the tattoos across her arm and back, the dyed brown hair ( and she misses the blonde so fiercely that it almost hurts to see her reflection in the mirror now ), the scars. She’s too thin, now, but she’s lean, with more defined musculature than she’s ever had before. Small, but strong. Powerful, even.

Powerful, and she wants nothing more than for someone to climb into bed beside her and stroke her hair and tell her everything’s going to be alright.

There’s a book in her lap – a battered paperback copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray, an old favorite of hers – and she’s reading by the light of a few lit candles at her bedside when she sees the door open. It’s slow, soft, as if whoever is opening it doesn’t want to wake her, and her hand is on her wand before she even knows what she’s doing. It’s instinct, now, to protect herself, to stay safe no matter the cost, and that instinct hasn’t died in the relative safety of a hospital, with an armed guard on the floor where she stays.

But just as quickly as she’d snatched her wand from under her pillow ( kept there only because she can’t feasibly keep it in her pajamas, a tank top and boxer briefs, comfortable but hardly enough to hide a wand ) she drops it, the wood clattering to the floor as she recognizes the silhouette blocking out the gentle glow from the hall outside her room. The set of his shoulders, the way he stands, his hair, the slope of his nose.

The floor is cold under her bare feet but she doesn’t notice, doesn’t care, all but flies across the room and towards her visitor. One moment, she’s considering that she should perhaps be quieter – it’s late, and there are people on this floor probably sleeping – and slower – she has wounds – and the next, she has her arms around him, her face buried in the curve of his neck, her fingers fisting in the fabric of his shirt as she pulls him as close as humanly possible. She doesn’t need to see his face to know it’s him, no, and as she breathes in, the familiar scent of him ( tinged, she thinks, with alcohol ) hits her hard enough that tears spring to her eyes before she can stop herself.


Six years, she fought for this, to come home, to come back to him – and in this moment, every last battle is worth it.