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Falling For You - John Murphy

Pairing: Murphy x Reader
Request: Hi! I really like your writing c: could you do a Murphy x reader where he and the reader are best friends and he secretly has feelings for her but is too afraid to admit to it until the reader has a near death experience and he finds out the feeling is mutual? : ) thank you !!
Warnings: language, sass level 1000, blood, near-death experience
Word Count: 1,150
A/N: Best friend murphy can I get a hell yea?

You raised the axe over your shoulder for what felt like the thousandth time this morning. Sweat had soaked through your clothes, and your hands were a bright red. You sat down, catching your breath before Bellamy delivered yet another pile of firewood.

You scowled at him, and he raised his eyebrows as a warning. You cursed under your breath before continuing to work. You wanted to be out there, exploring the ground. You wanted to join the hunting groups, not be trapped inside the camp’s walls. You felt no different than those months spent in Lockup.

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Post Redemption AU were the Homeworld Gems live together and have a bunch of Gemlings [and sometimes lend a hand at the Crystal Gems in serious crisis].

I added a few head canons, including the way in which Yellow Diamond kept the loyalty of its people and the PTSD that all the three Homeworld Gems have and express in different ways [Jasper and Peridot are exemplified here].

And this is it! Is supposed to be done earlier, but RL things and the need to check every detail, make me delay the upload.

Special thanks to theartsideofsam  who made the first reviews and, above all, helped me to correct my misspellings horrors. It would not have been able to upload it without help. Many many thanks!

And I´m one follower near to reach the 1000 mark! I´m really happy right now! I must draw something to celebrate this!

So I can’t be the only person among my followerbase that downloaded that near 1000 image collection of 2B, right?

I’m half-tempted to make a blog to just post a picture of 2B a day until the game comes out.

Ability to Grow in Strength Around Stars

Nekostar becomes stronger when there are stars near him (stars that are visible to him also counts).

The amount of power Nekostar can hold has a limit, though the limit is near that of 1000 suns.

The weakest Nekostar can be is that of a mini-sun.

If there is to be another starborn near him, he’d get power increase equivalent to the starborn’s power.

If other starborns try to fight him 1-on-1, it almost always ends up as a close match.

Nekostar prefers to use long-range attacks and he has a signature move: Star Spark, which fires a large tremendous beam at high speed.

Made a cheesy “art process” video of my latest PB&J piece for my instagram account so I thought I’d share it here.

I wanted to give a shoutout to @dundermifflinscranton, this blog is nearing 1000 followers and 90% of that is from Kristian reblogging my finished pieces as well as works-in-progress and giving me words of encouragement. Thank you so much!

Now I’m off to start my next piece (I’m thinking a scene from “E-Mail Surveillance”)

Its clearly shown I put about 0% amount of effort into that edit and its beyond shit but oh well :)

Okay so here goes… When I first made this account, I didn’t expect that I’d keep it for that long. In fact, I thought I would of given up on it by now. But as I kept on using it I began to find out that there are some truly amazing blogs and people on here that make me happy every single day. I said to myself that I’d do a follow forever when I hit 1000 followers which I have. Thank you all for everything and just being yourselves. 

There’s just a few special mention’s I want to say :)

grimshawlowe : Where do I even being?! Lou, you were one of the the first people I ever spoke to on here and I’m so glad I did! In a way you also made me more confident to post and to talk to more people on here. You’re such a nice lovely person and there has never been a time when you’ve messaged me and I haven’t smiled at what you’ve put. I can remember one of our first conversations were about one of Louis’ football matches and it basically consisted of us freaking out about how good he looked :’) Good luck on Wednesday! 

thecurls-loves-thefringe : I love talking to you and again you were one of the first people who I talked to on here! You’re so cute and seem such a nice person. I can also remember it was one of the first times we spoke and it was when you replied to my message (which I didn’t think you’d reply) and I was so happy when you did :) I’d love to get to know you more and I just want to say thank you for messaging me back :’)

sweetharold : I’m literally in love with your blog and you were actually one of the first people to actually follow me and I was really happy you did! One thing that sticks out the most was when we talked about the time my Dad was at the same ski resort at the same time as Louis (I’m still never going to forgive him for not taking me :’)) 

So here are some amazing blogs who have made me love tumblr so much more!

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Alright, so I’m 53 away from getting 1,000 followers! Holy fuckaronie!

So since I’ve been a little shit and done nothing for each 100 follower mark I wanna do something really big and awesome!

What I’m saying is I’m open to suggestions, and by ‘open to suggestions’ I mean I don’t have a fucking clue what to do so please for the love of glob flood me with suggestions. There’s gonna be 1,000 of you soon enough so it’s not like I’m short on people available for input.

P.S. - Actually I have, like, two vague ideas. Drawing a thing (idk what) or making a video (doing idfk what). So like I said, suggestions. please. now. pretty please.

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