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Eddie loves ice cream. Imagine his favorite flavor being neapolitan. "Why the heck do you like neapolitan?" Barry asks him incredulously one day. Eddie lifts a spoonful to his mouth. "I like things that come in threes." He says, and bites down seductively on his spoon. Barry chokes.



A double portrait of Ferdinand IV, King of Naples and the Two-Sicilies 1759-1825, and Maria-Carolina, Queen of Naples: he, in blue coat with red collar, wearing orders including the red sash and breast-star of the Royal Neapolitan Order of Saint Januarius, the blue sash and breast-star of the Royal French Order of the Saint Esprit, and the breast-star of the Royal Spanish Order of Charles III; she, in red dress with black sash, white fichu, wearing pearls and white headscarf over her powdered curling hair.


Two years ago I crocheted these bibs, and I decided to quickly whip one up for Brie since she’s been drooling up a storm!  Once again, I used the free “Cutie Bib” pattern found HERE by “The Knitless Knitter”!  It works up very quickly, and it is so satisfying being able to complete a project in one sitting!  I call this bib my “Neapolitan” bib as it reminds of the delicious Neapolitan ice cream I used to eat as a child consisting of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry!  If you need a quick gift or are needing bibs for your little ones, grab some cotton from your stash and give this pattern a go!


week roundup of food!
its fun to use up all yr leftovers and also make the most of what u have!! also the challenge was max 2 pots or pans per dinner but leftovers in pots don’t count also most of it is vegan bc lazy

1. udon w/ fried tofu & cuttlefish balls & bok choy. noodles r #1 lazy food
2. vege curry used up the rest of the bok choy in this. (!!!secret ingredients ketchup, vinegar and butter!!!)
3. kimchi fried rice made into lil pineapples lol
4. leftover kimchi rice put into ~burritos~ with vegan Meate
5. special spaghetti neapolitan w none of the ingredients of speghetti neapolitn the leftover beans went into this and a vegan hot dog

i just wantd to post this to say im quitting comics and opening a restaurant w my boyf in stockholm bye

bonus not pictured: omurice made with the kimchi rice huhuhue

#winwinwin Heute gibts im #Gewinnspiel ein #ESCvienna #Österreich #Paket mit einer #Eurovision #Songcontest #BuildingBridges #Wasserflasche, einem #Nessie #Craftbier aus #Scottish #WhiskeyMalt, #Manner #Neapolitaner und #blackandWhite #Sticks, #Alpenyodl #bio #energyDrink, #DrageeKeksi von #Napoli, #SchokoBananenMonkeys von #Casali und natürlich #Gummibierchen zu gewinnen.Sagt einfach welches Land in #Wien den #ESC2015 gewinnen soll.#VielGlück :) (hier: Meßdorf)