LEARNING HISTORY WITH CAT PARAGRAPH 1 (france from republic to empire)

i decided to make this because it will actually help me learn history rather than procrastinating and failing the exams so yes ovo

remember that im reading this from a georgian book and i might not translate everything correctly- (and i added some more comedy and words that i can associate the places with so it could be easily memorable- with all that said have fun uvu also it contains swear words so ye)

18 briumers “rotation” (lol i just mean it being thrown down or something) in the year 1799 9 november later

the new constitution has equipped the first consul with a lotta powa-

jacobin,revolutionary and republican first consul said :  “revolution is over bitches,napeoleon out- “  “ citizens,revolution is over”

representative bodies  composition was provided by napoleon (notsureifisaidthatrightbutheck-)

the most important thing to napoleon was his ppls support

so to get that support napoleon preserved the plebiscite institution  

on the year 1802 the social referendum supported napoleon to be the

“the forever first consul”

he was blessed as the emperor of france (loldaddylowercasebcshort-)

the people also supported napoleon because he had a “big army” which inspired french people to be a “big nation” and because of something else too which i cannot for the love of god translate-

while napoleon was ruling a money reform and french banks establishment has stabilized the country financially

the bread had a low price and that kept the people from whining about their restriction of rights

in the year 1801 with  the registration of conkordat

the frienship with the catholic church happened

most of the french citizens accepted Catholicism  as their religion

the emigrant highbloods nobles were allowed to get back into the country only on one condition

if they would agree to swear on constitution  

napolions main support was  new elite that was created by him and it consisted of army and high officials (???engineers i think??goodgleainttranslatingwell-) 

in the year 1805 in edition of neapols governance, napoleons brother jonephy- was announced as the ruler of two sicily,in reality,jonephys power only spread across neapol 

the emperor started giving away his conquered lands to his relatives which were known as the “napoleonids” and enthroned them. 

at the same time,in the year 1804 the social codecs that was introduced strengthened the revolutionary gains,to be precise, equality to the law and private property contract (ignore the writing on the drawing- )

and alas

that was all that is written in my history book for paragraph 1 uvu hope ya’ll enjoyed it

load-of-bullshait  asked:

To the anon that was asking about Seborga, Umbria and Veneto. (I am not Italian, so this might not be 100% correct) But. Seborga is a microstate, while Umbria and Veneto are regions. From what is said it canon I believe that N.Italy once used to be Republic of Venice and thus Veneto in a way (the territories that belonged to Venice later) after unification he most likely became the only living represtentative from "north". (Also I belive Romano is actually Campania/Neapol based on history.)

There u have it^^

Any italian to confirm?